peeta milark

Apparently people are bashing Josh Hutcherson because of what he said at the GLAAD awards.

Does someone want to explain to me what’s negative about the fact that the labels ‘gay’ and 'lesbian’ shouldn’t be used to describe a person?

I’m serious.  What was wrong about him saying that he hates using them to explain about a person?  "They’re just people.“ That’s what he said.

How on EARTH can someone make that negative?!?!

The fact is that we should NOT be using the terms 'gay’ or 'lesbian’ or 'bisexual’ or 'transgender’ to define someone.  If someone is any of those things they are not defined by that.  They are impacted by it, for sure, and it is absolutely a part of them and no one is saying that that shouldn’t be acknowledged - in it’s proper time and place.  But, no forgive me, I don’t think the world should have to acknowledge someone’s sexuality at every given moment anymore than someone should acknowlege your cultural background every time you have to do something.

Sexuality, like culture, like family background, is something that makes you who you are.  If you are only made up of your sexuality, then I’m very sorry that you feel your life can be defined by a single adjective.  But do not bash someone who thinks more highly of you, and thinks there is more to you as a person.

And if I get bashed for this, well what-fucking-ever.