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As requested, I’m releasing Part One of A Bargain of Lovers, my @mores2sl fic. Part Two can be found here

Post-WW2!AU - When Katniss gets let go from her job at the factory, the last person she wants to take anything from offers her a way out.

“I’m offering you the money with no obligations or owed debts,“ he sighs, “but if you’re so stubborn that you won’t let me help you, give me the one thing I want above all else…marry me.”

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  • boy: date with me?
  • me: well... is your name percy jackson?
  • boy: no, but...
  • me: jace herondale?
  • boy: no. wait, you know my name, is...
  • me: augustus waters?
  • boy: no.
  • me: peeta mellark?
  • boy: no.
  • me: harry potter?
  • boy: no.
  • me: maxon schreave?
  • boy: who are those guys?
  • me: alex sheathes? anubis? tobias eaton? thomas? dhiren or kishan rajaram? david werkneiser? adam kent? ethan wate? ky markham? daniel grigori? patch cipriano? damen auguste?
  • boy:
  • me:
  • boy: no.
  • me: goodbye.
It’s Here! Part 4 - Daily Favors - An Everlark Story

Modern AU - Katniss buys her best friend and roommate, Peeta, a Favor Coupon Booklet for his birthday. She thinks he’ll get a kick out of it as she’s always been lazy when it comes to chores - but when he opens it, his reaction isn’t exactly what she expected. Will miscommunication, assumptions and misunderstanding lead to the end of their friendship - or will it lead to something more?

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

part 3 here

A/N: I know it’s been awhile so thank you for your patience and understanding. Since the story is ¾ smut and it’s my first time writing Everlark sex I wanted to make sure it was perfect. 

I really appreciate all the messages and kind words I’ve received over the last couple of months on this story too. Although technically the story could end here, I’m not going to say that this story is completed - but I am going to give it a break for awhile so I can concentrate on other stories.

Rated: E for explicit language and explicit sexual scenes.

Thank you to my beta, @sponsormusings, you’ve become a lovely friend to me and I don’t envy you for trudging your way through this chapter LOL. And thanks to your advice Katniss is no longer in danger of falling over LOL ;-)

I’ll give another shout out to Chash for the initial inspiration for this story.

Plus to the incredible @loving-mellark for creating the story banners - I’m always blown away by your talent.

I hope everyone enjoys!

~ 6 weeks later ~

Standing in front of her bedroom’s full length mirror, Katniss smooths her hands down her outfit and stares nervously back at her reflection. She barely recognises herself, and if anyone had told her a few weeks ago that she’d willingly be dressed up like this, she would have said they were insane. But being in a loving and committed relationship with Peeta has helped build her confidence and bring her out of her timid shell; it’s like a newer and bolder version of herself has been unleashed. Giving her reflection a quick smile, she makes sure every item of clothing is sitting perfectly in place. She’s looking forward to the moment when Peeta walks through the door and sees her.

The idea of buying a sexy French maid outfit originated from the Daily Favors For Lovers Coupon Booklet. When cooking dinner recently, she’d stumbled across the little booklet in the cutlery drawer – how it found its way in there, she’ll never know. Taking it out and flicking through it with a practiced ease, she wasn’t surprised to see only a small number of coupons left. In the last 6 weeks, she and Peeta had been busy putting his accidental birthday gift to good use.

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