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“On the Night You Were Born”-an Everlark one-shot

It’s definitely been awhile, but it’s @keelaree‘s birthday and I’m coming out for my girl!

Have mercy…I’m still a little out of my writing element…

Summary: A fateful, rainy night brings an interesting patient into Dr. Peeta Mellark’s ER…

Title—but not plot—taken from the famous children’s book.

 On the Night You Were Born

She walked into the emergency room of Panem Hospital, quiet and unassuming. Her thick, ebony locks pulled into a ropy braid that rested against hunched, exhausted shoulders.

In the hubbub of the lobby, packed with late-night drunken injuries and feverish children with their parents, Dr. Peeta Mellark noticed her right away.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran would be a wedding song Everlark would dance to on their wedding day?

In a modern AU context, I don’t see why not. It’s a lovely song with lyrics full of things I can totally see Peeta saying to Katniss. Also, I’m kinda in love with the dance on the video. So gorgeous. *sigh*

Are you plotting a fic, Anon? Or is this just a general question? Don’t tease me, now. I love plotting fics for others to write as much as I love writing and reading them myself. So if you’re fic plotting…Come talk to meeeeeeeee.


No one really needs me,” he says, and there’s no self pity in his voice. It’s true his family doesn’t need him. They will mourn him, as will a handful of friends. But they will get on. Even Haymitch, with the help of a lot of white liquor, will get on. I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. Me.”

franceschee  asked:

My birthday is April 28th. I don't maintain a blog on Tumblr though. I created an account just to follow the fabulous fellow Everlarkers here. If you can, I will take anything I can get but if possible, some smut please. *bambi eyes*

Happy birthday! Here is a little something special cooked up just for you by @katnissdoesnotfollowback. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the read!

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you enjoy what I’ve cooked up for you and it adds to to your celebration. Thanks to @peetabreadgirl for prereading this sucker.  <3 KDNFB


“I’m gonna be late. Please tell me you made some hot water for tea this morning,” Peeta says to his brother as he rushes into the kitchen and tosses his bag on the counter.

“Gotta move faster, old man,” Ryen teases, but lowers his newspaper enough to point to the kettle sitting on a silicone trivet.

“You’re two years older than me,” Peeta grumbles, not bothering to look at what he is sure is a self-satisfied smirk on his brother’s face, choosing instead to focus on pouring the water into his travel mug and dropping in a tea bag to steep.

“Yes, but nothing good happens after twenty-five. They expect you to be an adult after twenty-five. For real,” Ryen complains and Peeta curses as the hot liquid splashes over the edges onto his hand when he moves it a little too forcefully towards the spot where he left the lid.

“Graham would disagree,” he mutters sarcastically as he shakes the tea droplets off his hand and wipes the residue on a towel. His skin stings, but he doesn’t have time to deal with it.

“Graham is an idiot,” Ryen returns, but he doesn’t say the rest of what they’re both thinking.

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mellarkablegirl  asked:

for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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To this day, I can never shake the connection between this boy, Peeta Mellark, and the bread that gave me hope, and the dandelion that reminded me that I was not doomed. (The Hunger Games)

I try to imagine that world, somewhere in the future, with no Games, no Capitol. A place like the meadow in the song I sang to Rue as she died. Where Peeta’s child could be safe. (Catching Fire)

I know this would have happened anyway. That what I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. (Mockingjay)

May 8 - 2017 Edition!

Originally posted by asdarknessfell

Happy birthday to the girl on fire! To celebrate, here is the annual update to my story, May 8!

Also available on AO3 and FFN.

Summary: The Mockingjay’s birthday has been declared a national holiday.

“What?” I nearly shout, clutching the paper tightly in both hands.

From the table, Peeta looks up from a drawing he’s been working on for the last hour. “Hmm?” he asks absentmindedly. I don’t answer, still too absorbed in the letter to process a response. This, ironically, captures Peeta’s full response as he forgets the drawing on the table. “Katniss, what is it?” he asks more urgently.

I didn’t even know how to begin to respond. “They… they’re turning my birthday into a national holiday. In honor of me.” Finally, I manage to tear my eyes away to look at him.

