Hamilton Ships Masterpost

Ok this took literally an hour but it was worth it

Canon ships:
Hamliza (?)

Subtext ships:
Hamgelica (is that the ship name ????)
Maria/Alexander (don’t know the ship name LOL) (does it even belong in subtext I mean they kinda affair’d????)

Popular ships:

Right Hand ships:


Left Hand ships:

Phillip/Theodosia (jr)
George^2 (King George/George Washington)
Hamette (lol don’t know the ship name)
Hamulligan (don’t judge me I don’t get out often)
LEGGY (lafayette/peggy LOL)
Jeggy (laurens/peggy)
WashingBurr (lmao what)
Whamilton (why tho)


Hamilton/King George (Y???)
Elayette (is that the name??)
HamReynolds (james reynolds)
Burrliza (stop fucking alexander’s wife lm ao)

If there’s anything I missed, tell me and I’ll edit it

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  • Who said “I love you” first: Lafayette basically says it as soon as he first sets eyes on Peggy. He is a true romantic and believes in love at first sight. Or at least he does after seeing Peggy. 
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Peggy’s background is her and her sisters but Lafayette’s background is Peggy doing her ‘werk’ pose for the camera. She’s wearing a yellow ballgown that she thought was gaudy but Lafayette thought it made her look even more like a princess.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Peggy always leaves little messages for Lafayette like ‘u r my favorite french fry’ or something like that and Lafayette’s heart grows a size with every note. (Maybe that’s how she tells him she’s pregnant?)
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Lafayette buys her the cheesiest things like he literally makes her a mixtape. He made her a fake coupon that was redeemable for one massage from him. 
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Peggy did. Lafayette was trying to play it cool with her. He tried to traditionally court her because he felt she was deserving of the best. Peggy grew tired of this dance and just grabbed him by the collar and hauled him down for a kiss that left Laf seeing stars.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Lafayette kisses Peggy awake every morning. They stay in bed cuddling and kissing for nearly and hour before they have to get up. 
  • Who starts tickle fights: Peggy will start to tickle Laf if he’s beating her in Smash Bros or some other video game. Laf retaliates by picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom where he picks up where Peggy left off and tickling Peggy until she surrenders. 
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Peggy just kinda joins Lafayette in the shower from time to time. They usually do it when running late for something. Lafayette does get distracted easily and they run later than what they would have if they had taken individual showers but what are you gonna do?
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:  They both do. Peggy goes to Laf’s work all the time with lunch and will sit criss cross on at his desk while he is trying to get his shit together on his office couch. Laf will show up at Peggy’s job and she rarely has time for a full on break when he’s there but they squeeze in a conversation and she takes a few bites of the sub he bought her. (One time he tried to surprise her and the same time she tries to surprise him so they both ended up alone at the other’s job confused and a little hungry)
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Laf was really nervous because Peggy was the perfect girl. So he just takes her on the most extravagent date ever. Fanciest restraunt in town that’s impossible to get reservations to. But as it turns out she can’t read the menu and he’s too nervous to translate it for her. She ends up suggesting they ditch dinner and go to a nearby lake and skip rocks. Lafayette a little bit more in love with her that night.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Peggy does it. Lafayette would but by the time he notices a spider Peggy already killed it so he just carries on with his life.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Lafayette, in the middle of a Winter’s Ball, stood up on a chair to announce to the entire room that he: Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, Marquis de Lafayette was in love with Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler.

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I have only so much leg to offer (•゚д゚•)

  • Its never a dull moment with Peggy, she uses groupon and gets discounts for all sorts of one time deals
  • Their dates, whenever planned by Peggy is usually something neither of them have done
  • One of Laf’s favorites was body painting, where he got to paint using Peggy’s body as a canvas and vice versa. It didn’t take much to turn her into a masterpiece, she’s one already to him
  • Peggy likes doing hair, she braids to relief stress. Whenever she has a bad day, Laf just sits down by the floor, hands her a hair pick and lets her braid his curls
  • They like to match buns, Laf usually goes for the one Peggy interchanges between one and two. Personally Laf likes the two bun look, she looks far too cute
  • Piggyback rides though its usually Peggy trying to give Laf one because they are dorks and she likes to prove she is strong
  • Laf fully bending down to kiss Peggy and lifts her up a bit so he’s not craning too much
  • Peggy likes to kick her feet around any time she’s lifted off the ground, she never expects even if Laf does it 80% of the time.
  • PILLOW FORT COUPLE: They stay up late, if not sex its pillow forts while watching scary movies with Laf pretending he isn’t scared and Peggy laughing (Laughing is her quirky defensive mechanism to fear. SHE LAUGHS IN THE FACE OF DANGER)

let’s play a game called “hock just got a drawing program and likes to pretend they’re good at art”

