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Closet (M)

Description : When Jimin innocently goes on a search for his laptop in his roommate’s closet, he finds much more than he bargained for

Pairing : Yoonmin x Reader

Word count : 3k

Genre : 101% smut

Warning : voyeurism, cum play, guy on guy action, dom!yoongi

a/n : This is filth, idk what to do with myself

“Alright where’d you hide it?” Jimin scoffed at the fake startled expression that danced on his roommates’ face after he’d asked the question.

“Me? Hide what?” Yoongi smiled widely at his success in annoying Jimin and continued to eat his dinner while Jimin stood before him and scowled.

“Yoongi I need my laptop!! I’ve got important stuff on it!” Jimin whined endlessly while slamming soft fists against the small coffee table they shared in the living room.

“Aww, like what? Your porn?” They both had images of the other day flash before them simultaneously accompanied by the uneasy feeling it came with when it happened.

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Preschool Tv

Don’t reblog this if you’re a kink or ddlg blog!!! Heres a big big big list of tv shows i like for little kids!! theyre from pbs kids, nick jr, playhouse disney, and treehouse tv!

angelina ballerina
(the) backyardigans
barney and friends
bear in the big blue house
 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures
between the lions
(the) big comfy couch
blue’s clues
blue’s room
bob the builder
clifford the big red dog
charlie and lola
curious george
dinosaur train
dora the explorer
dragon tales
elliot moose
franklin and friends
george shrinks
harry and his bucketfull of dinosaurs
higglytown heros
jakers! the adventures of piggly winks
jojo’s circus
(the) koala brothers
little bear
little bill
magic adventure mumfie
magic school bus
maisy mouse
martha speaks
max and ruby
maya the bee
miss spider’s sunny patch friends
mister rogers neighborhood
mouse and mole
my friend rabbit
ni hao, kai-lan
out of the box
peep and the big wide world
peppa pog
peter rabbit
postcards from buster
rainbow brite
rolie polie olie
sagwa, the chinese siamese cat
sesame street
sid the science kid
spot the dog
timmy time
tiny planets
(the) upsidedown show
veggie tales
wibbly pig
wonder pets
(the) world of david the gnome
wow! wow! wubzy!
yo gabba gabba

Hilarious excerpt from Otomedia about what the One Punch Man boys would do for Valentine’s Day. The answers are assumptions made by the Director (Natsume Shingo) of the anime! Enjoy~

As a result of his intensive training because he wanted to be a hero, he gained a strength so great that he felt like he lost something of his in return.

Q: What would Saitama do during Valentine’s Day?
A: Probably fidget around a lot and peep at his mail box.

Q: What is the best way to give chocolate to him?
A: Right when he’s done with his One Punch move. Giving him chocolate right at that moment would be the best method.

With a huge fan club full of beautiful girls, he himself pays no attention to it at all, nor does he care about his own appearance. Instead, he finds himself attracted to Saitama’s strength and aims to be a worthy disciple.

Q: What would Genos do on Valentine’s Day?
A: Incinerate all the chocolate he received into a melted pile of goop.

Q: What is the best way to give him chocolate?
A: Catch him with Saitama by his side and prepare two chocolates to give both of them at the same time (but only give your favorite chocolate to Genos instead) lol

After his humiliating defeat from Saitama, he finds him to be a worthy opponent.

Q: What would Sonic do on Valentine’s Day?
A: Because he likes to think he’s a present day kind of guy, he would be training at a gym.

Q: What is the best way to give him chocolate?
A: If you write on the chocolate “xx-Thunder” or something clever like that, he might take it.

Happy Easter: a Brendon Urie imagine

Y/N: Here’s a little Easter fic for you guys! :)

“Brendon,” you narrowed your eyes. “You have to get dressed.”

“I am dressed,” he insisted.

“Church clothes,” you rolled your eyes. “Come on. It’s Easter.”

“Fine,” he sighed. “Is a suit too much?”

“Just put on some nice pants, a dress shirt, and a bowtie,” you insisted, watching as he changed out of his casual t-shirt and jeans. You had worn something a bit fancy for the occasion. “You’ll look just fine.” Your parents had invited you to bring your boyfriend over to their house to go to Easter mass and get brunch. You hadn’t been too thrilled with the idea, especially since you and Brendon weren’t particularly religious or well behaved, however, it wasn’t like you could decline. It had been a while since you had brought Brendon to see your parents, and a family breakfast was a bit overdue.

“Do we really have to behave?” Brendon whined like a little child. “Can’t we have a little fun?”

“Maybe just a little,” you admitted. “But please be on your best behavior for my parents?”

“You know I always am,” he rolled his eyes and placed his lips on yours. “Now come on, let’s go get some Jesus.”