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papofglencoe  asked:

Hi guys! A little fire-breathing flying reptile informed me it's going to be Alice's (aka thegreatorangedragon's) birthday on Feb. 16, and I was wondering if someone might be able to drabble a little something for her? There's no truer friend to the folks here and champion of Everlark authors, and I know she'd love to see something. (Bonus points if someone can give her a puzzle to figure out... I'm sure you've noticed she's a clever one). Thanks for everything you guys do. <3c

Originally posted by theonegirlblue

Happy birthday to the @thegreatorangedragon!! Thank you @papofglencoe for sending in the ask! Here is a fun little fic submitted by @peetabreadgirl just for you. Hope you have a fantastic day!

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this little one shot. Rated S-E-X. For sex. There be smut here, folks. Sorry if I ruined the surprise. Thanks to the girls who run this awesome blog and make cool stuff happen. Pbg

 Join ‘Em

rated E

It started out as a joke. A way to pass the awkward time while listening to the sound of my neighbors through the thin walls. But I can’t deny anymore that I wish the sounds Peeta and I are making were real. I don’t know what to do about it. He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember.

Since I moved into my place, Peeta and I have spent most Saturday nights in the studio apartment, scarfing down tubs of cheap udon noodles or greasy slices of pepperoni pizza, watching various movies from all different eras and genres.

But a few weeks ago I got a new neighbor. A very loud, sexually active one. Apparently said neighbor also has standing appointments on Saturday nights. Whether it’s for money or not, I’d rather not know. The neighborhood I live in is a bit seedy, so it’s a possibility. But in any case, the first time it happened took us by complete surprise. I was stuffing my mouth with cheese fries from the bar on the corner, Peeta beside me, a beer bottle tipped up to his lips, when it started.

The moaning and wailing were enough to make me lose my appetite, and Peeta looked white as a sheet. I tried to laugh it off, but it didn’t take. Peeta wouldn’t look at me, and to be honest, I couldn’t have looked him in the eyes either. I turned up the television, tried to watch the movie. Tried to ignore the knocking and cooing and ‘yes, right there, oh yes’s’, but it seemed the more I tuned them out, the louder they became.

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Funny How It Goes

Written by: @thestuckinbed

Prompt 26: A drabble where Peeta is from the Seam and Katniss is a Merchant but he’s still the one with the crush??? Sorry if it’s too specific ahah i just never read something quite like that ” (sent to me many moons ago via anon). [submitted by @titaniasfics]

Rated: T (for mention of underage sex and prostitution)

Author’s Note: I got a late start and this got out of hand, so it’s going to be the first part of a new wip(!). This is unbeta’d and there are verb tenses that I’m not sure how they got there. I don’t own the Hunger Games. Thanks for reading :)

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“Peeta and I grow back together.

There are still moments when he clutches the back of a chair and hangs on until the flashbacks are over. I wake screaming from nightmares of mutts and lost children. But his arms are there to comfort me. And eventually his lips. On the night I feel that thing again, the hunger that overtook me on the beach, I know this would have happened anyway. That what I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. So after, when he whispers,

“You love me. Real or not real?” I tell him, “Real.”

The Wedding

Dear Jessa.  I have always been inspired by your amazing fics, so here is a little something I wrote, that was inspired by one of your drabbles…. I think you’ll know which one.   Happy Birthday. 

by @louezem

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Love is... facing the world together.

By: @javistg

AN: I think that few things are more romantic than standing by the one you love, through good times and bad. 

With that in mind, I came up with this little story for Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy.

SUMMARY: Katniss and Peeta have a little conversation before their second reaping. Canon Divergent.


With a big thank you to the fantastic @titaniasfics, @akai-echo and @thegirlfromoverthepond for all their hard work. Love you, ladies, you’re awesome!


The eerie howls of vicious mutts pierced the air.

Katniss ran.

Sprigs and branches scratched her face and pierced her skin, trying to trap her as she desperately made her way through the woods.

She had almost reached the clearing when she heard them again.

The blood-thirsty creatures wailed, screeching her name as they followed her steps.

She reached the cornucopia, practically crashing against its metallic surface, and turned around looking for Peeta.

He wasn’t there.

Frantic, she tried to call out his name. But the darkness of the arena enveloped her, pushing her words down her throat and drowning her in its terrifying depths.


