Hamilton : But the affair is with Laurens

Hamilton characters described in things I've said!
  • Alexander Hamilton: Just be honest, y'all love me.
  • Aaron Burr: I do have a heart, people.
  • John Laurens: I am ready for this.
  • Lafayette: Um, excusez-moi?
  • Hercules Mulligan: Trust me, this will look great on you.
  • Angelica Schuyler: Listen hun, women were excluded in the last few centuries. It's not gonna happen again.
  • Elizabeth Schuyler: My mans got me helpless.
  • Peggy Schuyler: Why am I always the 'and'?
  • Samuel Seabury: What you're doing is illegal!
  • King George III: Don't be surprised when you ask for my help later.
  • George Washington: Can we all just calm down?
  • Charles Lee: I don't care what he said, I'm not listening!
  • Thomas Jefferson: It feels good to be home!
  • James Madison: Should we be doing this?
  • Philip Hamilton: Do you know who my dad is?
  • Maria Reynolds: Pretty hurts.
  • James Reynolds: I'll pay you $5 if you do it for me.
  • George Eacker: Not my fault that it's true.
Oh, No

Character : Marquis de Lafayette

Pairing : Marquis de Lafayette x Reader

Time : Modern

Reader’s Gender : Female

Side Note : Writing gets bad at the end, I know. & True Fact; every time I write a Lafayette fic I have to have another tab open to Google Translate

Warnings : Google translated French, cursing

Possibility Of Having Another Part : eh

Genre : Fluff

Request : hi, please can I request a lafayette x reader fluffy fic where the reader is looking after a flu-stricken laf and ends up falling for his delirious flirting attempts over the course of a week? thanks!

Word Count : 3736

Summary : Alexander invites a few of his friends over to get shelter from the snowstorm, unknowingly crashing the day that him and his roommate/best friend Y/N were planning on hanging out and watching movies. Still having the nerve to invite her to the pool with him and his friends, she denies, and wakes up to one of his friends catching a cold. She aids him in getting better all the while being flirted with by her ‘patient’ at the same time. Problem? He’s cute.

Today was Thursday.

You knew this for a fact because you and your roommate, who also doubled as your best friend, were planning to watch movies and go to the pool, and just do whatever it is that friends did on a Thursday night.

To say you were excited was an understatement. You were stoked.

Sure, your best friend and yourself lived together, for about a few months now, but you guys almost never got to spend time with each other casually without having to plan it.

Alexander Hamilton was almost always in his room, working, studying, or doing homework. You were almost always at work at the coffee shop down the road. So when both of you had time to spare, at the same time, you thanked God and drove as quick as you could to a nearby store with Alex in the passenger seat, picking out all the junk you could both consume together while lying on the couch.

So when you quickly jumped out of your bed and hopped into the shower, who could blame you?

You did everything needed when stepping into a shower, shampooing your hair, conditioning it, washing your body, rinsing it, and you even took the liberty to shave your legs, just so you could get Alex to feel how soft they were.

In one swift movement, you turned the knob to the shower off, watching the water slowly cease. Stray water leaked onto your skin and down your body, onto the floor below. It was soothing, to say the least, but not enough to calm the excitement that jolted through your veins. You shivered, due to the lack of warm water streaming down you, but ignored the feeling to tug at a spare towel and unfold it to wrap it around yourself, tucking it in at the chest area to keep it still.

So indulged in your thoughts, you were oblivious to the screeching that took place just outside the bathroom. It took one more shout to grab your attention.

You jumped, eyes darting towards your reflection to make eye contact with yourself in the mirror.

In fear that something bad might’ve happened to Alex, you hurriedly made your way out the room and into the direction of the yelp; the living room.

“Alex! Are you okay?” Your voice faltered at the sight before you.

Draped across the couch that you were planning on lounging on with Hamilton, was three men. Whom of which you’ve never seen before, might you add.

You tilted your head and crossed your arms over your chest, too shocked and a bit infuriated to focus on the fact that you stood bare - not counting the towel tightened around you - in front of three complete strangers. Furrowing your eyebrows and glancing around the room, yet keeping a stern gaze with the group, you spoke,

“where’s Hamilton?”

One of the three men sucked in his bottom lip and jutted his thumb behind him and to the kitchen that was lit up. You noted that he had curly brown hair fastened into a low ponytail and a face full of freckles, so that you could thank him later for guiding you towards the man that you were going to tear apart.

Well, more or less lecture than tear apart. But, same difference.

