Shibori HypnoGIF. The Current Sea, 2014.

Join us @pehrspace 8:30pm 6/16 (tonight) for @prismpipe: HYPNOGIF!

tbh even my own mind is blown by this but im going to be having a show with vivian-fu in LA !!! 

vivian has been one of my fav artists, a huge inspiration, and a total internet dream babe ((and not to mention one of the nicest people ever !!)) for so long i would have never imagined that i’d end up in a position where we would be showing together

im so humbled and excited for this show. it will be great

reception is sept 13 and we will both be attending

facebook event found here

hope to see you all there ! <3

@prismpipe @pehrspace tomorrow 8:30pm! #HYPNOGIF live music by @leternebre w/#GIF #mandalas from around the world:

@haydiroket, @weinventyou, @kidmograph, @scorpiondagger, @mironart, @glitchee, @adamferriss, @okkultmotionpictures and @thecurrentseala!


PRISM PIPE // ⓗⓨⓟⓝⓞⓖⓘⓕ by @thecurrentseala x @screamingclaws

Twin Braids Perform. The Current Sea, 2015.

Last night marked the 1 year anniversary of Prism Pipe, our monthly Visual Music series. It’s hosted at pehrspace every Third Monday. This month featured Twin Braids performing a live set to submissions we received on the topic "Fluidity.“


Live video by Aya Hasegawa, edited by W&R. Los Angeles, Pehrspace. June 15th 2013. Accompanying interview with Terroreyes here. 

Very excited to announce that we’ll be playing at Pehrspace on July 29th with Josh Boyd 3, Weird Wonder (former members of Bear Flag Republic) and FoxHollow! Josh’s project REVERB LITE will be DJing as well! The evening will also feature a debut of Josh Boyd 3’s music video for “Your Scene Our Scene.” This evening will be jam packed so reserve the date!