“Don’t start singing your Jesus Loves Me More Than He Loves You song,” you laughed. “I don’t think the pastor would enjoy that.”

“I’ll try to control myself,” Brendon joked.

Surprisingly, Brendon was well behaved all throughout mass. Well, except for the occasional silly faces he shot at you or when he’d sometimes change around the words in the hymn in an attempt to be funny. But he sang nicely and was reverent, and after mass was over, both of your parents were smiling at him. When you went to the restaurant, your parents were already there, having ordered coffees for all of you, menus placed at your seats. “It was nice of you to go to Church with us this morning,” your mom beamed at Brendon. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“It’s been a while,” Brendon nodded, obviously nervous. “Christmas I believe.” It was funny to see him so shaken up. With a big ego and never-ending confidence, you’d think there was nothing that could scare him. However, your parents seemed to do the trick every time. You held his hand and gave it a squeeze, watching as he relaxed his shoulders.

“Oh my,” your mom widened her eyes. “It has been a while, hasn’t it?”

“It’s okay,” you dad reassured. “We’re just glad to have you here.”

“How have you guys been doing?” you wondered.

“Good. How about you?” your mom asked. “Brendon?”

“Uh, I’ve been doing good,” he swallowed uncomfortably.

“Still doing the music thing, I assume?” your dad raised an eyebrow.

“Oh yes,” Brendon gave a weak smile. Your parents knew him as a singer, but only saw the jazzy fancy side of him. They never knew about the sexy punk rock singer who got up and headbanged on stage every show. Instead, they saw the piano playing, tuxedo wearing, smooth singing, Frank Sinatra loving gentleman who performed live music for weddings or private shows.

“We saw your new music video,” your mom grinned. Brendon froze. “Death of a Bachelor? Right?” He instantly relaxed his shoulders.

“Uh yeah,” he replied. “That’s the one.”

“Very nice,” she answered. “I like it.”

“I’m glad,” he responded. God that could’ve gone so wrong. You stifled a laugh, probably thinking he had thought of Emperor’s New Clothes or Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time. “It was a lot of fun to record and sing.”

The rest of the meal went nice. You ate and chatted with your parents, and Brendon talked about some old musicians with your dad and some favorite wines with your mom. When it was time to go home, you both relaxed while driving home, turning on the radio and singing along. “Wasn’t too bad, right?” you inquired.

“What?” Brendon asked, confused.

“My parents?” you reminded. “Was it bad?”

“Oh, not at all,” he laughed. “I was just, I don’t know, frazzled I guess. Nervous.”

“You did fine,” you reassured.

When you got home, Brendon took off his shirt, yawning and walking into the kitchen, laughing when he saw the bowl of boiled eggs on the kitchen counter. “You made eggs?” he chuckled. “What are we going to do? Decorate them?”

“If you want,” you suggested. “I’m going to.”

“You’re silly,” Brendon shook his head and giggled, picking one up and taking a Sharpie into his other hand. You sat beside him, picking up a Sharpie and an egg as well, trying to think of what to draw. Instead you doodled little swirls all over it.

“What are you doing?” you narrowed your eyes. “Drawing a dick probably.”

“How did you know?” he laughed, showing you his egg and you rolled your eyes.

“So mature,” you smirked.

“Yours looks cool,” he raised his eyebrows. “I guess I don’t have the artistic talent like you do.”

“They’re just swirls,” you shrugged.

“Doesn’t mean it doesn’t look awesome,” Brendon pointed out. He added some finishing touches before setting his egg down on the counter. “Viola! What do you think?” You stared at the poorly drawn dick on the egg and sighed.

“I hope that’s not a self-portrait,” you teased.

“Hey!” he cried and you both laughed.

“There we go,” you smiled, finishing your egg and capping your Sharpie. “Happy Easter.”

“Speaking of,” a moment of realization came to his face. “I forgot I bought you something!”

“Really?” you narrowed your eyes. “Come on, it’s Easter. Nobody gives Easter presents.”

“Still-” Brendon insisted. He raced to the room and then came back holding a box of Peeps, a bag of jellybeans, and a chocolate bunny. “What do you think?”

“I think I love you,” you giggled. “Thank you.”

“Happy Easter baby,” he smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead. “I love you.”

So just a quick update or whatever

um hi so, as i’m sure many of you know, TBL season 5 premieres tomorrow night. and as i’m sure many of you also know, i won’t be watching TBL live anymore bc it’s gotten just a little too icky for my taste. and while JS’s interview today gave me some modicum of hope (thanks a million bae) i just can’t deal with the squick. so i’m gonna wait until they reveal the “DNA test” was false or at least until liz finds out the truth: that red is not her f*****. cause if that’s what she thinks, i just can’t watch them interact with my shipping googles firmly in place and not feel sick to my stomach. 

