peircings and tats

I really hate people. All my bosses are having dick waving contests about who’s more right about how our jobs are done to the point now I’m going to replace a supervisor permanently. Something I did NOT agree to nor do I want. I agreed to being a BACK UP supervisor as one is going into surgery and will be out for 6-8 weeks, but suddenly everyone needs to stand their ground and argue. 

It’s. just. a. housekeeping. job. holy shit.

It doesn’t matter how the job is done as long as it’s freakn’ done. There’s no need for talking behind each other’s backs, assuming others have ill intentions, be sneaky and shitty, none of that. It’s a dumb housekeeping job for a small ass hotel, jebus christo. But yay, guess I’m forced to be a supervisor, gain twice the responsibility and work load for 7 cents above minimum wage, work earlier and more days than I was hired on for. Horaaaaaaayyyyy