@leofi-xed had the lovely idea to celebrate all the possible Fitzsimmons vacations by putting together postcards from all their travels. So @leggy–peggy and I created this postscript of sorts for my fic Beerly Beloved, featuring Fitzsimmons on their honeymoon at Oktoberfest.

(Text mine, manip and beautification all @leggy–peggy !)

So this is a ridiculous FitzSimmons headcanon that @leggy–peggy & I have been giggling over for weeks, and now I’ve finally got around to writing a little ficlet for it. 

Set during 3x20-ish. Contains brief mentions of Event Horizon-crossing and excessive use of post-it notes.


Delivery for you. Kitchen.

- M

Fitz absently pressed his fingertips to the sticky edge of the post-it note in his hand as he made his way to the kitchen, deep in thought. He’d been in the server room all morning, trying to stay one step ahead of Daisy as she tried to infiltrate their security system, and he’d briefly returned to his room to find Mack’s loopy handwriting on a small square of bright orange paper attached to his door.

As he weaved his way through the base his tired brain tried to figure out why a delivery for him had been left in the kitchen. The sort of things he normally ordered were always sent to the lab or the garage. Had he accidentally ordered a whole bunch of cake batter instead of batteries?

Up ahead he spotted Jemma emerging from the lab, a bright pink post-it note clasped in her hand and a confused look on her face. She caught his eye as he approached and he held up his own note, making her brow furrow even further. They fell into step and started down the corridor side by side.

“What do you think this is all about?” Jemma murmured, peeling his note from his fingers and studying the matching handwriting on hers.

“No idea,” he replied, shoving his hands into his pockets as they turned the corner into the deserted eating area. “What I want to know is why Mack didn’t just come and-“

The presence of a large box sitting on the kitchen counter stopped him from finishing his sentence. He glanced at Jemma and she returned his dubious look before venturing forward to investigate. The cardboard box had FITZSIMMONS hastily scrawled across the top in thick black marker, so with a decisive hum Jemma reached out and flipped the lid open.

The cake inside was rich and decadent; the chocolate icing a gleaming, perfectly smooth surface but for eight words elegantly tracing its circumference in pale blue piping:


The tips of Fitz’ ears went bright red as he spluttered out a few choice words, his eyes wide as he blinked over at Jemma, as calm as he’d ever seen her but for a little flush of pink high on her cheeks. She stared at the lettering for a few more moments, a small fond smile on her face, before her gaze flicked back up to his.

“How did they…” he breathed, eyes darting desperately between Jemma’s face and the open box. “It’s only been…”

“Well, I think we should maybe store this in our room for now,” Jemma breezed on, a soft knowing smile on her lips as she started to fold the cardboard flaps closed. “Don’t you?”

“I… umm…”

“I mean it is labelled just for us, after all…” she trailed off, her eyes locking on a sliver of bright green stuck to the inside of the box. Gently she tugged at the paper and a third post-it note peeled away from the cardboard. Fitz pressed in close - closer than probably necessary - to read it over her shoulder.

I agree with the cake.

- M

To: @wakandandperthshire

From: The Australians in the Fitzsimmons family

Tanzee of the Fitzsimmons Fandom, it is my great honour to give you this gift on behalf of the Australian part of the Fitzsimmons fandom. We’re supes excited that your are now part of the Aussie fam. Check it out :)

@tashonix: Welcome to the gang mate! Grab your mockies, crack open a stubby and settle in :)

@leggy–peggy:  Tanzee, What an honour it is to call you a fs fandom Aussie! You’ve got a heart of gold and a smile made of sunshine… and oh boy is that going to help you defend yourself against the native wildlife. I suggest brandishing a large stick (‘science, biatch’ style). Welcome to the fam, and… Good luck. Love, Izzy.

@theclaravoyant:  G’day mate,“ from the far and distant reaches of Perth! It’s always a pleasure to see you on my dash, and just as much of a pleasure to honorarily share my country and (almost) my timezone with you!

@topdeckandtoblerone:  Welcome to the Aussie family! Please enjoy your complimentary snake-throwing hawk and lifetime supply of Tim Tams, as is our birthright <3

@agent-hayley:  Now that you’ve been dubbed an honorary Aussie it’s only obligatory that we teach you slang and give you an unofficial nickname. Tazza: the myth, the legend. Welcome to the gang mate!

So, yes, as you can see, we are chuffed to have you here :) We hope you enjoy your stay in our Aussie fam and we look forward educating you about everything Australia :)

Welcome, Tanzee!!!! :D

BTW, Frankie says hi, and welcome ;)

       Adventures in Babysitting (Or Something Like That)

               A “Hot Potato” Fic Collaboration from Team Biochem

Words: 5000
Rating: G
Authors: @agent-85, @agentcalliope, @agl03, @awesomesauce432, @clearascountryair, @consoledacup, @danvilds@drunkenavocados, @dwellthebraveatheart, @etoilesdeglace, @fitzsimmonns, @fitzsimmonsinthetardis, @grapehyasynth, @howtocatchatardis, @inevitably-inquisitive, @leggy–peggy, @leofi-xed@mikeswheelers, @msdevindanielle, @peggycarterness, @recoveringrabbit, @roamingbadger, @shieldsil, @superirishbreakfasttea, @tashonix@theskyefalls, @ughfitz
Summary: Jemma spends most of her lunch breaks eating at a park near her office and she’s noticed that she’s not the only one to do so. There’s a man there, she thinks his name is Fitz even though they’ve never spoken. Usually, her lunch hour is uneventful, eating slowly while enjoying the sun and the opportunity to people watch. But today that isn’t quite the case. When Jemma tries to help a little girl who’s lost her mother, she finally gets the chance to meet Leopold Fitz, but this meeting looks nothing like what she had imagined it would.

              Read it on AO3!

*Members of Team Biochem wrote this story in a “hot potato” fashion, where one author would write ~4-6 sentences, and the next author would do the same, and so on until we reached the end of the E v B event. A huge thank you to @leggy–peggy for the amazing header, @theskyefalls for organizing this project, and to her and @tashonix for wrapping it up in such a lovely way!