(and actually i won’t even be able to physically watch anyway bc now i’ve got rehearsal on wednesday nights until 9:30pm so i guess it was fated that i stop for right now (LOL).) 

but, be that as it may, i will be creeping on the show via you guys on tumblr to see how things are going and getting completely out of context inspirations for new fics. speaking of, yes, i starting writing over the hiatus as a result of the god-awful finale and no, TPTB and what may be the ret-con of the century aren’t going to stop me from enjoying my purely fictional OTP in any way that i see fit. so yes, i will 100% continue writing (as real life allows) so you can expect more of the endless sick fic & dialogue prompt parade, the rest of GWTE, and perhaps some new fic ideas i’ve got cooking. (but unfortunately school has to come first, so please be patient with me :) 

so yeah. that’s just an update on where i stand for anyone who’s interested. and for anyone who will be watching starting tomorrow night, more power to you, be strong(er than me), try to enjoy (at the end of the day, it’s just a stupid show), and i’m counting on you to keep me updated! ;) much love everyone! <333

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of April 16 - 22, 2017

I love you, but please get out of my fucking way.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Thanks to a recent revelation about you, you may think that things are now awkward between you and your constituents. But this is all in your head, gurl! The truth of the matter is that no one cares enough to obsess about your recent escapades. It’s not personal, dearie. It’s just that bitches be busy with their own shits to even pay attention. That’s not to say they’re not judging yo ass.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

I know that beach season is coming and you’re freaking out in trying to get that body on fleek. You should’ve thought of that before you ate that entire box of peeps (btw, happy Easter!). But seriously, I know where you’re coming from, gurl! One of the things I like to do in the mornings is envision every single healthy thing I plan to eat during the day. I also think about triggers that can cause me to deviate from my plan so I can think of actions to counter them. As with a lot of regimens, it helps to take it one day at a time. Also, don’t fuck it up!

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

The key to time management is to not blame others for your lack of it, okay? You’re grown. You know what deadlines are. Maybe if you paid more attention to the factors that cause you to deviate from your usual itinerary, you can be more proactive in preventing distractions from sucking you in. Look, queen. I’m just saying that if you’re scatterbrained, there’s a possibility that it may not be another bitch’s fault.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

You could use some practice when it comes to having thicker skin. A lot of feedback you get is more useful than you perceive. Being paranoid that someone is out to get you is a sure way for you to get too much in your head. As with any opinions, it is best to consider who is saying it to give you a better perspective on how to take the critique. And if errbody’s saying the same shit, you need to fucking look into that, queen.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

When it comes to putting on a show, your innate fabulousness is not enough. There are so many factors that go into a performance, that your fierceness needs to translate, not just into entertaining, but also when it comes to planning your event. And gurl, if you can’t do it yourself, I trust that you can use your cunningness in appointing the right hos who can help you out.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Oh, you clueless queen. No amount of planning ahead in the world can prepare you for how to behave once you’ve achieved greatness. The only thing that you can really plan on is that ascending to this new level of sickening can only increase the obstacles that will come your way. After all, if it didn’t, then you’d just be bereft of anything to strive towards. And that shit is just boring.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

You may think that dealing with your true personal demons will be tricky but it really isn’t. You know how exactly how to conquer these hos once and for all, but you also know that it’ll be a looong journey to get there – this is where all your hesitations are coming from. But remember, gurl. If you do a half-ass job of keeping the demons at bay, them bitches will just keep coming back.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

The key to winning a certain bitch over this week is to really make sure that each of your actions is consistent with each of your words. This ho takes everything literally and personally so even just the slightest deviation from the action-word “contract” will send her running for the hills. And I know how important this queen is for you. So, suck it up, gurl!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

When it comes to a certain relationship, the time for running away whenever the going gets tough is ovah. This is a situation where you are gonna have to meet someone halfway if you want to make this partnership work. This is not the case where you can just leave everything to the wind and hope everything falls into place. In this scenario, you are one-half of the fucking wind, my dear.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

I have great news. You have backup! So whatever world-domination plan you have going on will have the support that you need. The only bitches standing in the way is you and your paranoia (and possibly your mother). Having this many backup dancers can make you think that at least one of them is out to get you. Whether this is true or not, one thing’s for certain. The more you succumb to that negative thought, the more you’re likely to fail. So fucking snap out of it!

