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Could you do high school Everlark playing spin the bottle or something like that? :)

Thank you for this prompt anon - sorry it’s taken me a little while to get to it (there was just too many joshifer comic con things happening for me not to work on those other prompts as they came in). However, inspiration struck me tonight (just as well since I’m working/studentship-ping for the rest of the week!) so, well… I just hope you like it!

(also: I made it college Everlark (US/Panem high school is different from UK and I didn’t want to get it wrong), I hope that’s okay!)


Kiss and Tell…

His lips are soft and firm, teasing and greedy, his but mine. Everything about us is an entire contradiction. He is blond where I am dark, he is broad and tall where I am small, he is forever an outgoing optimist, and I am… not. We aren’t even close in our group of friends, at least to them and everyone else here.

When we pull apart, my head knocks lightly against the wall, but my eyes don’t open, too heavy and wonderfully delerious to be prised apart right now. Seconds follow, the sounds of our breaths mixing and fanning over our cheeks, swirling and warm, are all I can focus on, and the grip of his hands on my waist.

When I open my eyes, my grey meet his contrasting dazzling blue and my lips turn upwards outwith my control into a wide smile, matching his. 

“See you in there,” he breathes, but he makes no move away, his hands gripping a little tighter around me. I smile, and give him a nod, reluctantly letting his shirt slip from my fingers. He steps back, once, twice, his hands haven’t let me go, three steps away, his arms outstretched. It’s almost too far, when I step with him, throwing myself towards him and rejoining our lips easily, sighing with the reestablishment of our intimacy. Our lips pull and suck, and we swallow each others’ moans in our mouths, desperate and frantic as if separated for years and not barely minutes.

This time when we break apart, I won’t go with, or back to, him.


Outside the dorm room I take a quick breath, pull on the hem of my shirt and look back up before I knock once and open the door in one familiar motion.


Annie waves up at me from the floor, her back against the couch and the rest of her lithe body tucked up against her boyfriend, and the biggest sarcastic pain in my ass, Finnick. He winks at me and I roll my eyes, stepping closer to join the circle that has gathered on his, Peeta and Gale’s dorm room floor. 

“Think fast, Brainless!”

By the time I look up from my feet, negotiating a spot to sit on the floor, a can of beer is flying through the air towards me. I can’t catch it, so I deflect it quickly from my face, letting it drop to my lap. Jo smirks. “Not bad.”

“I thought about leaving it and having an excuse to get out of Abernathy’s quiz on Monday.”

Jo swallows a mouthful from her own can, and shakes her head. “No. We’re not talking about that. Not until tomorrow when I need you to help me cram everything we’ve supposed to have learned this semester and I’m feeling too sorry for myself to feel guilty.”

I laugh and shake my head, lifting my drink in the air. “Deal.”

My eyes glance around the group and land on him, just for a moment, before I tip the beer to my mouth, and I catch him smiling at me, before his gaze turns away too.

“Right, spin the bottle, come on!” Madge shouts, pointing at the now empty soda on the floor. “You all promised!” When Madge has been drinking, and she has tonight, she gets pretty childlike, pouted lip and everything. And after last week, when we’d all fallen asleep about an hour in, bored and just tired from a week of college, we had decided we should plan for some kind of game or entertainment. Spin the bottle, the old classic, was up first.

“Gale! Shh, we’re playing!” she whines again, and I have to avoid Johanna’s eye as I roll me eyes, an action mirrored by Gale too. Finally, having fallen quiet enough for Madge, we start.

Jo spins first, and gets Finnick. “Right come on Lover Boy, pucker up!”

Finnick laughs good-naturedly and leans across to Jo, wetting his lips in what I assume he means to be seductive. Cheers erupt when they break apart, and Jo pretends to be disgusted. Finnick sits back with Annie, an arm slung over her shoulders, and blows her another kiss.

We carry on like this, Annie and Jo, Madge and Gale, me and Madge, Gale and Finnick… Peeta and…

“He’s in the bathroom, skip him!”

His slipping away is convenient and I can’t help but feel lighter that he managed to escape it. And that he probably done it deliberately. But he can’t skip them all.

He sits back down as it gets to me again, and I meet his eyes fleetingly before I spin. Gale.

I lean over slowly, not even trying to hide how much I don’t want to be kissing him, not now, not ever and especially not with Peeta watching from beside him. The thought makes my insides twist and clench. I purse my lips tightly and meet Gale’s lips quickly, like a schoolgirl, with a light peck.

I get some protests, some demands that we redo, but we’ve moved on, and they’d all much rather watch Annie and Madge now anyway.

When it gets back to Gale and it lands on me, I want to be swallowed up by the floor I’m sitting on. Not again. Madge, Annie, Jo, Finnick - anyone platonic! Gale asked me out in our first year, everyone knows it. And I never thought of him that way. He took it well, when I said no, but I still wonder if he still feels that way, and it makes me uneasy. Particularly now that I have to kiss him… again.

I shift up on to my knees and wipe the back of my hand over my lips. “Are you sure we can do doubles? Isn’t there a rule against that?”

It’s a lame attempt, but I had to do something. 

“Nope Brainless, get smooching!”

Dread washes over me. It’s just a kiss, nothing to it, just a quick press against his lips, his lips that are not Peeta’s.

I shoot him a silent glance, my eyes shouting at him, don’t make me do this!

He frowns, his lips turning downward, and his eyes softening as I look back to Gale. It’s like kissing your brother! I shudder, he leans forward. From the corner of my eye I see Peeta shift, his knuckles are turning white on his clenched fists, his jaw just as tight and his eyes burning into me.

I take a breath.


We freeze and all time and sound seems to as well. My head turns slowly through the silence. He hasn’t taken his eyes off of me.

Something warm creeps around me, spreading from my chest and outwards throughout my body, and I feel like sighing in relief and in contentment. 

I move towards Peeta now, stopping in front of him.

“It’s spin the bottle!! Kissing is the whole point!”

Our eyes are locked but again, we remain silent. The rest of the room, the rest of the world melts away but us. His hand reaches up and his thumb runs over my lips carefully; I suck in a breath. I can’t help but dart my gaze to his lips, and I know he is doing the same to me. Gently, he presses his mouth to mine, warm and soft. It’s over quickly, but the tension is yet to shatter. Our foreheads press together still, having not pulled back far. Together, we dive forward again, his hands pulling my face to him. This time we move with each other, nothing sweet like before except for his taste. I run my fingers through his hair, letting the ends stick up between my fingers as I do, so soft against my skin. 

I gasp when we break apart. I don’t take my eyes from him, and I am grateful when the rest of the room starts to ebb back into my consciousness that my back is to our friends. Our friends who were in the dark about us moments ago, having now witnessed a very public display of our true affection to each other.

And then Finnick breaks the silence, large hands clapping together and filling the emptiness of the walls with a collective laughter, Annie squealing in excitement.

“Well, finally!” Johanna chimes in, as I bury my face into Peeta’s shirt, imagining her eyes rolling to the sky and her hands throwing up in exasperation too.

Peeta’s arms envelop me into his warm chest, and looking up, I can see him smiling, his lips a little red and puffy. And I just want to kiss them all over again.

“Well, at least I know it wasn’t personal,” Gale quips lightly making us all laugh, even if my cheeks flame at the same time.