peeps for life

friendly reminder: just because you didn’t have your first kiss or your first date or your first bf/gf in high school, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be as special when it finally does happen… take your time and live your life at your own pace and don’t feel bad for it

Hi everyone! I finally decided to make a new studygram! >>

-Completely different content from this tumblr! (except for this post whoops!)
-Peeps into my everyday life
-Behind the scenes of my content!

P.S. I’m planning a milestone giveaway soon and if you follow you’ll get an extra shot! :)

A merm pretending to be a blue sea slug.


A peep into my life right now. Less than three months until the exams I’ve been dreading for three years, we’re at that point where we’re learning one topic in class, working on another at home, and beginning to revise the topics we’ve been learning since Feb. It’s hectic.

Tea, coffee, my newfound love of thrifting, and caring for my plants is what currently keeps me sane.

Good luck to my fellow VCE Year 12s, we’ll be needing it this term xoxo

hey i’m kinda afraid of how much i love balaga

A watercolor Chloe to celebrate that LiS: Before the Storm is here soon! Featuring butterflies and some wobbly paper 🙃🌹