pehr space

Parallax Scroll is a multi-media performance piece that bridges the abstract landscapes of sound, light, time, and movement. A collective of artists, each utilizing different mediums, come together to make a unique work. Wes Johansen creates a visual representation of abstract thought through digital video projections, live editing and synchronizing with pre-recorded sound. In conjunction Mike Meanstreetz uses avant-garde percussion and composition techniques triggering video projections, tangling the participant of this ritualistic performance in a web of synaesthesia. These elements are accentuated as josie j conveys transformation to witnesses through ritualism/ meditative movement influenced partly by Butoh training and a background in performance art. Also performing in this piece are Zachary Vidal (saxophone/sampled noise) providing textured mood and Brennan Lowe (movement) setting the wheel of this cycle into motion.

recorded by Reni @ Pehr Space in Los Angeles