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Horoscope AU Drabble

a/n: finally got to write something down after being away (impromptu vacation to boston) uh, because there should be magical, horoscope fluff for everyone. And also amazing au/art inspired me ;o;
Summary: Burrdosia horoscope fluff.
tags/dedications: ALL CREDIT // INSPIRATION by the awesome art and au by @drawinggheys and @avenoire probably one of the more lighthearted things I got to think up. ^^
w/c: 1843
Warning: none, other than sugary fluff.

“She’s beautiful…” Burr muttered. From behind a large tree, Burr tilted his wide brimmed hat upward, pushing the sheer veil aside as he watched an angel sit by a pool of water. She dipped her feet into the water and went on with her business of plucking petals off a flower, dropping the petals on to the surface of the pool. Aaron didn’t have the heart or the nerve to go over and speak with Theodosia. He was sure he was well aware of what a nervous wreck of a man he was. If all he could do was watch, his heart drumming in his ribs.

There was a small breeze from behind him that tickled the back of his neck and a voice that purred lowly. “Oh yeah, she is pretty.”

“FAA!!” Burr nearly jumped out of his skin, his hat fell off him and rolled along it’s side like a coin. He covered his mouth with one hand then, covered Alexander’s with another. He watched from the corner of his eye as his hat rolled away towards the pool and fell into the water. “Shit…” He hissed watching as Theodosia eyed the hat, watching it bob and float along the water.

A dark shadow started to rise up from the depths of the pool and popped up right under the hat. “What a drab little thing.” Angelica pulled the hat off her head and looked it over a few times. “Doesn’t this belong to…”

“Aaron” Theodosia mused, she wasn’t surprised. “He’s hiding in the trees with Alexander.” She giggled softly, keeping her voice low so only Angelica could hear.

The siren turned up her nose and looked around, trying to spot the peeping toms from the trees…She couldn’t immediately tell where they were but frowned disapprovingly. “Watching like some creep, ugh that disgusts me.” She tossed the hat back to the pond’s edge, slowly Angelica swam up to the shore and pulled herself up. Half of her body covered in beautiful, iridescent scales, they were almost holographic, catching the light and reflecting nearly every color in the rainbow. “Hiding like that, cowards.” She still sounded cross, her hands slowly ringing out the water out of her curls.

The Cancer giggled again, pulled her hand to her warming face. “…I think he just a little shy” it was funny for her to assume, she knew Aaron was just shy. She had foreseen his various attempts to come out and speak, and the inevitable chickening out immediately afterward. “It’s cute…”

“If you say so. You know his intentions better than I do…” Though the way she said it sounded like she was doubtful. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you actually like him” Angelica wasn’t an oracle but Theodosia was now holding Burr’s hat, gently running her fingers over the rim. Angelica didn’t say a word, Theodosia knew what she would say anyway. Instead the girl decided to get even.

She didn’t utter a word of what she knew what would happen next.

“Aaron come on, you’ll never get anywhere with her unless you stop waiting around behind this tree and do something. Say hello” Alexander nudged him a bit. With a glare, Burr suddenly vanished and moved aside, Alexander nudged the air and nearly tripped over himself. “Real mature Burr.” He eyed the ladies sitting by the pond. An idea popped into his head, he’d show Aaron how easy it was to speak to the ladies. After all, Alexander had no problems in that department. He scurried up the tree and positioned himself.

Slowly Theodosia pulled her feet from the water and stood up, Angelica had finally finished ringing out most of the water from her hair was now bathing in sunlight.

From the branch Alexander lightened the density of his body, and so when he jumped off from the branch his body soared in the air casting a shadow over the pond. Before Angelica could react, Alexander suddenly made himself a lot heavier and cannonballed himself into the pond. The splash effect was massive, large waves rolled over the shore and showered anyone within two feet of the pond. “Ladies” Alexander purred after his head broke surface. His legs now a fully formed fin propelling him towards them.

While Theodosia had used Aaron’s hat to shield her from most of the water from where she stood. Her lack of warning left Angelica in range to be drenched. Her face, glowering at Hamilton as he drew near. “Alexander…” She growled, her hair was damp again and hung over her face like a curtain. She parted the drenched curls and frowned at him. “What are you doing here?”

“What? Do I need a reason to spend time with my favorite girl.” He smiled, a voice from bushes broke Alexander’s smile with fact.

