peggy baker

Cinnamon Roll (John Laurens x Reader)

Overview: John orders a cinnamon roll in your bakery and you take a liking to him.

Word Count: 960

Triggers/Warnings: Swearing


You sat bored behind the counter of the bakery you worked in. Wednesday mornings were always slow and you usually brought something with to work on, such as a notepad for a story or a book but you had nothing this time. You fiddled with your light green apron strings but that didn’t ease your boredom in any way. You started to write a story on the chalkboard wall when someone finally came in. You were about to apologize and go through that whole routine before you realized that it was just a regular. You never caught his name and you did find him to be attractive so you’ve been trying to find the courage to try to flirt or ask him out but being the little introvert you are you never got around to it.

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Josephine Baker was an American-born performer, civil rights activist and war hero that lived from 1906-1975. While she is often remembered for her Broadway success and international singing tours, she was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honour with the rosette of the Resistance, two of France’s highest military honors, due to her work with the French Resistance during WWII.

While she did become a French citizen, she continued to fight racism in the U.S. For example, she insisted on only performing before mixed audiences when touring and her policy forced segregated nightclubs, that were desperate to book this popular performer, to open their doors to audience members of color. She was one of the notable speakers at the 1963 March on Washington.

On the day of her funeral, more than 20,000 people lined the streets of Paris, and the French government honored her with a 21-gun salute, making Baker the first American (born) woman in history to be buried in France with military honors.

So, I bring her up today (as opposed to, say, Josephine Baker Day in May) because I have become weirdly attached to the idea that Josephine Baker should be featured on Agent Carter. Think about it, Peggy and Josephine could have coordinated intel handoffs, a Howling Commando could have seen her perform and have an adorable crush on her, she could have valuable information when the search for Hydra relics leftover from the war begins, she could articulate the intersectional nature of oppression in a way that the show hasn’t really framed,  she could teach Peggy some fancy dance moves so Peggy can go undercover as a performer! I want it all: bold, silly, hopeful, disenchanted, determined and whimsical.