Summary: A mandatory law brought them together. Four years later, Peeta Mellark comes to District 12 to the daughter he’s never known and the wife he barely met. An In-Panem AU with the marriage law twist.

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Baby Shower er by JNFerrigno

“He frosted under heavy guard. He’s still under lock and key. But I’ve talked to him,” Haymitch says.

…Haymitch pauses a moment, as if deciding something. “He says he’d like to see you.”

I’m on a frosting sailboat, tossed around by blue-green waves, the deck shifting beneath my feet. My palms press into the wall to steady myself. This wasn’t part of the plan…Never was I supposed to hear the words He says he’d like to see you. But now that I have, there’s no way to refuse.”

- Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins

Haven’t done this in a while now, have we? :D

Anybody remember the credits of Lilo and Stitch where they’re showing some pictures and the last one is of Lilo’s family and she added Stitch to the picture? (see here) that’s where the inspiration for this came from. Some members were lost, but they’ll never be forgotten <3 

Finnick’s picture I imagine it being taken when he’s getting ready for his wedding? And Prim’s just a casual pic 

Wood texture here, cause I’m not gonna bother drawing wood lol 

Title:  A Dandelion From The Fall

Author:  Jenns.Fiction


Rating:  K

Length:  Ficlet (832)

Pairing:  Katniss/Peeta

Summary:  AU. New kindergarten teacher Maysilee Donner witnesses the first time Peeta Mellark declares his intentions towards Katniss Everdeen.

Why This is Good:  Little!Katniss and Little!Peeta are adorable.  It’s even funnier when you find out what the original prompt was…not that I’m going to spoil it for you!

ohmakemeahercules  asked:

How about first day the bakery reopens since they came back to D12?

Thank you for the prompt. This is my first time writing anything canon-compliant so hopefully it doesn’t suck. Unbetaed. All mistakes are mine.

He slides his fingers over the countertop. The patchwork of new and old skin on his hand matches mine. It will never go away. Neither will the psychological scars from that fatal day. But today is not about the past; it’s about the present and the future.

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SSS - Silver Thaw

Here’s a little preview of Ch. 3 - ‘The Prisoner’

He leaned over the girl to check the bandage on her head. Some of her hair had come loose from the braid, and, for some reason, he felt compelled to smooth the damp strands that lay stuck to her face away from her eyes.

Peeta pulled the girl against him to share his warmth with her shivering body. Though there was no fight in her now, when she awoke, she’d be a handful. So he gathered her in his arms, her back against his chest, wrapping her so tightly in his embrace that her arms were fully restrained against her chest. If she made even the slightest movement he would be ready. Despite his exhaustion, he doubted he would sleep soundly tonight anyway. With the Mockingjay so close, the nightmares were certain to visit.

The warm, orange glow and heat from the woodstove radiated a coziness that conflicted with everything he knew to be true. Maybe it was the accumulated stress of the last couple of days, his trip down the river, and the effort of carrying the girl, but Peeta felt a pleasant drowsiness enfolding him as he hugged her to his body. It was such an unexpected and peaceful sensation he allowed himself to close his eyes.

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Fic Updates!  Weekending 8/27/16

Hope you all had a wonderful week!  Here’s a recap of all the fic updates I found.  Please be sure to send our authors some love this week!

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New Fic

I Didn’t Know We Were Friends by Tulipwriter  - I can’t find a tumblr blog associated with this author.

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Hunger Games - [text]: Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive.

I will do this for Everlark, since you didn’t specify an actual ship.

154. [text]: Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive.

Katniss knew it was a bad idea to go out drinking with her mentor Haymitch, but she could not help herself. She had a shitty day on campus and was known to cope horribly with emotional problems. Some called her emotionally unavailable, others called her a bleeding heart. There was no in-between. It just depended on how well you knew her.

But one thing everyone knew about Katniss, no matter if you were close to her or not, was that she was known as the campus lightweight.

