Imagine Spencer Seeing You Dressed Up For The First Time

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A/N: Okay so, sorry this post was a little late… I had tournaments all weekend! Anyways, the title is pretty much self-explanatory. 

Warnings: NONE

Words: 749

“(Y/n), you look gorgeous!” Garcia squealed in excitement when you walked out of your hotel bathroom. You gave your friend a polite smile while shrugging. 

You didn’t even know why Hotch picked you to be the one to go undercover in this case. You didn’t have much experience with acting to begin with, let alone pretending to be someone you’re not. This Unsub in particularly went after single women at elegant balls. It was strange, but you were used to it. Being in the BAU for 2 years did that to you. 

 "I don’t know Pen, this dress is a bit too much for me.“ You replied, glancing down at your gold and black dress, then back up at your colleague. The costume was a few inches above your knee and it was incredibly bright; like sparkles bright. Something maybe Garcia would wear, not you.

 "That’s the point, my little princess! Hotchner told me he wanted you to stand out, I think I did my job pretty well." 

  You turned around to check your look one more time in the mirror. Your hair was in a lace braided bun. Your makeup was a golden brown smokey eye and your lips were painted a burgundy red. You didn’t look bad, you just weren’t used to dressing up like this. When your eyes found their way down to your body you weren’t sure how to feel about how the dress tugged at your hips. The costume revealed your curves, and as much as you sometimes liked them, tonight was not one of those nights. You didn’t want a serial killer thinking of you in that way, it was gross. Of course, you’d never say that to anyone though. This was your job, you had to. 

 In the reflection of the bathroom mirror, you could see Garcia pulling out her phone to check the time. The woman then shot her head up and grasped onto your forearm. 

 "Everyone ’s waiting down in the lobby, let’s go!” Your friend exclaimed, practically dragging you out of the bathroom. Oh, and the heels! On your feet were classic black peep-toe platform high heels. They were cute, in fact, you loved them, but they were also quite uncomfortable to walk in.

 As Pen and you were in the elevator, you couldn’t stop thinking about Spencer. No, you weren’t dating but you wished you were. You’ve had a crush on him ever since you joined the BAU a couple years ago. Obviously, he didn’t know. You were just close friends, and that’s all he saw you as. Well, at least that’s what you thought. Garcia liked to believe that she knew Spencer liked you. 

 When you got down to the lobby you took a deep breath before strolling out of the elevator door. The whole team was sitting in some chairs but when Morgan and JJ noticed you they immediately stood up. 

 "(Y/n), you look absolutely stunning!“ JJ proclaimed, earning the other teams attention. You smiled and felt a heat rise to your cheeks but you were more focused on seeing Spencer. He was one of the last people to turn around but when he did you swore you saw his eyes widen in shock. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? 

"Dang Miss Foxy,” Morgan began, you rolling your eyes by the nickname your friend always called you. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion when Morgan gently hooked his hand around yours and brought it up to his mouth to kiss it. “You look lovely.” He finished, winking at you. 

 Rossi and Emily commented on your dress but you weren’t paying attention. You felt butterflies erupt in your stomach when Spencer got up from his chair and strolled over to you. For a moment he just stared at you, taking in your beauty. You finally broke eye contact with him, feeling uncomfortable by the staring. 

 "Sorry.“ He mumbled when he noticed you shift awkwardly. 

 "It’s fi-

 "You just look so beautiful, how could I not stare.” Spencer blurted out, soon realizing what he said and bringing his eyes to the ground. Your whole face turned a bright red and you smiled. That was the first time he had ever complimented you… or anyone on the team. Maybe Garcia was right… maybe he did like you. The thoughts going through your mind just brought a wider smile on your face and a darker blush.

Maybe being Unsub bait was worth it.