You huffed, storming towards the kitchen, drying bits and parts of your very wet hair from the quick movements. You spotted Alex. His back turned to you, and his hair down,

“Alex! Why are there three guys on our couch?” You exaggerated your breaths, trying to look as angry as possible to mask your sadness. Alex turned to smile down at you, a cup in hand and a flask in the other,

“guys night out?” He said.

You slumped your shoulders and walked up to him, dropping your look of irritation to show your betrayal.

“Today? We’ve been planning to hang out today since a few weeks ago! You can’t just bail out on me.”

At seeing how upset you were at this, he set down the cup and flask on the counter near him and pulled you into a hug. Swaying back and forth to hope and change the way you felt about this.

“I was looking forward to today too,” he admits, “but the snow is piling up and they were all at the bar just right next to our house. I told them to come and stay here until the snow settles. We can still spend our day together, but just with three other people.”

You shook your head at his suggestion, piping up to speak your opinion and how it just wouldn’t feel the same until a voice cut clear through your sentence.

“Where’s our drinks? Ils deviennent impatients.” /they’re getting impatient/

You glanced over your shoulder to see a tall, lanky man with a curly ponytail standing at the doorway, pausing his next words upon seeing Alex currently busy with you in his arms.

“Am I, uh, interrupting something?”

The stranger’s fingers curled awkwardly, trying to keep himself from darting out of the room and back onto the couch to avoid being a third wheel to a woman he hasn’t even met yet. First impressions do matter.

You turned your head back to Alexander to see him staring at you, asking you silently if he could leave and return back to the guys that awaited for him just in the room over. Without any words spoken, you removed yourself from Alex’s hold and picked up the group of cups, settling them into Alex’s hands. He raised a brow but you smiled and raised a brow back at him, mockingly. Understanding your silent approval and gesture, he made his way over to the stranger that patiently waited for the drinks and back to the other guys, being immediately hit with hollers and cheers. The stranger took a quick peek at you from over his shoulder, eyes trailing down from your damp hair to your bare legs. Alexander chuckled loudly, snatching the man’s attention from you to him.

“Dude, Laf, stop checking out my roommate.”

After the encounter between you and Alexander in the kitchen you sashayed back to your room and got dressed, tugging on your shirt to get it over your head and combing out your hair. You brushed off the loud noises that erupted from outside your door and picked out a good book from your shelf, gently opening it from where you last left off and blindly jumping back onto your bed, letting the comforter engulf you.

Alexander on the other hand was the one making the loud noises outside of your room; hollering at the TV whenever a character in a movie made a terribly idiotic mistake or whenever a gorgeous character popped up on the screen. It took a while of thinking and quiet exchanges of looks that the three guests popped the question.

“So,” Hercules started, his voice wavering as he didn’t know how to continue. Thankfully, John did.

“Who’s the girl?”

Alexander side-eyed the three guys who stared at him intently. He scoffed, “Y/N? A close friend of mine. Why?”

Lafayette scrunched up his face, propping his elbow on the armrest to his right and leaning into the palm of his hand.

“She’s mignonne! You can’t tell us she’s just a ‘close friend.’“ /cute/

It was now the boys’ turns to scoff at Alexander, who just continued to watch the movie. He looked at the boys with clear disgust, adding a finger into his mouth for emphasizing.

“Gross. She’s like one of us. Plus we’ve had nothing but platonic love since sophomore year in high school. I’ve hooked her up with all the guys she thought were cute as she hooked me up with all the girls I thought were cute.”

Lafayette, only hearing and focusing on one part of what Alex said, narrowed his eyes, leaning back,

“if she’s one of us, then invite her out to the pool with us.”

“You’re just hoping she’s still in her towel, dick.” John laughed, shoving Lafayette’s shoulder, who only shrugged with a slight grin.

Knowing clearly that Y/N wouldn’t go due to the heavy snow, his stubbornness got the best of him and hastily agreed.


You removed your eyes from your book to eye your door. Sitting up quickly, your hopes got the best of you, wishing that the snow magically disappeared and that you were able to spend time with your friend without the additional three people.

“Yeah?” You called out.

Alexander ignored the nudging in his ribs that Hercules gave him,

“can you come out here real quick?”

You slid your bookmark into your book and decided it was better to just leave it on your bed than take the time to put it back onto your shelf. Straightening out any wrinkles from your shirt and patting at the roots of your hair, you happily sauntered into the living room expecting to see Alexander waiting with a bowl of popcorn and a large bottle of your favorite drink.