“That’s a lie, Angelica isn’t your favorite girl.” Peggy beamed, “and you do have a reason.” She giggled, flanked by a horned woman who was giving Hamilton the coldest stare imaginable.

Maria didn’t say a word, she took a hard stance and slowly twisted her twist. A rock spire formed under Alexander and rose up. Before he could be impaled Alexander swam aside and huffed having seen his life nearly flash before his eyes. “What was that for?” He pushed himself up onto the shore and assessed the damage, nothing but a minor scrape on his forearm.

“For being a liar.” Taurus took a spot beside Angelica and began to ring out her hair for her.

“He’s hurt.” Theodosia frowned a tad concerned. No one needed Theodosia’s ability to know it wasn’t anything serious but she was not one to condone violence. “You should be nicer to him…he was only trying to help his friend.” Theodosia smiled softly, seeing Alexander’s intentions to build some confidence into Burr. Instinctively she turned her head staring right where Burr had been watching, while still invisible to most, and gave him a soft smile.

“That’s right, I was assisting Burr by showing him talking to women is nothing to be worried about. I do it just fine.” He beamed, earning nothing but eye rolls from three of the four girls present. He wasn’t doing a good job, Hamilton was right about to call it quits when a familiar face made her way over to to them.

“I’ve been looking for you two everywhere.” Eliza pouted, picking a few twigs from her bun.

“Eliza! If it isn’t the most beautiful girl in the place.” Alexander purred, eyes were on Peggy who gave a solid nod. Alexander dreamily smiled at her, resting his chin on his hand.

“Alexander, you’re hurt…” Eliza knelt down and gently took his arm in her hands. She pulled him a bit closer and gently snapped her fingers, a small blue flame appearing right above her finger times. At first, Hamilton’s face was pale with worry, it was a natural reaction to not want to be close to flames… The moment her flame touched his skin it was warm and soothing, not at all painful. Slowly the raw skin started to knit together and heal itself like new.

Angelica rolled her eyes, “Hardly, it’s barely a cut.” Her eyes fluttered close as Maria’s strong hands drained the water from her curls completely leaving them bouncy and semi-dried.

“I was fine Eliza, I barely even felt it.” He smiled, rubbing the smooth skin. It was like he never had a scape to begin with. “Thank you.”

“Honestly, Eliza you spoil him.”

“You two should be nicer to him.”

The girls began to bicker back and forth over their characterization of Hamilton. All the while Alexander bathed in the attention, good or bad, in some way he was being fought over by girls.

From the safety of the trees Burr watched as Alexander stole the show once again. Chaos following after, though… Alexander had a point. Whether it was good or bad, he was at least noticed. Slowly he started to walk away finding it pointless. At least he was invisible and escaping  with his head hung low wasn’t going to be a problem.

So he thought.

Aaron walked right into Theodosia who was standing there with his hand stretched out. Even while he was invisible she near relatively where he was. “Sorry…your hat is wet.” She spoke looking around knowing Burr was nearby. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly where but she knew he was around. “I know you’ve been meaning to talk to me…I have to say each attempt you’ve had would have been a good one.” She admit it slowly turning the hat in her hand. After a long pause she looked down, biting her lip a little. “You know…it’s kind of embarrassing for me to speak without knowing you’re here or not…”

Slowly Burr made himself visible again and gulped. “T-Thanks…for uh…bringing me by hat.” He held out his hands for it. Gently she placed the hat in his hands and he immediately plopped it on his head. The veil covered his face and more or less covered his nervous, twitchy expression. All of the times he thought of what to say to her and now he was here he couldn’t remember a damn one. He wanted to vanish again, disappear, run away, heck he’d like Maria impale him with a stoney spike if it meant leaving this anxious feeling behind.

“Would you like to take a walk with me, Aaron?” Theodosia offered. Burr snapped his head up, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Really?” Burr slowly pulled the veil back, making sure Theodosia was absolutely serious. “But…what about–”

Theodosia turned her head to the direction of the pond, the voices still overlapping each other. It was hard to tell if they were still bickering or if they had waned into actual conversation. “…the pond is rather crowded and … I think I’ve had my full of the chatter…”

Slowly Burr’s lips twitched into a smile, he held out his arm to Theodosia and slowly she wrapped her arms around him. They walked slow, silent, sharing only soft smiles and skittish glances for the time being.

