Sometimes I take for granted the things I was raised to do, or learn from experience. New witches, or ones that have never thought about it may benefit from this.

- Any vessel you use to prepare, store or serve for human or animal consumption needs to be food safe. Many older, decorative vessels contain heavy metals from the glass making process which can taint solutions stored over time. Some imported vessels may also contain heavy metals so try to put food in containers intended for food.

-decorative cauldrons may not be solid iron and may contain alloy that releases harmful chemicals under heat or solution. Buy a reputable cauldron, so it doesn’t become brittle or break under heat. Camping and reenactment supplies will hook you up for a pretty reasonable price and much better quality than Pier One at Halloween.

-Collected water should not be used for consumption unless you know what you’re doing. Spring water from your own cistern? Different than rainwater from the city. Don’t EVER drink water that came out of a still water, or water you don’t know the source of. You can use camping filters or tablets, boil the water or disinfect the water to make the water safe enough for consumption. If you are immunocompromised or someone in your house is, nope nope nope. Your spells will understand mortal heath has to come first.

- don’t be that asshole that harvests from wild property you don’t own or have permission to access. If everyone does it, there’s an impact. Personally, this goes for grave dirt too unless it’s a plot you own claim to. Don’t pee in other people’s cornflakes to get what you want. Grow a windowbox, patronize independent supplies or live with what you can get your paws on honestly.

-know your materials. Seriously. Some stones or metals react under fire and heat . Herbs might be toxic or react with metals, light, or your perception medications. Oils go rancid. Nothing lasts forever and rashes, asthma attacks, or stomach cramps aren’t worth it.

-know if your materials can harm your animals and plan accordingly. Things that don’t hurt humans can hurt small animals and cats and dogs who’s livers work differently than ours. Mind birds and fumes, they’re very sensitive.

-mind hot things. Sugar keeps burning a long ass time, reductions can explode, superheated solutions can explode. Don’t ever walk away from a hot cauldron or candles with kids or animals around.

-use your cauldron on the stove top. Seriously. It works if you don’t want to use an oil burner, alcohol burner or those little food service gel thingies. Plus, the hood removes any fumes or smells.

Have fun, play, learn and be safe