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Pietro "I want a dog" Maximoff. Steve "you don't even have a house" Rogers.

she did it she opened the floodgates

Pietro “We don’t have dogs in my country” Maximoff. Steve “Dogs are a universal thing” Rogers.

Pietro sneaking puppies into his room in Stark Tower and then insisting it was Steve’s idea when he’s caught. “He thought it would educate me, no such creatures as these can be found in my beloved Sokovia.” 

Thus begins the adventures of Peeve and their ill-advised venture into pet ownership, starring their four new doggies. Pietro named them all, so probably there is STEVE the blonde chihuahua, WANDA the black miniature poodle, SOKOVIA the jack russell and BUTTONS the pug. Probably.

Obviously a week in and Steve is the one who feeds, cleans and picks up after the dogs (and Pietro tbh) but Pietro is the one who teaches them to fetch and never seems to get bored of playing with them or bringing them on walks. He orders all kinds of expensive collars and leashes and then sends them off to be covered in Swarovski crystals, all on Steve’s credit card. 

Steve can’t complain tho because he’s been bringing them all to the most luxurious pet salon in the city every week since they got them and he’s the one who paints Puppy Steve red and blue with that special hair chalk every other day.

Pietro “I have just learned of cats, we must get some” Maximoff and Steve “don’t even try it” Rogers is, of course, the thrilling sequel.

“I hate that some of the roleplayers out there are so selective that you can’t even talk to them in the askbox. It’s so frustrating! And the HTMLs edits are frustrating too. Roleplay a few years ago was so fun, but now it’s just for “selective” people.”

If you don’t like something about yourself, make an effort and change. Don’t just sit there and complain because your flaws aren’t going to change by itself. 

“i’m sorry, but following and unfollowing someone repeatedly is not how you test out a friendship. no, that’s actually how you lose a friendship because the moment you start passive-agressively following and unfollowing me, it’s going to either make me think twice, or make me angry and feel that maybe the friendship isn’t worth my time. and actually, you should never have to “test the strength of a friendship”. you should have faith in the friendship and all your friends do for you, especially those who have always put you before themselves. but hey, not like you actually seem to care.”