Update:   I won 3rd place in the ACC Print Show yesterday with this image that is titled “Every person has a dark side”.  

Competition at this event is really tough and there are a ton of amazing images.  I was happy to place at all and I came behind one of my new favorite up and coming photographers Maja Buck.  She won 1st and 2nd place for some of her images.

Thanks to Raven and Chelsea for making this image such a success!


Look who’s ready for Christmas!  Sneak Peek for the Braur Family.  These boys kept me hopping.  They had so much energy and were dancing, running and jumping all over the studio.  It was a blast!  I can’t wait to show their family the rest of the pictures! 


Don’t you just love this kiddos beautiful smile? I love this age where the kids have spaces of missing teeth in their smiles.  So CUTE!!!!  She is a wonderful little model and one of my favorite lil fashionistas! And she has a sassy personality that just makes you smile and love her more.  I love the colors she is wearing, they compliment her so well.  And who says Texas doesn’t have changing colors of fall leaves.   No, that is not photoshop!  The trees behind her and the sun are real and make this the perfect spot for these pictures.  Thanks for a wonderful end of the season photo session Oria Family!  Hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday season.


Christmas is coming and it reminds me that I’m supposed to behave and set an example for my kiddos otherwise they will get coal instead of presents from Santa.  I can honestly say that I might be getting coal but hope that I find a new lens instead!!  

Don’t you just love this family?? Don’t they just exude the Christmas spirit??  I do!!!  I love the way they are focusing on each other and how they are so close and touch one another by hugging or holding hands.  Yet you would never know that just minutes before they were teasing each other, kids pulling hair, and doing bunny ears and making weird faces at one another.  That’s exactly how my family acts with one another!  I wonder if Santa knows that it’s the questionable moments before that lead up to the poetic touching moments that you see captured here? I’m sure he does.  He is supposed to know everything anyways right??  Happy Holidays!


The love you see coming from certain families just makes your heart happy.  The little gestures that they make, that light but loving touch, and how they look at one another is just breath taking.   I was lucky enough to capture just that sort of family the other day and I can’t wait to show the Rondon family the rest of their photos!

For those of you who wondered about the results of my body paint project that I showed behind the scenes images of a few weeks back.  Here it is!!!   

I’m so happy with the way the optical illusion came out.  Thanks to for the help from my fabulous makeup artist Chelsea Welsh and my ultra professional and hard worker Raven.  I couldn’t have done it with you!!