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I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.


Modern Steggy AU for @lukeskywalkvr: When Peggy Carter decided to make an official public statement following the return of her youthful glow, little did she know a cheesy story from the past would resurface during an interview.


Happy Steggy Holidays!

  • Hamilton: When have I done anything rash or irresponsible?
  • Everyone: We keep a list. It's alphabetized.

Peggy and Parker’s relationship is seriously one of the purest things ever (even if it is built on a lie). I just. I can’t. Peggy was exactly what Parker needed. Parker’s excitement when she realized that Peggy told her a secret and that was something friends do, it gets me every time. I just love the two of them so much, and I’m sad we didn’t get more Peggy. 

Frozen In Time (Part 1/?) (Stark & Stark/Rogers x reader)

Request: Pleaseeee write one with Steve going to join the war after he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant with you & you have to live your whole life knowing he picked the war over being there for you. Maybe you get experimented on & he’s around to see you when he comes out of the ice. Angsty fluff please.

You had lost your father to the war before you were born; the illustrious Captain America, who had chosen country over family in a move that shocked everyone who knew him.  Your mother had told you stories of his bravery and his selfless service as if she were proud of the man, but as the years passed and you began to understand more, you could sense the pain and disappointment in her tone as she spoke.  It didn’t help that you reminded her so much of him, having been born with the smaller and complicated version of Steve, rather than drawing the luck of getting any of his enhanced super soldier genes.  Growing up in that era with any chronic medical problem was problematic at best, and she spent more days filled with worry than with joy for the life of her only child.

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[Preggy!Steggy AU]: Steve was successfully recovered from the icy depths of the Atlantic during the winter of 1946. Since then, he’s been happily reunited and wed to his best girl, with an extra little best girl to call his own along the way. Despite their busy lives and tiresome jobs, they couldn’t possibly be any happier together. As a family.

For the darling @leiandhan, on behalf of your Steggy Secret Santa! I hope you enjoy your lovely gif! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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Sharon is nervously introducing Natasha to Peggy as her girlfriend and then Peggy laughs cause she was gonna do the same with Sharon for her girlfriend and soon to be wife Angie.

Sharon hadn’t seen her Aunt Peggy in a while. Though they were technically aunt and neice the two of them were close as sisters Sharon being the daughter of Peggy’s much older brother.

Today was even more important than just Sharon’s reunion with her best friend and favorite relative, she was also introducing Peggy to her new girlfriend Natasha. Peggy’s ability to read people made her an excellent judge of character and Sharon always introduced her before getting serious with a girl.

She was nervous, because if she was being honest with herself, than she’d have to admit that she was already in pretty deep with Natasha, despite only dating for two months.

Sharon just loved her tiny spikey girlfriend, she loved when Natasha whispered to her other languages during sex, she loved the feeling being between her strong thighs, she loved her bad humor and weird taste in movies. Natasha was a collection of little things that made Sharon feel at home and it was difficult not falling in love with that.

“Alright,” Natasha said, adjusting her scarf before pulling on her jacket, “I can sense you freaking out over there and I just want to say chill. Families love me. Your Aunt will love me.”

“Yes I know, I’m just nervous. It’s important to me that this goes well.”

“It will, trust me. I’m the family whisperer.”

Natasha pulled her down for a kiss and then they headed out to meet Peggy at the brunch place.

Peggy was waiting for them in front of the restaurant, beside her was a exuberant dishwater blonde that was bouncing on her feet in circles around Peggy. Before Sharon could wave hello she was being yanked behind Natasha even as Peggy pulled a gun and trained it on Sharon’s girlfriend.

“Widow, get away from her!” Peggy hissed.

“This doesn’t concern you Agent Carter!” Natasha snapped back leveling her own gun before suddenly straightening, “Carter and Carter. Oh christ.”

Natasha’s gun disappeared back from whereever she’d pulled it from and she raised her hands looking vaguely apologetic.

“What the hell is going on?” Sharon demanded, “Peggy why are you pointing a gun at my girlfriend?”

“Because she’s an assassin who is only dating you to get to me.”

“Now hold on–” Natasha started before being interrupted by the dishwater blonde girl.

“What are you talking about assassin’s English. I feel like this is something that should have come up before we got married.”

