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2.5 Everlark Kisses in MJ2?

A few months ago I stumbled across a post on an “insider” blog for THG (I think many of us know which blog I’m talking about). I don’t know whether the blogger’s insider knowledge is real or not real, but they wrote something interesting that’s kept me thinking for some time now… They said we can expect 2.5 Everlark kisses in MJ2: one in the Capitol, one at the end, and then a final one… Which is more like “a half.”

It’s entertaining, if nothing else, to think about whether this is true and how that might play out on screen. If it is true, we know we can expect the sewer kiss in the Capitol. And then we know we’re going to get a kiss for “real” (hopefully a conglomeration of messy, sexy, face sucking. But I digress).

That leaves us with one, final “half kiss.” Why would Everlark only half kiss in the epilogue?

Maybe we’ll see Peeta kissing Katniss’s forehead before running off in the meadow to play with their toastbaby boy.

But I have an even fluffier, more ridiculous thought (hopefully it’s not too incongruous with the tone of the epilogue): what if the final “half kiss” is Peeta and toastbaby boy blowing a kiss to the girls? And what if the final shot is Katniss’ face, responding to that, as a way to bookend the opening shot of her face staring in desolation at a Peeta she thinks she’s lost forever?

Whatever Everlark kiss we do get in the epilogue, I can’t think of a sweeter way for Peeta to show Katniss that it will be okay, that they have each other.

(Anyone else have a head canon to explain an epilogue half kiss?)