Your smile dropped. Instead, you saw the same three guys from earlier seated right next to Alex, your favorite drink empty and lost in the pile of food scattered across the floor. You composed yourself, straightening your posture and clearing your throat,

“Alex, you uh, called me?” You cursed yourself for letting your voice shake.

Alexander beamed, sitting up a bit more straight to talk to you,

“I did.” He took a quick glance at the other boys who just watched you, but one in particular stared, “do you want to go to the pool with us later?”

You blinked in surprise. The pool? Removing your gaze from Alexander you turned to look out the window, your eyes meeting with fallen snow and still falling snow. You couldn’t help but let a scoff of doubt leave your lips.

“You’re going to get sick.”

Alexander shrugged, ran a hand through his hair, got up, and retreated towards the door. Confused, you fidgeted with a hair tie that sat on your wrist.

“Wait! Right now?”

Alexander smiled, looked around, and confused, he spoke,

“yeah?” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

You thinned your lips and sighed quietly, “be careful.”


It was the day right after you were let down by Alexander when he invited three of his friends to come and hang out at the place you shared. They seemed nice. They were rowdy, sure, but so were you. If you had met them in a different circumstance you’d probably be in their circle.

You rubbed at your eyes and removed the blanket from your body to sit up. You fell asleep almost immediately after Alexander and his group of friends - still not knowing their names - had left to go the pool a few miles away. You hoped that they were able to go back to their own homes and leave you be so that you were able to quietly read a book or binge watch your favorite TV show.

“John, get the cold water!”

You groaned. They were definitely still here. You sighed and shut your eyes. Maybe if you closed your eyes and wished they were gone and that this was still a dream, they’d disappear.

“This is hot water, damn it!”

You groaned louder, falling flat against your bed. Rolling your head onto it’s side, you reached for your phone that was charging on the bedside table. The first notification to show up was a text message from Alex.

‘I’ll make it up to you later when they’re gone, promise !’

A bit more gleeful from his message, you smiled and slipped out of your bed and towards your drawer, slipping on a large sweatshirt. Just so the boys outside knew that you weren’t the type to hang around in just a towel. First impressions do matter.

Dressed in a large sweatshirt and shorts, you found yourself making your way over to the living room. Straight into the chaos. It looked worse than it sounded.

Alexander was hunched over a figure on the couch as Freckles ran back and forth from the kitchen to the couch with a large bowl of water. Some guy with the best looking pants you’ve ever seen was seen fanning the same figure that lay sprawled out on the couch. Alexander, upon seeing you in the corner of his eye, perked up and moved towards you. You got a better look of the figure who was lying on your couch. To your surprise, it was the same person who walked in on you hugging Alex.

“Y/N! He’s like, dying, or something. Help Laf.”

Still a bit tired, you trudged towards ‘Laf’ and noticed the way his hair was in a messier ponytail than yesterday, leaving curls to hang in front of his face and neck. He had major bags under his eyes and his lips were slightly parted, giving him a very dazed look.

“Have I died and gone to Heaven? Or had God himself sent an ange to me?” /angel/ He smiled.

Albeit cringing from his pickup line, you placed a hand on his forehead to check his temperature. He was burning up. The heat was radiating off of him and onto your palm, making it sweat a bit.

“He’s just a bit sick, nothin’ more.” You sent a reassuring smile at Alexander and the other guy who nervously hopped from one foot to the other. You wanted to take a guess that he was ‘John,’ but didn’t want to take your chances of getting his name wrong.

“You’re cuter up close, cheri.” /darling/

You whirled around to face the sick Frenchman that laid limp on your couch, sweating heavily, yet still managing to grin up at you. You couldn’t help but let your eyes roll at his flirtatious comment and got up from your kneeling position to retreat to the kitchen to make some soup.


You knew for a fact that this the present day was Saturday because you clearly remembered having to hear Lafayette, yes you had learned all of their names, flirt all day with you. Constantly spewing out pickup lines followed along with a cough or a sniffle, or throwing a shit-eating grin at you. It annoyed you to no end, and you only aided in helping him get better for a day. You shuddered at the thought of having to go on for days, maybe weeks, of helping Alexander’s friends out.

He didn’t just owe you one at this point. You wanted him to be begging on his knees for his forgiveness with bags of your favorite snacks piling around him.

“Chaton, have I mentioned that even with my vision slightly blurry you’re a goddess.” /kitten/

Your eyes widened. Taking a quick glance around the room, they landed back on Lafayette.

With raised eyebrows you pointed to yourself, “who, me?”

Lafayette chuckled dryly due to his clogged throat, “yes, there is no other goddess in the room.”

