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“Holtzbert Wicked AU” just flitted through my synapses and I had so many conflicting emotions about it thAT I HAD TO SIT DOWN 💦

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what classpects would you give the hiveswap kids/trolls

alright i mentoned in stream but ill collect my thoughts roughly here

so far for Hiveswap I’ve got Joey Claire pretty solidly pegged as a Mage of Life, like 85% sure of that

in her introductory sequences and her room, the things and words highlighted have all been things related to MAGIC (SPICE MIX, nothing about the spice was inherently or associated with magic, she just decided that it was and she like it that way) and ALIVE/LIVING/LIFE

when i rewatch/edit my stream video for youtube, ill grab some screenshots of things I’ve noticed for that, but as a whole theres a very strong Life theme going on for her

she’s a junior veterinarian and shes completely abhors killing animals, wanting instead to heal them and feed them treats and watch them grow. Her main focus seems to be on animals themselves as well as food, both strong life symbols but also she has a tangent into healing and medical things as well, as well as a penchant when she was younger for trying to “fix” things she found unpleasant life pictures of her Pa’s dead animal trophies

also her other main hobby is dancing, which is a hobby that strongly involves the physical form moving and being full of energy and she mainly uses her tapdancing shoes to move and shake things down so she can grab them

point for Mage specifically include a lot of her interests being related in someway to magic and have magic related things consistently capitalized like the life things (the shika deer maiden anime, the lisa frank posters, the wizard globe) but also in certain flavor texts also involving her having strong mental intuitions of things she understands that she couldn’t possibly know, but she does somehow, or she doesnt understand why she has those strong mental connections or intuitions/thoughts

not to mention in both of those together, shes seems to have experienced a very rough life and uprbringing and often seems to bring her thoughts back to that very often

but also very rarely she does show a strong poetic kind of intelligence in her flavor text thoughts in certain items

anyway next up Jude Harley, I actually didn’t get as strong of a vibe for him for classpect wise cuz I didn’t get to see much of him, the traits i got out of him were intelligence, paranoia, conspiracy theories, the fact that he marvelled at the fact that his conspiracy theory was CORRECT for once and being unable to process how that felt, a distinct LACK of Mind specifically because he never tried to hide who he was, he was unashamedly himself through and through (and whether he is logical or illogical seems to sway in favor of the illogical, however he is extremely passionate and caring about those he loves (the pidgeons) and has close friends whereas Joey does not and cares about her deeply, begging her not to leave him as she was all he had left)

he seems to run on his intuition moreso than intelligence come to think of it, just trusting his gut that he knows he right and shadow people are stalking them and the attic is the key to safety and whatnot, being up until now unable to really prove what he knew internally but never letting it sway him

for me he’s somewhere in between the area of Light and Heart, and as for a class I’m just not sure yet, I guess hell have to wait for hauntswitch

as for Dammek which is only ever seen briefly once and mentioned a fewtimes, I also didn’t get much of a vibe from him other than a slight Thieflike tendency because he seemed to have those theiflike traits of being uncaring about personal boundaries, seemingly brimming with confidence and bravado, being the person sort of running the show and being in the spotlight and also at one point just straight up stealing Xefros’s things and claiming them as his own, and you could also view his rebellion against authority as a very thieflike response, wanting to take some status for himself and away from the heiress all in one fell swoop by upstaging her

what things he steals and why he steals them do all seem to be things and feelings associated with breathy ideals as well, but im less sure of his aspect than his class, and even then im only like, 50% sure of his class at all, again, wait for hauntswitch i suppose.

lastly Xefros Tritoh himself as is the case with Joey I got much stronger vibes from in the sense that I am even more sure that he is a Page even more than I am that Joey is a Mage of Life, but as for his classpect, I see it as between Time and Doom but strongly in favor of Time with Doom as a secondary possibility

hes strongly adheres to patterns and routines and the way things have always been, but struggles to implement the rules and time related puzzles of other people, he both is completely focused on Time/Doom things and at the same time completely struggles with them.

the whole idea that he is fated to be a butler and nothing but a butler so he steadfastly studies for it at the same time hes halfheartedly in cahoots with dammek’s rebellion while dreaming of being on a gameshow or being a sportplayers or a gamer while also being so strongly used to being a part of the society he is rebelling against that he puts societal ideals before his own even when hes passionate of his own, hes very self depreciating and sees little value in himself but at the same times hes had close thoughts and interactions with things related to a Timelike nature but above everything he seems to happily complacent with a life of being possibly culled at any turn so its hard to say, but its definitely in that Time/Doom area for him and almost certainly a Page

Something Worth Fighting For- 7

Summary: You’ve just begun to settle into life as an Avenger when a mission gone awry divides the team in half, and a familiar face shows up just in time to make you second guess your every choice. Third installment of the Worth Fighting For Series

Words: ~750

Warnings: Language, as always. Mentions of death.

Masterlist  Part 6

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December 17, 1991.

“I thought you were retired, Agent Barnes.”

You grinned, leaning back in the office chair, propping your feet up on the desk. “You know me, Pegs. Civilian life just isn’t exciting anymore.”

