"I don’t like roleplayer’s who complain when other roleplayers reblog memes from them, but do not receive that meme in their inbox from the person reblogging. No one is obligated to send a meme to someone. It’s not fair to tell others what they can and cannot reblog. Perhaps they don’t feel comfortable sending it at that moment, or do not feel it would be appropriate between their muses. So don’t tell them not to reblog it. That’s not in your control."

I hate it when a bitch ignores my text. If you don’t want to talk to me, just tell me you’re busy or you don’t want to text. Don’t just leave me hanging like that.

“I hate when people judge others RPers because of grammar or spelling mistakes. You don’t know if the other RPer has a learning disability that makes it hard to distinguish between all the complex rules of grammar or if English is their second (or third) language. Sometimes people just make mistakes. If you judge people based on some grammar mistakes then I do not want to RP with you regardless of how well you write or if your posts are grammatically correct.”

Pet Peeve

Am I in a speechy mood today or what?

I thought I’d share and tell you that my biggest pet peeve is people who don’t wash their hands. I literally don’t think of you the same. I know it’s horrible. But seriously! You have to flush the toilet with something (most likely hand) and then you touch the doorknob with that hand!! My freshly cleaned hand has to touch that doorknob you lint licker!!