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Kinda Funny

Kinda funny how all of a sudden folks wanna boycott Runaways.

The comic has been around for years, the fandom, while not huge, has existed for a while and the comic itself is pretty popular.

So why all of sudden are people screaming racism now? If it was always such big issue, why am I only now just seeing it now when the live-action adaption is about to air?

Any ideas, guys, ‘cause I’m stumped.

All the Sanji hate...

I’ve done something of a character and problem analysis to defend Sanji against all the hate he’s been getting on tumblr and in forums for a long time now. Both fans and haters could read this, but please try to remain civil as this is my own opinion.

So there are several reasons people usually bring up when explaining why they hate Sanji, and I think anyone is allowed to think what they want. But l also feel that it’s gotten out of hand and with all the hate spreading I have even seen some Sanji fans feel guilty about liking him. I just want to talk about this because I feel like Sanji does deserve better, and most of all his fans deserve better.

I love Sanji and even though I know he has flaws those flaws seem to be exaggerated by those who hate him and I just want to defend Sanji and his fans a little. This is a long rant, but I’m not going to apologize for it. This is my opinion and yes, of course Sanji has faults, but so has everyone else! (Including me and every other One Piece fan out there.)

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Magnus: You know I don’t like you guys, but I’ll let you stay, but only because of the hot one.
Jace and Isabelle: Thanks.
Magnus: What? I meant him. The one with the blue eyes.
The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones.  


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