After most of the chatter had died down. Alexander and Angelica no longer at odds enjoyed each other’s company in the water. Maria and Peggy basked in what remained of the sunlight beside Eliza who was watching over them all. After a moment Eliza realized they were one short and glanced around, “Where did Theodosia go?”

Alexander immediately looked around and frowned. “She left? Damn…guess Aaron missed his shot again.” He shook his head. “Poor guy is never going to get it in with Theo…” He shrugged floating on the top of the water. “You know I almost feel sorry for him.”

By the time the sun had set, and everyone had agreed it was more than enough time had been spent swimming. Most would be surprised to find Theodosia sitting ‘alone’ watching the sun set and the night fall. Her head leaned up against the air supported by a sweet and nervous unseen force.

Evenings (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by dailyfantasticbeastsgifs

For the wonderful @bringmetomnow who requested: Newt is watching reader caring for his animals (them being best friends) and he is so full of love that he just blurts out he loves her? Lots of fluff and touchy-kissy stuff.

Words: ~1200

Rating: You may overdose on fluff…sorry not sorry. <3

Hope you enjoy!

Evenings were Newt’s absolute favorite.

It became tradition that the two of you would savor each other’s company over a candlelit dinner before setting to work feeding and caring for the creatures in the case, the night ending with you both usually falling asleep on the cot in the small shack while working on writing and illustrating Newt’s magical beasts manual. Though you would always scold him with well-intentions to eat a proper meal before he got lost performing the neverending tasks in the case, Newt knew you were just as eager to see the creatures and care for them as needed.   

Currently occupied with the task of constructing a new Occamy nest to accommodate for some new hatchlings that were on the way, Newt couldn’t help but ponder if he would ever gather the courage to tell you his true feelings for you one of these nights. He bit his bottom lip in concentration as he wrapped the tubular vegetation into tightly weaved circles, layer after layer.

He paused abruptly at the sound of your melodious voice that drifted through the doorway, the sound almost hypnotic, drawing Newt out of the humble shack to find you tending to the Bowtruckles that riddled the small tree, peeping anxiously.

“I’m here, it’s alright,” you hushed lovingly, successfully calming and quieting the chirping beasts as they acknowledged your presence. “Now let me see that limping leg of yours,” you cooed, reaching out a hand with your palm faced down, coaxing a little green creature to scurry across your fingers and perch on your knuckles, it’s left twig-leg dragging along. You gave a sympathetic pout, already reaching for the bandages and miniature splint you had prepared. “Oh you poor thing, hold still…”

His nest-building task long forgotten, Newt rested his chin in his hand as he leaned an elbow against the Eurumpent’s wooden platform, observing you from a comfortable distance.

The magizoologist listened in satisfaction as Graphorns snorted while gorging themselves on the recently thrown meal in the sandy enclosure, the Nundu giving a mighty growl from its rocky perch as the Mooncalves emerged from their burrows to chirp and blink their large blue eyes at the ascending moon, such harmony between every creature that made pride swell in Newt’s chest. The creatures that resided here were his best friends, but with your involvement, they all had become family, your influence rejuvenating the warmth and spirits in the case of creatures.

He watched as you ever-so-gently wrapped the carefully crafted splint around the small Bowtruckle’s leg, tongue poking out in concentration as you secured the bandages to keep the injured limb in place, but allow for movement at the joint. Newt saw how precise and cautiously aware you were of the precious life in your hands, your appreciation and love for the creatures apparent in your daily actions of maternal maintenance and caregiving.

Newt couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face as you gushed over the gleefully squeaking Bowtruckle, giving small praises. “There we go, good as new,” You commented encouragingly, gingerly setting the Bowtruckle down onto a low branch, You giggled at a Billywig that buzzed by, twittering merrily as it circled your head a few times, sending your H/C locks flowing in a brisk breeze before whizzing away toward the Erumpent enclosure. It lead your gaze to your favorite wizard who strode toward you, looking to you in admiration.

A sense of adoration washed over Newt as he observed the way you interacted with his creatures, all of whom he now called “our” creatures since you had stumbled into his life. Your E/C eyes sparkled in the bright sun rays that beamed down and coated you in a heavenly glow, as if to purposely flaunt you as the main exhibit.

