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I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.


Modern Steggy AU for @lukeskywalkvr: When Peggy Carter decided to make an official public statement following the return of her youthful glow, little did she know a cheesy story from the past would resurface during an interview.


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Sharon is nervously introducing Natasha to Peggy as her girlfriend and then Peggy laughs cause she was gonna do the same with Sharon for her girlfriend and soon to be wife Angie.

Sharon hadn’t seen her Aunt Peggy in a while. Though they were technically aunt and neice the two of them were close as sisters Sharon being the daughter of Peggy’s much older brother.

Today was even more important than just Sharon’s reunion with her best friend and favorite relative, she was also introducing Peggy to her new girlfriend Natasha. Peggy’s ability to read people made her an excellent judge of character and Sharon always introduced her before getting serious with a girl.

She was nervous, because if she was being honest with herself, than she’d have to admit that she was already in pretty deep with Natasha, despite only dating for two months.

Sharon just loved her tiny spikey girlfriend, she loved when Natasha whispered to her other languages during sex, she loved the feeling being between her strong thighs, she loved her bad humor and weird taste in movies. Natasha was a collection of little things that made Sharon feel at home and it was difficult not falling in love with that.

“Alright,” Natasha said, adjusting her scarf before pulling on her jacket, “I can sense you freaking out over there and I just want to say chill. Families love me. Your Aunt will love me.”

“Yes I know, I’m just nervous. It’s important to me that this goes well.”

“It will, trust me. I’m the family whisperer.”

Natasha pulled her down for a kiss and then they headed out to meet Peggy at the brunch place.

Peggy was waiting for them in front of the restaurant, beside her was a exuberant dishwater blonde that was bouncing on her feet in circles around Peggy. Before Sharon could wave hello she was being yanked behind Natasha even as Peggy pulled a gun and trained it on Sharon’s girlfriend.

“Widow, get away from her!” Peggy hissed.

“This doesn’t concern you Agent Carter!” Natasha snapped back leveling her own gun before suddenly straightening, “Carter and Carter. Oh christ.”

Natasha’s gun disappeared back from whereever she’d pulled it from and she raised her hands looking vaguely apologetic.

“What the hell is going on?” Sharon demanded, “Peggy why are you pointing a gun at my girlfriend?”

“Because she’s an assassin who is only dating you to get to me.”

“Now hold on–” Natasha started before being interrupted by the dishwater blonde girl.

“What are you talking about assassin’s English. I feel like this is something that should have come up before we got married.”

“Married!” Sharon exclaimed just as Natasha also exclaimed “I’m dating Sharon cause I love her Carter, it’s got nothing to do with you.”

Sharon turned back to Natasha.

“You love me?” She could help the thrilled butterflies in her stomach, “I love you too.”

“That’s real sweet,” the dishwater blonde piped up, “but I feel like we’re glossing over the assassin part of this conversation.”

“Yeah, hey!” Sharon said, snapping out of the warm glow of new love, “what the hell?!”

“I can explain!” Natasha and Peggy said at the exact same time.


[Preggy!Steggy AU]: Steve was successfully recovered from the icy depths of the Atlantic during the winter of 1946. Since then, he’s been happily reunited and wed to his best girl, with an extra little best girl to call his own along the way. Despite their busy lives and tiresome jobs, they couldn’t possibly be any happier together. As a family.

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Peggy has secrets. Too many secrets for anyone to keep locked up for a long period of time. She somehow manages. But then there’s one person who she grows close with. Too close.
Angie’s just a barista who can’t manage to land a role. Until that one woman shows up. She doesn’t think Angie sees her, but she does. And as Angie tries to learn more about her, she begins to fall for her as well.

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Leggy hcs for ummmmmmm ummmm PROPOSAL + WEDDING DAY

CANON ERA? K (musical canon , not historical because Adrienne is my historical babe ok, I wouldn’t do her dirty)

  • Lafayette proposes while he’s in fucking JAIL via letter; he swears he’ll get out and marry her
  • Peggy confides in Alexander, but there is no chance her father is going to let this slide
  • Alex helps forge a note by another man who was trying to court Peggy
  • Its an eloping Letter, Alexander delivers the fake letter saying Peggy’s eloped with this man rather than fled for the first time to France
  • Peggy gets there and waits for Laf until he is released, they get married immediately
  • They get married in England, where Angelica is staying
  • In her backyard a small, garden ceremony, a secret wedding
  • Peggy has a bouquet of sunflowers; Laf puts the family ring on her finger
  • No one hears from them after that ceremony, but they all imagine Leggy is doing just fine

Secret Santa for @the-shy-and-anxious-fangirl  part 2 (part 1 here)

“He leaned down toward her, offering his cheek for a goodnight kiss. Peggy stretched up on her tiptoes to oblige him, but he turned his head at the last second and their lips met. She froze in shock for a second, then melted into the kiss, her elbows braced on his shoulders, her fingers curling in his hair. Steve made a sound halfway between a growl and a moan low in his throat and wrapped his arms around her, trapping her against him.” [x]


Imagine Getting Transported To The Future With Peggy

For Anon

You and Peggy live in secret and shame. Luckily no one knows about you and Peggy but you and Peggy. If anyone knew you’d be in big trouble.

