pees in the pool

I'm so lazy

I’ve got a story from last weekend. I was being lazy, as I usually am, and I paid for it. I was wearing pink fuzzy socks, white sweat pants, and dark blue panties.
I was really tired and cold last Saturday and I ended up laying down in bed to warm up and maybe take a short nap. I did fall asleep for like a solid 4 hours, yeah I was pretty tired lol. When I woke up I really had to go pee. And when I say I really had to go, I mean like even laying in bed hurt my bladder. I knew I was going to have to get out of bed and pee, but I also knew that when I started moving my bladder might not handle it very well, aaand it was going to be a painful walk to the bathroom. So I decided it would be a good idea to pee a little while in bed to try and help decrease the pain and fullness of my bladder so I could get up easier. I relaxed my muscles and pee almost immediately gushed into my pants. My crotch got hot and I felt trickles of pee run down and onto my butt. It took alot of effort and 5 seconds peeing before I could stop. And as planned I felt alot better and was confident I could make it to the bathroom to finish. As I sat up, I got distracted by a notification on my phone, it was a snapchat and for some reason I stayed in bed and replied to it and others.
Then the next thing I know, I’m waking up a few hours later, I think it was like 2 hours because it was 5 pm when I woke up and the last time I remembered was 3:05pm. My phone was on my chest. “What the hell? Did I fall back asleep?” I thought to myself as I sat up. I pull off my blankets and saw my pants had dried but were stained yellow around my crotch. I lifted my pants to check my underwear, it was dry, and you couldn’t tell they were once wet because they are such a dark blue. And oh boy, when I thought I really had to pee when I woke up the first time, I was wrong. My bladder was bulging and every little movement hurt so much it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. “Shit, I guess I never peed before I fell back asleep. God dang it Kate you are so stupid!” At this point I knew if I tried to pee a little to help relieve the pressure I wouldn’t be able to stop myself very easily..if at all. And I wasn’t in the mood to wet myself and soak my bed.
So I painfully got out from under the covers and came to sitting on the side of my bed. While I was moving I actually forced some pee out and dampend my crotch. I stood up and slowly walked to my door, like one step every 2 seconds. I had to go soooo bad. Standing put even more pressure on my bladder and my muscles were very very weak so I bent over a little bit to try and fight that pain. I made my way out of my room and turned the corner to see the bathroom door was closed.“fuck, really? Someone has to be in it RIGHT NOW?!” And instead of waiting at the door to go when whoever was in it was done(which I clearly should have done) I make the desperate decision to go use the other bathroom upstairs. I turn back around and slowly, and painfully make my way to the other side of the house.
When I got to the bathroom I had to force myself to stand up straight so I could get to the toilet faster. I closed the door and made it in front of the bathtub (the toilet is right next to the tub separated by a wall, so I was REALLY close) when I felt my bladder give in. Pee filled my pants with a loud hiss, my crotch got hot and wet as pee ran down my legs leaving yellow trails in my pants and quickly soaking my socks. Instead of just standing there I rushed towards the toilet, still peeing and leaving a trail of pee on the floor. I sat down on the toilet, fully clothed, and continued peeing. Pee ran into my butt and I felt it getting warmer and wetter. My crotch slowly turned dark yellow with all the pee. I was sitting, peeing my pants on the toilet for 2 minutes. When I had finished I stood up and some pee that had pooled up in my pants ran down my legs and into my socks. I cleaned up the floor and looked in the mirror. My butt and crotch were yellow and you could see my blue underwear. There were yellow lines running down my legs and socks were soaked.
Still low key disappointed I had peed my pants, I changed into clean black panties and black yoga pants. Hope you enjoyed, I know its been awhile!

A few people Vinny has talked about on stream

-A cousin who would constantly invite Vinny to a nonexistent club.

-A cousin (or friend) who peed in the pool only replying with a “Pee Pool”

-An elderly lady with a voice of an angel…
You muthafukas

-An obnoxious man who would point out obvious things throughout the movie

-A family member who would believe that she would eventually be with John Cena

Feel free to add more

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Harry Hart headcanons?

Other than the several hundred thousand words of fic on my Ao3? :P

* Drinks martinis and top quality scotch for #aesthetic but would rather be drinking an extravagant strawberry daiquiri with seventeen little paper umbrellas.

* Saw 14 shows on McBusted’s first tour, only six on their second because he had to go and save the world from some horrible people in Bolivia. Didn’t speak to Merlin for two weeks for cockblocking him from Dougie. Still maintains Percival was playing up the severity of his broken leg and could have gone instead.

