coffeeshop au rec list

Because coffeeshop AUs, no matter what certain critics might say, are awesome.

Pentanedione, Damascenone, Furanone, Vanillin by peevee: Sherlock designs a new roast just for John. So lovely and so hot.

Blond Barista Seeks Dashing Ballet Dancer: Inquire Within by prettysailorsoldier: One of my favorites. Unilock, ballet!Sherlock and rugby!John, coffeeshop, and a lot of pining - what’s not to love?

Division by MrsNoggin: My favorite! I love the tension between John and Sherlock in this fic, the buildup is fantastic. The setting and dialogue are perfect; read this one immediately.

Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeore: Sherlock is a mute barista and John leaves him notes in the tip jar. A touch angsty but lovely.

A Whole Latte Love by prettysailorsoldier: John is a barista who flirts with Sherlock via latte art. So unbelievably cute and sweet!

Crossing Paths by prettysailorsoldier: Prettysailorsoldier has the best coffeeshop AUs, in case you haven’t noticed! In this one, John works at a 24hr cafe and Sherlock is an insomniac who comes in at odd hours.

One Espresso, Seven Sugars by mydarlingbenedict: Coffee with a side of smut! Sherlock is a regular at the cafe where John works.

Four Shots by Opy3332: After coming home from Afghanistan, John goes to work for a coffee shop in MI6. Sherlock, not coincidentally, starts taking more cases for his brother.

Johnloctober, Ch.12 by prettysailorsoldier: Sherlock is undercover at John’s favorite coffee shop in this unilock fic. A little angsty at one point but so cute!

Never Again, Vienna by reclusedetective: John is a barista who makes terrible coffee but Sherlock has a crush on him and buys it anyway. So, so adorable.

Interview with peevee.

The ladies of FYTL are proud to present an interview with peevee, the author of such Teenlock classics as Poster Boys, Patience Brother and other smut-tastic works.

Check out her work here.


1. Name, age, location

Hello! I like to go by peevee around fandom, i’m 25 and I’m from Scotland.

2. How did you get into BBC Sherlock?

In a rather convoluted way, actually. I’d been deep into Firefly fandom, discovered AO3 as an awesome fic archive, and then was extremely curious when I saw that the most popular fic for Firefly on AO3 was a BBC Sherlock crossover (by Snow, I think). I read the fic, watched the first series, got addicted, and there we have it.

3. How long have you been writing fan fiction and why do you like it?

I’ve been writing for around a year now, I think! It seems like such a short time ago. I’ve been in various fandoms since I was about 15 but only ever very casually, and when I signed up for an AO3 account about a year and a half ago I was just doing it so I didn’t get the warning pop up when I wanted to read R rated fic :D As with most fandoms I’ve been in, I found myself drawn to rare pairs and got a bit of an urge to write filthy Mycroft/John to scratch an itch. I’d never really written anything before, but it’s so easy to post to AO3 that I just chucked it up there and hoped someone might like reading it as much as I’d liked writing it. And then it seems I got a little addicted, because since then I’ve written…a lot :D Over 100,000 words!

4. What’s your favourite fandom and pairing?

My one true fandom is still Sherlock, currently, but I still have a serious soft spot for Firefly, Harry Potter and ASoIaF fic. Within Sherlock, my favourite pairing changes all the time, but Mycroft/Sherlock has a special place in my heart (and also my pants).

5. Who’s your favourite character from BBC Sherlock and why?

Much as I love Mycroft and John, it has to be Sherlock. There’s a reason he’s the central character in the series! I find him incredibly fun to write, because he has so many difference facets that it’s easy to take him in one direction or another and still keep him in reasonably in character. My favourite side to him has to be the side that I think can easily be neglected, and that is that he’s a rather comedic character. He’s fantastically deadpan in some situations, but also rather silly in others, and it just makes him such fun to write, as well as watch, of course!

6. what do you find most challenging about writing fan fic for this fandom or otherwise?

PLOT. Oh my god. I am kind of terrible at it, actually. I suppose anyone who has ever read my fic will know that I write…um…mostly porn. Which is what I like writing and what I think i’m fairly decent at. But I find plotting incredibly difficult. I have so many ideas for long plotty fics that will never get written because I simply don’t have the skill to write them! My method of writing mostly consists of no planning whatsoever, and when I do have to plan I find my prose becomes very stilted and just…not fun to write or read. In future, I will definitely be sticking to shorter character-based stuff!

 7. What do you do when you’re looking for inspiration? 

Browse the kinkmeme! Although I’ve been coming up with plotbunnies faster than I can write lately, so I’ve not utilised the meme, but I do try not to spend too much time there because I just end up with a tonne of prompts that I really want to write and not enough time to write them all!

