peep tree

so kel & i spent two hours @ a huge cemetery wandering around talking & propping up/fixing flowers that had fallen over, saw moana, went to a combination florist’s & bakery, then wandered aimlessly around target for two more hours or so looking @ everything? they brought me plants as a gift which included a baby aloe. we sat at a table in a food court part of target and just ate christmas tree marshmallow peeps. florist’s & bakery combos exist. i’m alive? living is nice actually? it was a very peaceful, genuinely good day? someone wanted to spend time w/ me & took that time out of their life to spend w/ me b/c they thought i was worth that? i love kel. anyway

Birds of a feather

Request: Could you please write a newt x reader where the reader is a Metamorphmagus and has purple hair with blue ends, I love your writing


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The sun was just beginning to peek through the trees, the canopy of leaves like a blanket keeping the forest warm. Newt was stepping as softly as he could, avoiding sticks and dried leaves, to stay as undetected as possible.

Newt peeped around a wide tree trunk, his keen eyes caught a flash of violet, a jolt of excitement shot through him. Staying as quiet as he could, he crept towards the beautiful colour, staying hidden in the thicket, he realised that it wasn’t a fwooper as he had first thought, it was a girl, she had bright violet hair. As newt observed, her hair began to change from tip to root, a brilliant blue began to bleed through her hair, like a drop of ink dripped onto fresh parchment.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the fwooper that he was looking for, the fuchsia bird edged it’s way cautiously down the branch towards the beautiful blue of the woman’s hair, before it fluffed up its vivid feathers and gingerly stepped onto her head.

Newt was crouched down in the long grass with his mouth hanging open, never in all his years as a magizoologist had he seen anything like this. The creature seemed to accept her as one of its own. “remarkable’ he unconsciously whispered, he smacked his hand over his mouth as you slowly turned, so as not to jostle the peaceful creature too much. He had a good view of the woman’s face now, she was breath taking, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. She had formed her hair to almost look like feathers, to keep the bird as calm as possible.

She made her way towards the source of the noise on light feet, barely making a sound, the fwooper still perched on her head. She crouched down, the tall grass the only thing separating them. She pushed the grass to one side, she was a fair bit smaller than newt, so he came face to face with the colourful bird.

A sheepish smile grew on newts lips, ‘good morning’ he mumbled as he dropped his eyes to hers before looking intently at the forest floor.

“what are you doing?’ she inquired, her voice was hushed, ‘well I suppose I was doing the same as you, the fwooper, I got word that their was an injured animal, and I was going to offer it some help’ Newt rambled, before he managed to shut himself up.  A smile broke across her pretty face as he had prattled on.

 ‘you work with magical creatures?’ she asked excitedly, newt only nodded, not trusting himself not to  bore you to death. Her smile got even wider, if that was possible, ‘I’d love to work with magical creatures, but I could never’ she shook her head, as though she was trying to dislodge the thoughts and dreams in her mind. It saddened newt, why did she think that she wasn’t good enough? “you’ve obviously got the knack’ he said gesturing to the fwooper, who was still nestled in her bright hair, ‘and the way you use your gifts, it’s ingenious, I’ve never seen anything quite like it, I’ve always been interested in metamorphagi’ Newt felt his face grow warmer at what he had just said. He dared to glance up from the ground to her lovely eyes, she was her own shade of pink, a shy smile on her lips.

Gathering all of his courage Newt asked ‘perhaps, you don’t have to of course, would you possibly like to meet some other beasts?’  


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