Sharing Cool Art and Artists (5/7/2014)

This is my 1000th post on tumblr. I don’t have enough followers and I haven’t spent time putting writing or personality in my posts to celebrate these kind of moments, But when I originally started this I just wanted to share cool things, and I’ve certainly found more than enough of that. So to use my 1000th post to emphasize what I’ve mainly used tumblr for, I wanted to list and say a little about some cool artists I’ve found, commissioned, and reblogged a whole mess of times.

This will just be a big list of links in no particular order, maybe with some pictures thrown in. And I know that art is one of the most subjective things in the world, but I would say that anyone I mention here is worth checking out at least once. Also, I apologize as this is not a complete list in the least. There are a lot of great artists out there.

Jeinu (deviantArttumblr) - Jeinu runs two webcomics known as Miamaska and Trial of the Sun. He’s really good at facial expressions, and while most of his fiction is serious, he has a surprising sense of humor.

HokutoFighter (deviantArt / tumblr) - HokutoFighter is an artist from Chile who loves space, stars, and cats. She’s pretty fantastic at cute, heartwarming art but also is trying out macabre things too.

Pehesse (deviantArt / tumblr) - A French artist working on his own game featuring Luchadores. He does digital art, animation, and has a Patreon where people can contribute if they’re interested in his work.

VeloursRose (deviantArt / tumblr) - Great, bold coloring style. She’s recently started a webcomic known as Not Quite There featuring two ghostly kids getting into trouble.

Yanzi-5 (deviantArt) - An artist with some fantastic character design and detail, mostly in fantasy and sci-fi. Very cool gallery.

Getsuart (deviantArt / tumblr) - Getsuart recently concluded a kickstarter for a printed book of her webcomic known as Echo. Most of it is in French, but an English translation is coming along.

borockman (deviantArt / tumblr) - An artist who does most of his work with dA muro. A big fan of mega man and the upcoming Mighty No.9 from kickstarter.

AIBryce (deviantArt / tumblr) - An artist with great coloring and posing. Recently posted some Dragon’s Crown related work

Rienlen (deviantArt / tumblr) - An artist who has fun with a trio of his own characters in serious pieces, album parodies, and straight up silly things.

Gambargin (deviantArt) - Black and white, pen and pencil artist with a focus on very well detailed and practically designed woman warriors from all over the world and throughout history.

Irrationalnumber (tumblr) - An artist with a distinct sense of style and cool art based on Avatar and Adventure Time. Also working on original character design as well.

Rom-Attack (deviantArt / tumblr) - Another artist from Chile who has done a lot of cool varied work from romance to video games.

Hamst3r (youTube / tumblr) - Not an artist, but a music composer who has done a lot of fun songs and programmed his own music sequencer. He also does playthrough of games among other things.

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