Help Save Agent Carter

The ratings are not going well, so if you have Hulu or On Demand through your cable provider or can watch on, please please do so either today or tomorrow. (Do all three if you can.)

You don’t have to watch the episode itself, just set it up to run on your TV or computer. These are the only ways for the network to count you as a viewer; they cannot see that you’ve watched it if you watch live or on a recording on your DVR.

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You know why I like Violet?

She realised the man she loves, the man she’s engaged to is in live with another woman. A woman who is badly hurt and bleeding on her couch.
And you know what? She’s hurt. Of vourse she is.
But not bitter.
Not angry or unkind.
She simply confronts Daniel and asks for the truth. And you know what? She is fully entitled to do that.
She helped save Peggy’s life at the same time as realising the man she was to marry wasn’t really hers.
She took this in the best way possible. She’s probably heartbroken. Maybe feeling a bit betrayed.
And that is totally reasonable.
What I’m loving is her maturity and her kindness in this situation.

Yeah. I feel hella sorry for her. She’s a good person and she doesn’t deserve to marry someone who is in love with another.
Violet deserves someone who fully loves her and isn’t hiding from anything.
Unfortunately for her, that’s very clearly not Daniel.

I might be glad that were one step closer to our ship being canon, but I still feel sorry for Violet.

MCU LADIES WEEK Day 5 - Favourite Relationship: Peggy/Angie

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While I was never really into them being a couple (despite what my gif usage suggests, I just found it amusing) I thought they worked really well together. It was great to see a female friendship were they weren’t fighting over guys or going being each others backs. They supported and respected each other, I hope we see Angie properly again if AGENT CARTER comes back for season 3.