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secret-odair  asked:

Hey! My birthday is on 4th of March and I would really love read something fluffy about Everlark, like friends to lovers (with a little bit of drama and happy ending). Thanks! 💘 PS.: Sorry for the bad english. This isn't my native language.

Originally posted by animefoodissugoi

Wishing you a wonderful birthday! To help celebrate, the lovely and talented @shesasurvivor has written this beautiful bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!

A/N: Happy birthday! Your request was for Everlark friends-to-lovers, fluffy yet with some drama, and with a happy ending.  My mind went to an AU where they become friends in Panem after he throws her the bread, so I hope this is what you were looking for!


Gale raps on the door behind the bakery; I hold my breath, waiting for it to open. It seems like ages before we hear the footsteps, a heavy tread that gradually grows louder the closer they get to the door. But my heart sinks before we even see who they belong to, because I already know. They aren’t his.

Mr. Mellark opens the door, and gives us his usual silent nod in greeting. He’s not a very talkative man, the baker, even once you get to know him a little bit. When you think about it, it’s amazing how his son is the exact opposite. I let Gale do the talking, since I’m still preoccupied at the moment, trying to figure out where he is, what’s going on.

After a while, I get the sense that the trade is wrapping up. Mr. Mellark smiles, thanking us for the squirrels. Gale gives me a sideways glance, and stuffs the bread into his game bag. But just before Mr. Mellark is about to close the door, I finally speak.

“Is Peeta here?” I blurt out. The door pauses, then opens again while Mr. Mellark looks me over. He looks like he’s trying to decide on something.

“He is…” he says at last, slowly, drawing it out, as though he’s stalling for time. I can tell he’s being purposely evasive, which means that Peeta probably gave him instructions that he didn’t want to talk to us.

Or, I’m afraid to admit, that he doesn’t want to talk to me.

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iliveilaughiloveiread  asked:

Would you write Everlark childhood best friend AU? Please!!!

Of course :)

Sorry it took so long :) Hope you’ll like it :)

All mistakes are mine, Unbeta-ed.

“Katniss! Come down! You know I can’t climb!”

The little girl with two braids shook her head. She was on the top of the monkey bars,  knowing perfectly well the blonde boy wouldn’t climb up to meet her. He was too clumsy and afraid of heights.

More, she didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He had betrayed her.

“Katniss! Come down! I have cheese buns!”

He was playing dirty, she knew it, he knew it, and she knew he knew she knew it.

Damn him.

She was decided to not cave in this time, though.


“Kat…” she heard his voice, barely above a whisper, but didn’t indulge him a single look.

What came next was unexpected. A loud noise, followed by a shout of pain.

Katniss looked down, before rushing to the ground, where Peeta was laying, holding his right knee in his hand. She could see his eyes sparkling, could see the tears forming.

“Oh my god, Peeta, what happened? How are you?”

“I tried to climb”

“But you can’t climb!”

“I know, but you wouldn’t talk to me!” Peeta answered, harshly. He winced as he tried to stretch is leg, once, twice, before looking back at Katniss.

“Are you going up again now?” He asked, as she averted his gaze, looking instead at the monkey bars behind her.

“Kat, if you go up gain, I’ll follow you.”

“Peeta ….”

“No Peeta-ing me. tell me what’s wrong.”

Katniss was looking at the sand beneath her when she felt his hand on her arm.

She couldn’t run away now even if she wanted to.

Not that she wanted to.

She took a deep breath.

“you’re going to marry Delly and leave me forever..”

If the moment hadn’t been so intense, Katniss would have been able to realize she had shut Peeta Mellark down completely.

Which never happened.


It took him several minuets to answer.

“What gives you that idea?”

Katniss started playing with the sand, grabbing handful of it before letting it pass through her fingers.

“She told Clove, who told Glimmer, who told Madge, who told me. You’ll want to play with her , now.”



Peeta shrugged before answering. “No. i’m not going to marry Delly. And certainly not leave you forever”. He took a deep breath, as Katniss shyly looked up, meeting his eyes. “You’re my best friend Kat. Bestest of the best.”

“Bestest of the best?” she smiled, remembering the time when they made their pinky swear - when they were barely 5 years old… five years ago.


She nodded before finally, finally caving in, launching herself in the comfort of his arms.

