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“You left me.”

“Real… I didn’t want to leave you but I did.”

“I tried to kill you…” Peeta said, with a broken voice.

“Real.” You answered, tears running down your face. 

“You’re here to kill me.”

“Not real.” You answered again.  “Peeta, please… You have to remember… I’m not here to kill you, I…” You looked down and sighed. “It’s too late…”

“Not real.” Peeta answered.

You looked at him with shining eyes.

“You love me. Real or not real?” He asked.

You stood up from your chair and leaned closer to him. You closed your eyes and put a soft kiss on his lips before looking at him in the eyes.


Peeta Mellark || Hunger Games || Not my gif

Brush and Barrel - Part One

I almost laugh at his presumption. It’s not like me to ask for money, and he knows it. “No, it’s not that,” I bite harder on my lip in an attempt to build the resolve necessary for my confession, “uh, I’m pregnant, Peeta. I need money to get rid of it.”

In-Panem AU. Katniss faces the consequences of her tryst with Victor!Peeta.

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  • Book Katniss: This is my dad's old hunting jacket.
  • Movie Katniss: This the figure-flattering jacket I just bought from D12's local H&M.
  • Book Katniss: I bundle my braid up under a cap when I go hunting.
  • Movie Katniss: I keep my braid out so people can tell I'm a girl.
  • Book Katniss: My dad had black hair and olive skin. I too have those features. As do Gale, Haymitch, and everyone else in the Seam besides my mom and Prim.
  • Movie Katniss: Gale and I both have fair skin and medium-brown hair. Haymitch is blonde.
  • Book Katniss: I'm so dehydrated right now that I can hardly pee and what I do produce is brown.
  • Movie Katniss: We're not going to address the health effects of arena conditions or the fact that I'm a human who urinates.
  • Book Katniss: Sometimes I notice Peeta staring at me and then looking away really fast. What's up with that? Kid's weird.
  • Movie Katniss: Peeta followed me home from school every day... How romantic.
  • Book Katniss: I'm very skinny, so I'm afraid that all the other tributes who've always had enough to eat will be far stronger than me. And not skinny in a hot way; like I have literally been on the brink of starvation my entire life. Capitol designers want to surgically augment my breasts so I look better on tv.
  • Movie Katniss: I'm skinny in a hot way. I'm curvy, so yeah my waist is small but I've got boobs and a butt. No one would say I require a boob job to look good.
Everyday Everlark Headcanon

“Peeta, what’s wrong?” He looks up at me with confused eyes. “Cheese buns..I can’t remember…” Stepping closer, I see that he’s filled a bowl with water and nothing else. I gently run my fingers through his hair. “Yeast, Peeta.” He looks up at me, surprised. Smiling, I pull out a notebook. “I’ve been watching you bake for a while,” I say, showing him the cheese buns recipe. “I wrote everything down, just in case- ” but I don’t get to finish, because he’s kissing me.

We make love instead of cheese buns.


Here it is!! The fourth installment of Break. You can find the other parts here: Air Ball, Double Hit. This chapter is a little bit longer that the previous ones. Also, this is probably about the length the next two chapters will be as well. There’s a little bit of angst going on, but fear not! Everlark. Is. Endgame.

WARNING: RATED E…for smut, of course. ;-)

“It looks a hundred times better now that you actually have furniture,” Prim says.

“I know,” Katniss says brightly, turning her laptop around so Prim can see her face again, just in time to witness her little sister shoving a handful of almonds in her mouth. She smiles fondly at the sight, struck with a pang of melancholy. Katniss misses her sister, and even though she knows Prim has an exam to study for, she’s not ready to end this call just yet. She already had to let Peeta go earlier today. He stayed as long as he could, and as it is, he won’t be getting back to the house until well after dark. Twirling her braid around her finger, Katniss tries to remove thoughts of Peeta and how they spent the rest of their weekend from her mind so she can focus on her sister.

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Author: @slytherinfromtheseam

Rating: M (because c’mon – how can you have Everlark without the M)

A/N: My first drabble! Eeeek, Excited! Please find me on AO3 and FFN under SlytherinFromtheSeam.

I haven’t heard from him in almost two months. I’m not exactly sure where he is. He wouldn’t, or couldn’t, tell me where he was going when he left. I’m really not even sure if he knew where he was going.

It’s nights like tonight that I worry the most. The house is eerily quiet. So, I’m awake at 3am, lying in our bed. When this happens, I try to replay my favorite moments over and over to try and get back to sleep. I flip through the pictures on my phone, one of us at Prim’s wedding to Rory. Peeta looked so goddamn handsome in his tuxedo. Then, after he took me against the door of the coat room, we snuck back out to the reception like nothing happened. Another one of us at the cabin by the lake, when we would stay up late and wake up early and take naps throughout the day. We loved being up there, laying in the hammock on the porch during the hottest parts of the day. Swimming in the lake at sunset, making love during the middle of the night on the boat dock.