* Rates the men he sleeps with in a private locked document like his own personal TripAdvisor. DickAdvisor, you might say.

* Pees in swimming pools.

* Watches fancy cooking shows for seven hours straight on days off while eating handfuls of Cheerios and drinking wine, both direct from the box.

* Came back from a holiday once with the word “Checkmate” tattoed in beautiful cursive on his bum cheek. Smirks like the devil any time he’s asked about it, but never tells.

* Middle name is Beauregard.

* Banned from Wetherspoons.

Things I will forever be upset about

The fact that Sage the Pomeranian had to watch her owner Nina Patterson die with the knowledge that if she could open the door she could save her with her trained attack dog skills

The fact that Nina’s mother discovered her body

The fact that Rachel probably died thinking that her girlfriend was the one that killed her

The fact that Rachel’s death was framed as a suicide

The fact that Rachel never truly got the justice and acknowledgement of being a victim she deserved because she was the unpopular self harming queer girl

The fact that after Rachel died, Audrey made a noose and almost stuck her head in it in order to figure out if it was really possible or not

The fact that apparently Rachel’s parents don’t give a shit because Audrey was the only one angry that Rachel’s name wasn’t listed at the memorial

The fact that Riley’s death was partially to blame on her loyal trusting nature

The fact that Emma didn’t mean to choose Riley but she did and will forever have to live with that guilt

The fact that Riley died by who she thought was her friend

The fact that Noah had to watch Riley die with no way to save her or even hold her because it was on FaceTime

The fact that the last thing Riley saw was her and Noah’s stars

The fact that Emma discovered her body

The fact that Noah basically said that he wished he would have died instead

The fact that Noah’s parents didn’t notice that he didn’t come home the night his gf was murdered

The fact that Brooke will probably always think that it was her fault that Riley died because she was answering a booty call

The fact that later Brooke realizes that that booty call she thought she was meeting was her statutory rapist

The fact that the people they go to school with are so fucked up that they think it is funny to create a poll over who they want to die

The fact that Tyler was framed for murder and had no way to defend himself

The fact that the only one of Tyler’s friends that trusted him was murdered and he was thought to have done it

The fact that as much as a douchebag that Will was, he was willing to risk his life when he was already injured to save Emma, Brooke, and Noah

The fact that Will’s mouth was taped so he couldn’t warn Emma that by trying to save him, she would only kill him

The fact that Will’s mom found her son split in half on her own farm

The fact that Daisy indirectly killed her bf (again)

The fact that this unknown cop died so that the killer could frame Branson

The fact that nobody cared about Greyson’s death. Yes he was a random unimportant character , but he died because he had to pee and was considerate enough not to pee in the pool everyone was swimming in

The way that Kieran found out about his father

The fact that Haley and her bf thought it was funny to prank a victim of a serial killer only months after the fact

The fact that Haley’s mother was not called to twist her ear off

The fact that Jake died trying to prove his love for Brooke

The fact that Brooke found out about Jake the way that she did

The fact that Kieran’s aunt didn’t take care of her nephew after he became an orphan

The fact that Zoe felt so alone she may have hurt herself

The fact that Audrey felt so alone that she couldn’t tell Noah

The fact that Lakewood sucked for Noah before he met Audrey

The fact that Audrey so obviously loves Emma and Emma treats Audrey like dirt

The fact that Stavo was just making a comic book and his tablet got smashed

The fact that we didn’t get to witness the rest of Noah’s conversation with Beatrice, the sales lady, who was just trying to help Noah buy the proper condoms

The fact that Dwayne was just doing his job and he suffered the intimate price

The fact that Haley knew the killer and was murdered before she could could give him his blowjob