8. Finally, what authors (fan fic, published, etc) do you love and why?

Such a short question which I could take thousands of words to answer! I won’t, don’t worry. I’ll restrict myself to one answer for each though :) Within fandom, my favourite author at the moment has to be the lovely breathedout. Her stories are so well-researched, with such rich characterisation and historical accuracy that they’re just such a joy to read, and they’re full of atmosphere and emotion. Outside of fandom is a more difficult matter! I’ll stay simple and go for my favourite book, which is The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass, though it’s difficult to articulate in a few sentences why I love it so much. A succinct review says: “Funny, macabre, disgusting, blasphemous, pathetic, horrifying, erotic, it is an endless delirium, an outrageous phantasmagoria in which dust from Goethe, Hans Andersen, Swift, Rabelais, Joyce, Aristophanes and Rochester dances on the point of a needle in the flame of a candle that was not worth the game”. So yes. That. :D

This interview was conducted by Grace of FYTL.

To visit peevee’s personal tumblr, go to

PART 1! [PART 2] [PART 3]…alphabetical by author….

Dustfall by AmandaDBone


AU omegaVerse - a strange maroon dust falls over London and soon everyone starts to exhibit strange changes. John and Sherlock go about their business but as time passes the changes in themselves draw them together with a few hiccups but ultimately leading to smut.

AU, omegaLock, alphaJohn, alphaMolly, omegaStrade, alphaMrsHudson, tentacles (alpha females have tentacles…not really my thing but its its minimal), dubcon (as is found im most omega fics), plot, smut, relationship plot, (its hell’a hot if you like omegaVerse)

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction


Sherlock takes a case requiring him to dress the part, stubble, eyeliner, ear rings and tight jeans… John has never seen him like this and he is fascinated. Together they work the case, Sherlock as a bartender and John one of the bouncers.

fluff, smut, case fic, plot, relationship plot, (this fic has a little bit of everything and Sherlock being sexy on the dance floor with John to top it off)

A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver


Sherlock almost gets them killed and John wants an apology in return, asking for 1000 kisses.

fluff, relationship plot, (this is cuteness, CUTENESS! If your having a bad day this will give you the fluttery feel goods)

Correspondence by Cleo2010


Sherlock & John correspond by letter as Sherlock works a case for Mycroft and absence makes the heart grow fonder as they fall in love.

fluff, angst, plot, relationship plot, (also cuteness and feel goods)

Curious Case by Cleo2010


Sherlock has managed to burn his hands and can’t take care of his ‘needs’ for himself and therefore Sherlock is forced to ask John to assist him…

smut, fluff, relationship plot, (I’m not sure this requires any more commentary on my part cause its pretty clear where it leads to)

as you consume the longitudes by coloredink


John has a terrible time dating Sara and it’s not because of Sherlock, in fact Sherlock is unbelievably sweet. Sherlock is still himself by deducing what went wrong on Johns date but its with the feel of season three that you know he loves John so much that he would do anything for him.

fluff, smut, perfect fluff, relationship plot, (oh my gosh Sherlock loves John so much in this fic is almost painful and its beyond perfect. It definitely gives you that flutter in your chest.)

The Internet Is Not Just For Porn by cyerus


Sherlock has a boyfriend in Canada that he texts all the time and everyone at the Yard thinks that he is fake until one day he is not.

fluff, (and Super Cute!)

Gone Is My Past by cyerus


AU dogJohn - John is a bomb detection dog turned human. He has a hard time coping with his new human body and emotions. Humans are so confusing and complicated but Sherlock understand.

fluff, angst, (I think it is important to say this is not johnlock in the sense of sexual relationship, it is johnlock in the companion friendship way only…because John is a dog) (and it is so very very good)

The Heart On Your Sleeve by flawedamythyst


AU - Everyone has a tiny heart birthmark on their wrist and when they fall in love the heart gets darker and darker red. Sherlock keeps his covered with buttoned dress shirts and John strangely wears a watch all the time now.

AU, angst, fluff, plot, relationship plot (so very very cute)

On the Steadfast Approach of an Oncoming Darkness by joolabee


AU end of the world - This fic is so So SO GOOD it makes you feel so many emotions. Sherlock and John travel together under the dying sun, to the sea, as the world ends.

angst, ANGST, A N G S T, (did I mention angst? well, add emotional pain and tears while your at it. I have never cried so hard reading a fan fic as i cried reading this one)

Upon Waking by joolabee


This is an amazing story, John can only be awake while Sherlock is asleep and vice versa. They rely on the other eventually going to sleep so they can wake up to eat and live their lives. Ironically they become closer as they are pulled further apart.

fluff, angst, plot, relationship plot (this story/premise behind this one is very clever and intriguing)

A Slip of the Finger by Katzedecimal


John accidentally types the wrong phone number into his phone one evening and ends up texting with a very bossy unknown man.

fluff, angst, (This is the complement fic to A Finger Slip by Pawtal which is currently down due to a mistake on AO3 where it was deleted. I would also recommend A Finger Slip but obviously can not link you to it until she re-posts it.)