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Okay the scene at the end of Mockingjay where Katniss and Peeta are sitting in the doorway watching the rain is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole movie. The way that Katniss looks at him just gives me so much happiness. Like Peeta has been looking at her like that this whole time and finally we get to see that she feels the same. And I love the fact that he doesn’t even see it. Idk, it’s literally a seven second clip that is just going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

A Simple Toasting

For @akai-echo inspired by your lovely photo/giftset “{ THG | Aesthetic } The Toasting” for @loveinpanem (un beta’ed all mistakes are mine)

Katniss felt the gold locket resting on the skin of her neck more so today than any other day.  They’d come in from their walk outside, in one hand she held a bouquet of dandelions and wildflowers Peeta picked for her, her other hand was twined with his.  They were content on this chilly spring evening.  Setting the bouquet on the mantle above fireplace she slipped her necklace that contained the locket from her neck.  Peeta stood by the fire stoking it to life.  “Peeta can you open the locket, the latch is giving me trouble.”

Katniss waited anxiously to see what he would do. She’d exchanged the pictures for a simple piece of paper.  It read “Will you marry me?”

Peeta was so surprised when he looked at the message his blue eyes sparkled brighter than the stars that shown in the night sky.  Katniss was relieved at his reaction.

“Yes Katniss, yes,” Peeta cupped her face and peppered small kisses upon her lips.  

His kisses made her feet curl and desire to bloom in the deepest parts of her being.  “Today, marry me today.” She paused in between kisses to desperately plead with him, “Peeta say yes.”

Peeta nodded his lips brushing against her cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

Katniss gave him her most radiant of smiles.  “Go upstairs and wear something nice.”

Peeta leapt up the stairs eagerly, the noise he made caused her to laugh.  Katniss ran to the kitchen for the bread she set aside for their toasting.  Then she went to the hall closet to where she hid her dress. She donned the sheer white gown she found at the hob, embroidered with lovely white flowers and dots. Underneath she wore a simple satin sheath white gown.  The color was a beautiful contrast to her olive skin.  Katniss looked at herself in the hall mirror as she slipped on her head the crown of flowers, she made this morning in the forest.  This was no a spur of the moment idea, she was ready to be Katniss Mellark.

She turned her head at the sound of Peeta rushing down the stairs. His blond hair was wet, slicked back and he was tucking in his button down white shirt into his dark pants.  His cheeks were red from the exertion and Katniss wanted to gobble him up.

Together they stood in front of the fireplace bread in hand ready to make their commitment.  Peeta toasted their pieces with the skewer, she hugged him from behind, and her impatient hands roamed his chest, her lips brushing against the skin of his neck Peeta turned them so that he could embrace her. He gave her a searing kiss that left her hungry for him.

Finally the bread was toasted and together they ate, pledging silently to twine their lives and souls for an eternity.  They made love, consummating their union well into the early hours of the morning.   Their happiness was only out shown by the rays of the sun, as the beams of sunlight snuck in through the narrow slits in the curtains, and danced carefully across their skin, marking them as husband and wife.


He looks well. Thin and covered with burn scars like me, but his eyes have lost that clouded, tortured look. He’s frowning slightly, though, as he takes me in. I make a halfhearted effort to push my hair out of my eyes and realize it’s matted into clumps. I feel defensive.

 “What are you doing?”
“I went to the woods this morning and dug these up. For her,” he says. “I thought we could plant them along the side of the house.”

I look at the bushes, the clods of dirt hanging from their roots, and catch my breath as the wordrose registers. I’m about to yell vicious things at Peeta when the full name comes to me. Not plain rose but evening primrose. The flower my sister was named for.

Cheese Buns preview, anyone?

    Peeta walked into the house and dropped onto the couch, flipping through the TV and smiling to himself.

    Finnick leaned over the back of the couch. “So?”

    Peeta didn’t look up. “What?”

    “You get a good feel?” Finnick asked. “Those tits are cute.”

    Peeta slowly turned and looked up at him. “Excuse me. Not all of us feel up a girl on the first date—”

    Finnick stood up straight and called toward the back of the house, “Annie, he called it a date!”

    Peeta shook his head quickly. “It wasn’t a date.”

    Annie walked in and wrapped her arms around Finnick’s waist. “Sure looked like a date.”

    Peeta sighed. “She didn’t call it a date. So it wasn’t a date. But it was a nice time. And I… I like her, okay? But we’re just friends for now.” He gave them both pleading looks. “Don’t screw this up for me. Please? Next time she’s here—”

    “Next time?” Finnick asked. “When is she coming back?”

    “Next weekend. We’re going to cook together and film it.” Peeta stood and made his way to the kitchen to fix himself a quick supper. “And then we’re going to hang out and watch movies.”

    “You should ask her to spend the night so she doesn’t have to drive all the way back.” Annie suggested.

    Finnick held up his hands, made a circle with a forefinger and thumb of one hand, and poked the forefinger of the other hand into the circle several times.

    Annie slapped his hands down. “Stop that.”

    Finnick giggled like a little kid. “Come on, you two, you both know how hot she is and how badly Peeta needs to be thoroughly fucked.”

    Peeta picked up the sandwich he’d thrown together and walked into his studio. “I’ve been fucked plenty. In every sense of the word. And I’ll have you know that I definitely don’t believe Katniss is like that. If I ever am lucky enough to join her in bed, it will a beautiful session of making love into the wee hours of the morning when we are both thoroughly satisfied.” He grinned and closed the door behind him.