It was the summer and my gf and I went to the local amusement park one day. It was a hot and sunny week day so the park wasn’t too packed. I asked her what she wanted to do first and she said that she wanted to ride the log jammer because she wanted to ride a water ride. She was wearing a plain black bikini top, really short shorts with the button unbottomed and purple panties. These panties were probably my favorite because they had black polka dots on the front and black stripes on the crotch and back. “You know why I chose the water ride first right? Because I gotta go pee haha” she told me. I was excited because I always enjoyed her peeing herself. We get in the ride and we strap the belt on and she said “I REALLY have to pee now!” So we start going up the hill and she told me she never actually peed herself through her shorts. The only thing she peed in was her panties and her swimsuit. We got to the top of the hill and she asked if it was good to go, so I said you can go whenever. Within a few seconds, I saw a puddle of pee on the seat. She had a look of relief in her face and she continued to relieve herself. We went down the hill and up a smaller hill and she told me that she was done. Then we got off the ride and rode a few rollercoasters and we started to get hungry so we took a break to get some food. She got a burger and fries and I got some nachos and fries. We got to a seat and it was sort of behind the building and she said “I have to pee again baby.” “Let’s find a bathroom because I have to go too.” “But today I don’t want to use the potty…” and she gave me a very seductive look. “So are you gonna go like right here?” “Yep I am! Whenever I gotta pee today, I am gonna pee myself. No one will know or care.” She did have a valid point, we were in the middle of an amusement park. “I have to find a bathroom tho because I have to pee.” “Baby you’re wearing swim trunks just go here! We can pee ourselves together how bout that!” I wasn’t really for the whole peeing myself in public even though I’ve peed myself in pools before. “I would rather pee in the bathroom babe.” After I said that she came and sat in my lap and before I knew it, she was peeing on me. “Ahhhh.. now you pee with me.” I felt her warm pee flow into my suit and i couldn’t hold it any longer and I started pissing myself as well. “Are you happy now haha” I said mid stream. So after we were finished, we poured some water on our legs to wash the pee off and went to ride again. Later around evening, we met up with her parents and went to ride the another water ride before it closed down for the night. This ride is where you sit with 4 people in a circle and you spin and there’s rapids and other things. “When the waterfall gets dumped on our heads, I’m gonna pee again! You can too!” “But you’re parents are on this ride.. they’ll see you peeing yourself” “No they won’t! It’ll be our little secret” and kissed my cheek. Lone behold when we went under the waterfall, I noticed a bright yellow patch of water at her crotch and she squeezed my hand real tight as she finished. Her dad told us to ride a 2 more rides then change for the ride home. We rode my favorite roller coaster then hers then we went to change. I had asked her “I wonder how destroyed your panties are with all that pee you did in them” “I’ll show you when I come out” When she came out, she showed me the damage. The inside crotch was white before but it was yellow with a smaller, darker ring in the middle. The crotch was soaked and her response.. “ I peed again 😉”

Stuck in traffic

The traffic stretched a long way back. They were not going to get anywhere soon. Jasmine looked across at Harriet from the passenger seat. They’d been best friends since first year at school, and now they were both 18. Harriet had recently passed her driving test, and bought a small car, meaning they could now travel a little further afield and get out of the tiny village where they’d spent most of their lives.

Today, they were heading to the beach. Jasmine had made a picnic and they’d thrown towels and a beach ball into the car boot, and off they’d gone, both wearing summer skirts and sunglasses.

Jasmine wound down the window, but the warm air didn’t do much to help her cool off. She glanced in the mirror and saw her forehead and chest glistening with perspiration. Harriet was also hot, despite her long dark hair tied up to keep her neck cool.

“Do you think there’s been an accident?” Jasmine asked, craning her neck to try and see what was causing the hold up.

“Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll get there.” Harriet didn’t seem too concerned – it was still mid morning, and they would hopefully still have the entire afternoon to enjoy when they got there. Jasmine wasn’t worried about that either, though… what she was worried about was her growing need to pee.

She crossed her legs and stared out of the window, trying to take her mind off it. She’d had cereal for breakfast, and a big mug of tea, and with all the rushing around to get the picnic ready, she’d completely forgot to go to the toilet before they set off. She realised now that that had been a mistake. She put a hand to her crotch as the car jolted forward a few paces, and then came to another standstill.

Harriet hummed along to the radio as she sat waiting, not a care in the world. Jasmine envied her. She obviously didn’t need to pee – she was in no rush. Jasmine tried to keep her desperation to herself, but her leg kept involuntarily jiggling up and down and she began to squirm in her seat as she tried to find a comfortable position in which to sit. Eventually, Harriet noticed what was happening.

“You okay, Jazz?”

“Yeah, fine,” Jasmine lied, but as she spoke she felt herself leak a little and pushed her hand further into her crotch, her skirt tangling round her legs as she did so.

“You sure?” Harriet asked, glancing down at Jasmine’s lap.

“I just need to pee,” Jasmine confessed finally, feeling herself blush a little and crossing her legs tighter.

“We’re not getting out of this traffic jam any time soon,” Harriet said apologetically. “Can you hold it?”

Jasmine moaned slightly as she clenched her pussy again, but felt another drop soak into the fabric of her underwear. “I’m not sure,” she gasped, almost doubling over in pain as the flood gates threatened to open.

