Kidge Headcanon No.32

Altean Pidge x Galra Keith part 3! This will probably be about 4-5 parts long, so don’t get your hopes up! Let’s get started! This one starts a couple of weeks after Pidge heals up enough to walk and use some of her powers.

Keith: *walking behind Pidge while covering her eyes with his hands, leading her somewhere as they walk through the forest he found her in*

Pidge: Keeeeiiith, where are we going??

Keith: You’ll see when I uncover your eyes, but for now, keep walking.

Pidge: *makes a pouty face* Ugh, finee. Just know, if it’s somewhere weird again, I’ll fight you.

Keith: *laughs a little* I’ll keep that in mind. *sees that they’ve arrived* Okay, stop.

Pidge: *stops immediately* Are we here?

Keith: Yes. Take a look. *removes hands from Pidge’s face*

Pidge: *sees that they’re in a meadow full of all colors of flowers and gasps lightly* It’s like a rainbow meadow! It’s so beautiful! *smiles in excitement, then gives Keith a look that’s asking to pick the flowers*

Keith: *Smiles at her enthusiasm* Go on.

Pidge: *grabs his hand and drags him into the field* Let’s go then!

Keith: *blushes a bit at the contact*

Pidge: *sits down somewhere and brings Keith down with her* Do you know what a flower crown is?

Keith: I’ve seen others wear them, but I’ve never made one before.

Pidge: Well then, Keith, I’ll teach you! This will so much fun! *grins at him before looking at which flowers she wants to make hers out of*

Keith: *smiles at her lovingly* Whatever you say, Katie.

  • Person A: *Sitting in the corner of the room*
  • Person B: What's up with A?
  • Person C: *Eating crisps* They only just figured it out that you can't describe colours...
  • Person B: What? Yes you can, Green as grass!
  • Person C: that's using the colour to describe something else
  • Person B: Okay, how about this. Red is warm
  • Person C: That's associating the colour with a feeling
  • Person B: *staring off into the distance* Holy fuck...
  • Person B: *Joins A in the corner*
  • Person B: I haven't cried in weeks
  • Person A and C: *raises eyebrows*
  • Person C: Pretty sure you cried earlier cuz you accidentally stepped on your cats tail
  • Person B: *tearing up* She didn't deserve that, I betrayed her trust!
  • Person A: *Patting B'a back*

bex taylor-klaus: “I think that the Keith-Pidge relationship is the most underrated friendship on the show […] they work well together, they secretly absolutely adore each other. It’d be cool to have their relationship develop into something a bit more emotional, an emotional friendship.

jeremy shada: “i mean they’re pretty open on our show…because of the network […]. but i think they’re playing pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff, and so, as far as where we’re at, there’s not even been–i mean, they always put like little things that will probably pay off later, odds are, but nothing like, for sure at the moment.”

little things that… will pay off.


Also Pidge Gunderson: Well, I can’t just leave this cart in the middle of the parking lot.. I have to take it to the cart return. I’m not an animal. These employees work hard.

dare I say…

K I D G E.

Let's Voltron #96 -- Bex Taylor-Klaus -- that one part's transcript (starts at 25:50)
  • Mark: The next one is from BluelightningBug: "I have a question for the lovely Bex. Would you be willing to give your interpretation of Pidge's relationship with each of the Paladins, Allura, and Coran? How does she regard each person and which relationships are you most excited to see developed further?"
  • Bex: I think that the Keith/Pidge relationship is the the most underrated friendship on the show.
  • Mark: Oh wow.
  • Bex: Yeah!
  • Mark: Yeah, I think you're right!
  • Bex: Yeah, I think they get along really well, and there's need to talk about it 'cause it's just so...peaceful between them. And then they work well together; they were the first team, to, work well in the food goo fight,
  • Mark: Yeah.
  • Bex: They...they've never clashed. Like, they secretly absolutely ADORE each other.
  • Mark: Wow.
  • Bex: But it' doesn't need to be talked about because they just work well together, and, that's all that matters to them. That's how they click.
  • Mark: Cool! Is there anything you're excited to see developed further?
  • Bex: I'd like to see, 'cause I think Pidge kind of views Keith as, like...he's a little bit more "robotic" to her, and that's why they click well is just like he follows his method and that's...that's why they work well together is ' her, he's almost mechanical, in what he thinks.
  • Mark: Right.
  • Bex: And so I think that's, it'd be cool to have their relationship blossom into something a little bit more emotional. Y'know. I mean--I don't mean like shipping it. I don't mean like an EMOTIONAL relationship like that, I mean emotional friendship.
  • Mark: Okay. That's cool.