Gaelic Gasp

What is a “Gaelic Gasp”? You might ask that, but if you live in Scotland or the Maritimes, chances are you’ve heard it before.

A Gaelic Gasp is a linguistic phenomenon that originates from the Scottish Highlands, however is also commonly found in the Scottish Lowlands, Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick. It is characterized as being an intake of breath while saying words such as “yeah”, and is often used in agreement.

What makes the Gaelic Gasp so interesting is that most people are completely unaware of doing it. And many people will deny doing it. Another interesting thing is that sometimes people will actually become competitive and use the Gaelic Gasp more when put in a conversation with another person who is using it.


Prince Edward Island, Part V

Green Gables, and the homestead where L.M. Montgomery grew up

It’s so easy to imagine Anne Shirley wandering through this property, greeting all the apple trees, birches and poplars with a smile.

I didn’t expect to, but I became so emotional when we first stepped out and saw Green Gables. 26 years of reading the Anne series has created a very special place in my heart for this island, and even though I’ve never been to this place before it felt a little like I was coming back to a place which holds a wealth of happy memories.