pees into a glass

How do I stop procrastinating?
  • close this tab, turn off your phone, pause netflix, put your distractions in another room if possible
  • get up and jump around a little, stretch your muscles!!
  • write a to do list (quick and concise- no messing around!)
  • change your environment if you can
  • take your earphones out unless they’re absolutely necessary (music is great but it is a distraction!!! this sucks, i know!)
  • go have a pee, wash your hands with cool water, splash some on your face (cold water, not pee)
  • get a glass of water, eat a fucking apple
  • nobody can stop you from procrastinating except yourself
  • be PROACTIVE and do it yourself!!
  • you can stop procrastinating by stopping procrastinating!
  • rip off the band aid and just do your fucking work
  • you can chill later- you’ll feel 6000000% better about letting yourself relax once you’ve actually done some work
  • seriously, you just have to do it
  • stop now!!!!
So you know that ‘Noctis Lucis’  literally means ‘Night Light’, right?

Imagine then, if you will:

  • It’s 2 AM, and it’s the first night in a week Ignis agreed to shell out money to stay in a hotel instead of enjoying the comfort of a nearby haven. 
  • And boy has it been a week.
  • Everyone has been tense. Gladio has been less chatty and more withdrawn, and Ignis has put on his Mum Pants™ extra tight, effectively driving all of them up a wall. 
  • As for Prompto and Noctis…things could be better. 
  • They fight. A lot. And it only gets worse the closer they get to Altissia. 
  • But the calm times between them are perfect, even if they are few and far between anymore. 
  • Noctis smiles, holds his hand, plays with his hair…
  • And Prompto loves it. He wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. 
  • Except for maybe not needing his glasses in the middle of the night.
  • Which wouldn’t be so bad if Noctis didn’t insist on sleeping by the nightstand where Prompto’s glasses were. 
  • Royal pain in the ass is more like it. 
  • So Prompto fidgets a few times before he groans because goddamn does he have to pee
  • He reaches over the sleeping Prince and fumbles for his glasses, which immediately tumble to the carpet with a soft thud, and Prompto sighs. 
  • “Hey, Noct.” He gently shakes his shoulder, which Noctis only responds to with a quiet “Hm?” 
  • “Can you turn on the night light? I dropped my glasses.” 
  • “You already have,” he says, followed immediately be Ignis.
  • “OH MY GOD.” 
  • And that is promptly followed up by Gladio snorting and howling with laughter into the pillow.
  • Prompto, bless his heart, is very confused when he feels Noctis shaking with laughter. 
  • “All right. I’m clearly missing something.” 
  • It’s Ignis who responds, and even he’s trying to mask his giggles as he sits up, looking in his and Noctis’s general direction. 
  • “The Latin, Noctis Lucis, translates verbatim to night light.”
  • Prompto nods. So what?
  • “Oh?” What could it hurt to humor him. It’s been a long week after all. He might appreciate it. 
  • But everyone is still laughing
  • And it hits him that Nocits’s name means ‘night light’ and he giggles a little himself. 
  • “Oh!” 
  • He looks down at Noctis who is looking up at him and he can see his eyes shining in the dark room and the light flush of pink on his cheeks.
  • And then he realizes that he’s been straddled in Noctis’s lap and shifting as he looks for his glasses.
  • “...OH.” 
  • But the sexual connotation is long forgotten because everyone is laughing now. And not just light giggles, but full on howling, guttural belly laughter. 
  • If he’s being honest, Prompto has missed it. A lot
  • Noctis wraps his arms around him and pulls him back to the bed, and Prompto whines between loud chuckles as he wiggles in his arms. 
  • “Noct, stop! I still have to pee!”
  • And it only makes them all laugh harder.

(As a note, and I really shouldn’t have to say this, but please ask my permission if you want to use these little bits for your own stories. I’d be more than happy to discuss it further with you if you want. I promise I’m actually very accommodating. Thank you.) 

“I dont know if I should breathe that much today, I breathed like, a LOT yesterday” 

“yeah, I feel you.. tonight I wont sleep more than 4 hours because I already used 2 hours of sleep for a nap… if I want to sleep some more, then I’ll have to earn it!!”

“nah, Im good. I really dont need to pee!! but you totally should!! go pee!! it’s good for you (: ” 

“what? no, thanks, I already drank a full glass of water this morning, I am not thirsty at all!! probably later? thank you, tho” 

Species Switch

Cas x Reader

A/N: This idea came to me at work! So I wanted to do a Cas x Reader but with something that hadn’t been done before so instead of a Human!Cas or Angel!Reader or anything like that I decided to do something I haven’t seen before, hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Blow Job, Smut, Grace Kink, Unprotected Sex, Language

Word Count: 3,500

Originally posted by subcas

“Oh come on, it’s just one stupid witch, we can do this” you say to your boyfriend, Castiel.

“Y/N, I think we should just leave it for someone else” he argues.

“Like who? Sam and Dean are away on a case and every other hunter hates us, do you want this monster to kill more people?”

Cas sighs, “they don’t hate us they hate me.”
“Do you want me to go alone then?” You were a hunter, you knew what you were doing but you also knew that there was no way Cas would let you go alone.

“No, you’re not going alone” he growls possessively which makes you feel all tingly.

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