“Married!” Sharon exclaimed just as Natasha also exclaimed “I’m dating Sharon cause I love her Carter, it’s got nothing to do with you.”

Sharon turned back to Natasha.

“You love me?” She could help the thrilled butterflies in her stomach, “I love you too.”

“That’s real sweet,” the dishwater blonde piped up, “but I feel like we’re glossing over the assassin part of this conversation.”

“Yeah, hey!” Sharon said, snapping out of the warm glow of new love, “what the hell?!”

“I can explain!” Natasha and Peggy said at the exact same time.
Will Avengers: Infinity War Bring Back Peggy Carter?

It’s no secret; Marvel fans love Peggy Carter, and they’ll back the British spy until the end. The no-nonsense SSR agent debuted in Captain America as a confidant and love interest to Steve Rogers, but her role in the MCU has expanded since. And, now, fans are curious if Avengers: Infinity War may bring the heroine back.

Social media began buzzing about the possibility of Peggy’s MCU comeback in the wake of San Diego Comic Con, and sites like Uproxx have weighed in on the possibility. Last weekend, Marvel Studios shared footage of Avengers: Infinity War with SDCC attendees, and a short montage preceded it showing each of the MCU’s Infinity Gems. When the Time Gem was introduced, a voiceover of Doctor Strange saying, “Time can fix anything” was heard before a new scene cut in. The footage showed Steve Rogers speaking to Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before the heroine transformed into her younger self.

None of the footage from the montage is said to be new, but Peggy’s transformation has Steggy shippers wondering whether Avengers: Infinity War will bring the heroine back. Fans will remember the SHIELD founder passed away back in Captain America: Civil War, an event which left Steve in mourning. Bringing back Peggy may seem like something fans would want for the good Captain, but there will be little joy in her revival if Thanos orchestrates it.

Avengers: Infinity War is expected to see Thanos take control of most - if not all - of the Infinity Gems. If the Mad Titan has the power of the Time and/or Soul Gem, the villain could mess with reality and bring back loved ones of the Avengers only to kill them. Thanos isn’t known for playing nice, and fans shouldn’t think the guy is above reviving Peggy just to make her fight Steve or simply kill her.

Still, there are plenty of other ways for Thanos to torture the Avengers when they step up to him. Peggy’s story arc within the MCU has been nicely wrapped even if it was through her death. Marvel Studios has experimented with elongating Peggy’s canon schtick through projects like Agent Carter, and there is still room for Marvel to expand upon the heroine as such. However, when it comes to film, there is little outward reason to bring Peggy back in Avengers: Infinity War.

For now, fans can only assume the Infinity Gem teaser shown at SDCC was simply highlighting a point about the Time Stone; The gem has the power to do incredible things, and its power should be used wisely. Marvel Studios has entrusted the Russo Brothers to wield that gem and its counterparts with care; Even if the directors are diehard Steggy shippers, they won’t bring back Peggy just for the thrill of it. There will need to be a real reason for the heroine to reappear, and fans can only hope such a comeback won’t be because Captain America himself has stepped through the pearly gates.

Avengers: Infinity War and its as-yet-untitled sequel are filming back-to-back for a May 4, 2018 and May 3, 2019 release, respectively.

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Maybe A jeggy/leggy( Laurens x Peggy because, janthony lol) where Peggy likes John fluff but, he Likes Alex

I think it’s “Jeggy” cause I think Leggy is Laf and Peggy <3

Okay so haven’t really done a ship like this yet so let me try this now!


Soft music played in the background as people chattered amungst themselves. Lights were dimmed and Peggy, arm linked with Eliza as they walked through the crowds, watched as children ran around, couples danced and saw as Mr. and Mrs. Washington were sat, looking as in love as it can get.

“Oh I think I see Laf!” Eliza’s voice brought Peggy from her gazing, and turning her head she saw Laf and Herc stroll in, both dressed in clothes she’d seen Herc working on - but Laf clearly created the styles and ideas.

“Bonjour my two princesses!” Laf kissed both of their cheeks, the two girls falling into giggling fits, “You two could put any Disney princess to shame!”

“Thank you Laf!” Peggy smiled at the taller man, while Eliza blushed and playfully curtsied.

“Well look at you!” They splayed their arms out dramatically, “You look like more than a billion bucks!”

