peg in life

One coworker asked another if they would put a random snowglobe from our lost and found up their ass for a million bucks and they said they might, and meanwhile I’m sitting nearby saying “it doesn’t even have a flared base, that’s an emergency room trip waiting to happen!”

They all just kind of stared and I said “basic anal safety friends” and kept eating my lunch. Straight boys are wild.

Scorpio Races Themed Asks
  • Thisby: Have you ever visited an island?
  • Skarmouth: What is your favorite season? Why?
  • Puck Connolly: Do you have any siblings?
  • Sean Kendrick: What is it you want in life?
  • Peg Gratton: Do you fall in love easily?
  • Finn Connolly: Have you ever taken something apart and put it back together again?
  • Jonathan Carroll: Do you talk a lot?
  • Capaill Uisce: Does the sea scare you?
  • Dove: Have you ever wanted to own a horse?
  • Corr: Do you believe in the saying: "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it was meant to stay."?
  • Gabe Connolly: Do you have the overwhelming urge to live somewhere else?
  • Fathom & Sons: Do you like visiting tourist-y shops?
  • Annie: How good is your vision?
  • The Skarmouth Hotel: Do you like staying in hotels?
  • George Holly: What kind of an accent do you have?
  • Dory Maud: Is your handwriting messy, or neat?
  • The Tea Room: How do you take your tea/coffee?
  • Benjamin Malvern: Have you ever made up fanciful stories for your past?
  • St. Columba's: Are you religious?
  • Palssons Bakery: What was the last thing you ate?
  • Mutt Malvern: What's the worst thing you've ever gotten away with?
  • Gratton's: Does your family have a "family business"?
  • Brian Carroll: Do you have asthma?
  • The Black Eyed Girl: Where do you enjoy going out with your friends?
  • Tommy Falk: Do you have a best friend?
  • Puffin: Do you have any pet cats?
  • Hastaway: Do you live walking distance from anywhere interesting?
  • Father Moonyham: What color is your vehicle?
  • November Cakes: Do you enjoy eating sticky pastries?
  • The Races: What would you want your legacy to be?