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Trust is the key word this week. The behavior you’re putting off is something that may not be translating well to other hos. And look, queen. I know that your intentions are pure, but there’s a part of you that wants to limit what you say because of your fear of looking vulnerable to others. It’s risky, I know, but if you don’t open up to other bitches, they won’t open up to yo ass.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

This week, you’re willing to put more of a spotlight on your ambitions. And although you won’t necessarily cut a bitch to satisfy your goals (you’re not a fucking CAPRICORN, after all), you will definitely use your innate charm in “working around” some of your more difficult adversaries. We’re almost like, “Is there anyone you wouldn’t fuck?”

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!


ok my sister did

here is other sister (middle-little) doing a Boob Shelf Chicken Smooch Selfie with #Farmbaby looking on in great amusement

“I named them,” Middle-Little said. 

“there are like 30 of them what did u name them” I texted back.

“I named them all Baby Chicken,” Middle-Little admitted. “But [Farmbaby] thought it was hilarious.”

I looked up on backyardchickens dot forum what kind of fun treats I could give them and started making plans to spoil the fancy ones and incidentally the other 350 of them that are showing up tomorrow to cohabitate with them, but then I remembered that the entire point of this exercise is that they’re going to be certified organic, which means I can only feed them Approved Chicken Feeds From Organic Sources With Receipts (apparently organic certification is like 95% Showing Your Receipts To The Certifying Organization) so. I’ll be restricted, there. But I’m sure I can still manage. 

radfem related ask meme!

i always see lil ask memes floating around and i personally love asking n answering questions and finding out more about the people who fill my dash so i decided to make an ask meme just for us radfem ladies <3 xx 

ya’ll know the drill, put the numbers in an ask box to get the question answered and reblog for some supportive (and maybe a lil curious) peeps in ur box! (also feeel free to ask me any of these, goes without saying)

  1. how did you find radical feminism & what was your first impression of the movement? 
  2. when did you begin to call yourself a radical feminist? 
  3. how long have you been a radical feminist?
  4. were you previously a lib fem? 
  5. who is your favorite tumblr radical feminist?
  6. radical feminist must reads? (or must watches?) 
  7. best experience as a radical feminist?
  8. worst experience as a radical feminist?
  9. your opinion on what the most pressing issue for the feminist movement to solve. 
  10. best radical feminist meme.
  11. radical feminists you look up to?
  12. favorite herstory moments? 
  13. how does your country affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  14. do you believe liberal feminists are feminists?
  15. what was your Peak Trans? 
  16. what do you do for women in your everyday life? 
  17. suggestions for baby radfems?
  18. favorite feminist artists/art pieces? 
  19. your feminist anthem (can be a song, poem, speech, book, etc.)
  20. what parts of radical feminist do you agree with most passionately? 
  21. what parts of radical feminism do you disagree with? 
  22. what parts of radical feminism confuse you (or confused you when you first learned about them)?
  23. are you GNC? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  24. are you LGB? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  25. are you mentally ill? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  26. how does your race affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  27. what do you wish radical feminists talked about more?
  28. what do you wish radical feminists talked about less?
  29. do you have more radfem friends online or in real life?
  30. your liberal feminist pet peeve. 
  31. are you “out” as a radical feminist? 
  32. how do you feel the issue of gender should be tackled?
  33. how do you feel the issue of sex work should be tackled?
  34. how do you feel the issue of male violence should be tackled?
  35. how do you feel the issue of kink should be tackled?
  36. best thing about being a radical feminist?
  37. worst thing about being a radical feminist?
  38. do you like discourse? 
  39. when were you most proud to be a woman?
  40. something you wish you could tell your younger self. 

feel feel to keep adding to this!!! 

Chichi Kix

“No, you won’t get big!” (Because big is bad, right?)

“It won’t make you bulky!” (Because to be bulky is to break the rules of femininity, didn’t ya know)

“You won’t look like this (insert image of female body builder). You’ll look like this (insert image of crazy toned fitness model)” (because there are only good and bad bodies. Anything that doesn’t look like the model is bad, ya heard.)

“You’ll get lean, sexy muscle!” (because all other muscle is unsexy, and you only want the sexy. It’s all about being fuckable )

“You won’t look like a man” (because the WORST thing you can do as a woman is potentially confuse 2-3 stupid people about your gender. Peeps need their boxes & labels, or else…uh, chaos?).

Heard any of these phrases before?If not, you may have been living in a bubble, lol. At least, in fitness. But while they are common (and kinda true, at least in terms of women not being equipped for fast, large amounts of muscle gain), I’d argue that they do little to actually address the major concern of women who are scared about weight lifting. Because it isn’t actually about the muscle.

It’s all well and good to address the female concern of becoming too “bulky” by offering the standard go-to “no it won’t” answer. And the facts, of course. There’s lots of ways to do that, and they aren’t necessarily ineffective: plenty of women have started lifting as the result of reassurances that they won’t get “too big” (whatever that means to them). But still, the fear of size is a big issue, even amongst educated women who can recite the facts behind muscle growth verbatim. And that’s because the standard - and scientific - answers fail to address the root of the problem. They may even reinforce it: when we say “no worries, you won’t get bulky and muscular!” we reinforce the idea that muscle is a undesirable thing…

…and that’s just IT.