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hi, um, if you're still doing that one shot request thing, and if it isn't a bother, could you do angsty Jamilton? Pls, thx. Love your blog. Sorry, I'm awkward. Thanks! <3

My child, I too, am an awkward turtle. Just so we’re clear, I am now the tumblr mother to you all, and you all my adopted children. Any problems? No? Okay good.


Alex was bitter. Well, he was normally, but this was a different kind of bitter. Since freshman year of high school, he and Thomas had always been at each others throats. Whether it be in debate class, or just in general. Only in the end of their senior year - thanks to Laf’s ideas of seven minutes in heaven - their feelings were resolved. They began dating the summer before freshman year of college, and though they weren’t roommates - probably for the better - they’d been dating for two years.

But here he was, sat next to John and Herc gush to each other, talking about how cute Laf and Peggy’s Halloween costumes were, talking about how they were proud of their ideas. They knew how Alex was feeling - who didn’t? - but knew better than to interfere at this point. 

He and Thomas were, of course, dressed as one of the famous couples as were basically every other couple at the party. Thomas had the grand idea as coming as Adventure Time characters - so here he was sat, dressed as Marceline while Thomas was dressed as Princess Bubblegum, flirting with some bad dyed, fake boobed Fin. 

So yeah, he was bitter. Thomas, being the charmer he was, was flirting back. His curles were tamed, the crown sitting neatly on his head. Alex watched as he said something, the flirtly twinkle in his eyes as the girl blushed, giggling, hiding her face behind her cup.

Alex wanted to be mean, wanted to think harshly, but he didn’t know this girl. From what he could tell, or, you know, had snooped about, she was visiting, a cousin of Samuel Seabury. She may not have known Alex and Thomas were dating, but Thomas sure as hell did.

He had watched it for about ten minutes, watching as the two grew closer, until his heart couldn’t take anymore. He gets he and Thomas didn’t always get along, but hell, once they had started dating it was going amazing. Their political views were still basically polar, but they loved each other.

Or atleast, Alex loved Thomas. Watching this, Alex wasn’t so sure how Thomas felt. Knowing his friends were expecting him to blow up, he surprised them, a broken sigh coming from his mouth, he put his cup down, eyes brimming with tears as he left the building. John called after him, Herc glaring daggers at Thomas.

Lafayette and Peggy - dressed Belle and Adam - walked over, having seen Alex leave. “What is wrong with out dear Alexander?” 

Herc said nothing, but Laf, following where he was glaring, turned, seeing Thomas still chatting - flirting - away with the blonde. Laf felt his blood boil. He and Thomas were close - well, as close as twins could be - but he cherished Alex just as much.

“Excuse me, mon cheri.” He kissed Peggy’s cheek, hiking the yellow dress higher, he stormed his way over to his twin.

“So, why is Laf, Belle and you’re - “

“Don’t question Lafayette and let me enjoy seeing his legs on display like this.” Peggy held her hand up, shutting John’s mouth.

“Pardon me, madam, but I need a word with my dear brother.” The blonde frowned, but nodded, sending a small smile to Thomas as she walked away, probably going to try and find her cousin. Thomas opened his mouth but was shut up, Laf’s hand smacking him across the face.

Gilbert what the hell - “

“No, you what the hell?!” Thomas said nothing, holding his cheek, “What the hell are you doing? No! Don’t answer that - what you’re doing is clear as day! To everyone! I had convinced everyone else to give you a chance when you and Alex began dating and I’m really regretting that seeing as they were right.”

