peeps contest

“Tell me, Rabbit. Is that your happy face you make? I can’t tell.”
I felt my upper lip an rubbed my thumb against the scar tissue. I could feel it distorting my mouth. My nose had a bump in the middle of it as well. Maybe I looked more like a man-killer than I’d realized.
“Zecush, we should call you,” said Oreus. “Bunny.”

Limited in time and Peeps resources but imagine this is the scene where Oreus gives Sophos his nickname in Conspiracy of Kings, chosen for obvious reasons. For @meganwhalenturner‘s contest. 

The Queen’s Peeps ARC Contest

And the winner is:

Congratulations and well done,  Lionlass!

This was a random draw contest, but I couldn’t be happier with the winner.  I love the little boat with Gen in iridescent blue and Irene in her best earrings.  I like to imagine them heading out for a little sail every year on their anniversary in order to commemorate their first “date.”


“A burly jailer unracked a curving sword from its place on the wall… The man beside him lifted the sword. It caught the firelight on its edge for a moment before it swept down, biting deep into the chair. His right hand disappeared behind the blade.”

- A Queen of Attolia

The Queen’s Peeps Contest for the Queen’s Thief series by @meganwhalenturner

This was super fun, tbh. I did some engineering on my peeps - added some arms so we could chop off Gen’s hand, Attolia got a crown, and the burly jailer became a burly jailer. He’s my all time favorite with his abs! And we got our guards standing at attention in the back.

Two Peeps in a Boat (for the Queen’s Peeps contest)

“You have a decision to make, Your Majesty,” Eugenides reminded her. “And not much time to make it in.”

It was quiet then, while Attolia thought, particularly about the Medean ambassador with his attractive face and quick smile.

Eugenides waited. “Very well,” the queen said, sitting up straight to look him in the eye. “Be king of Attolia. But never drink from my wine cup while you hope to live.”

“There’s an oar by the boat hook,” Eugenides said, his voice devoid of triumph. “You’ll have to paddle us to the dock.”

-The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner, Chapter 15


“First, I thought, I will see gods walking the Earth.”


“This was not an image carefully made in imitation of Hephestia, amid a statuary garden of the gods. This was the Great Goddess, and she was surrounded by her court. My extended hand began to shake. I closed my eyes as I heard the rustle of cloth behind me, wondering if it was the midnight blue gown with the water pattern as Oceanus checked to see if I had left any dirt. I opened one eye and looked up at the Great Goddess. She looked beyond me, impassive, distant, not unaware of my presence but unmoved by it”. - The Thief, Megan Whalen Turner, p. 144

Here is my entry for The Queen’s Peeps contest. I wanted to recreate the scene from The Thief that really sold me on this series - the story was great, I loved the mythology, but this was the reveal that really started the process of this series becoming one of my favourites of all time. So I give to you the scene where Eugenides meets the gods, starring my sister’s earring as Hephestia’s crown, and a special appearance by the best Easter candy (imo), the Mini Egg, as Hamiathes’ Gift.

I had originally wanted to use one of my marble patterned phone cases as a background to give the feel of the temple, but they have all mysteriously disappeared, so the velvet will have to do. There’s a bonus photo taken from behind the gods because I wanted to capture them looking larger than life, and certainly larger than poor Eugenides, to whom they must have seemed like giants in this moment. Thanks @meganwhalenturner!