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My Decision (5)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Angst

Words count: 867

Sumary: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?

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             For a week (y/n) didn’t get any message from Bucky and she knows he must be working his ass off on this case. She had told him that today was her graduation day and he asks him to come, but he said he can’t because today was the court day, which she is okay with that and send him goodluck. It was amazing when her name got called to receive as the best student and Peggy keeps taking picture of her. Steve also there with Peggy and cheering up (y/n) and once she came back from the podium, they took a photo together and Steve posted it on instagram with the caption “congrats champ, I know you’ll be the greatest artists besides Peggy my wife”

           After winning the case and exit the court Bucky opens his instagram and saw Steve post, he hates to miss (y/n) graduation day. Besides that, she looks stunning at the photo, her wide smile spread across her face and Bucky always love seeing those smile, he texted (y/n)

B: saw your pic on Steve ig, congrats!

(y/n): hey! Thankyou! How’s the court going?



B: thanks to you, beautiful

(y/n): thanks to serial killer movies ;p

B: Thanks to that too ;p

(y/n): alright then, see you around

B: see you ;)

           The night came and (y/n) just watching tv at her house until someone knock on her door, she rushed downstair and saw Bucky grinning at her from the outside with wine on his hand, “Hey! What are you doing?” she asks letting him come inside, “I brought a wine for us, today is our celebration day” he said opening the wine and poured into the glass for him and (y/n), “anyway this is for you” Bucky gave her a box and it written, “Congrats, beautiful! I know you’ll did it!” she opens the gift and chuckle, “this is cute” she said, it was Bucky’s drawing of an elephant with blue tux holding a bouquet of roses. The elephant match the one that (y/n) drew when she was a kid, “Thankyou for giving my elephant a new friend, she is quite lonely hanging there alone” she motion to he elephant with pink tutu on her wall, “I don’t know what I should gave you, so I draw it. Sorry it wasn’t good” Bucky chuckles, “This is amazing, thankyou” she giggles and put the drawing beside her old elephant.

           “You like it?” Bucky asks, “I love it” she smiles at him, “I have something for you, actually” (y/n) grabs a piece of her drawing, “a picture of a puppy?” he raised his eyebrows, “you know… when you’re reading the case last week, you’re looking like a lost puppy” she laughed, “What the fuck?” he laughed, “Seriously it’s so funny! You look like this” and she mocked him and acting like reading a script with a lost puppy face, “Oh, don’t you dare” he lunged at her and tickles her, “Stop!” she laughed trying to push Bucky away from her, “Stoopppp!!! It tickles!!!” , “Here?” he asks and smirking knowing (y/n) ticklish spot, his hand disappear inside her shirt tickling her, “Bucky stop, God!!” , “I’m not a lost puppy” Bucky said in his laugh locking (y/n) underneath him, when she has the advantage to get away, she runs upstairs and tripped herself inside her room and Bucky grabbed her ankle and tickles her more, “Stooppp, you’re a torture! Okay you’re not a lost a puppy!” she gave up, Bucky dropped himself on top of her and they laughed.

           Bucky supports himself with both of his hands and looking down at (y/n), her hair was all over her face and he tucks it behind her ear. She looks so pretty under the moonlight, suddenly the mood shift and everything feels so intimate. They’re looking through each other eyes and Bucky’s eyes fall to her lips and he leans in capturing her lips in a soft tender kiss, at first (y/n) couldn’t process what was happening but then it felt so right, she return the kiss and lock her hands behind Bucky’s neck. The kiss soon turn into more heated, tongue involved and they’re hands exploring each other bodies. Until Bucky pull away and lean their forehead against each other, both of them gasping for air. Smiles spreading across her face until Buck got up and said, “I’m sorry, this is wrong” , “Buck-“ her words cut by Bucky, “Stay away please! I…we can’t- I shouldn’t even come here at the first place. I’m sorry, I let the wine take over. We shouldn’t do that” , “don’t you dare leave that door before you explain anything, James! I know there’s something between us!” she screams at him, “No! There’s nothing between us! I’m marrying Dot, and…there is never something between us!” Bucky held the doorknob and pushed it open, “Go James, marry her. Forget everything about us, just pretend that we never knew each other” he hated to heard those words coming out of (y/n)’s and there are so much pain in her voice, but beside coming back to her and apologize, Bucky did the only thing he regret, “Goodbye (y/n)” and then he disappeared.