Evening Ride by LapisLazuli


PDA - John takes the tube to and from work… basically John is turned on by the tall dark and handsome man standing entirely too close to him.

smut, ‘relationship’ plot, (and a tiny horny plot)

Scrutiny by lifeonmars


John doesn’t take to well to the realization that Sherlock knows exactly what he dose in the bathroom every morning and exactly when he takes too long. 

fluff, relationship plot, (I personally have a deduction kink and this fic delivers that and then some! you will not be disappointed if you share this kink)

Deflowered by Lorelei_Lee


AU mobBossJohn - Sherlock is a rent boy and John is ‘The Doctor’ a mob boss who purchases Sherlock’s virginity.

smut, fluff, dubcon (the tags claim it is dubcon but Sherlock wants John from the start, its not dubcon) (This a fuck hell’a hot!)

Never Change a Running System by Lorelei_Lee


Sherlock manages to get some cuts on hiss backside during a case and while John is helping apply plasters Sherlock gets an erection. Sherlock has a difficult time figuring out how to make it go away and after quite a few days John has had enough.

smut, fluff, relationship plot, (this is so freaking hot, John suspects Sherlock of having a sex addiction)

A Question of Intent by Mildredandbobbin


AU omegaVerse - John comes home to Sherlock in heat and tries to resist and even goes so far as forcing Sherlock to take his contra-heat pills before getting the hell out of the room but Sherlock is too far gone and follows him.

AU, omegaLock, alphaJohn, smut, fluff, relationship plot, dubcon (this one actually is a bit dubcon but considering its Sherlock and John and their bromantic relationship its not really that big of surprise to either of them) (I really like this one because the writer switches it up a bit and omegaLock gets to top alphaJohn)(also this was the first omegaVerse I ever read)

Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) by MojoFlower


AU genieLock - John runs across Mike who takes him to an antiques shop where he buys an old lamp. It is revealed to him that he has purchased a magic lamp with a genie. Sherlock can grant him one wish before he will be forced back into the lamp but the only thing John wants is to keep Sherlock.

AU, smut, fluff, angst, plot, relationship plot, (originally i didn’t think this would be a story I would like (not sounding like my kind of thing) but I quickly fell in love with the story) (very satisfying to read and has a good ending)

The Importance of Torn Papers by MyLittleCornerOfSherlock


Sherlock over hears John talking with Harry as they discus little notes that their mother used to leave for them in their lunches and decides to start leaves little notes around the flat for John.

fluff, Fluff, did I mention FLUFF?, relationship plot, and fluff, (so disgustingly cute, you explode)

Just A Little by peevee


Basically the description by peevee for this fic is perfect “In which John and Sherlock aren’t having sex, until suddenly they are.”

smut, fluff, (I love this one very much, I have a kink for just the tip penetration and this one is written perfectly)

A Good Coat and a Short Friend by professorfangirl (lizeckhart)


Sherlock is usually very private with his affections however on this night something is different and John experiences the PDA version of his friend.

smutt, fluff, (it may be smut but it is really rather sweet)

Amenable by Resonant


John decides to kiss Sherlock for the first time and it leads to a series of awkward encounters that are strangely satisfying for everyone involved. It is also a bit sexually frustrating but that is the entire point. It’s one off those fics that make you think to yourself “These two adorable idiots.”

fluff, smut, relationship plot (awkward super adorable fluff)

DNA by Resonant


Sherlock comes back from the ‘dead’ and starts a ‘DNA donation’ business. In other words Sherlock is payed to sleep with women to get them pregnant in the cause of bettering the worlds gene pool.

smut, angst, plot, relationship plot (don’t be discouraged by the threesome, because the story is from John’s POV and is about how he deals and realizes what he really wants from Sherlock… if you know what I mean)

Once, twice by Rhuia


BodySwap - Sherlock and John end up with their bodies swapped and while John is a bit mortified by this turn of events Sherlock takes every opportunity to experiment. As you can imagine Sherlock soon knows exactly how John likes to be touched and this leads to a bit of smut… a bit of Super Hot Smut!

smut, ‘relationship’ plot (fuck hot bodyswap smut)

Slow and Steady by SailorChibi


virginLock - John doesn’t realize that Sherlock is a virgin and Sherlock is not sure he can handle having sex if it is going to be overwhelming like that every time. All Sherlock wants is to have the time to analyse and process the data.

smut, fluff, (very well written, virginLock is perfect, he is not ignorant he just wants to experience sex at his own pace)

War Paint by Spadesinspades


Sherlock creates the persona Sebastian Moran to infiltrated Jim Moriarty’s network, taking full control while John thinks Sherlock is dead and seeks revenge for his death by hunting down Jim’s second in command.

angst, plot, (John is so fucking bad ass in this, I can’t even begin to express the BAMF levels)

The Pretence of an Unacknowledged Truth by stickleworting


AU omegaVerse - omegaLock takes alphaJohn to meet his family as his fake bond mate so they will stop harping on him to find a mate. Sherlock synthesizes a fake bond scent that leads to complications at his parents house.