The Misunderstanding Part Five
  • Prompt 4: Any Everlark honeymoon fics for Valentine’s Day? [submitted     by @amazinglovers747 ]

The Misunderstanding Part Five. fo @everlarkficexchange  Spring Time Edition 2017

Prompt 4: by @mega-aulover

Rated T

February 13, 1946

The war was over and the whole world took a great sigh of relief.

Though rationing hadn’t quite ended yet, as the men were slowly coming home. The mood in the bakery was lively. She could hear Peeta and his brother Rye laughing, their father telling them to stop. It was a regular Wednesday, the only difference tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and the store was flocked with customers wanting to buy a treat for their loved ones. Those who were lucky enough to come home were like Rye happy to be back but forever changed by the World War.

Katniss was in the stock rooms doing her bit toward the bakery. She didn’t know how to bake, not the way the Mellark’s did. They mass produced everything to the highest of standards. Peeta was the best baker amongst them although Rye did make the best lemon bars, something Rye didn’t let Peeta forget.

“Come on boys, start cleaning up,” Mr. Mellark called out, “you especially. You’ve got to get some rest since you’re leaving tonight.” There was some laughing and ribbing going on, all coming from Rye. “Rye leave your brother alone.

“The little guy’s going out with his-” Rye grunted, “Dad.

“Serves you right,” the boy’s father said chuckling.

No doubt Rye was saying a half-baked remark and Peeta cut him off. Things became quiet, then she heard her husband’s’ distinctive heavy gate go up the back stairs. Katniss shook her head as she made a notation in her book, thinking Peeta had forgotten she was still in the stock room. Life in the bakery was pleasant, but it was hard work.

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Hello My dear lovelies. It is I back again with a one shot due to this amazing prompt hosted by @everlarkficexchange I’m sorry it’s a bit late. I would love to just say that this was super difficult for me, seeing as this is my first smut ever written. Please be kind. I would like to thank @titaniasfics for her amazing beta work and The biggest most ardent thanks to my baby doll @mega-aulover for helping me through everything and keeping my spirits up. Finally, I would like to thank my handsome hubs for the inspiration and patience. I made my own little banner. It isn’t much but I tried. I hope you all like this story. Please don’t forget to read and write a review, any kind of feedback would do. It would be much appreciated. 

Prompt: Canon-Divergent where Katniss realizes she loves Peeta the night before the Quarter Quell, she tells him and they have sex. In D13, she finds she got pregnant, and while she’s sad that Peeta isn’t with her, she’s happy to be carrying Peetas child. Because should he not return to her, she has a piece of him with her to love. It also gives her the strength to try to rescue Peeta. And to help him constructively recover from the hijacking :). [submitted by Anonymous]

  I can hear the muffled cheers of the Capitolites outside the window. They delight in their favorite Tributes and respective districts. Some might even be taking bets. Betting for which one of us would come out alive. Which of us is worth their sponsorship. Which one they would deem prettier or have a more tragic background so that they will give us a dim hope for survival, not realizing that no one comes out alive. Not if you count nightly terrors, and daily reminders of those we are forced to kill to ensure our empty continuity of life. Going about something resembling living but floating through it all with no feelings other than remorse and guilt because no matter how many times the Victor tries to convince themselves that everything was out of their control, you are left feeling as though it was somehow wrong to survive. You feel disgusted by whatever choices you made, no matter how inconsequential they may have been. You never forget the faces of the people who died by your hand. Unspeakable things that no one should be subjected to, but the Capitolites are so far removed to understand them.. So invested in hollow things such as drama, fashion and whether Peeta and I will last or keep on this charade of the star-crossed lovers. They don’t notice the despair that’s left behind. The bodies of children who never a chance to leave a mark on this world.

  I walk over to the window and watch as the Capitol children run around gleefully in their bizarre dresses and coats carrying sparklers, pretending to jab one another, imitating their favorite Tribute. The fireworks lighting up the sky and hearing the ‘oohs and the aaahs’ from the crowd. I turn back disgusted and sit on the sofa as I wait for Peeta to join me.

  Peeta, who once again tried to spare me when he convinced the crowd outside that I was pregnant. Me, who has done nothing more than to push him away. He has sacrificed himself more times than I can count. But, there he was on that stage, still trying to protect me.

