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PSA: Don’t ‘ship’ idols and sexualise every thing two males do together if you don’t actually support the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t use our sexuality as a means of entertainment and to get yourself off, but then turn round and not care about REAL people in these situations.

The amount of bullshit I’ve seen excusing what Jaebum said on Celebrity Bromance is fucking ridiculous. Here’s some words from an Actual LGBT Person: It was homophobic. There’s no misconstruing or people overreacting. Saying you would beat someone up for wanting to take a guy out somewhere is homophobic. I don’t care if he was nervous or it was a joke or you show me a picture of him holding hands with a guy once. It. Was. Homophobic.

If you excuse people’s comments as not serious or just jokes instead of actually calling people out just because you like them as singers, you are being homophobic too. Listen to actual LGBTQ+ people who are telling you this was wrong of him to say instead of taking it as just a part of his personality or his culture because you don’t want ‘drama’. There are real fans who must feel fucking heartbroken at someone they love using threatening language about LGBTQ+ people. It’s not people overreacting. It’s people hearing an idol say something that we hear time and time again out of the mouths of homphobes, and we have every right in the world to be upset and call him out.

If you shrug it off or actively defend him, you don’t support LGBTQ+ people and you can unfollow me right now, and take your shitty attitude and your love of fanfic with you. 

anonymous asked:

is teddy woke???? though he is still very manipulatable by dolores. i wnt him to wake up

He like. Half woke. 

Like shit, my hunny boo Dolores be killing peeps, AGAIN, there is something up with that, I should probably acknowledge that, before I be dying again.

Out of all the hosts, it will be most interesting to see a free Teddy and what he’ll do with that freedom. Ford used him as a keeper for Dolores, who, via Arnold’s command, used him as a toy soldier to kill every host, while guests seem to like using him for target practice…

Poor Teddy, always being used.

Picked up some mini prints today!! They would have looked a lot better if I had the versions of the book that I based the colour schemes on and also if the people who work at Staples understood the concept of using bleed when printing images.

Get to Know Me

I was tagged by @swansqueen. Thank you chica :) ♥

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Nickname: Dietz (my last name)
Starsign: Pisces 
Last Thing I Googled: who jeffree starr was
Favourite Music Artist: right now its the head and the heart and kaleo
Song Stuck In My Head: city of stars from the la la land soundtrack
Last Movie I watched: the heat 
Last TV Show I watched: currently watching ncis so i guess that counts
What Are You Wearing Right now: my old high school lacrosse sweatpants and long sleeve tshirt
Do You Have Any Other Blogs: nope
What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: more like what do i not post lol. mostly ouat, dctv shows, castle, and plenty of other shows
When Did You Create Your Blog: 2012
Do You Get Asks Frequently: um they come in waves so sometimes a lot all at once or none for multiple days
Why Did You Choose Your URL: Because all i really want is an evil queen pls
Gender: Female.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Pokemon Team: never had pokemon go…
Average Hour Of Sleep: 8 hours normally
Lucky Number: 7 and 11
Favourite Characters: regina mills, kate beckett, richard castle, sara lance, robin hood, emma swan, felicity smoak, donna paulsen, harvey spector, ziva david, kara danvers, amy santiago, hermione granger, laurel lance and oh so many more
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: like 2
Dream Job: tv production executive
Following: im following 785 if thats the question and 1,187 follow me if thats the question idk fam 

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Binxy’s Sunday Fan Fic Recs #3

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Well hello again peeps, i’m sorry that this weeks fic rec is late but i have been a tad busy with stuff and catching up on my reading. I would like to thank everyone that continues to tag me in their fic’s trust me i love and appreciate all the hard work you guys put into your stories and if you’ve sent it to me and i haven’t commented or left kudos i haven’t got around to reading it yet.

Enough of my waffle, lets get to this weeks author.

Drum roll please….. This week i bring to you, the fabulous @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid. Sundae is not only an incredible story weaver but a beautiful soul with a heart the size of the moon (and then some.) I’ll admit i’ve had a very difficult time picking my favorite fics this week simply because she rocks.

Shower Sex is Complicated   Smut. Dean x Reader

Summary: After a hunt things get steamy in the shower and a little bit difficult.

I love this fic and not just for the smut, but simply for the realism, anyone who has ever had sex in a shower knows how bloody hard and sometimes dangerous it can be.

Practising Alternative Medicine  Smut. Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader is suffering from a bad headache. Her usual cure, masturbation and orgasm which is a tad difficult with an old friend sitting in the next room.

Another of my Sam smut favorites, i just seem to turn to mush whenever he is on hand to help a girl out in her time of need. This fic has everything i want. Kind, caring and sexy as hell Sam, i just wish that whenever i was in pain or need he would appear and make it all better.

Good Little Girl  Smut. Dom!Sam x Reader

Summary: I really can’t write a summary for this one (sorry.) Yep Binxy is at a loss for words for once…

This was one of the first fics i read with Dom!Sam. I will wholeheartedly admit i blushed all the way through reading this, but oh my fucking God did i absolutely love this! And yes i left Kudos today because i thought i had already done so and was mortified that i hadn’t..

Tuesday  Fluff/Angst. Jared x Reader

Summary: Jared had many dreams. Becoming an actor and having his soulmate, but having both isn’t always easy.

This is the first time i have featured a real life pairing in my fic rec. Anyone who knows me, knows by now that i love Sam Winchester, i also adore the actor who plays him. So this fic struck a real big chord with me making me fall in love with the gentle giant all over again and made me want more. God bless you Sundae…

Slow Burn, Big Payoff  Smut. Dean x Reader

Summary: A slow but sure way to love to fall in love with ‘Dean FUCKING Winchester’ enough said.

Every now and again an author will fling me into the Dean abyss (i feel that at times i need a safety harness to get back out)  and once more i was flung into this one. This fic right here made me weak for Dean just on the opening line. 

‘Dean Winchester, although try as he might to deny it, likes to cuddle.’ 

Yep i melted, went gooey in all my lady parts and squealed.. I seriously can’t tell you the rest of my reactions because somethings are better left unsaid..

I would like to wish you guys a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, i’ll be back next week with another phenomenal author..

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31/06/2016 [I’ve given up with 100 days of productivity 🙃]

I can’t seem to concentrate or get myself motivated at all. I spent all morning sat at my desk stressing and researching an idea I had but I can’t find a way to do it and now I’m just frustrated. Whenever I do any work, it just feels so fucking redundant and when I attempted a past paper it made me feel completely hopeless.

I thought this summer I would be able to redeem myself and get out of this dip, but instead I’m in my room at 2:33pm still in my pyjamas giving an illusion of doing work to my family by putting shit everywhere.

I can’t think and I just want to be able to do something. My mind is concentrating on too many things at once - things that I can’t solve. Ideas that are so fucking dumb and just sjgishsjwbdoshzjhwhe

pls send help and like 7372947822 study motivators who will study with me and like restore my will to live thx