Because when women say they’re scared of getting too bulky, what they are actually saying is “I’m scared of breaking the rules about what women should look like and be seen as less desirable”. And when they say they’re scared of being too muscular, it’s a fear of being judged:the culmination of their experiences & observations. If it were a movie, think of a sassy montage of  every single negative comment, statement or stance they’ve ever heard about women with guns. And while the media can be cruel, the people around us can reinforce negative notions with tiny comments, judgements and reminders. Negative attitudes towards women with muscle can be subtle, are generally accepted and pervasive.

If you pay attention to the way women with muscle are treated in the media, it’s hard to ignore the negative connotations and strong statements about femininity. Think about celebs like Cameron Diaz, Michelle Obama, Pink, Madonna, Jessica Biel, Serena Williams, Beyonce etc: though often revered in fitness circles ALL of these women have been on the brunt end of body shaming, particularly about their muscled bits in the mainstream media. They’ve all had strangers “debate” their bodies, been called “too muscular” and had millions of people comment on how they “should” look. Which isn’t actually unusual for ANY women in the public eye, but is particularly helpful if we are to understand why so many women are scared of muscle. (if you’re doubtful, feel free to google any of the names with the words “too muscled”).

So, MY thing is this…  if we really want to address that concern head on, we have to dig a little deeper than “don’t worry! You won’t look like a man (and conversely become less worthy because you’ve been told that having visible muscle as a woman makes you less f*ckable or desirable). We also have to dig deeper than JUST supplying the facts- which ARE facts, by the way:  women don’t have enough testosterone to build significant size, the loads you’d need to be lifting to build significant muscle are VERY heavy (if you can lift it more than 8 times in a row, it’s generally not enough to encourage growth, less even. 5lb & 10lb weights will NOT do much for the average woman) and muscle building takes time. SOOOOO MUCH TIME. Getting big does not happen by accident, overnight, or even
over hundreds of nights).

We also have to own our shizz more often. Especially people who WANT women lifting and getting strong. Say you are a trainer or enthusiast who spends at least SOME time trying to promote the benefits of resistance and strength training for women AND you simultaneously (and perhaps inadvertently)….

1. Make occasional comments about how a female celebrity (or any woman really) is starting to look “manly” or needs to cut back on training (without actually knowing anything about her regimen).

2. Refer to muscular women (and there is a BIG range, no pun intended) as “She-Hulks”, “Trannies”, “Scary”, “Wrong”, “Androgenous Sea Creatures” or “Gross” (PS: transphobia sucks, but that’s another discussion entirely #ally).

3. Reinforce the notion that women with visible muscle are unattractive, undesirable, unf*ckable, unmarryable and otherwise unworthy in ANY way (big or small). (Example: suggesting that muscular women may have a hard time finding a partner, or wondering aloud if they intimidate men). Not about personal attraction (we like what we like), but in general. Back hair isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but saying all men with back hair are undesirable is silly, wrong and downright offensive (right? Right).

4.  Use the term “real women” or worse, use it in a phrases such as “real women are soft, have curves, are round, are petite”.

5. Make casual faces, comments, jokes or exhibit a variety of other distancing behaviors when it comes to women with muscle.

… you’re doing it WRONG.

Soooooo….. how about we start by looking at our own language, attitudes and treatment of women with muscle? Is there something there you might want to address or change? The attitudes of the people around us are a HUGE motivator: women who have support systems that encourage strength and physical fitness report higher confidence levels, positive self-image and less stress/anxiety over appearance.

Just something to think about. Any thoughts?


MY SPOOKY KIDS- (just gettin ready to work on the WIAD Comic soon, I have to introduce all the characters first! I already introduced these four, but I’ll post their info again just in case!

First, we have OC 30! His name is Ialu, and he’s a Ghost! (He appears in Was it A Dream?)

Ialu is a ghost who will do anything for a human girl named Ida, and loves to think about the most twisted things as possible. He is often laid-back, and finds violence humorous (as he loves to describe it in the most gruesome way as possible). Before he died as a human, he got his hands and half of both legs amputated, so he uses his shadowy arms and legs to assist him, along with his ability to float.

Second, we have OC 33! His name is Till, and he’s a Jack-in-the-box! (He appears in Was it A Dream?)