  I didn’t intend for my little rebellion to generate such an uproar. For Snow to put a target on both our backs, for Peeta to be in danger. He doesn’t deserve it, he is far too kind and forgiving.

  I sigh and run my hands through the tips of my tousled hair  . There was no power on this earth to make me want to wear the abhorrent wedding dress for more than it was necessary. I smile and for once I felt a surge of pride remembering the way people’s faces changed when the wedding dress burned before their eyes and was replaced by the dark and exquisite dress that Cinna made. I would have loved to have seen Snow’s face, but for now I’ll content myself with my imagination.

  Peeta, on the other hand, was perfect. Pristine and handsome, and, dare I say it, even delicate in some way. His white tux made him look like a beautiful angel, too flawless to be touched, with his golden hair and crystalline blue eyes. Eyes so full of compassion and kindness. The kindness he had shown me when he fed me the burned bread despite the black eye he carried the next day. That was who Peeta was and perhaps Haymitch is right. I can live a thousand years but never truly deserve him. For I am the dark rebel. The one filled with fire and anger but I know I need the dandelion in the spring to gently quench of my own sorrows, my remorse, and fill my resentful heart. He is what I need and there would be no one to equal to him.

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 22

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21.

I wake feeling deliciously happy and warm. Stretching like a cat in my covers before glancing beside me. Peeta’s side of the bed is empty, sheets rumpled and cool. Before I can worry about that, laughter and the scent of fresh coffee waft through the open door and I leap from the cozy bed.

It takes me a moment to locate enough of my clothes to be decent. Once the night bugs emerged last night, Peeta and I returned to his truck only to wind up making out on the front seat until the windows were fogged and we were both breathless and out of our minds with want. He drove us back to the house while I teased him about breaking at least a half dozen traffic laws. We didn’t even make it to the bed in my room, instead christening the floor with our perspiration. It was frantic and fast, and so fucking hot that I’m getting aroused just thinking about it now.

Heading downstairs, I stop in the kitchen doorway to watch as Johanna gives Peeta a lesson on the shelf life of coffee beans, how to select the best roasts, when to grind the beans, and how to use Theo to produce coffee just the way I like it. He’s already in his uniform, must have brought it with him last night, and damn, he looks scrumptious in it. At one point, he looks up and catches me staring at him. And the smile he gives me makes everything warm and tingly.

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mysteriouslysizzlingthing  asked:

Hi! It's my birthday on March 24, I'd love some AgeGap! Smut. Thank you so much for doing this, each and every story is a gift!

Happiest of birthdays, @mysteriouslysizzlingthing!! Your birthday delight was crafted by the amazing and creative @peetabreadgirl (who also sent along the gif above!) We hope you enjoy!

When it’s Right, Part 2

(part one is here)

rated M

Since Peeta had thrown caution out the window and kissed Katniss that day in her classroom, he hadn’t been able to think of anything else. He dreamt of it at night, thought about it during class time when he should have been focused on teaching. But only when he was alone did he allow his mind to be consumed by more than kissing. And it went wild.

What was the rule again for sex? It had been so long since he’d needed to know. Was it three dates or five, he wondered. Ten? God, he hoped not.

They’d taken things very slowly since then, and that was a big part of Peeta’s problem. He had a new vibrant, young, incredibly attractive girlfriend, but there hadn’t been time for more than a few stolen kisses on their breaks now that Peeta was coaching an outside soccer league with games on the weekends and Katniss was helping the music department get ready for the spring program after school. They rarely saw each other in private due to their crazy schedules and they were already several weeks into the relationship, but they only had a few dates under their belts.

For the first month there hadn’t been a lunch they hadn’t shared, or a night they hadn’t talked on the phone until the wee hours of morning. He hadn’t run on three hours of sleep since college, but being with Katniss made him feel like a teenager again.

Peeta had been thankful at first so that he could sort out his feelings about their age difference - fifteen years was a lot to get over. But now that he’d gotten used to it he found himself wanting more. The conversations they had during their respective conference periods were amazing and with every word he fell harder for Katniss. But if he had to go another hour without being able to touch someplace other than her arm or hold something besides her hand, he was going to physically explode. Which was why he was avoiding her today.

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