peirc the veil

Fall Out Boy gave me a sense of belonging in this fucked society

My Chemical Romance gave me a sense of loneliness but happiness

Panic! At The Disco gave me a way to open up and be me in a silly way

Twenty Øne piløts gave me a deep longing to be happy and express myself in more ways than one

Asking Alexandria have me a way to make something mean and confident out of a failed relationship

Bring Me The Horizon told me that you can trust and love someone bit it will always come back and stab you, but you’ll be able to get up and walk the pain off

Black Veil Brides told me to be myself in the most comfortable way possible

Pierce The Veil gives me a safe haven when life just isn’t going as planned and everything is collapsing around me

Sleeping with Sirens tells me to fuck the troubles in my life and be strong because i am powerful

Bands makes me feel like I know things aren’t going to be okay, but i can make them okay

Their fave Artist/ Band

Shu: Mozart cuz he classy af

Reiji: Adele

Ayato: twenty one pliots (i can realate.)

Kanato: Melanie Martinez (cuz he is a legit crybaby. Lol)

Laito: Saving Abel (another one would be Skillet. Ps, if you wanna know why i said Saving Abel is cuz, just, listen to ‘Addicted’ it sounds like Laito would love it.)

Subaru: Motionless in White (but wont admit that he secretly listens to Ariana Grande.)

Ruki: tbh, same as Shu.

Kou: Avril Lavigne

Yuma: Always has been Peirce The Veil (again, i can relate)

Azusa: Meg and Dia

Carla: Sleeping with Sirens

Shin: Black Veil Brides (he loves Andy Biersack, but he mine!!)