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Could you write an everlark AU where they're having sex and one of them falls off the bed

for such a simple prompt, this actually turned into a long college AU oops. also, this deals with some heavy subject matter, briefly, so just a heads up.

The elevator doors slide open, and Katniss has to shift the large, heavy box in her arms to peak around it and make sure nobody is in her way before she can step inside.

She struggles to hit the button for the top floor, her eyes sliding to the side when someone else joins her in the elevator. She has to actively stop herself from doing a double take to check him out: a mess of blond curls, striking blue eyes, broad shoulders in a slightly sweat-soaked white t-shirt and slim, muscular legs that extend from a pair of red basketball shorts. 

He’s got a backpack slung over his shoulders, and he juggles the pillows and lamp in his hands so he can lean in front of her and press for his floor, but he stops abruptly. “Oh, you’ve already got it,” he says, shooting her a pleasant smile, and she returns it tightly, quiet as the doors close. “Guess we’re floormates. I’m Peeta.” 

“Katniss,” she replies, and stares at his hand when he extends it to shake hers—and quickly retracts, taking note of the load in her hands.

“Do you need help?” he offers, and she’s immediately on the defensive, her mouth stretching into an annoyed scowl.

“I’ve carried it this far, so, no, I’m fine.”

His eyebrows shoot up as if he’s aware he’s offended her. “Sorry.” He smiles anyway. “I just meant that I kind of feel like an asshole, standing here holding pillows while you’ve got that huge box. I’m all moved in, so I can help you—if you want,” he explains, and her ego deflates. Relenting, she reluctantly hands the box over to him when he frees up one of his hands to take it from her. 

“Thank you,” she says, her strained arms already screaming their relief, and she grabs his lamp and pillows, finally managing a small, grateful smile. 

“You’re welcome,” he says, following her off onto their floor. “So, Katniss, you excited to start college?”

She finally laughs slightly, leading him to her suite. “Is there a good way to answer that? Do I lose cool points if I say yes? Or am I supposed to act indifferent?”

He laughs behind her. “I won’t tell anyone. Acting too cool for school is overrated, anyway,” he jokes, and she just shakes her head as she waves him into her dorm room and directs him where to set the box down. It’s the last of her stuff. She’s glad she got here before her roommate, Clove, who, from their email exchanges, already sounds extremely particular about her things. This way, Katniss can set up her side of the room the way she wants to.

“Do you have anything else to move?” Peeta asks when his hands are free, and he pushes one through his damp curls. It’s a particularly hot and sticky summer afternoon, and her own hair is sticking to her slick neck.

Self-consciously wiping the wisps of hair out of her face, she shakes her head. “That was the last thing, thank you.” She hands his lamp and pillows back to him, but he once again sticks a hand out to shake hers. She does so this time. His hand is warm and clammy but big and firm. It’s a nice feeling.

“It was nice meeting you. I’m just a couple suites over, so I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”

He leaves her with another smile, and she fleetingly hopes he means that.

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Minho and Haymitch
  • I would like to think that Minho and Haymitch are both like mentors and leaders. Remember when Katniss and Peeta asked Haymitch for advice, and he said "Here's some advice, stay alive." Then Minho said "Minho nodded and faced the crowd. "Be careful," he said dryly. "Don't die.” They seem like the two people holding the groups together.
A Christmas House - Holly

My many thanks to @loveinpanem  this years stories are excellent and its due to the prompts. I had a lot of fun creating a story around this prompt.  My special thanks to @everllarkingnewtina for  proof reading  /beta this chapter.  To @akai-echo I am not worthy of the banners you have created. Thank You! 

Rated  T

Ch4 Holly

-2007, Age 16, Thanksgiving Day-

Peeta Mellark was angry at her. Katniss snuck a peek at Peeta from Miss Effie’s kitchen. At the sight of him arranging the cheese-buns, she gripped the bowl with the cranberry sauce tightly. They hadn’t spoken much since their disastrous summer. Miss Effie gave Katniss unsolicited advice. She told Katniss the disappointing summer was part of growing up. Katniss wasn’t sure, she and Peeta were arguing team. Now they were passive aggressive toward each other. They didn’t have an actual fights, like the ones Jo had with Johnny, where they screamed at each other. Their friendship turned civil and cold.

Katniss didn’t get why Peeta acted weird. He avoided her at school, and whenever she came into the bakery he hid from her. In her adolescent mind, Katniss couldn’t figure out, what she did wrong. Her grey eyes burned a hole in his back as he went into the other room. She moved from her hiding place.

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If Tobias gave Peeta advice it would go something like this

Peeta: “Are you sure that throwing knifes will get her to like me?”

Four: “ Yeah sure that’s how I got Tris’s attention, Make sure you nick her ear.”

*Later in training *

Peeta: “Hey Katniss go stand in front of the dummy”

*Throws Knifes at her*

Katniss: “ What the. Peeta what are you doing you nicked my ear”

Tris: “ Four gave Peeta advice again.”