Guys!!!! I was at the last showings of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies when this little dude ran across in front of the stage in between shows and all I thought was “I know that child!!”. I then ran into all three of them, PeggyCress and her two kids, so I had to take picture.

And just so you guys know Peggy was super sweet (as were her children) and very excited to meet one of her Tumblr followers so I HIGHLY recommend saying hi if you see her or her adorable kids :-D

peggycress asked:

I absolutely love your blog. I like that you have the same characters posted and you stick to that... I do a similar thing. :)

Thank you ! :’3

I love your blog too. Your children are really lucky ! I wish my parents were Disney fans too.

I hope my english is correct…

My 7 year-old sister was singing hickory dickory dock and wanted to be funny and creative so she kept changing the last word’s letters, and my other sister thought she heard her say “hickory dickory dick”, so we got quiet and listened, and the next one she said was “hickory dickory dank”. Poor girl had no idea what we were laughing about


Disney kids, part 2! My step mom ( has been dressing them up again. I didn’t say before, but their names are Gwen and Gregory!
(Basically I steal her pictures because she doesn’t make big posts like this, so go check her out)

If I’m not following you, I’m really sorry, a lot of people followed me because of the Disney thing, but I’m not actually a Disney fan and I don’t post Disney. If you want to see more Disney stuff from my step mom, follow here :D
Yeah so it’s nothing against you, but I don’t usually follow Disney/hipster blogs, sorry!!! But I love you all, feel free to talk to me at any time :)