Laf and Herc laughed as Herc put his arms around Laf’s shoulders, kissing their forehead. “They wanted something simpler but with looks like this? Laf deserved more.”

Eliza and Peggy aww’ed, jumping as Angelica and Alex strolled out, seemingly out of no where. “You know I never thought George would go through with the ball idea…”

Angie rolled her eyes, waving to Thomas and James as Alex glared. “He loves Martha too much to say no to her wishes. Besides I think it’s cute - I mean a ball for you wedding anniversary?”

Alex nodded, smiling at Laf and Herc. “Elizabeth and Margarita!” He teased and the two scrunched their noses, as he took their hands, kissing the back. “Two of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in my life.”

Angie hit the back of his head as Eliza laughed. “Alexander you flirt!” He shrugged but smiled.

“So, where’s John?” Peggy’s heart skipped a beat at Angie’s question, trying to hide the hopeful look on her face.

“He should - ah there he is!” John strolled over, curls tamed to not fly away as they usually did, today he tried to make sure there were no fly away frizzies. 

John smiled as he approached the ground, leaning down as he kissed Alex softly, eyes fluttered shut as blush darkened the freckles that painted his cheeks. Peggy smiled, trying to hide the feeling in her chest as he heart screamed.

The two pulled away from each other, both of their faces flushed as John laughed at the look Angie gave him. “I don’t like seeing my little brother make out with his boyfriend ya know?” She teased, ruffling Alex’s hair.

“Oh shut up.” No real malice laced his voice as he fixed his hair.

“Eliza, is that Maria?” Herc pointed over her shoulder, and the middle sister turned, a smile lighting up her face.

“Yes! Do you mind if I - ?” The others shook her head and she grinned, heading over to her girlfriend. 

Peggy was left feeling awkward, hands nervously smoothing her dress. John turned his attention to her, smiling and she almost started crying. “Don’t you look beautiful Peggy - you’d put Belle to shame.” 

She blushed and curtsied, mimicking what Eliza had done. “Thank you Johnathan,” He playfully frowned at the nickname, “I believe you’re going through a goth faze? Complete black suit?”

He laughed, and Peggy’s face mimicked the love sick one Alex was giving him, and she tried hiding it, but her heart wouldn’t let her stop. “What can I say? Black…’suits’ me.”

Alex slapped his chest playfully. “I swear you’re more puns than you are anything else.”

“I find the puns…punny.” Peggy said lamely, but John smiled, a half smile, one dimpled winking lightly at her.

Why does he have to be so beautiful?

“Yeah Lexi, you love me why not love my puns?” Alex rolled his eyes.

“I believe you promised me a dance Mr. Laurens?” John put out his arm, Alex linking with him.

“That I did Mr. Hamilton. Ladies, gentlemen, Laf.” He nodded as the two walked over to the dance floor.

“You wanna dance?” Herc asked, laying his palm out and Laf smiled, taking his hand.

Angelica was left, staring at her youngest sister, who was staring, a sad, longing look on her face at everyone dancing. At - she followed her gaze.


Turning back she cleared her throat, Peggy turning her head towards her. “Are you alright Pegs?”

Peggy smiled, a tight lipped smile as she nodded. “Yeah course. Just,” She waved her hand awkwardly, “Lots of people. Overwhelming a bit.”

Angelica nodded, not believing a word. “Do you wanna dance?”

Peggy laughed, “With you?”

“Who else would have said it through me?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe you’re possessed?” Angie laughed.

“Well shit you’ve learned my secret.” Peggy smiled, shaking her head.

“You go ahead, I’m gonna head to the bathroom and get some food. Angelica nodded, pulling her sister into a hug, kissing her cheek.

Peggy smiled, hands clasped together as she headed to the bathroom, head held high. She nodded and waved to a few people before finally making it to the bathroom, locking the door, back leaned against it as she held in her tears.

Her bottom lip wobbled, and she cupped her hands over her cheeks, breathing heavily. She spent too long on her makeup to cry and ruin it all.

Walking to the mirror she stared at herself, curly hair styled out of her face. Her lipstick had long come off, her eyes popping with the style Eliza had done. She felt her heart begin to break, and covered her mouth as she shut her eyes.

