peeta and katnis


crossover aesthetic: the hunger games characters sorted in hogwarts houses

  • hufflepuff: peeta mellark - primrose everdeen
  • griffyndor: katnis everdeen - finnick odair
  • slytherin: gale hawthorne - johanna mason
  • ravenclaw: annie cresta - madge undersee

As promised, here is a sneak peek of Chapter 11 ….just to keep it fresh in everyones mind. Katniss is pretending to be a man named Sebastian, serving the Duke, (i.e. Peeta). Katnis is falling for Peeta. Peeta is attracted to Sebastian, but wants to marry The Countess (i.e. Madge). Peeta wants Sebastian to make Madge agree to marry him, but Madge is smitten with Sebastian…

Sebastian’s eyes flittered down, “You must, you have to.”

“Spare me the Queen’s decree.”

“Sire, if there was another that has great pangs for you, would you love them the way you love the Countess? Would you also demand their reply?”

“No woman’s heart can hold the love that I hold.” Tipping Sebastian’s head up he fiercely whispered. “I suffer for this love.”

“This love is all consuming?” 

“I wish that I didn’t harbour and cradle it in my bosom.” Peeta shook his head, they weren’t speaking about Madge any more. “But what do you know of this, or for that matter why must the Countess feel nothing. All of the women I’ve met have been hard of heart, cold callus beings.”

“I had a sister once, who met her love as a child and when she’d met her love she pined for him in secret. She lost sleep thinking of her love, and would do his littlest bidding, to show her love.”

“What happened to you sister?”

“Suffered greatly, women suffer just as much as men when their love is unrequited. Yet they must keep their heartache in silence or else die for it.”

“Then you understand this madness.” He closed the gap between them, his face near Sebastian’s. “My love run deep. It runs as wild as the ocean’s currents.” Cupping Sebastian’s cheek, he reveled in its luxurious softness. He held thinly to his control as his desire to sup from Sebastian’s lips was great. “Go to the countess do not speak of love. Tell her I think of her well being and that my pursuit is nobel.”  

Imagine If Harry Potter Houses were in the Hunger Games:


Hufflepuff: I don`t want to kill anybody come on let`s be friends

Gryffindor be like: We have to fight against the Capitol! REBELLION!!!!!

Ravenclaw: Why you`re all busy fighting I learned how to use the force field. WHO’S THE NERD NOW HUHH??

Give it up to them...







to love.








and promises.









Draco watching the Hunger games
  • Draco: This muggle stuff, Granger, might actually not be so bad!
  • ~
  • Peeta: Like what's your favorite color?
  • Katniss: Now, you've stepped over the line!
  • ~
  • Draco: Ha-ha-ha... Did you hear that, Granger? This one is sassy! She must be a Slytherin!!!
  • ~
  • Peeta: Seriously, what is it?
  • Katnis:
  • Katniss: Green.
  • ~
  • Draco: *throws popcorn and jumps* See, I told ya! You owe me a kiss, now!
  • Hermione: *scowls* Draco, we've never made a bet!
  • Draco: You can't take it back, now, Granger!
  • Hermione: *sighs* I'm glad you never figured out what Netlix is! *whispers*
  • Draco: What?
  • Hermione: No kisses for you, tonight!
  • Draco:
  • Draco: BUT SHE IS A SLYTHERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you please write #38 in the ficlets for Everlark? PLEASE?? “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Hey Anon! I pretty sure that you were expecting a little something else than what I wrote. I hope you enjoy it though!

Summary: “I’m Katniss.” The woman held out her hand, her greys on him intently. “Katniss Everdeen.”

He shook it, letting himself take in the softness of her skin. “Your daughter’s salvation—Peeta Mellark.”

Peeta Mellark rescues a young girl who calls him her salvation. 

Turns out, she and her mother might just be his.

Modern AU with bits of San Francisco and The Beatles


Peeta Mellark was being followed.

He was sure of it.

Since he left the steel, compact diner along the Embarcadero, the strange inkling of being watched continually rushed down his spine and Peeta turned when he thought he heard a small giggle. Looking at his watch, he hurried along down the small alley on the outskirts of North Beach—the city’s “Little Italy”—and waved to Finnick, his bronze-haired co-worker.

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