“What do - “

“You don’t have the right to question what I mean! Here you are, attending a party, dressed as a couple with your boyfriend, and you’re flirting with someone else! So consumed in looking at the breasts of some girl you didn’t even notice Alex left the God damn party!” Thomas looked to where Alex had been, seeing Herc, John, Peggy, Eliza, Angelica, Burr, hell even James, but as Laf said, no Alex.

“No no, Laf listen - “

“No you listen Thomas - “

“Laf please! I wasn’t doing this intentionally! I - I know Alex gets jealous and it’s always funny - not funny, but like, you know how he is when he’s jealous, and he gets jealous over simple things! I just,” Thomas blushed, “I don’t know, we’d been arguing and I was getting scared of where our relationship was going and this was my dumbass way of seeing if he still cared.”

“Yes, he still cares about you. He does so much seeing you flirt with someone else right in front of him drove him away. So you better stop stumbling over your words and go make it up to Alex, cause if I hear about one more tear coming from Alex that isn’t because of pleasure, twin or not, I can and will ruin your life.” Laf turned, skirt sweeping dramatically behind him as he walked back.

God what had Thomas done? 

~     ~     ~

“A-Alexander?” Alex sniffled, wiping away his tears, throwing his outfit into his hamper. 

“What Jefferson?” Thomas flinched, hating the anger laced in Alex’s voice.

“Baby, look I’m so sorry - “

“Thomas, just, don’t, okay? Look I - I know I’m not perfect, I know I may not be good enough but please, if you’re going to - to be like this, just dump me. Don’t string me out, don’t - don’t break my heart and leave it, please.”

Thomas felt his own heart breaking, shattering beyond fix as he watched Alex look at him, eyes full of hurt, full of fear. Thomas was pissed at himself.

“God, no, Alex, I love you. I do.” Alex scoffed, “Yeah, but loving someone doesn’t mean flirting with other people.”

“No no I know I know I just,” Thomas pulled the crown off of his head, “I love you so much. More, than words can describe. And, with the stress we’d both been under, the arguements, I was scared. I was scared you were losing interest, that you and John were going to be picking up where I lacked, and I wanted to prove to myself you still cared.” 

“You were always so cute jealous and I thought - if I made you jealous, you’d storm over, you’d do your cute rant, your face would turn red and we’d come home, and I’d stop doubting myself. I never meant to hurt you - but, you know I don’t think things through!” He ran his hands through his curls best he could.

“Alex, I would never cheat on you. I’d never hurt you like that. I swear on my father’s grave, what I did was beyond stupid and I don’t know why I thought it was smart. But, Alex please, I love you so, so so much.”

“I love you too…” His voice was quiet, “You could have talked to me, you could have asked or - or said literally anything!”

Thomas nodded. “I know, I know. And - And I regret what I did, talking to her, flirting with her, I felt so uncomfortable. She’s just like Sam, she agrees with anything I say, changing her opinion to match mine, she doesn’t even live up to even the slightest bit of you. The whole time I kept picturing you, how you’d respond, how you’d act and what you’d say. I got so distracted thinking about you I - I hadn’t noticed anything wrong, really.”

“Thinking about how I’d act? Act to what? Your dumbass pick up lines?”

Thomas feigned hurt. “Dumbass pick up lines? Excuse me, I am amazing.”

Alex snorted. “Okay sure, your pick up lines suck worse every time you use them.”

“I have a good one in mind, and now I don’t even want to use it.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “Then don’t.”

A pause.

“Okay you’ve convinced me.” Alex’s breathy laugh made him smile, and he sauntered up, arms lacing slowly across Alex’s shoulders, “You’re a fox, looking pretty good in your frocks, how ‘bout later we strip down to our socks.”

Alex stared at him, before bursting into laughter. “Oh my God, Thomas, what the hell?”

Thomas grinned triumphantly, “There’s that smile I fell in love with…”

Alex shook his head, wiping a few stray tears away. “Why do I date you?”

Thomas shrugged, “You love me.”

~     ~     ~     ~    ~

Too cheesy of an ending? I was going to make it sad but I couldn’t do that to my poor baby alex 

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Leggy (Lafayette x Peggy) where Peggy lowkey comes home with like four dogs?

