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Powder Keg, Chapter 1

Hey, Fandom! We’re back with the Holiday Edition of Everlark Your Own Adventure! Anyone fancy some love in front of a roaring fire in the middle of a blizzard? What about a good, old fashioned argument-turned kissing frenzy in the snow-covered woods? It can happen, but not without your help! This story will take us right up through New Year’s, so start reblogging and adding your thoughts in the tags today, and check back every Monday through to continue voting whether these two can put their past behind them, or if it’s just not in their favor this round. 

Enjoy the first chapter of Powder Keg, written by @peetabreadgirl.

“I’m scared, Katniss! I can’t do it!” Sally cries, clutching onto my ski pants. If she keeps it up, the tears running down her cheeks and the clear goo starting to leak from her nose will freeze before break time.

“It’s okay.” I use my best big sister voice to try and soothe away her fear of skiing on a slope that’s only a little flatter than my chest. “You’re going to do just fine. See that flag there?” I point to the pole that’s halfway down the bunny slope on the edge.

“Uh-huh,” she half-sobs, nodding her head, her fingers flexing in and out, probably trying to get a better hold on me.  

“All you have to do is make it there. I’ll be right behind you. Nothing to worry about, yeah?”

She sticks her nose back in my pants and shakes her head vigorously. I check my watch. I’ve been at this for 46 whole minutes. Only 14 left to go. Seemingly, a lifetime of seconds trying to convince a five-year-old that she has nothing to be afraid of, feels like hell. At this rate, I’ll have celebrated seven birthdays before we reach the bottom of the training slope.

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jroseley  asked:

I wish you would right a fic where Peeta is spoiling buttercup and Katniss tries to put a stop to it .

I like this prompt, @jroseley​!! It was fun to write. Hope you enjoy! The title is a phrase my Mom used to use instead of saying that she bribed us to get us to behave. ;-) RATED T+

Positive Reinforcements

“Last thing we need to discuss is Buttercup’s weight,” Dr. Tigris says as she levels me with a serious look.

“What about his weight?” I ask.

“He’s gained almost a pound and a half. That isn’t good for his age.” For a moment, I stare at her, confused. I’ve kept him strictly on his diet and don’t understand how he’s gained weight unless…

“Peeta,” I mutter under my breath and Dr. Tigris peels off her gloves to dispose of them.

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I tried, it’s not perfectly how his appearance would look without a mask, but how would be if he weren’t, he rather looks more mature with an extend hair, it almost look not 100% his human form and reason why I dare to chose over his design and characteristic look in his transformation version xD His human look like a kiddo to me that’s not ready for puberty, no offence, lawd. I also did add few things and lowering his facial nose since he looks dope. Compare Marinette’s transform, people could still catch her appearance with a mask in reality since there is’t a change to her except her costume, but Chat Noir… had few features that looks almost nothing close to Adrien and reason I appreciate the creators took time for this, plus I watch episode 6 where Alya try making Adrien to look like Chat Noir in her phone.

Like yes, he does look like Chat Noir dear =^), but more of cosplayer in my opinion, lol. Highly she doesn’t recognizingly think Adrien is Chat Noir because even without the costume he and his transformation are very different, like hell you try that App using your best friends pictures and make her look like LadyBug, how worse could it get??? 

Like demn Chat Adrien Agreste Noir. 

But anyway, my editing was worth a try since I’m used to editing 3D dimension at times, thankfully the effects help it look realistic. ( •̥̥̥∀•̥̥̥) Such a beloved show, So thankful they create an attractive black cat to let thirsty fangirls go puurr for the show. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /  

Okapi (MS2SL submission #2)

A few months ago, I asked for drabble prompts with the intention of writing them for @mores2sl. My dear friend @jennagill sent in the prompt “okapi.” Thank you for your suggestion. I hope you enjoy the result.

“Katniss, over here!”

She glanced over her shoulder and swiveled until she spotted her husband. He waved vigorously with one hand and kept the other clenched tightly around the hand of their three-year-old daughter Brayleigh.

Unable to keep the smile from her face, she wove through the crowd outside the women’s restroom located in the Africa section of the Panem Zoo until she joined her small family. Peeta dropped a kiss to her cheek, and she leaned down to look into her daughter’s blue eyes.

“Hey, sweetheart,” she cooed. “Are you having fun with Mommy and Daddy?”