“Well, I mean, there’s Alex.” You shot back, trying to lace a bit of humor in your words.

Alexander scrunched up his face, glowering down at you as he passed by with a cup of steaming of coffee in his hand.

“As honored as I am, don’t drag me into Lafayette’s mindless flirting.”

Lafayette clicked his tongue, “hate to break it to you, ami, but Y/N is the only gorgeous sight in the room.” /friend/

You groaned loudly, clenching the wet towel in your hands harder over Lafayette’s face, causing a more than necessary amount of water to pour down on his face. He shut his eyes from the sudden impact.



Today was the day you usually went grocery shopping. Occasionally you shopped with Alex, or a friend that you may have rung over the phone or ran into, but most of the time you shopped alone.

Alex’s flirty friend was set on not letting you do so.

“What if you got hurt?”

You raised a brow, scoffing at the taller man.

“What are you gonna do to protect me? Cough on my assaulter?”

Lafayette puffed his chest, causing the blanket that sat on his shoulders to slightly fall, revealing his tight shirt that showed his very defined body underneath. You clenched your jaw at the feeling of heat spreading along it, quickly turning your head to face the door. Your keys nearly fell from your grip,

“fine, get in the car.” You spat.

The next hour or so was spent with you pushing a cart with Lafayette still flirting with you from behind, dragging a blanket with him that you insisted he took so he wouldn’t get even more sick. You prayed he would get tired of his own words, catching onto the fact that you weren’t amused, or that he would sober up from his sickness and process what he was actually saying. He did none of these.

“Are you from Tennessee?” You could practically hear the smirk evident in his voice.

“We’re in New York,” you sighed.

“’Cause you’re the only ten I see!”

Your cart halted in front of a coffee section of an aisle. Almost angrily, you snatched a box coffee beans, the specific brand Alex had written on your list, and tossed it into the cart instead of delicately placing it down like you’ve always done. Narrowing your eyes at Lafayette who watched with a cocked brow and grin, you pointed your finger at him and parted your lips, ready to tell him off or make him walk back in the excruciating weather, but decided on not doing so. Although a part of you wanted to wipe that smirk off his damn perfect face, another kept you still, reminding you that if he was Alex’s friend, he was your friend.


Alexander promised you that the guys would be gone in a week. And it was getting damn close to a week, which made your excitement grow even larger. As much as you hated how quiet it was before last Thursday, you were starting to be grateful that your roommate was a very busy person, focusing solely on his work.

“Moi, toi, a dozen roses. How does that sound?” /me/ /you/

Lafayette spoke effortlessly, still trying to woo you over with a few battered words that barely leaves his parted lips with a rough cough trailing right after. But you had to hand it to him, he was determined. He was persistent to at least win a date with you, and if you were completely honest, it was kind of attractive. You’ve never met a guy who was so intent on not just sleeping with you, but getting a date. So far, Lafayette’s compliments were nothing but pure and, quite frankly, adorable.

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to go on a romantic dinner with someone while they’re hacking their lungs out.” You side-eyed him, watching him spring up in surprise from your peripheral vision. Your brows shot up along with your arms, pushing him down in an attempt to get him back to his lying form.

“Woah, hey! No sudden movements like that, you could hurt yourself.”

Your voice was white noise to Lafayette, his brain was racked with the idea of you finally responding to one of his pickup lines. Though you didn’t exactly agree to go on a date with him, you certainly implied it.

Lafayette slowly leaned back against the pillow situated behind him, regaining his cool demeanor.

“So, you’re saying I finally get a date with the ange after my cold passes?” /angel/

His eyes sparked with something both you and he couldn’t describe. It glistened, sparkles, shone even. You certainly didn’t let it go unnoticed. Though, you weren’t sure if it was his cocky charm or just a shine of hope. You played along, nonetheless.



Lafayette had recovered and you playfully pouted to Alex when you confronted him about how it had been a week and the boys were still there, though their stay had only gone over a week by one day, earning a hearty laugh from Hercules and John when you fumed at Alex with a playful manner.

Sure, you were glad to get these men out of your hair, but they were fun to be around, despite their constant rowdiness.

“Admit it, you’re going to miss me, cheri.” Lafayette grinned with his held up high. His eyes scanned your face, searching to see if his assumption was correct, none of course had showed up to prove him right.

You scoffed, jutting your head in the direction of John and Hercules who beamed at you with their arms raised in a wave.

Please. I’ll miss those two; they weren’t flirting with me every day.” Despite your annoyance when reminiscing those thoughts, you smiled and shoved a finger into Lafayette’s chest.