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A Hard Heart To Win (Part 3)

Maria watches Tony fidget in the leather seat of the Bentley, and wishes she could make his fears go away.

Tony’s always thought too much, which isn’t bad. His mind is beautiful, the way he can take in so much information and cycle through so many thoughts and ideas while keeping up an engaging conversation about a different topic entirely.

With a mind like that, he understands people all too well, which isn’t always good. Howard always told him that he was too sensitive, that he needed to man-up, to be a Stark.

She’s tried to erase those words, but it’s hard, cleaning the past remarks and hurt that’ve made themselves at home in his mind. She knows this herself, from every hateful remark Howard has thrown her way.

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First of all, thanks for participating even if you didn’t win I love every single one of you! (except the porn blogs, please go away) 

The winners are

1.) @pidgeonkatie

2.) @my-home-girl-peggy-carter

3.) @licomice

4.) @thelittleredheadedmusician

Congratulations!! You have until June 9th, 3:00 PM EST to respond and tell me what you want me to draw!! Under the cut is what I am comfortable and uncomfortable with drawing!

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do you have any stegginelli headcanons?

oh, nonnie, you bet your ass i’ve got stegginelli headcanons

  • steve can pick both peggy and angie up and carry them around really easily. peggy pretends that she hates it, but angie will literally just throw herself at steve and make him carry her everywhere
  • angie wears their dog tags a lot, especially when one or both of them are away on missions
  • PEGGY SANDWICH like she curls in on herself when she sleeps and steve and and angie just sort of cuddle up around her and angie plays with her hair until they’re all asleep
  • angie’s a total boob girl and between peggy’s and steve’s she is basically always dying help her
  • steve and angie are constantly swapping stories of their old neighborhoods, comparing brooklyn and east harlem while peggy just enjoys watching them get so animated
  • steve draws them all the time. he’ll sometimes leave his sketchbooks places by accident and peggy or angie’ll pick them up and find everything from little sketches of angie taking a bow to a super realistic study of the way peggy’s hair curls in her face to a few more drawings of angie’s and peggy’s faces from some more…intimate moments
  • peggy’s partially deaf in her left ear but she hates other people knowing about it, so whenever they’re out somewhere and she starts getting a little bit nervous, steve just stands on her left and loops his arm around her waist for support and angie gets on her right and holds her hands and whispers anything that peggy might have missed so peggy doesn’t have to ask anyone to repeat themselves
  • angie and steve accidentally adopt a stray cat one day while peggy’s out and they spend an entire afternoon preparing their defense to peggy only to find out that peggy’s allergic. angie’s crushed, but then steve suggests a dog and peggy just rolls her eyes (except the puppy they end up getting really likes her and it’s cute enough and fine, maybe it can stay)
  • angie makes iced tea one day and she and steve are both just casually enjoying it while peggy’s just glaring at them over a mug of her own real tea
  • they go to coney island and angie and steve ride all the rides and peggy and steve win almost all the games and angie’s walking out of the park with her arms full of cheap stuffed animals
  • i could keep going but just these three idiots being in love and taking care of each other i live for it
Submission by Skelesister: AND PEGGY the spy

Peggy was under the kiddie table. 
Peggy was being a spy. 
Go Peggy!

She was giggling as she was thinking this, trying to keep quiet still as her sisters talked above her. They were talking about the other kids at the daycare and the gross middleschool kids and how Spy Peggy was the coolest!! Though that part wasn’t true, Peggy knew that if they knew what spying is, they would be constantly talking about how amazing of a spy Peggy is. 