You, his favorite creature of them all. And you were his.

Newt was fully aware he was smitten. Completely, unashamedly, uncontrollably in love to where he devoted every smile, every breath, every heartbeat to you and you only.  

“I think the Bowtruckles really like me now,” you whispered secretively with a smile as you looked up to Newt with an endearing expression of excitement. “And I finally got the Niffler to give me back my earrings, though I still can’t find my—”

Though he mentally reprimanded himself for it, Newt had stopped fully listening to your ramblings to admire the look of enchantment you possessed in the presence of the creatures as well as himself, gazing up at him with captivating E/C eyes that reflected such compassion and joviality.

He figured you must have noticed the dreamy glaze over his herbal eyes as you paused in your small speech, expression turning to one of humor, though your brow furrowed in slight concern. “Newt, everything okay?”

Oh, the way you looked to him with so much fondness and devotion. Newt’s floodgates opened, the words spilling from his mouth, wholehearted and sweet like dripping honey, “Merlin’s beard, I love you…” His lean arms snaked around your waist, lifting you up into a spin that made you squeal in surprise and giggle in delight.

As soon as Newt set you down his hands flew up to delicately caress your face. He tenderly kissed your forehead, then the tip of your nose, trailing up your jaw to the shell of your ear, effectively showering you in affection that made your chest bubble in pleasure.

“You are…so…perfect,” he murmured sincerely between kisses, your cheeks flushing in response to such bold flattery. You faintly pondered what brought on such spontaneous demonstration of passion from the otherwise timid wizard, though you certainly weren’t about to complain. You couldn’t hold back the giggles that erupted from the sensation of Newt’s cinnamon-dusted amber curls sweeping against your skin as his freckled nose brushed against yours lovingly.

His eyes reflected a much deeper, passionate green, like that of churning ocean waves in a thunderstorm. “What ever did I do to deserve such a goddess?” He purred fondly, more to himself than anything else as he tucked a stray hair behind your ear and continued to study your features as though you were fine art.

You shook your head with a chuckle at his breathless, revering words. Giving it careful thought, you answered truthfully, “You exist, and that’s more than enough for me.”

Newt gave a slow exhale of awe as he attempted to form some sort of response, finding himself at loss for words. A grin cracked across his freckled face as he chuckled elatedly, seafoam eyes shimmering with mirth as he engulfed you into a warm embrace, nestling his head into the crook of your neck.

A smile of satisfaction pulled at your lips as you inhaled Newt’s comforting scent of fresh soil and rainwater, with a touch of vanilla. You rubbed soothing circles along his back, feeling his arms hug you tighter as you pressed your lips to his exposed neck with soft murmurs of your own reciprocations interweaved with sweet nothings.

You felt Newt’s unmistakable smirk of contentment against the curvature of your neck as he sighed fondly, freckled fingers tracing down your spine as his eyes fluttered shut blissfully. The night peacefully drifted on, the two of you snugly relaxed in one another’s embrace as polar-white stars shimmered from above, bathing the contents of the case in divinely pale light.

Evenings in your arms became Newt’s absolute favorite.

I hope you enjoyed!

A big thanks to those who like/reblog and leave such encouraging comments, they make my day! Thank you so much! 

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Out of My Hands - Part Four

Character: Castiel, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,421

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, eventual Dean x Reader

Prologue - Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Summary: Spending an awkward night with Castiel, the reader receives a text from Dean and agrees to join him and Sam on a hunt. When they meet up again, Sam sees something his brother won’t admit to.


           “We could take a walk.”


           “We could watch a movie.”


           “Television? I find late night-”

           “No.” You sigh. “I’m going to sit here quietly, if you don’t mind.”

           “I don’t. If you want to go to bed, I won’t stop you.”

           “I’m fine.”

           “You seemed tired when I came by earlier.”

           “I’m fine, alright? I just … ever since you did the healing thing, I haven’t been hungry and I haven’t been tired. I’m still wide awake.”

           “I’ve been told it has side effects. I have a friend who-”

           “Please, Castiel, stop talking.”

           The angel shuts his mouth.

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Birds of a feather

Request: Could you please write a newt x reader where the reader is a Metamorphmagus and has purple hair with blue ends, I love your writing


Originally posted by clairevf

The sun was just beginning to peek through the trees, the canopy of leaves like a blanket keeping the forest warm. Newt was stepping as softly as he could, avoiding sticks and dried leaves, to stay as undetected as possible.