AU, omegaLock, alphaJohn, fluff, smut, relationship plot, dubcon (the tags on the fic say dubcon but its not even that really) (this is a fucking hot smut fic) (this is actually a pretty good omega fic to read if you are just starting to read omega fics)

Transport by thisprettywren


Mike works at a pleasure house(?) and sometimes John covers for him. Sherlock gets over stimulated from the work and to reset, he needs to get off and so he uses the services of that particular business.

smut, relationship plot, bdsm, (the bdsm is very psychological in this one and its beautifully written, It is used as a tool to calm Sherlock, its not about sex its about his mind.)

Give An Inch And They’ll Take A Mile by strangegibbonTSylvestris


pure porn. no plot, however what makes me like this one so much is how John and Sherlock make it clear that they really want Greg with them because they like Greg for being Greg and not just as a third body in bed. They honestly want him to be a part of their relationship. 

smut, (and also sweet… but mostly smut) (this is actually part two of Triptych but I prefer this part)

What Meets the Eye by worldaccordingtofangirls


AmnesiaLock - Sherlock loses his memory and instead of telling anyone he cant remember he decides that he will just deduce who everyone is. He makes a minor error when deducing that John is his husband.

fluff, plot, relationship plot, (very adorable fluff)

The Great Sex Olympics of 221B by XistentialAngst


John thinks Sherlock should take his advice about sex over Sherlock because he has had more but Sherlock is basically Sherlock and has to conduct an experiment to see who really is more knowledgeable.

smut, fluff, relationship plot, (When I first heard about this fic it was not described to me very well and I was really concerned cause John and Sherlock are planning on sleeping with strangers to see who is better but its fffucking hot, *fans self*)


Fic Recs, 1/?

Gen Fics

(romance is not the primary focus, but may have some minor established or past relationships)

  • “Coach Z,” by thistidalwave, details the time Jack spent coaching peewee hockey and it’s adorable and amazing and you need to read it. Some mentions of past Jack/Kent. 
  • “Quebec Weird,” bySirenAlpha, is an interesting gen look at some of the regionalisms and habits Jack may have picked up in his motherland. 
  • “the heart not to lose it,” by defcontwo and sparklyslug, is my current fave Kent fic. It’s a character study and a look at the year Kent a) finally settled in with the Aces, b) got the C and a Stanley Cup, and c) started getting over Jack. Mentions of past Pimms and hookups with male OCs. Tyler Seguin is a minor character but only appears to give Parse a kitten and disappear. 
  • we’re gonna fight til we do it right,” by sparklyslug, in which Bitty sends Kent a series of spiked but still delicious hate-baked-goods. There’s texting and Jack and Parse are functional exes and everyone ends up being bros. Minor Zimbits.
  • you won’t BELIEVE these articles Kent Parson has angrily read out loud to Jack Zimmermann” is great if you like media fic, crack, or Jack and Parse as functional exes, and maybe try it even if you don’t like those things. It’s by defcontwo and sparklyslug,some past Jack/Kent mentions. 
  • brought to you by,” by HalfFizzbin, in which Jack is categorically horrible at being in commercials. Minor Zimbits. 

Shippy Fics

(sorted by primary ship- if Bitty and Jack are the main focus while Shits and Lardo date in the background, it’s in Zimbits)


  • “Ice Crew Please!”is a lovely AU of what would happen if Jack just went straight to the NHL and befriended the SMH, who are here a bunch of weirdos who clean the Falcs’ rink. It’s Jack/Bitty and LOOOOOONG and awesome. Warning for the depiction of Bitty’s parents, who are homophobic and sad and ultimately realistic, but maybe not the kind of parent/queer kid relationship you want to read about. 
  • “bold; over the worst of it” by jackzimmermann, is a Jack/Bitty fic hashing out what happened at the unholy drunken mess that was Spring C
  • au pays qui te ressemble” by tropes is a Jack/Bitty fic reaching from the end of Bitty’s sophomore year to Jack’s first year in the NHL, and has since been thoroughly jossed. It’s real good, has lots of texting and an excellent background Shitty
  • “strawberry” by peevee, is extremely in-character Jack/Bitty BDSM smut, in which Bitty figures out that Jack likes being held down and tied up, and that he himself is super into it 
  • Double Jeopardy,” by sadquebecois. It’s the fucking best. Involves a drinking game called “Jeopardrink,” a “tolerate this many outbursts, get out of this many friend duets” pact, and an “A is not for ally” airhorn. Features Jack/Bitty and NurseyDex. 
  • “You’ll Think of Me,” by alcatraz; Shitty PoV on an excellent dirtbaggy day in the Haus during which Jack and Bitty get together, with v in-character cameos from the rest of the squad. 


