Today’s loot:

-a video demo of the current state of Carrion Wind’s match! As you can see, plenty of bugs happening, but there’s also many things that are going right :-D I’ll get to fixing everything once every move is done. There will need to be some heavy balancing too, as some moves don’t hit when they should and vice versa (see that counter hitting the air after the lunge for instance)


Today’s loot:

-got all the animated moves implemented and working! Fixed many leftover bugs along the way, there are still issues with the crouching punch and the grappling moves, because of how different the character speed/displacements are compared to how they were before, but I’ll get on that soon.

I also made a first pass for the style points, so it’s now working as intended, but will probably need a rebalance pass later on. For now it’s pretty easy to max your bar.

Still, now, I manage to have mostly bug-free matches while testing, that’s something relatively new! :-D

Today’s loot, continued:

-in the end, I post it here as well, since I find it to be a rather nice start to a new series! Hopefully it keeps going strong!

This small sketch was done during the Patreon livestream held today, on the last saturday of the month. It can/could/might be the start to a new video game heroines ABC series, done live, because why not? Though we’ll have to see if we can’t accelerate the rhythm at some point, or this will take 2 years to complete. Wait and see!