She’d met John before Alex had even come to America. She had been thirteen, in the coffee shop with her sisters when a group of four boys walked in, three laughing loudly while one seemed to be annoyed with the others.

Angie and Eliza knew them, having classes with them in school. With Peggy only being an eighth grader she wasn’t sure who they were. Eliza had introduced them and Peggy gave a small smile, braces still making her feel awkward.

Laf had such a thick French accent Peggy had all but fallen for them - platonically of course - and Laf grew a strong love for her, they saw each other as siblings. Herc played for the football team, he was buff and big. And he was a teddy bear. He was sweet, kind and gentle, making Peggy feel more comfortable.

Aaron was sweet too, though more reserved than the rest. Peggy didn’t have much a first impression on him, but knew they’d grow closer.

But John?

John was this beautiful, dorky teenage boy, hair too big for his head, freckles covering more than his skin even did, eyes so beautiful you could get lost in them, a smile so beautiful you felt Cupid’s Arrow hit you.

Peggy had fallen for him right then and there, hearing his first awful pun and being the only one to laugh. She was thirteen and he was fifteen, almost sixteen.

They had all grown closer over the years, and Peggy had years of pinning and crushing, watching as he matured and got more perfect.

Finally, the day she turned sixteen, she bucked up as much confidence as she could. She had met with him and the others in the coffee shop, wearing a new outfit she’d bought on her shopping trip with Laf. 

Her plan was full proof, she was gonna bring up a movie she wanted to see, something she knew her sisters didn’t want to and the others had seen while John was away. She’d ask if he wanted to see it with her, and while they were there she’d tell him she liked him.

Maybe he’d like her back, maybe he wouldn’t. But she was going to do it.

She remembered the nerves as she entered and saw everyone sitting and talking. She walked over, her new shoes already drenched on the inside with sweat. Upon seeing her John got up, pulling out a chair and smiling at her.

She sat, smiling at the others. Her eyes fell on a new person - someone she hadn’t seen before, but her being her, smiled kindly at him. He smiled back, hand holding a coffee cup.

“Hello, I’m Peggy. I don’t believe I’ve met you?”

“You’re not the only one.” Herc rolled his eyes, “He and Jacky boy have known each other and apparently for a while. Says we’ll love the, quote unquote, little spitball of a child.”

“Of a child?” The new guy laughed, playfully glaring.

“Well yeah,” John smiled, sticking his tongue out some and Peggy’s heart fluttered.

“Okay so we’re all here, proper introduction.” He stood and the new guy got up, standing next to him.

“Guys, gals, nonbianry pals. This is Alexander Hamilton, my boyfriend.”

Peggy opened her eyes, wiping away the few tears that had fallen, running a paper towel under her eyes, riding of the fallen makeup.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head. “No time to dwell Margarita…” Her voice was soft, shaky even.

Looking once more in the mirror she unlocked the door, making her way back to the ball. She looked to where Alex and John were slow dancing, laughing and talking and smiled.

At least he was happy.

Alright, this is how wonderpegs starts off: Diana is ya know, a pretty famous but largely anonymous figure in ww1, and not many people actually know her identity and stuff. Like. Some of the villagers and soldiers remember her, but they wouldn’t be able to tell you her name. But Peggy- oh Peggy, our sweet little secret agent spy- she’s privy to all the govt secrets that the british govt had gathered during ww1. And sweet Steve was part of British intelligence, so you can fucking fight me on how and why Etta def would have made a report on that whole mission she ran.

So. Peggy is just like, “holy shit this woman is hot an amazing asset and i would totally tap that if she were still alive she would be an amazing person to have around if she were still alive and/or able bodied.”

And then: she is.

The god killer Princess Diana of Themyscira is still alive and is ready to kick some nazi ass, and since the british govt is the one that is largely familiar with her, she signs up with them to be officially part of the army and stuff. I don’t know anything about the military, please don’t look at me for factual correctness. Steve Rogers is off doing his business, getting kicked to shit in alleyways, and I’m sure there is some other british gal or lifelong friend that he falls for while he becomes Captain Beefcake.

But! Back to wonderpegs.


Peggy says something along the lines of, “I’m better than all these shit heads in the room, Diana, wanna go on a mission together?” And they do! And it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

~more under the cut, bc wow this got long???~

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Imagine Getting Transported To The Future With Peggy

For Anon

You and Peggy live in secret and shame. Luckily no one knows about you and Peggy but you and Peggy. If anyone knew you’d be in big trouble.