After two sips of a drink, she was usually a goner. Haymitch even knew this, but he also had a shitty day, a horrible drinking problem, and he knew that he could not control Katniss. No one could control Katniss Everdeen.

“So what happened today, Katniss?” Haymitch asked her.

He took a sip of his second whiskey and slammed it down onto the bar counter. He was hoping she would finally talk.

“Come on, Haymitch,” she drawled slowly, “You know me well enough to know that even a few drinks won’t make me open up. It’s none of your damn business.”

Haymitch nodded and then motioned for the bartender to come over and give them another round.

This went on for another three rounds, until both of them were pretty incoherent.

At least she was numb to the pain, Katniss thought. She didn’t want to think about her sister’s illness or her failing marks any longer.

Haymitch burped as they walked, more like stumbled, out of the bar and then asked, “How are you going to get home? I’m taking the bus, but you shouldn’t. You need a ride.”

Katniss contemplated on trying to argue that she could drive herself, but she knew that was unreasonable and stupid.

She sighed and knew instantly who she needed to text. She didn’t want to see him, not after seeing his face when he saw her kissing Gale two nights ago.

“I have someone who can get me.” was all Katniss replied.

Haymitch nodded as he sat down on the bench at the bus stop. Katniss sat next to him to stop her head from spinning as she texted Peeta.

[text]: Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive. 

It only took two seconds, just like she thought it would, for Peeta to answer.

[text]: of course, on my way.

Katniss leaned back on the bench and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she realized Haymitch was gone and Peeta was sitting next to her, shaking her awake.

“Let’s go home, Katniss.” was all he said.

He was avoiding eye contact with her, and she did not like that.

“Look at me.” She demanded.

She had no idea how she had this strength in her voice, or how she could even form a sentence with how drunk she was, but she managed.

Peeta looked up at her like his body responded before he thought it through. He looked hurt.

“I’m sorry,” she explained, “You know Gale just knows my sister and I- he was trying to comfort me.”

Peeta just nodded then and took her hand. She tried to stand up, but she stumbled. She decided to lean against him for support as he drug her to his car.

“I know, Katniss.” He answered, “I just wish you could trust me.”

“I do,” she replied a little too quickly, “it’s just..”

“What?” He asked as he sat her down in the passenger seat.

“You scare me.”

“Why do I scare you?”

Katniss knew if she wasn’t drunk, this wouldn’t come out, but it needed to anyway. She knew this for awhile. The truth always comes out.

“I’m scared of my feelings for you, I’m afraid of what they mean.”

Peeta bent down so he was eye-level with her as he buckled her in.

“I know, but you can’t get shitfaced every time you’re scared or upset.”

Katniss tried to nod, but she could feel herself wavering in and out of consciousness. She heard the car door close and felt Peeta get in on the driver’s side.

As she was passing out the last thing she heard was, “I love you, Katniss. It will be okay.”

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kingrobb, jpinkman, ladystarks, starkjon

@kingrobb: she’s one of those mutuals that i’ve never actually talk to but i admire from afar tbh.  11/10 would recommend and she seems super nice!

@jpinkman:  great blog!!  i don’t know them personally but i love their aesthetic and pretty much everything they post

@ladystarks: another one of those mutuals that i wish i knew better.  i love her blog and she seems really sweet!  she also just put me on her follow forever which is :’)

@starkjon: i think the moral of this post is that i’m really bad at interacting with my mutuals because she’s another one that i admire from afar.  really really nice blog!

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I hope you’re having a better day than I am! Enjoy this chapter! Let me know what you think!

[FF] or [AO3]


Katniss startled when she heard the door being opened but breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw it was only Peeta. Her partner slowly – and quietly – closed the door, lifting an eyebrow at her, and she pulled off her earphones, sorry not to hear the end of Viva La Vida because she had been looking forward to some time alone all day. She refused to explain why she was sitting cross-legged on the pool table in the game room no one hardly ever used. There was a pool table, a game of darts on the wall – and Katniss had kicked Peeta’s and Haymitch’s asses more than once at that – a few bean bags in the corner next to a bookshelf on which board games were piled… Unlike other rooms in the house, it was obvious this one hadn’t been redecorated or touched in a while – since Effie’s childhood probably – since there were more interesting things to do elsewhere.