Till is a Jack-N-The-Box who enjoys scaring others out of the blue. He is absolutely harmless, despite coming from the Spooky realm where everyone has a twisted side. He dislikes it when others tease him, and threatens to kill them (which he can’t do). He is expressionless, but has emotional value. He has a crush on a baby doll name Opaline. Also, he has the ability to return to his human-self, but finds that out very late. 

Then, there is OC 36! Her name is Griselda, and she’s s Living Doll! (She appears in Was it A Dream?)

Griselda is a living doll who once lived a very gruesome and dark past, and Ida’s guide through the night of horror. She is quite calm and quiet, and is a huge crybaby.  She is scared of anything scary (despite living in the Spooky realm), but she tries her best to stay calm. She is very fragile as a doll, as she can protect herself quite well. Her real face is cracked and has no eyeballs, as she uses a mask to hide that face (She wears eyeballs to hide her empty eye sockets). She is also very good at keeping secrets. 

Finally, there is OC 27! His name is Kyran, and he’s a Living Doll! (He appears in  Was it A Dream?)

Kyran is very cruel to his sister Griselda, often breaking her and making her feel weak. He is careless for others feelings, and loves to feel pain. Unlike his sister, he does not share many expressions, he always smiles. He covers up all of his darkness with a jolly personality, and teases others a lot. He also finds a way to make anything a weapon, but mainly loves to use his hands or his spear. He cares for Ida very dearly, and follows her around quite often unless he’s off to cause trouble, or to surprise her with something unpleasant. 

The Woes of Having Neighbors Part 6

Happy Easter, if you celebrate that sort of thing!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Let me know what you think!

Rowan really should have thought this through more.  He should’ve been faster, more clever, more distracting, more … something. He hadn’t been, however, and now he was paying for it.  Frowning he reached up and adjusted the bunny ears Aelin had placed on his head.  They were tight behind his ears and made his look ridiculous.  He’d agreed to the bunny ears last weekend, when he thought Aelin’s little shin-dig would just be attended by the regulars—Dorian, Elide, Nehemia, Chaol, Aedion.  He didn’t mind wearing the ears around them.  Knowing Aelin, she’d roped them all into something similarly embarrassing, and Rowan could deal with them all looking ridiculous together.

It wouldn’t just be the regulars visiting them this weekend, though.  No, his stupid group of friends—fondly referred to as his cadre by Aelin—would be attending this week’s party.  That fact alone would also normally not be an issue, just like Rowan wearing bunny ears normally wouldn’t be an issue, but the two events happening simultaneously?  Gods help him, he’d never live it down.  Especially if Lorcan also decided to show.  Groaning, Rowan let his head fall back against the wall with a soft thud.  It just had to be Easter weekend, he cursed silently.  Why hadn’t he thought this through better?  

Aelin came around the corner, drying her damp hair with a towel.  Seeing him with his bunny ears in place, she smiled brightly, “Hey, cutie,” she winked.  A balloon of warmth inflated within his chest and the white haired male found himself returning her smile, his earlier anxieties and worry lifting off his shoulders with ease.  Aelin stepped closer to him, pressing their chests together, and reached up to adjust his fake ears.  Humming, Aelin’s tongue poked out from between her lips in thought.  Her hand slid down until it was cupping Rowan’s cheek, her thumb tenderly stroking the curve of his cheek bone.  “You okay?”  She asked, her blue and gold eyes searching his green ones for the truth.  “You looked a little … frustrated just now.”

Leaning forward and pressing their foreheads together, Rowan nodded.  “I’m fine,” he said, tilting his head to press a kiss on the inside of her palm.  “Just overthinking is all.”

“About your friends?”  She tilted her head but not pulling away.  Her eyes flickered up, “You don’t have to wear them, you know.  I don’t mind.”

Shrugging, Rowan assured her, “No, I want to wear them.  They’re fun.”  He grinned and leaned in to steal a quick kiss.  Wrapping an arm around her waist, Rowan pulled Aelin closer, so close he could feel her accelerated heart beat pulsating in her chest.  Craning his neck to place a soft kiss against her brow, Rowan slowly kissed his way down the side of her face until he reached the the curve of her jaw and nipped at the skin there with his canines.  “You’re fun,” he whispered against the skin behind her ear, relishing the goosebumps that rose in response.  

He bit down on her lobe, sucking it into his mouth and teasing with with his teeth and tongue.  Aelin giggled and pulled away, playfully slapping his chest.  “Hey now, buzzard, we’ve got a party to host so none of that.”  Rowan,  still leaning against the wall, quirked a brow and smirked just enough to make her huff.  “None of that,” she repeated, but then grinned as well, “for now.” 

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Old Flames part 1 Barry X Reader

Originally posted by barryscaitlinn

  summary: Y/n mysterious moved back to her home town after staying away from years and she is not happy with it. As she tried to find some motivation to unpack her stuff, a piece of her past walks right int her apartment. Will their love rekindle? Or is it too late?

