“I saw a shadow touch a shadow’s hand, on bleecker street.”

There are three women in every man’s life - Matt Weiner

I started this post the night Ted said” there are 3 women in every man’s life” and Don replied he didn’t just think that up and Ted said he’d been holding on to it for awhile, but he thought it really applied here. I knew Matt Weiner was speaking thru Ted to the audience and so I began thinking about who Don’s 3 women are.

I thought about “Beautiful Girls” with the closing shot of Joan, Peggy & Faye. But mostly I thought about “The Other Woman” and how Peggy is “the new girl” in Don’s life in the pilot. The always amazing tomandlorenzo style commentary talking about which women wore pale blue in that episode added to my analysis and my thoughts grew too complex to sort through so I put away the post. I’m sharing it now even though I never finished it rather than deleting.

The Madonna/Mother figure

The Wife aka The Buick in the Garage

The Other Woman aka The Unattainable, the Jaguar for other men

“when deep beauty is encountered, it arouses deep emotions; because it creates desire. Because it is by nature unattainable“ - Don Draper

“I don’t know what it is.  That car does nothing for me.“ - Don Draper

It’s because you’re happy.  You don’t need it.” – Joan Harris

“I was driving the E-Type, I passed a ten year old boy in the back window of a station wagon, and I watched his eyes follow. He had just seen something he would want for the rest of his life,  He had just seen that unattainable object speed by, just out of reach. Because they do that don’t they? Beautiful things?“ - Don Draper

“What if I say no? You’ll never speak to me again“ - Peggy Olson

“No. I will spend the rest of my life trying to hire you,” - Don Draper

The third woman was Matt Weiner’s contribution. People talk about the Madonna/Whore complex which was reflected in the Jackie/Marilyn ad on “Mad Men” but Weiner kinda said, through all his choices, he was much more fascinated with a 3rd option.  He was interested in an Irene Dunne, in a Peggy Olson, in those women who are too complex to be labeled by their relationship to a man.  Matt Weiner loves,is fascinated by and respects women. I could tell that in his writing which is why he hooked me so completely.

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Mad Men thoughts: I think Peggy’s character worked so well with every male character on the show, and could have been compatible with any number of them, because of her stance as a woman. From the beginning, she demanded respect and equality, both in the workplace and out, and she received it. That’s why she was ahead of her time; the other women simply didn’t know or realize they could ask for it. But it made her an equal in the eyes of her co-workers and friends, so the interactions always felt pure, whether they be between her and Don, her and Pete, her and Roger, Stan, etc. 

Seriously.  THESE TWO.  Just seeing them on screen together makes me a very happy Lindsay.  Can the term OTP be used without it having a romantic context?  Because in that case they are my total Mad Men OTP.

I haven’t even seen tonight’s episode yet (can’t find it), but I hear it’s a great one!