Newt peeped around a wide tree trunk, his keen eyes caught a flash of violet, a jolt of excitement shot through him. Staying as quiet as he could, he crept towards the beautiful colour, staying hidden in the thicket, he realised that it wasn’t a fwooper as he had first thought, it was a girl, she had bright violet hair. As newt observed, her hair began to change from tip to root, a brilliant blue began to bleed through her hair, like a drop of ink dripped onto fresh parchment.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the fwooper that he was looking for, the fuchsia bird edged it’s way cautiously down the branch towards the beautiful blue of the woman’s hair, before it fluffed up its vivid feathers and gingerly stepped onto her head.

Newt was crouched down in the long grass with his mouth hanging open, never in all his years as a magizoologist had he seen anything like this. The creature seemed to accept her as one of its own. “remarkable’ he unconsciously whispered, he smacked his hand over his mouth as you slowly turned, so as not to jostle the peaceful creature too much. He had a good view of the woman’s face now, she was breath taking, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. She had formed her hair to almost look like feathers, to keep the bird as calm as possible.

She made her way towards the source of the noise on light feet, barely making a sound, the fwooper still perched on her head. She crouched down, the tall grass the only thing separating them. She pushed the grass to one side, she was a fair bit smaller than newt, so he came face to face with the colourful bird.

A sheepish smile grew on newts lips, ‘good morning’ he mumbled as he dropped his eyes to hers before looking intently at the forest floor.

“what are you doing?’ she inquired, her voice was hushed, ‘well I suppose I was doing the same as you, the fwooper, I got word that their was an injured animal, and I was going to offer it some help’ Newt rambled, before he managed to shut himself up.  A smile broke across her pretty face as he had prattled on.

 ‘you work with magical creatures?’ she asked excitedly, newt only nodded, not trusting himself not to  bore you to death. Her smile got even wider, if that was possible, ‘I’d love to work with magical creatures, but I could never’ she shook her head, as though she was trying to dislodge the thoughts and dreams in her mind. It saddened newt, why did she think that she wasn’t good enough? “you’ve obviously got the knack’ he said gesturing to the fwooper, who was still nestled in her bright hair, ‘and the way you use your gifts, it’s ingenious, I’ve never seen anything quite like it, I’ve always been interested in metamorphagi’ Newt felt his face grow warmer at what he had just said. He dared to glance up from the ground to her lovely eyes, she was her own shade of pink, a shy smile on her lips.

Gathering all of his courage Newt asked ‘perhaps, you don’t have to of course, would you possibly like to meet some other beasts?’  


Have a great day and be safe

valmendra  asked:

My name is Nidia :)

Hi Nidia! Lovely name :)

A white cotton picnic blanket laid out on the grass and stained with grapefruits being cut. The feeling of hiding behind the tree and peeping around so you can as you wait to scare a friend. Sinking your feet into warm sand. Flapping a polaroid to impatiently see the photo develop.

Thank you!

Forsaking the Stars ch. 4

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

The first morning after the incident, Mabel limped over to her closet, hoping everything -Bill Cipher’s return, their mysterious bond, and the demon attack- was all some sort of messed up dream. When she found Bill hovering in the air, still blinking black and white, she knew it wasn’t. The triangle shaped demon remained as he was all day, totally unresponsive. 

He was like that the next day too.

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12 Days of Grester, Day Four

Even a headache can’t keep me away from Grester fanfic. Here’s day Four! Thanks  the anon who sent me the prompt. Hopefully it isn’t shit! As always, feedback is appreciated :)

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me

Fireside cuddling

Nobody likes a day of meetings when you could be home with your boyfriend instead. That’s what Grace thinks at least. As she sits in her 5 millionth meeting of the day (Grace Helbig does not exaggerate, she swears) fakes listening to an obese man in a suit that is way too small for his robust frame drone on. She’s really just looking out the windows of the New York Youtube space watching the children of New York play in the snow. Now that’s an idea she could get behind. The only thing standing in her way is the man sitting in front of her- the man who insists on talking way more than necessary. She lets out a giant sigh of relief when he gets up to shake her hand and say goodbye. Grace does not miss the eye roll her agent is giving behind his back. Grace can barely get out of there fast enough.

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