“Well, shit…” Harriet looked around, wondering what to do. “Just pee, then, I guess.”


“Just do it.” She looked over at Jasmine and smiled. “I won’t tell anyone. And we’ve brought a change of clothes for when we get there. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’ll get your seat all wet,” Jasmine said, shocked, although the thought of finally letting go was a nice one.

“It’s leather, it’ll clean,” Harriet replied, shrugging. “Just pee, baby. Let it all out.”

Jasmine nodded, a tear running down her cheek in embarrassment. She put her head back and shuddered as she finally let go, her pee immediately soaking through her underwear and to her skirt, making a pool around her butt. Harriet looked down at Jasmine’s crotch and smiled, as the car moved forward a little more.

“Fuck, you were desperate,” Harriet said, barely able to contain her excitement. “Jasmine, this is HOT.”

Jasmine looked over at her then, warm pee running down her legs and hitting the floor. Harriet reached over and put her hand between Jasmine’s legs, feeling the warm dampness of her skirt and panties. “Oh, Jasmine, baby, it’s ok,” she said, as Jasmine began to cry from embarrassment. “Hey, it happens to all of us.” She looked Jasmine in the eyes and gave a wicked smile. “And, you know, I might have to pee too…”

How do I begin? I feel like I’ve always been poly, but I don’t know how to approach the topic with people I flirt with. Is it something I drop at the beginning to get something going, or something I bring up after the goings gotten started? I’m in a difficult situation trying to begin polyamory as a single cisgendered male. Or am I? Any advice I can glean to get the ball rolling? I read the ethical slut, great book, btw. Thanks for being you! And all the work you do!

First, thank you for your lovely compliments, and kudos for doing your homework and stepping into this journey informed! You are right that cis men trying to date multiple people may be up against some mistrust or skepticism - not your fault, but your reputation has been marred by a bunch of other skeezy cis men out there peeing in the dating pool.

The best bet is to have polyamory on the table from the start - that’s one reason I like online dating, because I can filter for people who are also listed as non-monogamous and I can bring it up and check-in about it before putting in the effort of going on a date. But if you’re flirting with someone in person, it’s harder. My personal rule is to bring it up on the first or second date and always before sex happens. Some people will back out on you! That’s okay. Learn to be gracious and honest.

Also, be smart about how you communicate the fact that this will be your first polyamorous relationship, or that you’re new to practicing polyamory. I, and many other polyamorous people, are very weary of acting as “training wheels” for people exploring polyamory. There is a lot of emotional labor that goes into walking someone through their first ride on the roller coaster of polyamorous feels, so be conscious of that. Don’t lie about being more experienced than you are; but don’t treat anyone like they’re obligated to be your polyamorous mentor. Ask for help when you need it, be honest and open, but don’t depend on anyone else to help you process or learn. 

Today was a really nice day so my friend (from the bikini and pool peeing story) went on a hike in the woods by our house. I was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a camo hoodie and a pair of hiking boots. She was wearing a grey college hoodie, black leggings and a pair of hiking shoes as well. So we began our journey and I followed her. When we approached the one hill that was steep, I got a good look at her butt and I was very satisfied haha. I could see her bright pink thong through her leggings and it was a nice sight because her leggings formed to her body really well. About 20 minutes into our hike, I make a pit stop to take a quick pee. I found a tall oak tree and marked my territory. So we continued walking and a little bit later, my friend said that she had to pee. She is very outdoorsy so she knows how to pee outside. She got off the trail a little bit and squatted down behind a tree to do her business. Me being myself I knew I had to get a look at her peeing. So I got myself to a spot where I could see and I saw her crouched down beside a tree going to the bathroom. I did get a little excited in my pants as well. She was done and we continued on. We had walked some more and then we took a break and we sat down on a big rock. We were talking about school and everything else then she said she needed to go again. So this time she just went behind the big rock. She was facing the opposite direction so I had leaned back and looked over. I could hear her pee stream and when I looked over the rock, her leggings were still up. I was shocked because she peed earlier in the trip so why would see pee herself now. When she was done, she came out from behind the rock and she then tied her hoodie around her waist. I could still see her ass and I focused at the bottom to see if I could see anything. I couldn’t. About a half hour later, we got back to her house and she sat down in her yard. I sat across from her and when I looked at her, I looked towards her crotch and I saw a slightly darker spot on her leggings and I knew for sure that she indeed peed herself. Just wanted to share my story!



Yeah, I put yellow tiles in the pool. It camouflages the pee.