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Modern Steggy AU for @lukeskywalkvr: When Peggy Carter decided to make an official public statement following the return of her youthful glow, little did she know a cheesy story from the past would resurface during an interview.


Happy Steggy Holidays!


I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.

cartinelli headcanons to go with those aus:

  • they spend endless nights talking and braiding each other’s hair and swapping secrets and slow dancing to records that angie picked up on the way home
  • even though they’re neighbors, and they have to keep both apartments for appearance’s sake, peggy spends almost all of her time at angie’s. she rarely sleeps in her own bed.
  • angie of course wants to know all about peggy’s secret agent life, but peggy can’t spill it all that easily. they invent a game, guessing random facts aboute each other for the other to confirm/deny, and they each have an unlimited amount of “i cant tell you about that”s. peggy uses hers on her career; angie uses hers, mostly, on exes she cant talk about without getting worked up
  • they usually end up sitting really close during these games, and it always ends in warm feelings of being known, and then them making out for hours
  • peggy stays up every night that angie needs her to, helping her learn lines and encouraging her with heaps of praise and kisses
  • they each have a bottle of the other’s favorite perfume, but neither of them know that the other does too. they spray it on their pillows when they have to spend the night apart, and sometimes on sweatshirts if they haven’t seen each other in days
  • they’re too different sizes to swap clothes, but they share accessories instead - swapping hats and sunglasses and necklaces and bracelets, sharing little smiles when they’re walking a few inches apart around the streets, decked out in each other’s things, unsure what belongs to who anymore
  • peggy writes encouraging pep talks on scraps of paper, saying how good angie is & how proud she is of her, and how much peggy believes in & loves her. angie keeps them all in her pocket to look at before auditions
  • angie writes love notes on napkins at the diner & leaves them around for peggy to find later. none of them are signed, of course, but peggy knows who wrote them.

Imagine Getting Transported To The Future With Peggy

For Anon

You and Peggy live in secret and shame. Luckily no one knows about you and Peggy but you and Peggy. If anyone knew you’d be in big trouble.

Your lives changed the day Howard sent you both in to get this super dangerous device.

Peggy knew he and Jarvis were lying about the use so she opened it and hit the button.

Everything blasted white and went black.

“Hey hey you gals okay?” a voice asks and shakes your shoulder. You groan and blink.

“Yes Peg?” you reply and open your eyes to look for her. You’re instantly blasted with a bright array of colors. Rainbow colors and a lot of half or mostly naked people. “Oh my god where are we?”

“New York City pride parade to be exact” the voice says and you find it belongs to a handsome blonde man holding the hand of a red haired man.

“What’s a pride parade?” Peggy asks and slowly stand up dusting off her skirt. Then she grabs your hand and pulls you up.

“Its a parade celebrating being gay!” the red haired man exclaims. You glance at Peggy and she mouths “roll with it stranger things have happened.”

“Really!?” Peggy squeals. “A parade celebrating being gay? What year is it 2015?”

“Yes it is actually” the blonde man replies.

“How fun! Can we join?” you question and squeeze Peggy’s hand.


The boys lead you through the parade waving and smiling as they go.

“We’ve time traveled” Peggy whispers to you.

“This is so cool we’re actually accepted here!” you murmur back.

You talk to so many people and get covered in glitter and paint rainbow flags on your cheeks.

It’s all going great until…

“Oh my god STEVE!” Peggy screams. You scan the area to find Steve Rogers on a pink purple and blue float. You’ve learned pink purple and blue are bi pride colors. Bi standing for bisexual which means liking girls and guys. Steve jumps and follows the voice to you and Peggy waving madly.

“Peggy? PEGGY!” Steve yells and jumps off the float dashing towards us. When he gets to us he grabs Peggy and twirls her around. “Wait are you real and who are you? How are you here?”

“I’m her girlfriend and Howard Stark got us here with some invention” you explain and shake his hand after he’s set Peggy down.

“STEVE! Don’t run off like that” a shorter brunette man scolds skipping up with a dirty blonde muscular guy throwing glitter.

“Sorry Tony this is Peggy! From the 1940’s! You after made and invention that brought her and her girlfriend here!” Steve explains excitedly.

“You’re Howard’s son? I never expected him to settle down” Peggy jokes.

“And you’re Peggy” Tony observes. He has a pan pride flag on his face and Steve actually has a bi pride one on his cheek too.

“Tony’s my boyfriend” Steve adds and kisses Tony’s cheek.

“That’s sweet may we join you on your march?” you ask.

“Definitely oh and by the way this is Clint” Steve introduces. Clint waves and tosses more glitter on Steve. Clint is also wearing a tutu.

“Hello” you and Peggy say.

“Hey there!” Clint greets and waves.

“Shall we?” Steve asks.

“Yes we shall.”

Together you walk in the parade grinning like idiots.

The plot twist of the century: Instead of Barton bringing the Avengers to his farm in Age of Ultron, it’s actually Steve’s farm, and Peggy is his secret pregnant wife that greets everyone at the door.

No one knew she was still alive. Let alone young. (It’s a story Peggy wants to tell at another time, perhaps.)

There were rumours at one time, but none definitely proven.

Everyone congratulates Old Man Rogers for getting some other kind of action.

The Avengers all play with Steve and Peggy’s little three year old toddler, making bets on what the gender of their second child will be.

Peggy telling Steve to come home once the fuss with Ultron is over because he owes her a dance.

He promises not to step on her toes.

Why isn’t this a fanfic yet?!


Peggy Carter, War Hero. Secret Agent. Founder of SHIELD. 

Generally all around amazing badass <3

(lyrics from “Problem” by Natalie Kills)

I’d love to learn a deep dark secret about Peggy’s past that makes us understand sort of how and why she is this extraordinary kind of ‘super’ human. I think it’s to do with her childhood, her upbringing, her family, what she’s witnessed. I think her drive was always there before she met Steve Rogers; I think Steve was a sort of catalyst for her. But I think it’s something deeper in her nature, and I’d like to explore what that is. I think she’s capable of far more than we’ve seen yet.
—  Hayley Atwell on what she’d like to see in a second season of Agent Carter (x)