Day 14: 2 Toots grill  I had an early dinner here on January 15th 2012 
Hold on…wait, what!? You mean to tell me my burger is going to come out on a tiny choo choo? Sweet! Or so I thought, and here is my reasoning. Upon arrival the place looked really really cheesy, fake 50’s diner feel, lots of red and checker patterns. When we sat down and received our menus my hope was restored. Though a limited menu sat before me , it touted grass fed beef and a mention in food and wine magazine, and I thought “Score!"  Oh the emotional roller coaster I went on that day… My food came out on the choo choo, my basket o’ burger was placed in front of me, and my view of it was obscured by the unmanageably large piece of lettuce placed atop most of the basket. Upon further investigation I became skeptical once again, as much as I like my flat top cooked burgers, I expect there to be a bit of… lets call it "Mass” left in the burger, that was certainly missing here. The patty was brown and crispy which is usually great, but they took it too far, smashing their patties to oblivion, I have had strips of jerky that were thicker, and in fact had more moisture and flavor. The sesame seed bun that was not toasted and fairly cold was average (and that is pushing it) at best. While eating the burger I found a fairly large piece of cartilage in my burger, and my dining company found a bone chip in theirs. I was disappointed to say the least. Why do you go to the trouble of using grass fed beef if you are just going to cook all that makes it discernible from McBeef (which would have admittedly tasted better and and been more moist) right out of it. Why, if you are using this “great” meat source are we finding bone chips and cartilage, look I know you aren’t going to grind a tenderloin to make burgers (and frankly they wouldn’t be that great, but likely better than this), but use some discretion here. Seven dollars should get me much better quality than this.  I am not sure what the following:

  • Food & Wine Magazine
  • Channel 2 (CBS) “Table for 2″ with Vince Gerasole
  • Channel 7 (ABC) “Hungry Hound” with Steve Dolinsky
  • Channel 7 (ABC) “190 North”
  • Channel 13 (ABC) Toledo
  • Daily Herald
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chicago Parent Magazine
  • Chicago Parent “Going Places” Magazine
  • West Suburban Living Magazine
  • Suburban Focus Magazine
  • Glancer Magazine
  • Suburban Life Newspapers
  • Naperville Sun

Saw in your burgers and or establishment but I most certainly did not share the sentiment, and frankly if they got what I got I do not think they would have said whatever positive things they may have. I genuinely hope 2 things, 1. you changed what ever it was you were doing from when the above saw what they saw, and 2. That you change what ever you changed back to what it was. If you do not do these things, any one with half a brain and a palate to suit will hopefully not visit this establishment.  P.S. Don’t Bother  (14/50)


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