peer to peer learning


a humble homage to my favourite painting

like wtf is this painting i bust out laughign every time i look at it

It’s not about being fair to you.  It’s about being fair across the board.
—  Vernā Myers (in response to a statement from a white male in his late fifties about how him having to think about what he’s saying depending on the audience is unfair to him since “we all share the same culture”)

Don’t be confused into thinking that Ed Sheeran is a lyrical genius. He wrote the One Direction song “Over Again” and made this simile:

Hole in my heart like the middle of a polo.”

Literally what????
The school that has no teachers, subjects or fees
A revolutionary coding school that has no teachers, lesson plans nor tuition fees is set to be opened in Silicon Valley. A new branch of the Paris-based academy ‘42’ will be unveiled on the outskirts Fremont, California, near the headquarters of Facebook and Google. It will open in November this year and will allow pupils to develop tech skills at their own pace.

New pupils will be given with intensive ‘real life’ coding challenges with a focus on peer-to-peer learning and self-motivation.

Recruits will be entirely free to come and go as they please, without the constraints of a daily teaching structure.

Anyone between 18 and 30 can apply for a place and French owner Xavier Neil, a billionaire telecoms magnate, hopes the new 42 will grow to 10,000 students over five years.

The philanthropist Neil is investing $100million of his own capital to ensure pupils can attend the college for free, according toInternational Business Times.

The original school in Paris has proved a success since it opened its doors in July 2015, with 2,500 currently on the books.

However it is said to be more difficult to secure a place at 42 than Harvard, with a gruelling month-long selection process called ‘La Piscine’ (‘the swimming pool’).

“With its unique pedagogical approach and accessibility to all, completely free of charge, 42 is the most daring response yet to the challenge of information technology skill development, as well as a source of innovation for the future.”