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 18

We now return you to your regularly scheduled murder investigation. With a side or two of smut. ;-)

“Mmph, Peeta?” I murmur, still half asleep as I shove hair out of my face and try to make sense of why I’m aroused, already uncomfortably slick between my legs. His lips caress over my spine, broad palms grazing down my sides. Ah. That’s why. I shiver and grip the pillow beneath my cheek, smiling and content to let him take the lead again. “From now on, it’s illegal for you to wake me any way other than this. Unless you have coffee.”

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not cancer crew related but this NEEDS to be talked about

See Link above for the original picture. For @norbertsmom and all of my Buttercup loving friends.

A little Modern AU Katniss

Rated G, unbeta’d all mistakes are mine :

Peeta stood there desperately trying to hide his mirth. He gripped his cup of tea tighter as his shoulders shook.

His tough as nails with a mushy center wife, Katniss stood in front of the back screen door making faces at a cat. Not just any feline, but an ugly huge tabby with muddy eyes, named Buttercup, that belonged to his wife’s adorable sweet sister Prim.

He held his laughter in, as he sipped his tea. It was endearing, to watch her scowl. It was a contest of wills. Prim’s cat came from next door, every morning to stare through the back porch, at Katniss. His wife gave as good as she got.

True she had merit for scowling. To list a few of his major offenses, the mangy cat had torn apart their garden, delighted to rip the screen porch to shreds every summer, and scared all of the bird’s from the birdhouse he’d made when they first moved here.

After the strawberry patch incident this spring, they thought they’d gotten rid of him. Katniss had chased him out of the yard with a hose, but sure enough, the cat was back the very next morning looking grumpier than the day before.

Though no matter what Buttercup did, they forgave him because of Prim. If not that cat would’ve been toast by now. His wife was an expert hunter and trapper. Peeta secretly loved the mangy cat and he knew that Katniss, despite her ranting had a soft spot for Buttercup. He leaned up against the edge of the counter, taking in his beautiful wife. 

The golden sun streamed through the screen and illuminated Katniss’s face, making her eyes look like mercury. This was Peeta’s favorite time of day. He also loved watching his cool composed wife lose it over a cat that had to be on his ninth life.

This morning though, the ‘face’s battle’ had taken a whole new turn. Prim was out of town. She was a Doctor and volunteered to help the victims of the deadly Hurricanes down in the Caribe.

Katniss growled, “I’m going to bathe you, every day until Prim comes back, you fleabag!”

MRRRRRRROWWW,” Buttercup replied his tail bristled.

“That’s right Prim’s away and she left you behind, let’s see whose high and mighty now!” Katniss opened the screened back door.

In marched Buttercup head held high tail wagging. Indignantly crying, “Mrreow.”

“Ha!” Katniss replied, “ As if you had a say. You know I’d eat you! Make you into rotten kitten soup!”

Katniss walked toward the arched kitchen doorway talking to the cat. “Don’t you dare try any of your tricks in this house buster. I don’t care if you’re Prim’s cat. You take one swipe at my petunias or the sofa, and you’re out buddy. Picture it, sleeping outdoors…In The RAIN, no food, no water…I mean it…-”

Buttercup hissed and Peeta swore he heard the cat grumble.

Katniss spun around standing akimbo. “Don’t you dare try sassing me!” She stared down at the cat then shook her head, before turning around. Leaving the kitchen muttering she, “What kind of a name is Buttercup’re such an ugly cat, a menace-”

Buttercup followed her ‘meowing’ back.

Peeta grinned then thought to himself he had to keep these two happy. He didn’t want a full-blown war in his tranquil home for the next week.  He made a mental note. He would have to buy chew toys and catnip for Buttercup and a nice merlot, some cheese, chocolate, and enough ingredients to make cheese buns for Katniss for the next few days. After all the old saying was true, ‘Happy wife. Happy life.’

Peeta finished sipping his tea. It was going to be an interesting week.

Furry Friends

Author: @eala-musings

Rating: G for excessive fluffiness. :-)

Crossover Source: This cute video on youtube:

A/N: This story is not intended to condemn or condone the practice of selling pets commercially. All readers are encouraged, however, to consider supporting their local animal adoption centers and rescues.

The pet store was almost ready to close up for the day. The workers were going about doing their final checks on all the cages and tanks when the last customers, including a young human with shiny metal in his mouth, stopped to look at Peeta through the glass. Peeta got to his feet. He pressed his puppy nose against the glass, vigorously wagged his tail, and gave the boy his best smile, complete with his soft, wet, pink tongue. 

