peeping town

“Like my makeup? I put it on all by myself!" 

 ”…Okay maybe Bessie helped a bit.“


Potatoes do not understand the peepiness of their ways! They peep and only peep!

There are many different cases for all kinds of peeps! Most peeps are to socialize, but special events like seeing a full moon in their town encourages peeps of celebration! 

The best way to hear what a Potato sounds like can be found in most squeaky toys! Tiny short presses and you’ve pretty much got a Potato call! 


Hey look it’s these troublemakers. I don’t think I had shown Francis since I changed him to the custom Yager skin. As always he’s kind of a clone of his daddy but that’s alright. He is his own kind of special personality wise. 


Northern Territory Gothic

•The last man you went on a date with had a picture with a bloody boar carcass on his Tinder profile.

•You’ve heard the cautionary tale of the man concussed by a projectile dildo and know to keep your wits about you should one appear in a strip club

•Trev dances beneath a highway traffic light at during peak hour. Trev invokes the spirit of dada 10,000 times on the side of the road with collected litter and palm fronds. Trev runs for mayor. You have a wary admiration of Trev.

•Each year the locals stock up on explosives and set the state ablaze as a show of their state pride.

•You speak to someone new to town who is astounded by how “laid back” everyone is. You smile and you nod, you know the truth

•You are invited to a party in Lyons but can’t remember if it’s on Dunyila, Damabila, Daldawa, Dawarra, Datlawa, Duwarrmba, Danijarra, Damirrinda, Diditma, Dulinda, Demda, or Dalurrba Street. You give up, go home to watch tv alone instead.

•When your mate calls you gammon you call him a boong and give him shit for going on a date in thongs, he calls you a softcock because you threw up at only ten drinks, you call him a wuss because he made his missus take care of the mouse spider last week

•You don’t provoke the death birds

hardyrose  asked:

Hardy x Hannah prompt: gossip is swarming broadchurch about Hardy's new girlfriend. All is hypothetical until they're caught red-handed :o lol. Have fun and thanks :)

All in all

700 words


Why can’t I write anything with a normal amount of emotion for these two? (Because I love them so much, that’s why.)

Hardy looked up from his computer screen to find Hannah standing in his office doorway.

“What are you doing here?”

“Brought you lunch.”

Hardy frowned, she wasn’t the type to cook for him.

“Well, bought you lunch.” She held up an M&S plastic bag.

“That’s more like it.”

He removed his glasses and stood up to greet her properly, but he noticed his coworkers trying to casually peer into his office.

“Bloody rubberneckers.”

Hannah’s arrival in Broadchurch a week ago had people talking like only small town peeps could. She was younger than him and way out of his league. Speculations abounded as to the nature of their relationship: sister, mistress, witness, prostitute.  Of course, Hannah loved to provoke these rumours as evidenced by her see-through blue blouse— not that he was complaining.

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olicity prompt! in ivy town felicity becomes obsessed about closing curtains for sexy times since she heard two trophy wives gossiping about peek into a particular steamy moment of them.

Ivy Town Chronicles (Peeping Wine Moms)

olicity || ao3 || teen || fluff & humor || 2084 || more fics

chapter word count: 828
chapters: 3/?  
a/n: okay i love writing silly olicity and this was really fun to write so i hope you enjoy it

“Did you hear what happened?”


“Susan and Cindy saw those two, Oliver and Felicity, having sex in the middle of the afternoon.”

Felicity promptly choked on her mimosa. She knew she shouldn’t have been eavesdropping on the women at the barbeque, but now she was kind of glad that she did. Laura and Helen chattering away about her sex life and now all of Ivy Town probably knew.

Damn peeping Toms…. Peeping wine moms.

She was officially ready to go home, but Oliver seemed to be enjoying himself. He was off standing by the grill with Adam. Felicity still couldn’t understand how Oliver fell into this suburban guy role. He did the socializing well, always up early on the weekends to do the Farmer’s Market, and then brunch. It was probably at least somewhat reminiscent of the way he and his family lived when he was young. Now, she was just waiting for him to start coaching a little league team or something.

Felicity shook her head and downed her second mimosa. She was about to walk away when she heard the giggling near her end and more talking.

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