  • “the lucky ones,” by screamlet, is 17K of Ransom/Holster slow burn over summer break, it’s great and super in-character and I love it.
  • Best Friend Sundae,” by robokittens: “or, five times the heteronormative concept of “bromance” failed the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team.” RansomHolster, great cameos, a-plus-emoji work.
  • Things Holster Likes,” by Euphorion, is Ransom/Holster and THE BEST, it’s so goddamn great, at one point Holster gets stoned with Shitty and an OC and they start talking about queerplatonic readings of “Bend It Like Beckham”
  •  “not funny,” by applecrumbledore, in which Ransom and Holster get together and then stay at Holster’s parents’ house. It’s great, I’m not doing it justice. Some OCs and mentions of racism that a character thinks is severe but ends up being clueless-white-people standard. There is some smut. 
  • BFFWB,” by emmagrant01, is shameless Ransom/Holster smut, in which Ransom is too busy for a sex life so Holster tells him all about his hookups instead, and eventually just starts hooking up with Ransom. 
  • “Score,” by emmagrant01, is basically Ransom and Holster getting each other off every time they score a goal, and then giving up on the pretext. It’s real good. 


  • “Idiot,” by euphorion, is a great slow-build NurseyDex fic in which AFAB trans dude Dex decides to bring home a “boyfriend” to convince his parents he’s not a lesbian, and Nursey volunteers. Some smut, misgendering/misogyny/homophobia, and slam poetry. 


  • When I Wander Home,” by Lexie: Shitty and Lardo hanging out over the summer, barging into each other’s work, getting stoned around Boston and getting their shit together. Romance but no smut 
More Daredevil Recs


leverage by kay_cricketed - Matt’s POV. This is very ~moody~ but I think it carries itself very nicely and the desperation Matt feels is palpable.

the space between fingers by afterism - Drunken college shenanigans. Best line: “[I]s he going to headbutt him for being slightly gay?” Foggy’s POV. Fabulous smut with a really nice sprinkling of foreshadowing on Matt’s powers.

jump, check parachute by augustbird - More college fic. The FWB situation gets complicated. Foggy’s POV. The plot involves some cliches but it handles them very well.

ex facie by callay - The textbook definition of PWP. Mouth smut, smutty smut, complete smut.

tell you my sins by poisonivory - Matt confesses his need for some pain with his pleasure. Foggy steps up to the plate. Foggy’s POV.

Matt/Claire (Claire/Matt, really)

the other top drawer by peevee - Pegging. I don’t normally ship this very much, but it’s done perfectly.

( previous rec list || my own daredevil fics )

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations for smutty johnlock fanfics? Like what are your favs? Thanks in advance!

Alphabetical Experimentation by i_ship_an_armada

Of Razors, Pipes, Red Notebooks and Rugby Jerseys, Or: Sherlock Doesn’t Like His Doctors Clean Shaven by allonsys_girl

Never Change a Running System by Lorelei_Lee

Truth or Dare by allonsys_girl ((i think sherlock calls John daddy a couple times which squicks me but without that this is great))

Skeleton Key by BeautifulFiction

Wrapped Around Your Finger by MojoFlower

Delightful, Morally Dubious by peevee

Compliments & Deductions by Aria_Lerendeair

A Compromising Position by peevee

Evening Ride by LapisLazuli

Playback by scullyseviltwin

Deflowered by Lorelei_Lee

Call it Sentiment by shirleyholmes

Capability by mydwynter

Spoils of War by sweetcupncakes

favorite fics (not necessarily smut):

A Study in Winning by Jupiter_Ash

26 Pieces by Lanning

The Real Meaning of Idioms by feverishsea (i dont think there was smut in this)

Dilaudid by Lintilla (omegaVerse)

Command Structure by 221b_hound (this fic is not really about sex its a bout mental health and its great)

Demonstrative by NoStraightLine

And I Keep Waiting by SurelyMeretricious

Up Against the Wall by LapisLazuli

Omega Squared by Meowbowwow  (omegaVerse)

Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) by MojoFlower

On the Steadfast Approach of an Oncoming Darkness by joolabee (not smut, it is angst angst a n g s t)

Upon Waking by joolabee

as you consume the longitudes by coloredink

A Life Well-Lived by Kate_Lear

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction

Curious Case by Cleo2010 

oh yeah and that one about cinnamon, u know the one :P

My fave johnlock fics

as it says on the tin this is an attempt to make a list of my favorite fics, a really hard task because I read lots of them and I have the tendency to forget everything (and my disorganized bookmarks don’t help). so these are the fics I can’t forget, keeping in mind that probably I’m still missing some authors and even other fics of people mentioned down below. fics are listed in an order that does make sense only in my head, don’t make me choose because I love all of them!

Caroline here with a special omegaverse edition of That’s My Division for our episode 28: Kinktober. It may come as no surprise to you that our kinky listeners and contributors have put enough fanwork recs to make us split these rec posts, and so here we have omegaverse, omegaverse, and more omegaverse. NSFW abounds, as do the many many content warnings. Squee proudly, fandom responsibly, and may you find something you love!

decadentwallpaper recced:

thescienceofobsession and @alexxphoenix42 both recced:

@alexxphoenix42 also recced:

unknownsister recced:

penns-woods recced:

foxestacado recced:

@avawatson recced:

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations for Lestrade fanfics? (Smutty or non)


