ahh a couple weeks back I sent you a message asking you what I should do when the people around me weren’t supportive of my art. You were super kind and inspiring about it and recently you’ve been a huge inspiration and because of you I decided to make this work ! Thank you so much for being a great person and so influential to all of your followers, I hope you continue posting and inspiring us all !!

summary of hamilton where i only talk about who he roasts (act 2)
  • what'd i miss: burr foreshadowingly roasts hamilton
  • cabinet battle #1: jefferson roasts hamilton, hamilton roasts jefferson, hamilton roasts madison, washington and hamilton argue
  • take a break: hamilton roasts his family and also john adams
  • say no to this: hamilton doesn't care about eliza, james reynolds blackmails hamilton
  • the room where it happens: burr roasts hamilton, jefferson and madison. hamilton roasts burr.
  • schuyler defeated: hamilton and burr roast each other
  • cabinet battle #2: jefferson roasts hamilton, hamilton roasts jefferson and france and also king louis' head, jefferson kinkshames washington and hamilton
  • washington on your side: the southern motherfucking democratic republicans roast hamilton and washington. mostly hamilton though
  • one last time: hamilton offers to roast jefferson, washington roasts america
  • i know him: king george roasts washington and john adams and basically the whole american government
  • the adams administration: jefferson, burr, madison and adams shit-talk hamilton. hamilton roasts tHE SHIT OUT OF ADAM
  • we know: the southern motherfucking democratic republicans and hamilton roast each other
  • hurricane: hamilton decides the best way to protect his legacy is to roast himself
  • the reynolds pamphlet: hamilton roasts himself. everyone who reads it roasts him. angelica crosses an entire ocean to roast him
  • burn: eliza completely roasts hamilton, especially his writing. or maybe burns is a better word than roasts in this song.
  • blow us all away: eacker roasts hamilton. philip roasts eacker and decides to shoot him, then alex advises him not to shoot him, and philip gets shot
  • stay alive (reprise): nobody exactly roasts anyone but oh boy this is emotional
  • it's quiet uptown: hamilton is rethinking his entire life and apologises to eliza. there is a moment of sad pureness before everything goes to shit again
  • the election of 1800: hamilton roasts jefferson and burr. but mostly burr.
  • your obedient servant: burr roasts hamilton. hamilton roasts burr. burr decides he should kill hamilton.
  • best of wives and best of women: alexander throws all earlier apologies to eliza out the window and proves once again that he doesn't give a shit about her
  • the world was wide enough: burr roasts hamilton. then kills hamilton. then regrets it and roasts himself
  • who lives, who dies, who tells your story: no roasting just crying
If I Could Do It All Over Again

All Parts: {x}

Part: 13/?

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: cussing, mentions of rape and date rape drugs

Word Count: 5,148

Dedication: @non-stop-glass for being an amazing beta!

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @tellchickfilaimqueer , @woahtherebuddyfriend , @gum-and-chips , @tinymugs , @waitwhat-24601 , @hell-yes-puns-and-ships , @jeffersonwiki , @burr-ito , @xfallingsnowx , @aswimmerlife , @bad-l-ands , @firejearthm ,  @cutebridge , @hamil-fandom , @pipindaae , @beafayette , @karmana-stevens-569 , @starfreckledlaurens , @thedisneyderp, @aleciamagic, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @elizahamilton1776, @seiteixnalaicos, @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough, @ichbindeindod, @sassyrickgrimes, @cheerioscheerios, @qwertyfries , @weareallhamiltontrash , @starfallen-keys, @betweeneverytwopines

A/N: uh oh :(

All of the bags Alexander was taking sat by his bedroom door, completely packed and ready to load into his car. They’d been sitting there since Eliza said she was able to go on the trip.