“Please pick me, please pick me,” he begged and whined, but the pinch-faced big human, with the bright-colored lips, frowned.

“No sweetie, a dog is too much trouble. Don’t forget your allergies. We came here for a fish.”

The little human pouted as she dragged him away. Peeta’s tail stopped wagging, and his tongue slipped back into his mouth. He hung his head in sadness. 

He was the last of his siblings left. All of them had been wanted. ‘Runt,’ he’d heard the humans call him. He didn’t know what it meant, but he could tell it wasn’t a compliment.

“Nobody needs me,” he whimpered.

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Katniss’s depression, Peeta’s return, and why the movie did it wrong

After Primrose’s death, Katniss falls into serious depression, deeper than any before. (It parallels Mrs Everdeen’s one - when Katniss’ mother “almost stopped living” when her husband died.) After several weeks in a coma filled with hallucinations and sadness, due to her third-degree burns, she slowly returns to consciousness, and finds no joy in it.

Katniss does not speak. She is emotionally traumatized to the point she has nor the will nor the energy to talk. She distances herself away from the world, becomes passive - informations about the end of the war are brought to her and she listens, the doctors give her medecines and she takes it, Haymitch watches over her as she eats her food. She wanders, purposeless and dizzy, around the presidential mansion, falling asleep as often as she can in remote rooms and cupboards.

Grief buries her. Weeks pass, and only the thought of killing Snow keeps her going.

And then, one day she comes across Snow. He reveals her it wasn’t the Capitol who released the parachutes on the children. He makes her understand that Primrose was not killed by her Enemy, but by those she fought with. And that’s when Katniss speaks for the first time since Prim died.

I refuse for this to be true. Some things even I can’t survive. I utter my first words since my sister’s death. “I don’t believe you.”

It is important. Her confrontation with President Snow is what channels her emotions and her remaining inner fire, and allows her to do her last rebellious act - killing Coin.

In the seconds following the murder of Coin, Katniss attempts suicide, but Peeta prevents her from it by throwing away the Nightlock pill. Katniss is imprisoned in her training center’s room. She thinks of suicide daily, but there is nothing around her that would permit her to kill herself. She is under careful surveillance. She tries to starve herself but without success.

 Finally after months, she is released (her trial ended) and Haymitch brings her back home to District 12. 

 Katniss enters a period of lethargy. She doesn’t move around the house, she doesn’t answer the phone calls, she doesn’t even shower. 

I haven’t left the house. I haven’t even left the kitchen except to go to the small bathroom a few steps off of it. I’m in the same clothes I left the Capitol in. What I do is sit by the fire. Stare at the unopened letters piling up on the mantel.

Yet she doesn’t kill herself, although nothing stops her this time.

There’s no obstacle now to taking my life. But I seem to be waiting for something.

(for someone actually Katniss)

 One day Greasy Sae (her neighbour who visited Katniss and made sure she ate) tells her that “spring is in the air”. And the next morning, Peeta is back.

 It is his return that brings Katniss back to life.

Ater seeing Peeta with the primroses, Katniss rushes to her room and throws Snow’ white rose, which was there all the time. It symbolized not only his power, but also her past, the war that happened. As long as the rose is in the house, Katniss won’t be able to move on and will stay fixated on her past. 

The evil thing is inside [her house], not out.

After seeing Peeta, Katniss finally removes her Capitol’s robe, showers.

After seeing Peeta, Katniss asks what happened to Gale and where he lives now.

After seeing Peeta, Katniss goes to hunt for the first time. She doesn’t manage, because she lacks the strength for such a physical effort, but she goes to the meadow, walks through District 12, breathes fresh air.

And Buttercup the cat returns after Peeta, too, the same day. Katniss finally releases her grief and emotions, opens her letters and calls her mother.

Slowly, with many lost days, I come back to life. I try to follow Dr. Aurelius’s advice, just going through the motions, amazed when one finally has meaning again.

It is meaningful that Katniss did all this after seeing Peeta, because as she says in the last paragraph:

I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.

 Peeta comes back to Katniss as spring starts, which in itself is symbolic. Spring represents the coming back to life, warm days, happiness. Just as Peeta gave Katniss hope years ago, he reawakens the energy and life inside her this time, too. Subconsciously, Katniss was waiting for his return. And he did not disappoint. 

imsoeverlarked  asked:

Hi! I really really love your blog! I was hoping you could give me a singledaddy!peeta for my birthday on November 25. Any rating will do, just fuck me up with some everlark and toastbabies please!! Thank you!