Y’all needed a break from the angst…sigh.

“Peggy,” Lafayette said, eyeing his girlfriend suspiciously. “What is that in your purse?” The woman in question stared back at him sheepishly, trying to contain whatever was in her bag.

“So, you remember how I said I liked dogs?”


“And that there was a dog shelter right across the street from my work?”

“Yes, but-Peggy. You didn’t…” Lafayette spoke in slight shock, staring at Peggy’s purse. “We are not getting a dog.”

“I agree completely.” Peggy stated, setting her bag on the floor, allowing its contents to spill out. Well, if four small puppies counted as ‘contents’. “We’re not getting a dog. We’re getting four dogs.”

“Peggy, no!”

“Peggy, yes!”

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Just wondering, who do you ship the Schuyler Sisters with? (Or just Eliza if you don't want to list all of them)



  • hamilton/angelica!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah!!!!!!!!
  • ….
  • thats it for her im s o sorry ange ur still one of my fav girls (IM ALSO JUST NOT FAMILIAR WITH A LOT OF ANGELICA SHIPS SO)


  • hamilton/eliza is s o c ut e………….
  • ummm no one else rly?? elams (eliza/ham/laurens) is pretty gud too honestly


  • thats all i have for her too im so sorry peggy

IF THE RE ARE SOME SCHUYLER SISTER SHIPS I MISS ED TELL ME TBH?? i Love all the ones im familiar with so if there are some tht u wanna Confirm with me lemme kno (;

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cAn I hAvE sOmE LEGGY (Lafayette x Peggy)

*bangs fists on table* LEGGY LEGGY  LEGGY LEGGY LEGGY!


Peggy watched, admiring the dress Eliza was wearing, almost in complete awe over the details lining the white dress. “Liza - you look beautiful!” Eliza laughed, turning to her younger sister.

“You’ve said this several times Pegs, but thank you.” She smiled, cheesy, wide grin on her face. “Welcome!” She stood, fixing her dress as their dad came to the door.

“Everyone’s ready…” He smiled at his daughter, “Look at you, my little princess.”

Peggy grabbed the bouquet, handing Eliza hers as Angelica, Martha, Theo and their mom grabbed theirs. “You ready Betsy?” She grinned. “Let’s do this!”

~     ~     ~

Linked arm in arm with Laf, she grinned up at the taller man. He grinned back down, and she crinkled her nose as she saw the gold liner on his face. “How is it Liza hires professionals for makeup and yours still looks better than mine?” He pecked her on the nose, “Because, mon cher amour, I grew up with only females.”

“Well, I did too!” She pouted and he laughed.

“Ah yes, but as the youngest you had makeup done on you. As the oldest I had to do the makeup. I shall teach you! Your wings will look so good those instagramers will be jealous!” She laughed at him.

“We will be unstoppable!” He grinned, dropping her arms to fist bump, narrowly missing punching Alex in the face.

“Christ Laf!” He stumbled backwards, John catching him before he hit the ground. 

“Sorry.” Laf grinned sheepishly, and Alex rolled his eyes fondly.

“Yeah yeah…”

He turned back to Peggy, taking her by the arm. “You look beautiful, by the way.” She blushed, “Yeah well, you don’t look to bad yourself.”

“Mon cher, I do believe I look good everyday. As do you,” He winked, “We do make quite a good looking couple.” She giggled.

Phillip strolled back in, Pip holding his hand, small hand gripping a small sating pillow, two rings tied to it.

“Alright! Music is going to begin soon!” 

Angelica and Alex stood, arms linked, Martha with George, Theo with Aaron, John with their mother and Hercules was before Eliza and their dad, holding hands with Pip and Theo Jr, wide grin set on his face.

He was the only man who could walk down the isle with children instead of some beautiful woman and look happier than even the bride.

They heard the music, and the doors opened. Gripping the bouquet tighter, she and Laf followed behind, following behind Aaron and Theo, Angie and Alex behind them and their mom and John after them.

As they walked down Peggy smiled, seeing Maria stood, fiddling with her hands. Her dress wasn’t as flamboyant as Eliza’s wedding dress - but the details and designs matched almost perfectly. Her dress was red, floor length, but tight around her body, while Eliza’s flared out - the perfect princess gown for the perfect princess sister.