Your lives changed the day Howard sent you both in to get this super dangerous device.

Peggy knew he and Jarvis were lying about the use so she opened it and hit the button.

Everything blasted white and went black.

“Hey hey you gals okay?” a voice asks and shakes your shoulder. You groan and blink.

“Yes Peg?” you reply and open your eyes to look for her. You’re instantly blasted with a bright array of colors. Rainbow colors and a lot of half or mostly naked people. “Oh my god where are we?”

“New York City pride parade to be exact” the voice says and you find it belongs to a handsome blonde man holding the hand of a red haired man.

“What’s a pride parade?” Peggy asks and slowly stand up dusting off her skirt. Then she grabs your hand and pulls you up.

“Its a parade celebrating being gay!” the red haired man exclaims. You glance at Peggy and she mouths “roll with it stranger things have happened.”

“Really!?” Peggy squeals. “A parade celebrating being gay? What year is it 2015?”

“Yes it is actually” the blonde man replies.

“How fun! Can we join?” you question and squeeze Peggy’s hand.


The boys lead you through the parade waving and smiling as they go.

“We’ve time traveled” Peggy whispers to you.

“This is so cool we’re actually accepted here!” you murmur back.

You talk to so many people and get covered in glitter and paint rainbow flags on your cheeks.

It’s all going great until…

“Oh my god STEVE!” Peggy screams. You scan the area to find Steve Rogers on a pink purple and blue float. You’ve learned pink purple and blue are bi pride colors. Bi standing for bisexual which means liking girls and guys. Steve jumps and follows the voice to you and Peggy waving madly.

“Peggy? PEGGY!” Steve yells and jumps off the float dashing towards us. When he gets to us he grabs Peggy and twirls her around. “Wait are you real and who are you? How are you here?”

“I’m her girlfriend and Howard Stark got us here with some invention” you explain and shake his hand after he’s set Peggy down.

“STEVE! Don’t run off like that” a shorter brunette man scolds skipping up with a dirty blonde muscular guy throwing glitter.

“Sorry Tony this is Peggy! From the 1940’s! You after made and invention that brought her and her girlfriend here!” Steve explains excitedly.

“You’re Howard’s son? I never expected him to settle down” Peggy jokes.

“And you’re Peggy” Tony observes. He has a pan pride flag on his face and Steve actually has a bi pride one on his cheek too.

“Tony’s my boyfriend” Steve adds and kisses Tony’s cheek.

“That’s sweet may we join you on your march?” you ask.

“Definitely oh and by the way this is Clint” Steve introduces. Clint waves and tosses more glitter on Steve. Clint is also wearing a tutu.

“Hello” you and Peggy say.

“Hey there!” Clint greets and waves.

“Shall we?” Steve asks.

“Yes we shall.”

Together you walk in the parade grinning like idiots.


Peggy has secrets. Too many secrets for anyone to keep locked up for a long period of time. She somehow manages. But then there’s one person who she grows close with. Too close.
Angie’s just a barista who can’t manage to land a role. Until that one woman shows up. She doesn’t think Angie sees her, but she does. And as Angie tries to learn more about her, she begins to fall for her as well.

× requested by anon

New Cartinelli fic!

I had an anonymous ask me (quite some time ago) Do you take prompts? Can you write pre-relationship Angie staying up every night when Peggy’s working to make sure she gets home safe, and she does this in secret for months except one day she falls asleep on the sofa or something and Peggy finds her and Angie’s really embarrassed but Peggy thinks it’s sweet.

I love prompts, and I apologize for life. But it happens. However, I did start this a long time ago, and tonight I finished it! I hope you enjoy!

The Slumbering Protector

Angie had initially begun waiting for Peggy to return home when they both lived at the Griffith, and noticed when Peggy had shown up at breakfast the next day sporting a fat lip and a bruised eye Angie could clearly see even under the meticulously applied makeup. Peggy hadn’t answered her door the evening before when Angie knocked before bedtime, and then later, Angie could’ve sworn she heard a window opening and closing outside her own. After that, Angie made a point to make sure her friend arrived home safely every evening, regardless of the hour.

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