10 Last Lines

These last lines are from my last ten fics.

This Is The One - He grinned at her stupidly for a few seconds before speaking. “My favorite color is orange. What’s yours?”

A Clean Sweep - He may have come from Town, but Peeta has a good heart. I hope he and Katniss will be happy together.

A Match Of My Own - “Well, let’s get going,” Henry said after he watched Daisy walk away. “I have big plans for this meal.”

Just Like A Hallmark Movie - He lifted his head, caught her eye and gave her a knowing smile. “You can count on it.”

To Live And Learn - I take a deep breath, count my blessings, and choose to be happy.

It Can Be A Wonderful Life - Katniss smiled, tipping her glass in response and took a long drink.

The Visit - “Peeta’s the victor,” I tell Rye. “We’re staying here in Town. We have a bakery to run.”

Boundless As The Plains - “That’s exactly what I thought.” She pulled her head back, twisting her body around and met his lips.

It Takes A District - It’s remarkable what the desire to protect your family can accomplish. It can topple even the most seemingly permanent and established order.

More Than Presents - Katniss kissed the babe in her arms, closed her eyes, and began to sing softly, “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

I’m a person who cries at the end of nearly every fiction book I read (for an hour after Mockingjay). There’s something about leaving a universe that makes me sad.

Maybe that’s why I put far more thought and effort into writing the last paragraph of my fics than I do the opening line. My very favorite ending that I wrote was for Letters From Peeta (more than ten fics ago). I played around with the text for 2 to 3 weeks before I got it exactly the way I wanted it. Here it is: But because you have read my entire story and taken such interest in it, I will hint at that most secret of epilogues shared only between Peeta and myself. A consummation of love communicated through lingering kisses and soft sighs, gentle touches and pleasurable caresses, racing heartbeats and tangled limbs. Much better than a letter from Peeta any day.

I tag anyone who wants to play.


read it on the AO3 at

by LaughtersMelody

President Snow could have stopped the rebellion before it even began, if only he had taken advantage of one pivotal moment during the 74th Hunger Games. In this universe, he does just that.

Words: 1358, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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theramblegirl-blog  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you know of any fanfictions where Peeta is Gales best friend- or where Katniss is Gales' sister and peeta is Gales' best friend. I'm basically looking for fanfics where it's the classic "best friend of brother" romance. Also if theirs any road trip stories? Preferably I'd like Peeta to be significantly older than Katniss: In both categories. But, I'm happy with any age, if you're able to find any stories which fit under these preferentials.. :)


Here are some fics where Katniss and Gale are related:

Saint Peeta by thegirlonpeetamellark

Homecoming by passionately_curious

My Brother’s Best Friend by prodigy X19

Peeta and Gale are friends:

The First Time - annieoakley1

Legend - HGRomance

Reprieve - sunfishdunes

Magdalene - FortuneFaded2012

Semper Fidelis - falafel_waffel

Vox Libertas - ForFutureReference

Let Me Fly - fanficallergy & rosefyrefyre (melleverthorne)

Somewhere That’s Green - JLaLa

Roommates - atetheredmind

Til The Rain Comes - lollercakes

Road Trip fics:

Get Your Kicks - Abagail_Snow

Two of Us - Abagail_Snow

Not Broken, Just Bent - books-are-better

Over an Open Field - jeeno2

Geeze, you’re something to see - LizzieOktambe

Coincidentally - marycontrary82

Cruise Control - PeetasAndHerondales

A Slice of Life - penelopeweaving

IF YALL HAVEN'T YET... get on this show called '3%'

it’s a brazilian tv show on netflix and it’s pretty dope tbh. the story line is interesting. it’s kind of like hunger games without the dramatics and “peeta!!!” every 14 seconds. may i add that they have a more interesting, sexy and diverse cast. ifw it heavy. joana is the me that i strive to be. you’ll see what i mean.

Everlark Advent - Day 3, The First Noel

The First Noel

rated G

The packages trickle in, ones and twos to start, but rapidly it escalates into a torrent. Bright wrappers from chichi little boutiques in the city. Etsy shops. Places in Norway that no one has ever heard of before. A tsunami of tyvek envelopes and itty bitty boxes.

Soon Peeta’s studio is covered in costume pieces. Knit hats with ridiculously long tassels. Curly-toed elf slippers. Santa hats, Christmas tree hats, even Grinch hats, for heaven’s sake. Angel wings made of real feathers. Faux reindeer antlers hand carved by Scandinavian craftsmen. Katniss almost said something when she saw the red and green tutu, festooned with ribbons. But she resisted, simply closing the door and shaking her head.

