Sharing Cool Art and Artists (5/7/2014)

This is my 1000th post on tumblr. I don’t have enough followers and I haven’t spent time putting writing or personality in my posts to celebrate these kind of moments, But when I originally started this I just wanted to share cool things, and I’ve certainly found more than enough of that. So to use my 1000th post to emphasize what I’ve mainly used tumblr for, I wanted to list and say a little about some cool artists I’ve found, commissioned, and reblogged a whole mess of times.

This will just be a big list of links in no particular order, maybe with some pictures thrown in. And I know that art is one of the most subjective things in the world, but I would say that anyone I mention here is worth checking out at least once. Also, I apologize as this is not a complete list in the least. There are a lot of great artists out there.

Jeinu (deviantArttumblr) - Jeinu runs two webcomics known as Miamaska and Trial of the Sun. He’s really good at facial expressions, and while most of his fiction is serious, he has a surprising sense of humor.

HokutoFighter (deviantArt / tumblr) - HokutoFighter is an artist from Chile who loves space, stars, and cats. She’s pretty fantastic at cute, heartwarming art but also is trying out macabre things too.

Pehesse (deviantArt / tumblr) - A French artist working on his own game featuring Luchadores. He does digital art, animation, and has a Patreon where people can contribute if they’re interested in his work.

VeloursRose (deviantArt / tumblr) - Great, bold coloring style. She’s recently started a webcomic known as Not Quite There featuring two ghostly kids getting into trouble.

Yanzi-5 (deviantArt) - An artist with some fantastic character design and detail, mostly in fantasy and sci-fi. Very cool gallery.

Getsuart (deviantArt / tumblr) - Getsuart recently concluded a kickstarter for a printed book of her webcomic known as Echo. Most of it is in French, but an English translation is coming along.

borockman (deviantArt / tumblr) - An artist who does most of his work with dA muro. A big fan of mega man and the upcoming Mighty No.9 from kickstarter.

AIBryce (deviantArt / tumblr) - An artist with great coloring and posing. Recently posted some Dragon’s Crown related work

Rienlen (deviantArt / tumblr) - An artist who has fun with a trio of his own characters in serious pieces, album parodies, and straight up silly things.

Gambargin (deviantArt) - Black and white, pen and pencil artist with a focus on very well detailed and practically designed woman warriors from all over the world and throughout history.

Irrationalnumber (tumblr) - An artist with a distinct sense of style and cool art based on Avatar and Adventure Time. Also working on original character design as well.

Rom-Attack (deviantArt / tumblr) - Another artist from Chile who has done a lot of cool varied work from romance to video games.

Hamst3r (youTube / tumblr) - Not an artist, but a music composer who has done a lot of fun songs and programmed his own music sequencer. He also does playthrough of games among other things.

Made for a contest on Crunchyroll for the Shantae kickstarter!

Crunchyroll contest here :

Shantae Kickstarter here :

Alternate version :

State of Affairs

Hello everyone!

Now that I’ve slept a bit, it’s time to be a bit more detailed about where we are and just what the image I posted means.

First, the conclusion: the game is done. Yes, really! However, it’s not ready to be released yet, and might not be for a little while. This is why it’s a “release candidate”: this version is now being prodded by testers to see if it works, and it won’t be considered “final” until it does. So no firm release date yet, even so close to the finish line since I don’t want to create expectations that might be forced to change. Just to give you a hint, though, the current general plan looks to be around mid october… as long as you keep in mind it might be earlier, or delayed, depending on testing result.

About testing, then! It’s a critical process that’ll determine the state the game will eventually launch in: the more bugs we find, the better it’ll be for everyone. That means I’m looking for dedicated testers who’ll play through the game multiple times fast and report back regularly to give me their feedback and bug reports.

Testing is NOT playing the game. It is NOT fun. It should also be a paid job since it’s such a grind, however as Honey was made using a budget of 0 euro, I can’t afford to pay for that help, so I’m relying on goodwill of dedicated people.

If you only want to play and enjoy the game, then please wait a little longer! It’s coming!

If however you have some free time in the weeks ahead and feel strongly about helping me out make this game the best it can be before release, don’t mind playing through over and over trying different combination (and playing around with the debug keys until the whole thing collapses), and will send me feedback on a semi-daily/weekly basis at max, then your help is GREATLY appreciated! Please contact me at any of the usual places (honeyUFE (at) gmail (dot) com is a good start) to tell me how and why you’d like to test the game, so I can send you the link to the release candidate!

This is now officially the last stretch!

Today’s loot, continued:

-in the end, I post it here as well, since I find it to be a rather nice start to a new series! Hopefully it keeps going strong!

This small sketch was done during the Patreon livestream held today, on the last saturday of the month. It can/could/might be the start to a new video game heroines ABC series, done live, because why not? Though we’ll have to see if we can’t accelerate the rhythm at some point, or this will take 2 years to complete. Wait and see!