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summary of hamilton where i only talk about who he roasts (act 1)
  • alexander hamilton: the one where his life goes "hey ham, i'm gonna be really shitty to you" and hamilton roasts his life and goes to find a better life in new york
  • aaron burr, sir: hamilton lightly roasts burr
  • my shot: hamilton roasts britain
  • the story of tonight: this one's nice. i would call it pure except everyone's being alcoholic
  • the schuyler sisters: alex isn't in this one so he can't roast anyone. angelica, however, roasts peggy, burr, thomas jefferson, society,,
  • farmer refuted: hooo boy alexander completely rOASTS sam seabury & king george
  • you'll be back: king george is sad about being roasted and will kill everyone
  • right hand man: british are roasting america! washington roasts burr! hamilton wants to fight!
  • a winter's ball: burr is pissed at ham, but they both want to marry cute rich girls so it doesn't matter rn
  • helpless: pure
  • satisfied: angelica roasts ham because he's poor! but regrets it
  • the story of tonight (reprise): everyone roasts hamilton bc he married eliza, and then everyone roasts burr because he's having a thing with a girl who iS MARRIED TO A BRITISH OFFICER? (o shit)
  • wait for it: burr kinda roasts hamilton
  • stay alive: hamilton roasts lee, washington roasts lee, lee roasts washington, laurens decides to kill lee
  • ten duel commandments: hamilton roasts lee again
  • meet me inside: laurens kills lee, hamilton roasts lee aGAIN, washington roasts hamilton, hamilton kinkshames washington
  • that would be enough: eliza is pure but alex doesn't care
  • guns and ships: lafayette roasts a bunch of british people and also washington's choice to send alex home
  • history has its eyes on you: no roasting here but a lot of warnings that you can't control anything important
  • yorktown: hamilton and lafayette roast aLL THE BRITISH PEOPLE
  • what comes next?: king george roasts america
  • dear theodosia: tHIS IS PURE
  • non-stop: hamilton assumes he is better than everyone else, hamilon roasts government, hamilton lectures/roasts the constitutional convention for 6 hours, hamilton roasts burr, angelica leaves, hamilton writes a ton of essays and becomes treasury secretary, hamilton doesn't give a shit about eliza, basically this is the song where hamilton roasts eVERYONE

kathryn-claire-oconnor  asked:

College AU?

Several different people sent this one in!

There are obviously a TON of different ways this one could go. How about:

  • Peggy is a British student attending a U.S. university who joins halfway through the year and doesn’t know anyone.
  • Things really don’t work out with her first roommate, Colleen, who is having a lot of home issues, and about a month into the semester Colleen suddenly drops out and Peggy ends up with a new roommate, Angie.
  • Angie is a theater major, and at first Peggy is kind of nervous, because she’s a political science major, thinking about a career in international law; how can they possibly get along? And things worked out so badly with Colleen …
  • But Angie really likes her, and introduces her around and she starts making friends, because Angie knows ALL THE PEOPLE: criminal justice major Daniel, perky art major Ana and her boyfriend Edwin, who’s a little older than the others and is getting an MBA; nursing student Violet; Whitney who is double-majoring in theater and physics to everyone else’s amazement and despair, etc.
  • So Peggy finds herself being drawn into tables full of people in the cafeteria and invited along to the dorm-lounge game nights and getting dragged off to Daniel’s campus disability activism group and that kind of thing.
  • And there’s this jerk named Jack who is also a poly-sci major and is in most of her classes. He comes from money and drives a bright red sports car and lives off campus, and basically has RICH JERK written all over him. He and Peggy are at the top of most of their mutual classes and she ends up pulling all-nighters because she is GOING to do that extra credit and make sure she gets a hundred on the test because THE HELL if she’s going to let Jack get away with doing it better.
  • Until late one night she finds him getting drunk behind the library and they get to talking and he tells her about various awful shit that went down at his last school and resulted in him getting basically uprooted by his dad and shoved into another school several states away, and she realizes that he’s actually not that bad when you get to know him (well, some of the time).
  • So she invites him along to a mixer the art and theater students are hosting, and he actually kinda has fun and likes her weird friends, not that he’d admit it.