She’s certain she’ll have plenty to say in January when the credit card bills come in. But it’s hard to complain now, watching him garb their infant daughter in an impossibly tiny snowman onesie and pretend carrot nose. Because he’s waited five, ten, fifteen years for the privilege of sending out a Christmas card proudly displaying their perfect little baby.

She’s certainly not going to spoil his fun now.

Candy Cane

@titaniasfics I had to share what I conjured up for Yuletide in Panem’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 6 Candy Cane 

“I hate the doctor’s office,” his dad spat like a five-year-old being told he had to eat his vegetables.

Peeta chuckled and good-naturedly said, “Come on you big baby.”

They left for the doctor’s office; it was only a few doors down.  When Peeta opened the door he found Katniss dressed like little bow peep, in a gingham pink dress, with frilly white petticoats, a bonnet and a huge candy cane in her hand. The dress came to about mid thigh; she wore white knee socks with pink little bows on each side and black patent leather shoes.

“MOM, I’m not walking to Effie’s like this!” Katniss hissed.

10 Last Lines

After the 20 First Lines challenge, @katnissdoesnotfollowback threw down another one - to list and ponder the final line in the last 10 fics you completed. Thank you to @titaniasfics@jennagill and @thegirlfromoverthepond who also tagged me. Work has been hella bad this week (*cries*), so apologies I’m only just getting to this now.

So what did I discover about my final line? Most of them are statements, a single line separate from the rest of the text. They’re primarily when either Katniss or Peeta come to a decision or realisation, and I think that’s how I tend to end my fics more than any other way. Only 20% close out with a line of dialogue, and that’s generally the only time I will use 2 or more sentences to close out a fic. 

Upon re-reading the end of some of my others, Social Standing is still my favourite ending to a fic I’ve written. And - no surprises! - it ends with a single line, separate to the rest of the text, lol.

1. Trying to Get it Right

I won’t make the same mistake twice.

2. A Long Way from Home

(Peeta shifted on the towel, drawing her close and sliding his foot between hers, tangling their legs together.) “That sounds like a plan,” he murmured, and fused his mouth to hers.

3. Drifting Between Grey and Blue

Maybe tonight she’d finally tell him.

5. 7 Seconds 

A second was all it took for them to make things official, in the traditional District Twelve way.

6. Narrowly Avoided Misadventures

(Katniss stared at him for a moment, before a small smile began to cross her face. Thank God.) “So - when do you want to go out?”

7. All the Possibilities

And I’m fairly certain that when I do tell her, she’ll say it back.

8. Just For Show

He wasn’t even hers to be jealous over in the first place.

9. Something We Can’t See

(Peeta grinned, wide and enthusiastically.) “Deal.”

10. Headlines

Katniss couldn’t wait until this stupid contract was done.

I’ve seen this meme go around a fair bit, and I think virtually everyone I know has been tagged already. But if you haven’t been as yet, and I’ve been remiss in tagging you, go for it :)

abestados  asked:

Heeey... I was wondering if there is any fic like afternoon delight (by: sookieandsamfan) where katniss and peeta are a little bit 'closer' in catching fire... before the quarter quell. thank u, send all my gratitude to u, guys.


Here are some fics where Everlark are close in Catching Fire:

Pure - Traviosita9124

Extension of My Usefulness - Blue Moon3

Twelve - HGRomance

Twelve Nights - Everlark_Pearl

A Tragedy in Twelve Parts - Silvercistern

Beneath the Covers - Pookieh

Victory Tour - MsDisdain

Curious Kat - missprisshg

I’ve Only Ever Wanted This - wollaston

Burning Alive - cloverleafsky

hold me, hold me (never let me go) - loveleee

Bed of Roses - everydayescapeartist

Alight - GlassBelle

Save the Last Kiss – orea domina

The Beach of Love – Hybrid Baby

Give them a real show - grumkinsorsnarks

The Sharp Edge of Memory (formerly Persuasion) - ct522

And here is our masterlist of AU: Married in Catching Fire fics.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> Peeta smears that jelly like substance on Katniss' forehead for healing<p/><b>Hubs:</b> why is he spreading her blood on her forehead like that?<p/><b>Me:</b> He's putting that healing jelly thing that she used for her burns.<p/><b>Hubs:</b> oh, I thought he was like claiming her.<p/><b>Me:</b> like Simba? <p/></p><p/></p>

aevelazco  asked:

I have a question about an Everlark fanfic that I can't seem to remember the title of. Basic summary: Katniss Everdeen is a sort of robot created in a lab. She is programmed to fight in wars but has basic human instincts. Peeta is a scientist in the lab whom Katniss gets attached to. Any help finding this fanfic would be greatly appreciated.

This sounds like Synth by midnighteverlark. Please let us know if it isn’t the fic you’re looking for!

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