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a song that reminds me of the hunger games | time bomb - all time low

from the get-go I knew this was hard to hold
like a crash the whole thing spun out of control
on a wire we were dancing
two kids, no consequences
pull the trigger without thinking
there’s only one way down this road

it was like a time bomb set into motion
we knew that we were destined to explode
and if I had to pull you out of the wreckage
you know I’m never gonna let you go
we’re like a time bomb
gonna lose it, let’s diffuse it
baby we’re like a time bomb
but I need it wouldn’t have it any other way

well, there’s no way out of this so let’s stay in
every storm that comes also comes to an end
resistance is useless
just two kids stupid and fearless
like a bullet shooting the lovesick
there’s only one way down this road.