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Katniss’s depression, Peeta’s return, and why the movie did it wrong

After Primrose’s death, Katniss falls into serious depression, deeper than any before. (It parallels Mrs Everdeen’s one - when Katniss’ mother “almost stopped living” when her husband died.) After several weeks in a coma filled with hallucinations and sadness, due to her third-degree burns, she slowly returns to consciousness, and finds no joy in it.

Katniss does not speak. She is emotionally traumatized to the point she has nor the will nor the energy to talk. She distances herself away from the world, becomes passive - informations about the end of the war are brought to her and she listens, the doctors give her medecines and she takes it, Haymitch watches over her as she eats her food. She wanders, purposeless and dizzy, around the presidential mansion, falling asleep as often as she can in remote rooms and cupboards.

Grief buries her. Weeks pass, and only the thought of killing Snow keeps her going.

And then, one day she comes across Snow. He reveals her it wasn’t the Capitol who released the parachutes on the children. He makes her understand that Primrose was not killed by her Enemy, but by those she fought with. And that’s when Katniss speaks for the first time since Prim died.

I refuse for this to be true. Some things even I can’t survive. I utter my first words since my sister’s death. “I don’t believe you.”

It is important. Her confrontation with President Snow is what channels her emotions and her remaining inner fire, and allows her to do her last rebellious act - killing Coin.

In the seconds following the murder of Coin, Katniss attempts suicide, but Peeta prevents her from it by throwing away the Nightlock pill. Katniss is imprisoned in her training center’s room. She thinks of suicide daily, but there is nothing around her that would permit her to kill herself. She is under careful surveillance. She tries to starve herself but without success.

 Finally after months, she is released (her trial ended) and Haymitch brings her back home to District 12. 

 Katniss enters a period of lethargy. She doesn’t move around the house, she doesn’t answer the phone calls, she doesn’t even shower. 

I haven’t left the house. I haven’t even left the kitchen except to go to the small bathroom a few steps off of it. I’m in the same clothes I left the Capitol in. What I do is sit by the fire. Stare at the unopened letters piling up on the mantel.

Yet she doesn’t kill herself, although nothing stops her this time.

There’s no obstacle now to taking my life. But I seem to be waiting for something.

(for someone actually Katniss)

 One day Greasy Sae (her neighbour who visited Katniss and made sure she ate) tells her that “spring is in the air”. And the next morning, Peeta is back.

 It is his return that brings Katniss back to life.

Ater seeing Peeta with the primroses, Katniss rushes to her room and throws Snow’ white rose, which was there all the time. It symbolized not only his power, but also her past, the war that happened. As long as the rose is in the house, Katniss won’t be able to move on and will stay fixated on her past. 

The evil thing is inside [her house], not out.

After seeing Peeta, Katniss finally removes her Capitol’s robe, showers.

After seeing Peeta, Katniss asks what happened to Gale and where he lives now.

After seeing Peeta, Katniss goes to hunt for the first time. She doesn’t manage, because she lacks the strength for such a physical effort, but she goes to the meadow, walks through District 12, breathes fresh air.

And Buttercup the cat returns after Peeta, too, the same day. Katniss finally releases her grief and emotions, opens her letters and calls her mother.

Slowly, with many lost days, I come back to life. I try to follow Dr. Aurelius’s advice, just going through the motions, amazed when one finally has meaning again.

It is meaningful that Katniss did all this after seeing Peeta, because as she says in the last paragraph:

I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.

 Peeta comes back to Katniss as spring starts, which in itself is symbolic. Spring represents the coming back to life, warm days, happiness. Just as Peeta gave Katniss hope years ago, he reawakens the energy and life inside her this time, too. Subconsciously, Katniss was waiting for his return. And he did not disappoint. 

Finding Home 2

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I wrote a little story called Finding My Way Home last year for ms2sl, and even though I was satisfied with how that story ended, I’ve had this itch to write the day after ever since. Sometimes, you just have to give in. So, here’s the continuation that no one asked for. Rated E. You know why.

Finding my way Home, Part 2

rated E


The drive home is quiet. We are both exhausted after five days with Peeta’s family. And after all of that mayhem, the silence feels welcome. But it leaves me far too much time in my head. Far too much time to worry that what we’ve shared won’t survive when we rejoin our real lives.