Author: Fandomcollector00

word count:  3862 words

warning:None, slight cursing

Here are the next parts:

Part 3

Part 2

 y/n groaned as she heaved the last box of her stuff in her new apartment. Back to sunny Central City huh? She sighed as the memories filled her lungs. She never thought that she will back to Central City. She thought her job at Star City was a solid platform, she thought that when she went to college away from home she would never have to come back. But here she was, and as she stands in her empty, unpacked apartment she can’t help but feel an ache coil in her chest when she thinks about how she last left things. How long has it been? Y/n doesn’t even know.
   She tried not to think about it, however, it’s a big city and she was sure that she will never have to bump into her old friends anymore. Instead, she tried to think about how she wants her room to look, in her mind, she rearranged all the furniture in her head. Unfortunate her thoughts were interrupted with a rap at the door.
   “Who can that be?” Y/n asked herself. She doesn’t remember inviting anyone over, and her parents were supposed to come visit tomorrow. y/n maneuvered around the cluttered of boxes and peeped through the peephole. y/n was too excited to pull open the door and bring her best friend into a big bear hug. “Felicity!” y.n screamed as the smart little blonde flew into her arms. “y/n!” She screamed back as she wrapped her arms around her best friend. “What are you doing here?” She asked as she pulled away from Felicity. “What? Can’t I help my best friend move away from cities away from me? Are you trying to get rid of me?” Felicity joked. Y/n laughed and rolled her eyes.
   “You know I would never Felicity.” She said. “Good, because you know it’s not that easy to get rid of me,” Felicity said as she pushed her way into y/n’s small apartment. “I love the new place!” Y/n laughed again and shut the door. “I’m sure it’s not all that when you’re used to living with THE Arrow.” Felicity blushed and waved her hands around. “I’m trying to complaint your place just take it.” y/n smiled. “Thank you. I appreciate it.” Felicity took in her surroundings of the small little surroundings. “You still haven’t unpacked.” y/n blushed and stood in the hallway awkwardly.
   “I’ve been busy looking for a job.” y/n lied. Truth to be told, y/n has been holding it off for a while, it has been a while since her move and it has been really depressed. She has lost everything from this move. Her job, her house, her boyfriend, Even her damn dog since her new landlord won’t allow pets. Wasn’t she allowed to be a little sad? Felicity didn’t believe her, however.
   “Well, would you like some help unpacking? I was planning a fun tour day with you and a friend that I know, but I can always force him to come over and help.” y/n looked like she was going to refuse, she wasn’t gonna make her best friend and some stranger help her unpacked weeks of stuff that she needs to put away.
   But then, Felicity pulled out a wild card, the card that she knows will always get y/n to agree with Felicity. “I could get my friend to pick up some pizza along the way.” y/n groaned and threw her head back, she tried to resist, but her stomach wouldn’t allow her too. “Argh fine! But I want to at least pay for the pizza.” Felicity smiled and pulled out her phone. “Deal, let me call my friend.” When Felicity walked into the other room to call whoever was coming over, y.n heard another knock at the door.
   Now who can that be?  There is no way that, that can be who Felicity invited over, she was still on the phone with him. But when y/n opened the door, there was no one there. “Huh. weird.”
   “What’s weird?” Felicity said as she got off the phone. “It sounds like someone was at the door, but when I opened it, no one was there.” Felicity laughed, a little too weirdly. “That’s weird. It’s not like my friend flashed his was to the apartment only to leave or anything, you probably just imagined it.” y/n’s eyebrow lifted as Felicity started acting weird, we weirder than normal.
   “Ok then.” She said, brushing off the weirdness, “ Shall we start?” Felicity nodded furiously and looked down at the box next to her feet. “Where do you want these?” She asked as she tried to lift it up, but found it was too heavy for her to pick up, she couldn’t even pick it up with her knees.
   y/n hurried over to help her, “Um actually these are all my books and I would rather put this away from myself, I have a very complex system with my books and no offense, but I would rather do it myself.”
   Felicity took her hands off the book and laughed, “Don’t mess with your books. You have never changed.” Y/n smiled sheepishly as she put the books of to the side. “That’s right, no one is allowed to touch my books.” y/n joked, “But you are allowed to help me put the bookshelves together.” she offered as she gestured to the new bookshelves that need to be assembled.
   Felicity nodded, “If I can hack into any camera in this city, I can certainly figure out how to put together some bookshelves with instructions.” y/n laughed and dragged the boxes off into a nice clear opening on the floor so they can work in a nice clean area. “Alright, let’s do this thing!”
y/n hyped as she ripped open the first flap.