Unlikely Connections We Make by Linpatootie

Sherlock: Give Me A Label (I’ll Make Confetti) by IBegToDreamAndDiffer

Sinking the Land by emungere

Human Remains by Saziikins

The DI and the Spy by chasingriver

Grey by Lucy

Virtually Perfect by Random_Nexus

Puppet on a String by kazvl


I’d Arrest You if I Had Handcuffs by taylorpotato

Consolation by Mildredandbobbin

Pinch by emmagrant01

Blank Canvas, Warm Bed by taylorpotato

The Contents of Greg Lestrade’s Camera Phone by taylorpotato

Lighting Up by Persiflager

The Operative Word by peevee

This Doesn’t Change Anything by Shellysbees


Seventeen First Dates by emmagrant01

In Deep by codswallop

Upon the Greeny Grass by Persiflager

The Horror of Lovebirds by UrbanHymnal

Fic Recs - Mycroft

Ok so gatissed asked for my favourite Mycroft smut fics. Obviously, I was happy to wade through A03 once again. Warning, most of these will be holmescest because OTP, and kinky as shit because, well, it’s me.

Bunting by bobross

Written for a kinkmeme prompt: At some point in the past, Sherlock developed a sexual interest in Mycroft. Mycroft learned about this somehow – Sherlock outright hitting on him, Sherlock covertly trying to get him into a sexual situation, Sherlock just plain not hiding his feelings well enough to elude Mycroft’s powers of observation, whatever. Mycroft responds with strong disapproval, telling Sherlock exactly and specifically how messed up what he wants really is. Something along the lines of “And what exactly were you hoping I would do to you, Sherlock? [extraordinarily elaborate, detailed scenario]? That’s truly disgusting.” Sherlock gets off on it, of course. So does Mycroft, but he should be able to maintain his facade the whole time, and he should never actually do any of the things he mentions.


The Physics of Present Tense by  paxlux

It happens instantaneously, but it takes years. It’s like looking up at the stars and spinning around with your arms out and letting gravity take you.

Ok so not smutty particularly but I refuse to do a Mycroft fic rec without it.

The Westermarck Series by etothepii

He says, “It’s good to see you, Sherlock,” and the sound of his deep voice wrapping itself familiarly around the vowels of your name makes something inside you perk up and take notice, because that’s how he’s always said your name, but it’s never sounded like that before.

Silence at the Diogenes by deklava

The Diogenes Club is more than just a silent haven for London’s anti-social elite. For certain members, it offers additional services that include pleasure, pain, and salvation.

An Unconventional Affair by Bold_as_Brass 

A series of five erotic encounters between a thrill-seeking ex-soldier on short fuse and a senior, and very dangerous, civil servant.

How To Get What You Want and Want What You Have by peevee

Mycroft flirts, is a creepy voyeur, and has a really very filthy mouth, and John takes everything in his stride.

Practical Ethics for Beginners by Persiflager

Written for prompt on the kinkmeme that asked for a Professor!Mycroft/Student!John AU.

and then chasingriver always gets her own section when I do a fic rec..

Everything in her Slut!lock series 

Torquay arms which continues to be one of my favourite fics

Stories with Corsets because corset!croft is a thing you need in your life (and once caused my to crash my car (only a little bit though))

Experiments Series 

The Playtime/Experiments/Experiments2 universe where John, Sherlock, Lestrade (Greg) and eventually Mycroft end up in all sorts of permutations. There are lots of BDSM themes in the stories. The primary relationships are John/Sherlock and Mycroft/Lestrade. The secondary relationships are pretty much all over the place.


anonymous asked:

hello do you have any fics that involve either john or sherlock having a job and the other being a customer and its kinda more smutty thank you , have a good day/night

coffee shop aus:

Division by MrsNoggin (20k, fluff and smut)

Pentanedione, Damascenone, Furanone, Vanillin by peevee (2k, frottage)

Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeore (8k, mute sherlock, not really smut)

One Espresso, Seven Sugars by mydarlingbenedict (4k, smutty

A Whole Latte Love by prettysailorsoldier (8k, valentine’s day fluff)

also this list with library/bookshop aus

Enjoy reading! -Zorana

SPOOKY CROSSOVERS & AUs (2015 Halloween Fic Rec Pt. 6)

[other halloween rec lists here]]

And the seventh one has drowned thee / gayalondiel (BBC & Bluebeard & Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight // Johnlock)
Everyone warned John about getting too close to Sherlock. Maybe they were right to do so.

Aphelion / marlowe_tops (BBC & Cthulu Mythos // Johnlock, Mormor, Sherstrade, Morstrade)
Inspired by the world of Neil Gaiman’s “A Study in Emerald”. Lovecraftian romance in which John finds out that some of Sherlock’s strange behavior was actually intended as courting rituals, and that his acceptance of the behavior was taken as consent. Meanwhile, bored prince Sebastian’s choice of a new mate ends up being far messier than he expected.

Bad Islington Blood / SolitaryEndeavor [[WIP]] (BBC & X-Files // Johnlock)
“Freaky” Holmes and his partner Dr Watson are the Met’s best resource in solving the unsolvable. But even Sherlock Holmes can’t be right all the time, and when a murder investigation crosses paths with a private case, Holmes will realize there is still a mystery or two to be solved when it comes to John Watson.