“Can you blame me, cheri? You’re gorgeous.” His eyes met yours as he slapped a hand against his heart, feigning a hurt expression and tone. You laughed, staring into his dark eyes. You swear you could get lost in his orbs. For some odd reason, they seemed deep. Like if you were to swim in them you’d drown.

“By the way,” Lafayette couldn’t help but grin at the way you stared at him, not letting it go unnoticed, constantly flickering down to gaze at his lips as he did you when you weren’t looking.

You glanced up, noticing the other two boys already ushering out the door noting that it was probably time for Lafayette to leave too,

“yeah?” You patted your hair subconsciously, trying to soothe out it’s knots and look as presentable as possible. Lafayette took a large sum of air and let his confidence get the best of him, bending down to plant a kiss on your flushed cheek,

“pick you up at eight, tomorrow.”

Your entire body froze. You curled your fingers and dropped your jaw, feeling your entire body shake from some sort of feeling. Nervousness? No. Excitement? No. Tense? Maybe. You watched him lowly chuckle before leaving with his friends who laughed loudly and made jokes as they made their way down the stairs. But only one laugh stood out and it dawned on you in realization when your heart sped and your breath hitched.

Oh, no.

Beans, your (obviously not) favourite writer is working on a marliza fanfic that’s gonna blow your mind,, like, I’m honestly so proud of my work for the first time jfc,,,

I’ll post it sometime around this month,, I’m rewriting Enamorarte Otra Vez (Stupid Little Things) and I’m starting a new jamilton fic that I love like jfc

Quicker Hamilton Facts

Y’all STILL ALSO need to realize:

Lafayette go soooo drunk once that his brother-in-law had to drag him home

Hamilton’s ship caught on fire coming over to America

Jefferson had a mockingbird named Dick

He also owned a goat that killed someone

After being told about Hamilton’s death, Jefferson became quiet and aloof as he quickly found Burr to arrest him.


Which is why Hamilton didn’t want to get close to Washington in fear he would be a father figure and let him down.

Washington refused to respond letters from the British because they didn’t address him correctly.

Hamilton was claimed dead after destroying British supply in and trying to cross a river with British gun fire only to show up soaking wet later while everyone was drinking to his memory 

When Lafayette came back to America before his death, he and Jefferson hugged and cried with each other 

They said God Bless to each other

AND Jefferson and Lafayette did a lot of weed and a lot of alcohol

Washington liked to pretend his knife and forks were drumsticks and play music on tables

Despite common belief, Hamilton would often make time for his family and would often right home to Eliza about how homesick he was

Martha Washington outlived four children and two husbands and said the worst day of her life was went Jefferson came to visit.

Laurens was getting out of bed when he hit his head on the ceiling

Hamilton was supposed to go on Washington’s boat during Valley Forge but he wasn’t used to this thing called “winter” and often got sick a lot.

Thomas Jefferson told his grandchildren to flirt with everyone despite their gender so everyone would like them

Jefferson had an expensive bust of Hamilton in his house for no other reason than he wanted one.

Burr set himself on fire trying to light a candle on fire with gunpowder.


Hamilton was not only gay for Laurens, but also for the spy John Andre.

He said Andre was too pretty to be hung

Franklin and Adams shared a bed and fought over whether a window open was good for your health while you slept.

Franklin won because he ranted so much that Adams fell asleep.

Lafayette often joked about his name, saying “It’s not my fault, I was baptized like a Spaniard, with the name of every conceivable saint who might offer me more protection in battle”

When George Washington was 17, a girl stole his clothes just to see him looking for them while naked.

Eliza had a mourning ring which she worn on a ribbon around her neck and had a lock of Hamilton’s hair

Engraved inside the ring was the day he died and how old he was

Lafayette was buried under soil from Bunker Hill in France

During World War 1, General Pershing and a perade went to Lafayette’s grave and said “Lafayette, we’re here!”

Sooo…America help Lafayette in a war, just a little toooo late.

After Hamilton’s death, Eliza referred to her late husband as “my Hamilton” and “my Alexander” 

When giving tour of her home, she would stare for many moments at a bust of Hamilton and would whisper “my Hamilton”

Burr bought a coconut for about $40 today because why not.

Hamilton was called “The Little Lion” because of his mouth and small stature.

Burr would often refer to Hamilton as “my dear friend Hamilton, whom I shot”

Burr was attacked by bedbugs and proceeded to sleep on the floor for 6 hours

Burr’s daughter, Theodosia, was lost at sea.

Burr had sex with A LOT of ladies in Europe…after he killed Hamilton