Prince Edward Island, Part V

Green Gables, and the homestead where L.M. Montgomery grew up

It’s so easy to imagine Anne Shirley wandering through this property, greeting all the apple trees, birches and poplars with a smile.

I didn’t expect to, but I became so emotional when we first stepped out and saw Green Gables. 26 years of reading the Anne series has created a very special place in my heart for this island, and even though I’ve never been to this place before it felt a little like I was coming back to a place which holds a wealth of happy memories.

New reference sheet for Maud! The old one was very outdated, and I didn’t like the format anymore so here it is! I’m planning on redoing all the references, since the designs and characters overall changed so much.

I’m working on her new info sheet, so I’ll add it here when it’ll be done.

( Also, if you’re wondering what’s “Canada’s Headquarters”, it’s the name @ask-belle-province-quebec and I have agreed on using to refer to all our provinces, cities, etc. You can say CH instead, it’s shorter)