Belief / Bishopsbird (BBC & Misery // Gen)
There are three types of fans. Catch me before I kill again. Type A. Your bedroom’s just a taxi ride away. Type B.
Annie Wilkes is Type C.

Breathe With The Soul / i_ship_an_armada (BBC & Se7en // Johnlock)
“John…” Sherlock’s voice trailed off. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. John stepped up next to him and they brushed shoulders.
“Jesus Christ, Sherlock. Why exactly are we here?”
Murder, John,” Sherlock breathed.

Caprice / OssaCordis (BBC & The Red Violin // Anderlock)
Nothing good ever comes from playing a violin varnished in blood.

The Chiding Autumn / Taz (ACD & Ripper Street & Lovecraft // H/W)
It’s a slice of classic Sherlock Holmes and a bit of Ripper Street, salted with the merest soupçon of Lovecraft. A word to the wise—Jack the Ripper—if you can’t do the crimes, don’t do the time.

The Cost of a Wish / slashscribe (BBC & xxxHOLiC // Johnlock)
John has been plagued by a secret his entire life that has made him feel hopeless until he meets a mysterious, seemingly omniscient man named Sherlock Holmes who owns a wish-granting shop. Their meeting sets off a series of inevitable events that will change the course of both of their lives forever.

Ftaghn / besina (BBC & Lovecraft // Molly/Cthulu)
Molly’s due for a holiday - she chooses the most remote and out-of-the-way place possible, hoping not to have to interact with humanity. She doesn’t, but she does end up talking with something else…
Molly always could pick ‘em.

The Haunting / peevee (BBC & Lovecraft & The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray // H/W)
In an alternate, war-torn London in 1895, there are things stalking the streets after dark. A serial killer called Stitch-Face, known for the brutal, bloody slaughter of prostitutes; dark, faceless organisations whose members are rumoured to consist of the most powerful and influential; and most deadly of all, monsters known as Witch-kin.
A spate of unsolved murders, a mysterious young man with a dark secret, and at the centre of it all, Sherlock Holmes.

Lightning and Sea Glass / 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for [[WIP]] (BBC & Frankenstein // Johnlock)
The mad Professor Moriarty and his reluctant assistant John Watson have reanimated the dead – and the results are beautiful. At least John thinks so. When Moriarty rejects his creation, John disappears with the creature to protect it, sealing their fates together.

Shine / tripodion [[WIP]] (BBC & The Shining // Johnlock)
Sherlock’s sanity dissolves as he and John investigate a hotel in Colorado. A man killed his wife and son there. He said Moriarty made him do it.

Twisting and Turning The Colours in Rows / leopardwrites (BBC & Let The Right One In // Johnlock)
“I’m conscious,” Sherlock says with a small shrug of one shoulder. “I move, respire, react to my environment… I miss a few of the basic life processes, but I think I qualify as ‘alive’. And I’m thirteen, like I told you.” A rueful smile, and his hand drops to his side. “But I have been thirteen for longer than is naturally possible.”

Underland / crimson_adder (ACD & Neverwhere // H/W)
All around us exists the impossible; anything you or anyone could conceivably imagine is not only possible, but probable. Legends and myths are as common beneath the city as drops of water in the Thames.
John Watson loses a bet to the wrong man, and finds himself in a world unlike anything he has ever seen before; except for the many ways that it’s the same.

anonymous asked:

Hey :) I was wondering if you had any favorite Johnlock fanfics? I'm desperatly searching for some. And I looooooooooooove your blog by the way :D

I made a rec list over a month ago but you would need to go through my archive to find it and even I have trouble finding things a week ago because i post so much.

Before you read any fic check any and all tag.  Most of my favorite fic are smut fic.  I watch the show for plot and cases I read fic for romance and porn.  Also I ship top Sherlock and bottom John.

  • You Give Me Fever - michi_thekiller

This is a greaserlock au and one of my personal favorites.  Sherlock is so in love with John he would consume him if he could.  This is very much jealous, possessive Sherlock so if thats not your thing don’t read.  This is also a high school fic.  There is smut and it’s very well done.

  • Man and Beast - Jupiter_Ash

Is a fic where Sherlock is a werewolf.  There are tags you need to watch out for in this one.  Sherlock is captured by scientist who want to study him.  While there he meets and falls in love with John.  There is torture and what can be seen as dubious consent.

  • The Detective and the PinUp - XistentailAngst

John did a mostly nude calendar in his 20’s when he was in the army and someone at the yard finds it and starts sharing it with everyone (like an asshole).  Sherlock has to see it and when he does it changes everything.

  • Dehumanise Me - deuxexmycroft

This is a guilty pleasure of mine and really check all the tags in this one before readying cause it a bit dark.  John is sent down for life after accidentally murdering someone, and gets snatched up to play prison wife for a strange man named Sherlock Holmes.  There is more to the story then that and there is an odd romance that plays out but it is a dark fic and there are S and D factors you have to be aware of.

