tumblr prom - Bucky & Peggy

James was enthusiastic: he was going to a dance with his Peggy, pretty dresses and nice music, like he had missed so much. He couldn’t take a limo everytime they had a date, obviously, but knowing Peggy she would have felt much more comfortable in a car anyway.

When he pulled over and rang at their door - because he had gone out to take flowers and properly bring her on a date - he could barely contain the excitement. 

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“Drink Me” (sorry i'm bored)

((It’s ok, I was bored too.))

Peggy walked into the bar only for her ears to be assaulted by a red-head’s shout, “PEGGY! Hey chickie! Come here and meet my new friends. This is Walter and Sam and Tam.. Tam? Tommy! Anywho, come join us!” She pulled up a chair for Peggy to sit on and called the bartender for another round of shots. “So, how’s Bucky and the twins. I bet they are still adorable and all that. Have I told you that I really like your haircut?” She paused. “I’m rambling aren’t I? I’m sorry I get tispy when I’m talkative.” Pausing again, she shook her head, “Talkative when I’m tispy. I think I’ve had too much, this is the last one. Care to join me?”

Peggy laughed, finally able to get a word in edgewise, “Sure, but after that lets get you out of here, Frost." 

"Okie Dokie!” They slammed the shots back and left the bar.


Sorry I haven’t been RPing for a while. I’m tired and Frosty doesn’t want to play. I am in my last month of school and it’s been hectic here. I also refound an old anime that I love and have been watching it nonstop. I’m sorry……