pegasus tenma

Sasha;; サーシャ Athena XVIII.

— ❀. the bonds of eternal youth
         spun by joy and sadness,
                     the flower chain!
        the flower chain of the soul
        that even god can’t cut through.

Which Athena is the best ? LC VS SS

So like everyone else, I got a time where I was wondering who between Sasha from Lost Canvas and Saori from the original sery was the best.

Needless to say, the answer, IN MY OPINION, was obvious: Sasha rules

First, there goes the look. We got Saori Kiddo and her Princess Peach dress or Saori and her sexy long maiden dress. If i was to choose just by look, I would go with Sasha right away. Not because of the style of the different author, only because of the look of the dress.

Then, we got 2 other category I won’t have to explain much cause I think it’s pretty obvious just by looking at the drawing.


Saori is useless and helpless. Okay, she prays, she gives her saint the power to fight and to rise again when they shouldn’t be able to move at all but… Damn. Why do you got to be kidnapped EVERYTIME ? Please help me, i’m so helpless ! It’s not because you got the dress alike that you got to act like miss Peach and travel castle to castle as your saints get throught the levels and bosses for you.

On the other hand, we got Sasha who, i’ll be clear, doesn’t do MUCH but still is more effective than Saori. She fights Pandora for Alone, she sent her spirit to help El Cid and Tenma to go free Sisyphus from his spell… She even backs up Tenma and give him the power to wield the god cloth. Truly, this is more than nothing. Better ? She doesn’t get kidnapped too often. Except by Kardia because Sisyphus got distracted by a butterfly LOL


While Saori was being a total BITCH to all her saints, Sasha had the chance to grow with them. Seriously, who loves Saori at the start of the anime ? She’s just there, princess like, making her saints fight like they are some pets who wants a treat. OKAY, she doesnt know that she’s Athena but FUCK. Who treats others like that ?

Sasha, on her side, fled from the sanctuary quite a few times to go see the gold saints and to escape her responsibility but this is normal. Every child would do it. She took time to talk to Asmita, got raised and is still pretty friendly with Kardia, I suppose. She’s a sweetie who takes time to understand her people more than just… toying with them. Go ride an other unicorn Sao-bitch.

Sadly it’s late and i couldn’t find any other BIG difference between Saori and Sasha and therefore, couldn’t draw them but if you got some, just let me know. Take your time to write to me or let me know if you want more of this.

Hope ya like it ? It really was a blast to do it.  Let me know if i should do other characters or if you want me to draw something, i’m all open.