5 Witchy Candle Tips

1. Home made candles, wonderful things. You don’t need anything special, just plain white candle wax, food coloring, wicks, and something to let the candles form in. If you can’t find a candle in the color you need, this is great because you can customize colors. It’s also great if you need a candle in a certain size, or would like to make one if a special shape.

2. Scented candle that match the spells intent, so that help get you into a state that can help the spell. If you think you should be very energized for this spell, candles that have energizing smells will helps. Same goes for relaxing smelling candles, great for sleep sleeps or for anxiety easing spells.

3. Dollar stores. I think most of us by now know how wonderful dollar stores are for candles, especially us low income witches. Trust me, the price of your candle does not affect it’s ability to work. 

4. Sigils and candles go well together. Crave a sigil into your candle then let the candle burn all the way down. Match your candle colors, and scent if wished, to the intent of the sigil (or use a plain white candle.)

5. Prayer. If you are a religious witch, no matter what the exact religious, candles are great for prayer. I recommended purple, as purple is one of the most spiritual colors. It will help you connected to your god, or goddess, or both, or the angels, or to whoever you may be praying to.

Sea Shells

Sea shell symbolize the element water, love, protection, preparation, peace, and prosperity.

Abalone: Hidden beneath its drab shell lies a beautiful mother-of-pearl. Use this shell in spells when seeking hidden treasures, wealth, and good fortune. It is also often used in love spells, especially self love spells. Amulets made of abalone shells help with affirmations, balancing, and protection. As well as protection from negativity, attraction to creativity, and is often used for meditation and chakra balancing. A whole abalone she can bee used as an incense holder. Abalone is a healing shell. Helps stimulate psychic development. Abalone helps with anxiety, stress, arthritis relief, muscular problems, and heart and digestive system problems.

Auger: Used in spells male oriented magic, fertility, courage, power, and to aid in male healing.

Clam: Since Venus was painted coming out of a clam shell, this has been considered a symbol of her. Use this shell when you call on Venus for help. As well as for spells that have to do with purification, friendship and love.

Cockle: This shell is best used in spells for love, friendship, relationships, and emotions.

Conch: Can be used for spells that have to do with summoning, lost communication, difficulties in communication, and to aid in clearing misconceptions. As well as power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, freedom, and forward movement.

Cowries: This shell is used in spells for anything of concern to females. Including menstrual and pregnancy difficulties. Also used for spells that include fertility, prosperity and money.

Limpets: Used in spells for courage, confidence, and physical strength.

Moon shell: It can be used for anything lunar related. Also for psychic awareness, purification, and peace.

Murex: Used for protection, defense, and preservation.

Nautilus: Used for any mentally related spells. This would include passing your exam, completing all your homework, remain focused, etc.

Oyster: Used in spells for banishment, love and good fortune.

Sand dollars: Used in wealth spells and wisdom spells.

Scallop: Good all purpose-shells and can be used to replace any shell. Also used in travel and movement spells.

Spindle: It is best used in meditations on destiny as well as any spell to do with inspiration.

Whelk: Used in spell to help gain control of the situation. Used for making dramatic, positive changes to your life.