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I am not to be held entirely responsible for that reblog spam though. Someone else started it.

If you’re questioning the Swedish part being appropriate, prior Voltron incarnations combined the brother characters Takashi and Ryou Shirogane of the Japanese Go Lion show into the singular Norwegian/Swedish pilot, Sven Holgersson, when creating the show “Voltron”.

I enjoy @surfacage‘s Candela so much I decided she and Noire can fight over recruiting Jaime :D (I have a headcanon that she can speak Spanish, for whatever reason)

Noire and Jaime

anonymous asked:

In ahigh school or college AU, what do you think all the main peeps would think abiut school sports or who would play what?

this was tricky, but i hope these are alright!

alex: soccer

laf: baseball, cross country

john: soccer, lacrosse, swimming

herc: football, wrestling

angelica: volleyball

eliza: cheerleading, volleyball

peggy: soccer, softball, basketball

thomas: basketball, or something pretentious like golf

madison: football, wrestling

burr: basketball, baseball