Peggy tilted her chin up, looking carefully at you from her place on the other side of the desk. Wordlessly, she brushed your feet off the desk, a playful glare on her face. You rolled your eyes, smiling.

“Tell me,” she said, leaning her elbows on the desk, hands folded under her chin. “What alias will you be using this time?”

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We live in a world that draws a deep distinction between fathers and mothers—there are things that fathers do and things that mothers do, and in our world they’re not the same at all.
It starts before we become parents, actually.
We do this with all men and women, and before that, boys and girls.
A sonogram, black and white and gray swirls.
It looks like old footage of a moon landing more than anything.
But in that moment, gender is spoken, or maybe a few months later in a hospital room, and then you tumble into a world of pink, pink, pink, or blue, blue, blue–forever.
That’s how people are.
We split people into pink and flowers and babies and high heels.
Or blue and bravado and machines and muscles.
But God isn’t pink or blue.
God doesn’t fit into our Game of Life pegs, tiny woman or tiny man, riding around the board in a tiny sedan.
God nurtures and protects and feeds his children, just like that mother deer in the clearing, with ferocity and power, ready to do anything for the children he loves.
God listens and draws near.
God holds and heals.
God our Mother.
God our Mother.
We know all about God our Father, and the beautiful images that go along with that idea: the strong, faithful, unshakeable love of a father.
But to only know God the Father would be like only knowing daytime but never night—to see the sunrise, but never the gentle, haunting rise of a harvest moon, low in the sky, blood red and beautiful.
To know only the Father God would be like seeing the bright, dazzling sun, but never the stars spreading across the sky like so much fairy dust.
God our Mother, reaching out to us with those hands—mother hands, strong and coursing with love, binding up wounds and soothing scrapes, holding us together, holding us safe.
God our Mother, feeding us, nourishing us, giving us what we need to grow and thrive, taking care of us in big and small ways, seeing us, knitting us back together with love and grace when we’ve been broken.
God our Mother, believing in us.
That’s what a mother does: she looks into your eyes and she says, I believe in you.
I know you.
I know you were made for great things.
A mother says, you’re not too small or too scared.
You’re not too frail or too flawed.
You’re mine.
And that’s all you need to know.
God our Mother whispers to each one of us You’re mine.
And that’s all you need to know.
—  The Liturgists ft. Shauna Niequist, Pink and Blue
Les Amis Game Nights

The group occasionally have game nights, with board games, card games, and video games. Feuilly has a Wii that gets set up with Mario Kart or Just Dance games, and everyone takes turns to compete. It turns into a full out tournament for most games, and can take hours.

Marius isn’t very competitive – he likes playing as much as the rest of them, but doesn’t care that he’s almost always last. It’s fun, but he doesn’t care about winning. He’s proud if he doesn’t get last place, especially in Mario Kart, where he’s almost always 12th.

Cosette loves Just Dance, all of the versions. She and Musichetta often play it together, most of the time not paying attention to the scores.

However, trying Musichetta on card games, and she will be extremely competitive. She knows how to play a lot of them, and her poker face is amazing.

Bossuet loves playing games of chance, mostly because he often does either very badly or very well, and it’s usually funny either way. With skill games, it’s fun as well, but it depends on what type.

The first time the group play monopoly, Enjolras is very reluctant and seems to dislike the game. Grantaire has to goad him into playing. It might support capitalism, but it’s a good game for game night. Enjolras tries to say that’s not the only reason he doesn’t want to play, but no one believes him.

Until they realise how ruthless Combeferre is at playing Monopoly. Grantaire could have sworn the game was mostly chance, depending on how you rolled the dice and where you landed, but with Combeferre, it definitely seems different.

Jehan and Eponine made new little pegs for the Game of Life, so that they are all different colours, rather than just pink or blue. Neither of them like the gendered aspect of the game, and it’s definitely more fun without it.

Courfeyrac loves Wii Sports. He’s really good at most of them. He also often joins in with Just Dance, enjoying the often fun songs.

Bahorel is probably the most competitive over all. He gets so ridiculously determined to win and do well, and often does. In Just Dance, he is the one doing all the movements, and has played it so many times he knows some of the dances without watching.

Joly switches between games, enjoying all of them. He just likes spending time with his friends and relaxing with the games. It’s only on Mario Kart he gets truly competitive. That’s when he starts getting really into the game, swearing at it and moving with the controller as if it’ll help him speed up.

Gavroche joins in with everything, but really enjoys going up against his siblings. Sometimes all 4 of Eponine’s siblings will come along, at which point they tend to hijack the Wii whilst everyone else watches. The two youngest aren’t the best, but they enjoy it, though they usually stop sooner than the others and explore the other games. When the two youngest Thernadiers are there, there’s a new competition – who can not swear for the longest time. Eponine knows all 4 of her siblings have heard enough that it won’t really make a difference, but the rest of Les Amis are determined. To everyone’s surprise at first, it’s Cosette who slips up the most, though she’s very good at correcting her words halfway through to make it sound like she was saying something else. After her, Joly is possibly the worst offender.  

All in all, game nights are a time to relax, have fun, and try to forget about the ways the world sucks for a little bit. They’ll never stop trying to change the world, but sometimes they need to have fun together, too.