“Tell me they’re not about to come barging in?” she growled.

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Six Sentence Sunday

First of all, I am so grateful to everyone who sent me drabble requests over the last couple of weeks. I had a bit of writer’s block since NaNoWriMo ended and those requests went a long way to helping me get my mojo back. I’m not done with them but I will work on them. They’re bringing me good luck! Thank you.

As for a SSS, I don’t have any to offer of my WIPs because they are a mess and need editing but I do have one for my next one-shot which I’m pretty excited about. It’s for the word Brontide - the distant sound of thunder. It’s a Red Rising/Everlark crossover and no, it is NOT a WIP (really, it’s not :) ).

If you didn’t guess, The Mockingjay is Katniss and Logos is Peeta.

She nodded to the standard in Logos’ hand. “Kept yourself in the game. What’s your plan?”

“Stay alive,” he said, kneeling to hand her a stick with meat, likely from a roasted hare. Her stomach nearly cramped in hunger.

“What about you, Mockingjay? You don’t strike me as the type to take defeat lying down, no matter the comfort or the compelling company.” He flashed her a devilish smile to which she could not help rolling her eyes.  “What’s your plan?”

Her plan? She was carried by her sister’s song, the one that had condemned her to death. Her life belonged to her. She came to ascend. She came to rule. She came to destroy. She came to liberate.

She could not tell this to Logos, though. Much as she was grateful to him, much as she felt the bond between them grow and strengthen, he was Capitol. He was a Gold, son of the ruling class. She could ill afford to trust her enemies. No matter what alliances she built here, they would all fall in the end.

“There can only be one. And it will be me.”

Logos chuckled, shaking his head. “Who says?  Who said there must only be one winner?”

“Those are the rules,” Katniss answered, sounding petulant to her own ears.

He came within an inch of her face. “Those who are strongest make the rules. Or will you continue to be a piece in their games, Mockingjay?”

Summer Writing

Summer is almost over! I’ve spent the last couple of months traveling and reading, but I still managed to get some writing done. Here’s a list of all the drabbles and chapters I posted. Hope you enjoy.

Bits & Pieces

A collection of drabbles from my Tumblr account featuring Everlark.

Written for @d12drabbles . Prompt 6: Childhood

“…I was only just thinking of those chalk drawings we used to do on the paving stones. Yours were so wonderful. Remember when you made each one a different animal?”

“Yeah. Pigs and cats and things,” says Peeta.
Mockingjay p189

Canon compliant prequel.

This is a little something I wrote inspired by @everlarkedalways “Favorite Fantasy” theme.

Catching Fire is my favorite book in the trilogy, and it always breaks my heart that Katniss and Peeta are forced apart by the Quarter Quell announcement. My “favorite fantasy” is to see them working together, without secrets, as they train for the Quell. I would have loved it if Katniss had been able to open up to Peeta and told him how she really felt. It would have made everything so much easier for them down the road.

My first smutty one-shot! Canon compliant, Post MJ / Pre-epilogue.

Canon compliant, Everlark during the Victory Tour.

I wrote this for @everlarkbirthdaydrabbles to celebrate @withheartfulloflove ’s birthday.

One Victor 

The hot summer sun kissed Katniss’ cheeks, and she felt its warmth spreading throughout her body.

The tiniest of smiles danced on her lips. But this wasn’t the right time for public displays of euphoria.

Not when Tessa Monroe, the 15-year old girl old whose name had been called, was making her way towards the stage in front of them; walking in a straight line towards imminent death.

Canon-divergent “what-if”. Prim isn’t reaped.

New Fic!

Born in District 12, Katniss and Peeta are sent to the Capitol as spies. Can real love grow when everything around them is a lie?