~     ~     ~

The reception was winding down, slow songs playing more so, couples dancing together while others lounged, talking amungst themselves. 

Alex and John had taken to sitting, sipping on some champagne, Alex’s face slightly red, and she chuckled, knowing how much of a light weight he was. Angie was flirting with some guy Maria knew - John Church, she thinks she heard Herc mention it to Laf.

Speaking of, said French man had wandered over to her. “My love, would you care to dance?” She set her drink down - gripping his hand with a smile.

“Did you expect me to say no?” She sent a dazzling smile, and Laf felt his heart melt.

“Well, a lovely lady like you, anyone would want a dance.” She laughed.

“Anyone yes, but I, being such a lady, save all my dances for the special man in my life.” Grinning, he wrapped an arm around her waist, as he led her into the slow dance.

She laid her head on his chest, him resting his chin atop of her head. “This was such a beautiful wedding…Liza seems so happy.” 

Laf grinned. “Oui, her and Maria make a lovely couple.”

She hummed, half listening as her mind wandered. “When we’re married,” He felt his heart skip a beat, “I don’t want as much hassle as Liza went through. And my reception won’t be as dimly lit.”

He cleared his throat. “When we get married?” His voice was light, teasing, but she sat up rigged.

“Oh God, I didn’t mean to say we. I mean, not saying I wouldn’t marry you but - like, we’ve only been dating for like a year and a half. Oh God please don’t think I’m weird.”

He laughed so hard he swore he pulled a muscle. “My dearest Margarita, I think we’re past me not thinking of you as weird. I have known you much longer than we’ve been together, and I must say, marriage with you had crossed my mind.” He bent down, kissing her tenderly.

“And if we were both completely ready, and if Maria wouldn’t kill me for stealing her thunder, I would ask you here. But,” He sighed, “Since both of those things stop me, I do fear we must wait.” He paused, “Not too long I hope,” He motioned back to where she had sat, the bouquet she caught from Liza sitting next to her coat.  

“If that says anything, then I think we’ll manage to wait my love.”

Laughing, she buried her head back in his chest. She was beyond proud to say this was the man she loved. As he was proud to say this was the woman he loved.

“I’ll be back soon,” Peggy said as she pocketed her phone. She leaned on the desk for a moment.
“Hurry back, you dork,” Lafayette laughed.
“Yeah yeah,” she muttered, rolling her eyes. She quickly leaned forward and kissed Lafayette. It was their first kiss and it felt amazing. Once it was over, she was waving a goodbye and racing out of the hospital.

“How bad is the patient?” Lafayette asked as he caught up to Alexander. He didn’t know who it was, but he was just very curious.
Alexander turned around and looked at Lafayette, a look of pity and sorrow on his face. He grabbed the frenchman’s shoulders and said, “It’s Peggy.”
Lafayette felt his breath catch in his chest. “H– how bad is she?” he stuttered out.
Alexander’s hold on Lafayette’s shoulders grew tighter. “I’m so sorry, Lafayette,” was all Alex could get out.

Peggy’s heart monitor beeped rhythmically, but she was paling from blood loss.
“Oh Peggy,” Lafayette whispered as he walked past John who was at the door. He got to her bedside and sat on the floor, arms on the bed. He eventually dozed off, still sitting there.

When he woke, he woke to a heart monitor flatlining. His head snapped up and when he saw Peggy’s face and then the flatlined heart monitor, he completely broke. He began sobbing.
John ran in and when he saw the flatline, he frowned and went to Lafayette quickly. He took him into his arms, holding him tightly. “I’m sorry, Laf. I’m so sorry,” he whispered, rubbing Lafayette’s back.
When Lafayette ran out of tears to cry, he just sat there, breathing heavily. He turned his head against John’s chest, looking at Peggy.
Lafayette whispered, “I love you,” before pulling his face back into his knees. His head and chest hurt and he just held his knees tighter.

“I love you, Peggy…”

@midnigtartist, here’s some sad Leggy and short story I came up with to go along for the firefighter/doctor AU.