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This is a reminder that baby mama/baby daddy have become racialized terms that are used to casually demean Black people (usually Black women) and their relationships. Peep how white partners in a relationship are often referred to as “wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, or father/mother of his/her child”. See also: When Michelle Obama was called Barack’s “baby mama”.

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just a quickie to play with bros and textures

…i’m not gonna lie, sometimes i just think about this movie and how underrated it is, just because of the wonderful character development/dynamic between these two.

also i’m a sucker for westerns

A soft switch

Name: Carter
Little Names: anything but little one
Role: switch/little
Age: 14
Little Range: im unsure!
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
About Yourself: um im soft spoken, short (4'11"), and i can stand up for myself, but i have anxiety issues.. uses he/him pronouns
Big Hobbies/Interest: i love movie marathoning, speaking french, and talking about music! I also love math and singing.

Little Hobbies /Interest
♡fav color: black and green
♡activities: coloring, cuddling, watching toy story and playing games
♡fav tv shows/movies: Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin!!
♡ stuffie names: Eeyore, Perry, and Mr. Kola
♡snacks/candy: sour patch kids and gummy bears… i love salad
♡little gear:

Partner Preference: um i prefer masculine or nonbinary peeps
Partner Preference Age: 14-16
Partner Preference Role: daddy/cg/switch
What do you look for in a Partner: someone who is soft and caring and will give me attention and check up on me!!
I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: nonsexual 
What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: daddy, dada, sir, love, king/queen/royalty, teddy bear
I Like When My Caregiver Does: gives attention, soft voices, can call me sometimes
I Don’t Like: yelling, manipulation, strictness 

Best way to get in touch with you is: tumblr: petitlunegarcon OR kik: LyssLikeBlue 

anonymous asked:

Why do you call then your boyfriend and girlfriend instead of you partners like most poly people.

because we don’t work at a law firm 

it’s hard to call someone ‘partner’ when you’ve watched them dance around in their underwear at 2am or held them when their soul was tearing apart

Forget || Open RP to relationships

The nightmares didn’t seem to go away that day, since he woken up, through lunch and into the afternoon Yancy couldn’t stop the anxiety, couldn’t stop the memories. He just wanted it all to end. 

The Becket marched to his room and pulled a bottle of pills from his closet and grabbed a beer from the mini fridge. He took more pills then prescribed and downed them with half a beer.

With the drugs and alcohol foggy his mind he didn’t realize he had left his door open, or the fact that someone was standing in it staring at him.