The last time she visited the other kids, Hercules taught her all about spy stuff and how to be a spy and how they were so cool! Hercules even told her about how he was spy for the daycare, and Peggy wanted to be a spy too! She also  wanted to make a mud pie to throw at Thomas but that’s different.  

Hercules taught her how to be sneaky and cool and stuff and here she was and it was so fun! Even though the kitchen floor was cold and the kiddie table is small which meant she has to make sure not to hit her sisters’ feet, but spying isn’t all about fun. It was about getting the In–fo–mation though Peggy didn’t understand how you specifically got in it, just that it was a thing and an important one! Peggy would certainly make sure to ask him-

When she sneaks into the day care!! 
Yeah Peggy was being a spy, and the best spy 
Cause she was hiding her giggles and listening VERY carefully, though Angi and Eli were really just talking about Philip and how much of a dummy Thomas was, listening would still be very important,

Because she was Spy Peggy.

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MCU Ladies Week: Day #1 - Favourite Character
“As has always been the case, I don’t require your assistance.”

Peggy Carter helped win the war, regardless of how often she was told battle had “no place for a woman.” Peggy Carter is a secret agent, regardless of others’ attempts to demean her to coffee secretary. Peggy Carter wears bright scarlet lipstick and heels, regardless of her colleagues’ belief that femininity means weakness. Peggy Carter can crush a man’s throat beneath those heels, reapply that scarlet lipstick and save the day.
She has no time for your petty misogyny because Peggy Carter has work to do.

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does Peggy win 9 times out of ten? yes but Nat’s not going down easy

Imagine Angie telling little Tony Stark that the Tony’s are in his honour. Imagine 5 year old Tony sitting on Angie’s lap being all happy because Auntie Angie made this party just for me. Imagine Peggy telling Angie you need to stop this child is spoiled enough, but still taking pictures for Angie. Imagine Tony falling asleep on Angie’s lap but as her category draws closer she gets more anxious and Peggy grabs Tony so she can continue fidgeting without waking him up. 

Jelly Beans and Bourbon

Steggy fic for Steggytime’s Day

Laughter rang around the campfire.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dugan run so fast!” Monty laughed.  

“I didn’t know he could run that fast!” Morita insulted the man in mention.  He passed the bottle of bourbon to Peggy who poured a generous serving into her cup.

“Fuck you, Fresno.”  Dugan took the bourbon Peggy offered him.  “When I’m stealing bourbon, I always run.”

“You didn’t even steal it!” Peggy interrupted with mock indignation.  “I was the one carrying three bottles while I was being shot at by that chap you thought you’d taken care of!”

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More Steggy Headcanons

At the request of rumandsaturdaymorningcartoons here are some more Steggy Headcanons. These are all work related for some reason…

•Whenever Steve or Peggy get turned on at work (which happens more than they would be willing to admit) they casually tell the other they should go out for fondue that night. At one point someone mentions to Steve how often they seem to have fondue and Steve blushes bright red and stutters an answer out and Peggy has to leave the room to keep herself from laughing.

•Everyone knows not to ask Steve how Peggy is doing, because he will not shut up about her once he gets started. And it sort of becomes a right of passage for the new people at work. They’ll all nervous to talk to Captain America and Dugan just says “Ask him about his wife, that’ll be a great ice breaker.” And the poor thing does and then has to sit there for 30 minutes while Steve goes on and on about her until someone finally tells Peggy and she has to go rescue them.

•One time, after they’ve been married for a little while, someone says “Rogers!” Trying to get one of their attention and for the first time, Peggy looks up to at hearing her new last night. And when Steve notices he gets this giant grin on his face and Peggy’s asks him what he’s smiling about and he just shakes his head and says “Nothing.” Peggy just rolls her eyes because he goes that all the time, grin like an idiot at her and then deny he’s doing it.

• On mission they two of them arguing whose shot it was that took the guy down. Peggy always wins the argument. Of course.