Here’s the second of four constellations I illustrated for #1001knights. Check the Kickstarter if you haven’t, it’s kicking so many butts~!  

I was originally working on some kind of crazy centaur pegasus, I’m glad I settled on the magical space bike. I used a ton of bosozoku bikes as reference. Here’s the main one:

I don’t draw a lot of vehicles so I’ve been trying to incorporate them more often. It was definitely a challenge!

So, since I’m unable to figure out what chapter I should write this comment on, I hope you don’t mind me tagging you, @bellamy-taft

I admit; I never truly cared for Pegasus, but Glass has definitely changed my thoughts. After seeing @intheshadowofsignificance reblog the posts about the new chapters, I decided “hell, why not check it out?”. 

The way you write Pegasus is interesting. He’s insane (eccentric, Kaiba-boy), kinda a jerk at times (I mean he did kidnap a bunch of people for company), but at other times he’s…creepily nice, I think are the words I’m looking for? He’s as gentle as a good father should be.

I find his interactions with Ryou the most interesting, if not a little sad. The poor boy doesn’t deserve it (well, none of them do), but at least Pegasus is…trying? He’s still kinda a jerk since he kidnapped everyone and is the reason Ryou is being treated like he is in the first place.

Joey is written really well, and perfectly in character, especially when you think about the manga verse.

You actually write Tea as she is, which is a strong woman, something I see forgotten too often.

Seto is still the snarky bastard we know and love. I’m rooting for him; he needs to make it to Mokuba’s birthday, or else…well, I don’t know for sure what will happen. The final chapters haven’t been written yet, but maybe they’re becoming clearer to you.

Chapter 10 has me on the edge of my seat. Finally Seto has called Pegasus out on something that the man has been doing for this entire time, and for once Pegasus has taken the wrong step, so to speak.

All in all, I’m in love with this story, and will be keeping up with all the updates. Thank you for writing something so cool!

If anyone else wants to check it out, here’s the link;


One of the first coins to be struck in Britain and the only proof of the existence of a little known Celtic king

This is a very rare Celtic silver King Andoco unit and is one of the first coins to be struck in Britain, dating circa 10 BC - 10 AD. Andoco is only known from his coinage, such as the present example and is thought to have been either a sub-king to Tasciovanus or a rival to his throne. Tasciovanus was a king of the Catuvellauni tribe before the Roman conquest of Britain and, like Andoco, is also only known via his coinage.

Obverse: Celticized male head left; ‘A’ behind; all within interlaced linear and pelleted border. Reverse: Pegasus flying left. The legend around reading: A[ND]OCO