Even when we stop for a quick meal we barely talk. But we hold hands under the table, and that reassures me.

So when Peeta drops me off at my apartment I’m confused. Standing at my door, holding my bag, he slumps against the frame. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asks.

“You’re not coming in?” It’s not even eight yet.

“I’m so tired, Katniss,” he whispers, and I swallow my disappointment. As hard as this weekend was for me, I know it was so much worse for him.

“Okay, yeah.” I say, then fidget uncomfortably. Do I hug him goodnight? Kiss him? Three years of being best friends, not quite twenty-four hours of being more - I have no idea how to act.

He saves me from my awkwardness, leaning down to kiss me, just lightly, and I practically melt. He pulls away and meets my eyes. “I love you,” he says.

“I love you, too,” I whisper. And then he leaves.

After four nights sharing a bed with Peeta, my own bed feels cold and lonely. Though we hadn’t discussed anything this morning, nor during the long drive home, I guess I thought he’d stay with me. That we might pick up where we left off this morning.

That he’d at least want to.

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“Same Old Lang Syne”-an Everlark Holiday Fic

Happy Holidays y’all! So wonderful to be writing again!

Summary: On Christmas Eve, Peeta Mellark returns to his hometown and the love of his life. 

We drank a toast to innocence
We drank a toast to now
We tried to reach beyond the emptiness
But neither one knew how…-Dan Fogelberg

“Bro—” Thresh threw the football up from where he laid in bed. “—there’s no food around here.” Catching it easily, he looked to Peeta who was packing his suitcase. “Is anything open in this town?”

He gave the man an easy smile. “Panem is one of those sleepy towns where everything closes at 6.”

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anonymous asked:

Just curious, why as the leg amputation so important to you? It wasn't really a huge thing in the books after Katniss finds out about it in the post-Games interview.

I think Peeta would probably argue with you about his missing leg being a “huge thing.” The fact that he was an amputee who overcame major adversity is important, and the erasure of his disability is a serious oversight. Furthermore, his leg was more than just a flesh and blood casualty. It was also symbolism and the first of many pieces of himself that Peeta, who wanted more than anything to stay whole and true to himself and to come out of the arena unchanged, lost to the Games.

Peeta lost his mind, his family, and his leg. His mental, familial and physical support were taken away from him, and he still persevered. Those losses were part of his character arc, and helped to show just how damn strong he was to carry on despite it all. 

Yeah, his leg was important to me.

But consider this; Percy and Annabeth after Tartarus having the same after effects as Peeta after he was hijacked.

• Percy gripping the back of a couch and Annabeth having to tell them not to touch him.
• Annabeth screaming and thrashing in her sleep
• Staring off into space but their hands are slowly clenching and turning white
• flashbacks that make them cry
• people they know slowly becoming afraid of them

Happy birthday, micmic022!!

@micmic022  we greatly apologize for the delay! We hope your birthday on the 11th was full of great things. In honor of your day @booksrockmyface has written you a special birthday fic!

Title: Successful Arrangement

Gift For: micmic022

Rated: T

Trigger warning: Talk of infected wound leading to amputation.

Author’s Note: Happy birthday! I hope you like this take on an arranged marriage.

Peeta looked at the picture on his phone of the woman The Victors Agency had matched him with. He had many friends who were able to find a good marriage through The Agency. It prided itself in making perfect marriage arrangements. And had done so for 74 years. Peeta chose it over any of the startups that claimed to have similar successes.

They’d matched him with a young woman named Katniss. They had exchanged a few emails and texts. And a single phone call that lasted all of twenty minutes. She was obviously not much for phone conversation, but he didn’t mind. She was very eloquent over their written communication. And maybe she did better in person.

But it was finally time to meet and Peeta was ready.

He looked down at the phone again and pulled up her picture. Her text came through as he was looking around the park to spot her.

Katniss: I’m by the fountain.

Peeta turned in a circle and found the fountain. He headed toward it, typing his text as he went. Be there in a sec.

He saw her before she saw him. Her dark hair was down in waves over her shoulders. Her hands flexed on her lap as she looked around. Her grey eyes took in everything. He could already imagine how he would recreate her likeness in every artistic medium he used. Probably pencils first…

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