Your lives changed the day Howard sent you both in to get this super dangerous device.

Peggy knew he and Jarvis were lying about the use so she opened it and hit the button.

Everything blasted white and went black.

“Hey hey you gals okay?” a voice asks and shakes your shoulder. You groan and blink.

“Yes Peg?” you reply and open your eyes to look for her. You’re instantly blasted with a bright array of colors. Rainbow colors and a lot of half or mostly naked people. “Oh my god where are we?”

“New York City pride parade to be exact” the voice says and you find it belongs to a handsome blonde man holding the hand of a red haired man.

“What’s a pride parade?” Peggy asks and slowly stand up dusting off her skirt. Then she grabs your hand and pulls you up.

“Its a parade celebrating being gay!” the red haired man exclaims. You glance at Peggy and she mouths “roll with it stranger things have happened.”

“Really!?” Peggy squeals. “A parade celebrating being gay? What year is it 2015?”

“Yes it is actually” the blonde man replies.

“How fun! Can we join?” you question and squeeze Peggy’s hand.


The boys lead you through the parade waving and smiling as they go.

“We’ve time traveled” Peggy whispers to you.

“This is so cool we’re actually accepted here!” you murmur back.

You talk to so many people and get covered in glitter and paint rainbow flags on your cheeks.

It’s all going great until…

“Oh my god STEVE!” Peggy screams. You scan the area to find Steve Rogers on a pink purple and blue float. You’ve learned pink purple and blue are bi pride colors. Bi standing for bisexual which means liking girls and guys. Steve jumps and follows the voice to you and Peggy waving madly.

“Peggy? PEGGY!” Steve yells and jumps off the float dashing towards us. When he gets to us he grabs Peggy and twirls her around. “Wait are you real and who are you? How are you here?”

“I’m her girlfriend and Howard Stark got us here with some invention” you explain and shake his hand after he’s set Peggy down.

“STEVE! Don’t run off like that” a shorter brunette man scolds skipping up with a dirty blonde muscular guy throwing glitter.

“Sorry Tony this is Peggy! From the 1940’s! You after made and invention that brought her and her girlfriend here!” Steve explains excitedly.

“You’re Howard’s son? I never expected him to settle down” Peggy jokes.

“And you’re Peggy” Tony observes. He has a pan pride flag on his face and Steve actually has a bi pride one on his cheek too.

“Tony’s my boyfriend” Steve adds and kisses Tony’s cheek.

“That’s sweet may we join you on your march?” you ask.

“Definitely oh and by the way this is Clint” Steve introduces. Clint waves and tosses more glitter on Steve. Clint is also wearing a tutu.

“Hello” you and Peggy say.

“Hey there!” Clint greets and waves.

“Shall we?” Steve asks.

“Yes we shall.”

Together you walk in the parade grinning like idiots.

MCU Ladies Week: Day #1 - Favourite Character
“As has always been the case, I don’t require your assistance.”

Peggy Carter helped win the war, regardless of how often she was told battle had “no place for a woman.” Peggy Carter is a secret agent, regardless of others’ attempts to demean her to coffee secretary. Peggy Carter wears bright scarlet lipstick and heels, regardless of her colleagues’ belief that femininity means weakness. Peggy Carter can crush a man’s throat beneath those heels, reapply that scarlet lipstick and save the day.
She has no time for your petty misogyny because Peggy Carter has work to do.

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can you please do steggy + drunk and accidentally revealing to everyone about their secret marriage? :-)

Peggy prided herself on being able to handle her liquor.

When she was growing up, she had doubled, sometimes tripled, the money she earned from her Saturday job by betting her brother and his friends that they couldn’t outdrink her (Michael learned quickly not to take her up on her challenges, but his friends were slower on the uptake). With proud defiance she would admit she had also used that tactic when she first joined the SOE; punching wasn’t always an option when it came to male officers who weren’t convinced that women would make suitable field agents, but drinking them under the table usually left an impression they wouldn’t forget.

And anyone who had met the Howling Commandos knew exactly what kind of praise it was when they were told that Peggy had spent years working with them in Europe and had only once been out-drunk by Dum Dum Dugan - and that, she liked to point out, was on a home brew the ingredients of which were still a mystery to her. Perhaps the only person she could never outdrink was Steve, and he was a genetically enhanced super soldier who couldn’t actually get drunk, so it was hardly a fair contest.

So all in all, Peggy was hardly a lightweight. But as the room starting spinning around her, the edges of her vision blurring like the world was shifting through a kaleidoscope lens, she couldn’t help thinking probably should have taken Steve a little more seriously when he warned her about drinking with Natasha Romanoff.

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