Originally posted by whencookiesscream

Wishing you a most wonderful birthday! To help you celebrate, the lovely and gracious @katnissdoesnotfollowback has crafted this delightful little fic just for you!

Custody Arrangement

Rated: K


Back aching and head throbbing, Peeta’s shoes scrape the pavement as he trudges home. Hands dig in his pockets for the bottle of aspirin and he tosses back two dry right before pushing in the waist high wrought iron gate leading into the tiny garden in front of the narrow brownstone in which he lives. The rent was a steal four years ago, affordable with the addition of a second job. It also came with the added benefit of finally moving out of his mother’s home. Away from her constant judgements and interference. Away from the crushing memories of his father and the unending reminders that one stupid grief driven mistake led to the one thing he’d done in his life that matters at all.

He shrugs off the melancholy thoughts, rolling his shoulders to work the kinks from them. Second week pulling double shifts at the bakery is leaving its mark. At only twenty-eight, he shouldn’t feel this tired and worn. As he inserts his key into the lock, squealing fills the house, travelling to his ears and making him smile. He’d thought she was just about too old to be greeting him like that anymore.

“Daddy’s home!”

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Cards Against Humanity an outtake from the Dirty Yet Virginal universe

Prompt 7: Playing Cards Against Humanity which leads to A getting really flustered and B just laughing his/her/their arse off and A just getting worse so B has to comfort him/her/them - maybe it can be opposite from the book and Peeta is the one who gets flustered :) and maybe the other person doesn’t have to laugh that hard ;) also, use the opportunity to create the CAH cards you want to have! (I got this one in my box once and could never write it). [submitted by @titania522 ]

Dear Anon: I tried my best to fulfill this wish humbly this is my: Cards Against Humanity Prompt (From the Dirty Yet Virginal Universe) – Un betae’d so I apologize about the mistakes. - @mega-aulover

Rated T

Katniss sat on Peeta’s bed trying to read the sonnets of Shakespeare for her Lit Class. She peered over the edge of the book toward the coffee table near the large flat screen television where Peeta played a silly game with his friend Finnick, Cato, Marvel and Thresh.

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guava-juice  asked:

Hey! My birthday is on November 3rd and I would really appreciate it if someone wrote me a birthday drabble. I really like stories where Everlark are already in an established relationship and live together, modern AU too. Thanks!!

Originally posted by mori852

Happiest of birthdays! This lovely bit of Everlark goodness was written especially for you by @peetazeus. Enjoy!!

The Devil Wears Fur


A/N: There are references to sex, alcoholism/drinking and to devil/satan for the trigger warnings! 

“I’m home!”

Katniss pushed the front door behind her and leaned against it slightly, closing her eyes momentarily. The drops from the rain fell onto the floor, dripping off her jacket which she hastily put up on the hooks Peeta drilled into the wall after most of their (her) things ended up in a pile on the floor.

Not that she complained, watching her husband with tools and a drill turned out to have quite an effect on Katniss after all.

“In here!”

An amazing smell filled her nostrils and it made her mouth water, her fingernails press into the skin of her palms and her knees weak. She was used to this. Being greeted by some water watering smell and it never got old. She smelled something savoury, with a hint of various spices and maybe chicken? And something sweet-definitely pie. Oh, she really hoped it was apple.

Peeta’s food senses had really rubbed off on her.

If there was something Katniss could possibly love more than her husband, it was his cooking.

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Prompt 45

Prompt 45: Everlark modern AU where Peeta is a shy almost nerdy kind of guy who has a huge crush on popular Katniss and the two start to bond after realising they are the only two locked in for the night at school, or college or work - which ever works best :) [submitted by Anonymous]

Warning: the only trigger would be language. I used a lot of swear words.

[Editor’s note: this post was submitted by a writer who chose to remain anonymous. This is the author’s first fic and it’s un-betaed.]


I tug on my ridiculous skirt trying desperately to cover my ass.

Katniss Everdeen. Cheerleader. Who would have ever guess that?

I never would have gone out for cheerleading if Prim hadn’t insisted.

“You’ll make friends,” she said.

“It’ll be fun,” she said.

“You’ll be outside in the fresh air,” she said.

Please god, don’t let me make this team!!!

I made the damn team.

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