New Miniature Macaron Tower

A customer requested a dollhouse miniature tower, hence I made this :)

With a simple flower arrangement on the top.

I am liking the idea of having flower arrangements on top of macaron tower. So I’ll probably be implementing this in future macaron towers.

I hope you guys are having a great week!

Still making this bouquet bigger

I’m still here working on peonies, after completed 3 naked cakes in a row. ^^

They are custom requests, and I’m so happy and grateful that they are being liked by many different people.

Meanwhile, I am making another bouquet on a whim, because I saw a bouquet on instagram the other day. 

My intention was to make a full bouquet, so full it covers the entire brim of the bucket. When I last did a “measure”, it still wasn’t full. So I’ll need to make more! It will have…over 20 stalks. 

Hopefully I can show you guys tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone! 

Rainbow cake with a twist

I used to make the miniature rainbow cakes without “real” flowers on the top. But I wanted to improve and add another level of realism to them, so flowers are the way to go.

So I’m introducing my new improved version of the rainbow cake. ^^

I’m liking these peonies on the cake. How about you?

The cream also looks good. :)

Available in my etsy shop here.

Hoping that you all are having a fabulous week!

Miniature Opaque Mason Jar with Geraniums

Just when I am getting the kick of creating these opaque mason jars, my UV lamp has to break down for good. But all’s well. I ordered a new one, and it should arrive pretty soon these days. Meanwhile, I’m going to create more of these geraniums which I’m really loving!

I love the tiny rustic element I’m adding onto these mason jars. 

I’ve been experimenting more on the geraniums so please look out for another version the next time round.

2 new miniature molds are released!

A few new miniature molds are being released this week and also restocked. Get them while the 15% OFF is still applicable ^^

Dollhouse Miniature Lego Bricks Mold

Miniature Lemon Slice or Wedge Mold

Dollhouse Miniature Kitty Cat Face Mold

Dollhouse Miniature Teddy Bear Face Mold

There are STILL some more molds I’ve not completed listing, but will get to do so over the next few days. Stay tuned!

Have a happy weekend!

Dollhouse Miniature Bouquet - Grandeur

My latest dollhouse miniature bouquet is named “Grandeur”. I made this with autumn colors in mind :) The richness of autumn colors such as red, oranges, peach, cadmium yellow were introduced in this bouquet. I had to add some greens too, so that the rest of the other colors pop!

A test of stamina

Still working on these fake macarons here…and just the other night, I was thinking and was very grateful for the Squintbox project last year. It was my largest project where I had to make 120 pieces of miniature chocolate cake. Through that project, I learnt about stamina and pacing.

Those attributes helped me in this current large custom project.

I’m beginning to see the end of the tunnel. Probably sometime next weekend…:)

Now making the white macarons….The current hot and humid weather does help in drying things up.

Great momentum

I had a great week. This week, I feel like I have great momentum going.

I finished making a piece of flower arrangement for a giveaway, so stay tuned for that! I will announce details once the organizer has confirmed the dates of publishing. :) It’s the most time consuming piece I’ve ever did for a giveaway. But I am happy. I want to spread joy through my work.

I’m currently working on another huge order, so that will likely take me another 1-2 weeks.

I’m also interested in collaborating with another company for an interesting project. It’s one of those projects that I can make a HUGE number of people very happy through my work. I’ve been in this miniature scene for many years, and lately I’ve come to greater realization that being able to continue to do what I love to do is a blessing. Be it to inspire others, to make someone smile, these are all little things that I strive to do.

I know for those of you who are in the USA, you’re having a long holiday weekend, so here’s wishing you a Happy Memorial Weekend Holiday!

New Color Scheme

I’ve been working on a new color scheme for flower arrangement. What do you think of this?

I didn’t take a proper photo yet, but just perch it on top of my glue container and took a quick photo with my phone :)

I’m also loving this new lighting! I replaced my study desk light bulb after that stopped working sometime last week. As you can see from my background, I don’t have a fancy light, it’s just a regular study lamp but a change of light bulb makes a huge difference! Everything seems so bright now.

And here’s another photo with my fingers in the photo.

I’m preparing for a giveaway! Yes this one IS for a giveaway. Please stay tune for details as how you can win this.

New Pink Color Miniature Vespa

This is my new work in progress. I started painting this late last year, but had to stop mid-way due to the peak holiday season. When the painting was completed, something in me felt I wanted to try something different, so I continued painting and came up with this new shade of cool pink which I am loving very much! I don’t like giving up sometimes and wanted to keep trying until I get the right shade of pink.

So here you go, a new shade! I’m truly loving it.

And now, here comes the fun part - deciding on the bouquet of flowers to go along with it! :)