  • The Red box - Cleo2010

I’m not normally a fan of men in women’s underwear in art or fic’s because people don’t often say if it’s a kink of it part of there sexual expression but this fic won me over.  It’s a sexual kink for John and the way it’s written makes so much sense.  What I love the most is Sherlock finding out and wanting to join in and explore the kink with John.

  • Strategy Games - stillaseeker

This is a 2 part one shot series of an office au that is pure jealous, possessive Sherlock smut.  You need to read the tags for these because there is some dubious consent (Sherlock takes what he wants and what he wants is John).  The second one is more fluffy but I recommend reading both.

  • Med Students Can Be Dangerous, Too - AngeNoir

This was written for me as part of the dash con auction.  It’s a greaserlock  pwp where John is a bamf and Sherlock is very turned on by it.  It’s really just porn and I love that.

  • Resonance - janto321 (FaceodMer)

This this a really sweet PWP.  John wakes up from a nightmare and Sherlock and he have comfort sex.

  • Pentanedione, Damascenone, Furanone, Vanillin - peevee

This is a coffee shop au where Sherlock is obsessed with John’s scent and finding a coffee that expresses him.  Sex ensues.

  • The Steadfast Tin Watson - what_alchemy

This fic is all about fairy tales being stuck in our world unable to get there endings and Sherlock and John having to deal with the fact that they have 2 sets of memories.  It’s very good.

  • Northwest Passages - Kryptaria

In this fic John is Canadian and Sherlock is still on drugs.  After relapsing again Mycroft calls in a favor with John who lives in the middle of no where to have Sherlock live with him for the winter (6 months i think).  John and Sherlock have to survive the winter and each other in a 2 room cabin but who knows they might just fall in love.  READ THE TAGS ON THIS.

This should get you started.  Later today or tomorrow I think I’ll make a rec list of Omega verse fic I like.

anonymous asked:

Hey there cupid, I'm looking for some new johnlock authors to check out. Know any good ones? xx

These and so many more, I encourage anyone to add authors to this!

earlgreytea68Atiki, wordstrings, bittergreens, cathedral_carver, 221b_hound, bendingsignpost, mistyzeo, ivyblossom, Mildredandbobbin, darcylindbergh, prettysailorsoldier, Mssmithlove, prettyvk, Kate_Lear, BeautifulFiction, verityburns, SilentAuror, allonsys_girl, 1electricpirate, cwb, CaitlinFairchild

lifeonmars, mydwynter, miss_frankenstein, songlin, lotherington, testosterone_tea, Teatrolley, slashscribe, doctornerdington, antietamfalls, tweedisgood, Chryse, wearitcounts, hogwartswitch, sussexbound, May_Shepard, Quesarasara, stitchy, aderyn, joolabee, Mad_LoriJaneTurenne

thisisforyou, Nomdeplume, peevee, cypress_tree, astudyinrose, Kryptaria, blueink3, sweetcupncakes, scullyseviltwin, hudders-and-hiddles, Garonne, what_alchemy, magikspell, moonblossom, jamlockk, Ewebie, KeelieThompson1, kinklock, flawedamythyst, Itsallfine, conductor_of_light

Nightcap Fic Recs

I was inspired by a discussion on this month’s @threepatchpodcast. They were talking about those nice little fics you can read before bed to send you off to a pleasant dream time, like a nightcap. So, here’s a bunch of fluff and smut, mostly smut because I’m me. As I find more, I’ll post them with the tag #nightcapfic. If anyone wants to add to the list or post their own, yay! Tag me in that shit.

I’ll be posting the summaries from Ao3 rather than reviews because otherwise, I’d be writing This is delightful! over and over.

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Blog Rec

So if you haven’t found this rec blog yet I suggest you do.

Sherlock Odd Fic

It is run by fanfic author peevee who is one of my favorite authors. What’s great about this blog is that she recs really good stories, that are, well, odd! I’ve found a lot of stories that I’ve read and rec'ed through this blog and I thought it was about time I tell you guys about this blog. I love it! 

Just be sure to read all the warnings that she posts because some of the fics will not be your cup of tea. 

Thanks love!
BBC Sherlock rec, shameless smut edition: Six Crates of Beer and One Cigarette

Fuck Mondays, man.  They don’t need more angst than they already come with.  What they do need, though?  A lot more happy sex.

Lestrade is studying to take the test for detective, and John is 18 and recently started medical school.  They’re both adorable and THEN THEY HAVE ENTHUSIASTIC SEX AND EXPLODE PA’S DELICATE BRAINS ALL OVER HER SOFA THANK GOD SHE GOT IT STAIN-GUARDED. Hnnnnnnnnnnnn.

There’s not much more to it than that (except then they have sex again…repeatedly) but FRANKLY DO YOU NEED MORE?


Quick squiggle for my lovely lovely friend who always says such nice things about the things I make:

It’s terrible in that kind of brilliant way that straight-faced crack fic is though. Like a particularly well told joke :D