Not really sure how this AU shakes out pairing-wise; she could end up dating literally ANY of these people. Or several of them. :D

Whatever It Takes - Part One

so, after many jokes about Lin being pregnant and death wishes, @buckybarneshairpullingkink and i finally present part one :)

Summary: SingleDad!Lin x Reader

Length: 1,904 words

Warnings: None

Tagged: @masophistic @huffleheyguys @angerybisexual @consumed-by-musicals @aham-threw-his-shot-away @meyers-princess @fangirlwithasweettooth @alexis-the-zombie @linmanuclmiranda @hamilsnavi @nesthemonster @always-blame-jefferson @manuelmiranduh @hamilsquad-writings @yayhamletnonstop @theseedshamiltonplanted @the-and-peggy @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @god-damn-it-miranda @auliicavralho @daintyhibiscus

apologies and please shoot me a message if i forgot to tag you!

prologue || reviews fuel us <3

The apartment looked strangely daunting with nothing in it. Where everything once had its place, there is now nothing: the coffee table - a moving-in gift from your mother - had been sold, alongside the couch and the bed, the fridge sold, and all your groceries that had once sat inside lined up on the kitchen counter. Even your dying house plant had been thrown away that very morning, despite your long-time love for the greenery. The entire place felt as though it had been gutted, hollowed out. This was your home for nine years. Now, you stood in a place you no longer recognised.

You sighed. On the counter, partially hidden beneath the insuperable mountain of groceries, your phone lit up with a series of new text messages. Since you’d called three months earlier to announce to your family that you’d be returning home, your mother hadn’t left you alone on the subject. You knew she only wanted to help, but endless phone calls and text messages offering you ideas of what to do with your leftover furniture and belongings were erring on the edge of annoying.

Still, no matter how lonesome the apartment felt, you couldn’t get over the idea of returning home. In a few weeks, someone new would find themselves settled between these walls, and you would be at home, telling tales of your adventures to all those you hadn’t seen in however-many-years.

Excitement bubbled and rose. You could almost forget about the dismissal of your house plant and the loss of your small, albeit comfortable, English home.

With one final scan over the place, you placed your suitcases by the door. Most of your heftier possessions had already been shipped back to America, where they would sit in the spare room of your parents’ house until you found a decent place to live. Tomorrow, when you flew out, you’d take with you only your clothes and bare necessities. Tonight would be a night slept on a borrowed air mattress.

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Stay Here With Me (Benny X Reader)

Request!:  Can I please have some Benny fluff? I don’t really care what it’s about but we have none thanks

Paring: Benny X Reader

TW: I think there’s literally one curse word, guys.

WC: 246

A/N- i wrote this in like 10 min and I didn’t edit it. I’m kinda busy, so I might put something else out later this week since this is so short, but i also might not.


The front door of your apartment opened and closed, keys being thrown onto the table.

“Babe?” You boyfriend, Benny, called out to you.

You looked up from your phone and replied, “In here!”

A few seconds later you saw him in the doorway to the living room.

“You look like hell.” You stated.

Benny did in fact look like hell ran over him.

“Rough day at the Dispatch.” Benny told you.

You moved your legs and patted the spot on the sofa next to you. “Com’ere and tell me about it.”

Benny moved sluggishly to you and plopped down on the couch, moving to lay his head in you lap.

You ran your hands through his short hair soothingly as he told you about his day, and the AC going out.

“Damn. That sucks.” You said once he was finished.

“Yeah. Now I just want sleep.” Benny shifted

“Then go lay down,” You stopped running your hands through his hair to let him up. “I’ll just turn the TV down, and stay quiet.”

“But I don’t want to move…”

“Okay, then, i’ll leave…”

“No. Stay here with me. Take a nap with me.” He said tiredly, “Stay here with me.”

“Okay, Benny. I’ll stay here.” You reassured him and kept running your hands calmly through his hair. “Good…” He whispered as he nodded off to sleep.

Soon your hands still from running through his hair and you fell asleep to the low voices on the TV.