20 minutes later,
   “Where is this shelf suppose to go?” Felicity asked as she tried to read the instructions. y/n held the shelf with her left hand, her right was holding the screwdriver. “I thought it was supposed to go into the slot a.” She said as she tried to figure out the complex Ikea furniture, why did she even choose IKEA?
   “No, but I thought it goes into slot b with the screws.”
   “Are you sure Fel? I mean it doesn’t even like the picture if we screw it together like that.”
   “No, no I’m sure that it was supposed to go like this see right here, it says shelf a needs to connect with slot b with a screw.”
   “No Fel it was supposed to do this-”
   “I’m here. And I bring pizza.”
   y/n froze as she heard the voice behind her door. No, it can’t be. Felicity sighed in relief as she slams the instructions down in on the ground.” Finally, I am starving!” She states as she pushes herself open from the floor. Y/m looked up at her cautiously. “Fel, who’s that?”” Fel looked back to her from the door, her hand just resting on the knob. “The friend that I told you about. He was going to give us a tour of Central City since now you are living here.” She twisted the knob and yanked the door open. “But know he is here with pizza and hopefully he can finally help us with this stupid bookshelf.”
   Y/n can feel her throat tighten as she saw the brown, tossed hair just behind Felicity. As Felicity was talking to her friend, y/n snuck into the bathroom very quietly. Behind the bathroom door, she can hear Felicity and her friend talking loudly in the empty
   “Y/n!” Felicity called out, “Huh, she must’ve gone to the bathroom or something.”
   “Where do you want this pizza?”
   “Just put it on the kitchen counter for now. I am going to go through all of the boxes to see if she has any plates to use.”
   y/n didn’t want to believe it at first but know that she can hear him clearer, there was no doubt that she knew who was out there. She took a deep and looked at the mirror above the sink. “Come on y/n stop being such a wimp and just go out there.” y/n tried to assure herself. As she looked her reflection. It wasn’t helpful, though, y/n took one good look at herself and all she wanted to crawl into a shell and die.
   She looked tired. Who can blame her really? She hasn’t slept very well in days and she wasn’t expecting company and she didn’t put on any makeup on. But there is no way y/n can quickly fix herself up when everyone is outside waiting for. She took a deep breath, letting the new air fill her lungs, exhaling out any last minute doubts that were residing in her chest.
   She opened up the door and decided to brave herself out of the bathroom. You can do this. You have to do this.
   “Y/n there you are!” Felicity cheered from the other end of the living room, she was on her third box for the search of the dishes. Y/n smiled and bent down to the box next to her feet. She opened up the flaps and held up a plate. “Looking for these?” y/n asked, wiggling the plate mockingly.
   Felicity sighed and closed the box. “Your stuff is like a maze.” She teased. “Honestly, you couldn’t even unpack the blankets?” y/n blushed a little. “I have a blanket. it ‘s on my bed.I just haven’t had a chance to unpack anything.”
   “Alright, so we have the choices of a meat lovers pizza and a pineapple with the mushroom pizza.” The friend said from the kitchen counter. Y/n’s heart stopped as she saw him through the cutaway wall that connected the living room from the kitchen. “Honestly, who ever order pineapple with mushroom is a little weird-” the figure stopped in his place as he noticed the familiar girl standing in the living room.
   “y/n,” Barry whispered. She gave Barry a small smile. “Nice to see you again Barry.” She greeted. Felicity got up from the floor and grabbed a plate to pile it with some pizza. “Barry, this is my friend y/n, she’s my best friend that I was talking about.” Felicity turned back to y/n, unaware with the sudden change of atmosphere between her two friends. “Y/n, this is my good friend Barry. I occasionally work with Barry with Oliver sometimes.”
   Barry and y/n didn’t move for a while. Felicity looked back at both of her friends.” I take it that you both know each other?” Felicity joked as she took a bite of her pizza.Barry was the first to react. “Yeah, y/n and I go way back,” he stated, smiling knowingly. y/n smiled back at him, kind of relieved that he didn’t seem to be bitter about how things were last left off.
   “Since high school.” y/n finished. That’s when Felicity’s analytical mind finally put the puzzle together. Honestly, Felicity wanted to kick herself that she couldn’t figure it out earlier. If she did figure it out before all of this, they can probably avoid all of the awkwardness in the air.
   “Oh my god,” she said, suddenly reacting to what is going on. “Oh my god you-” She pointed to Barry- “and you.” She pointed at her friend. She pointed at Barry again, “You are the boy that y/n was dating in high school.” She stated bluntly, she then pointed at her friend again. “And you’re the girl that left Barry at prom!” Y/n whipped her head back to Barry, anger and confuses filling her vision.
   “Is that what you told her?” Y/n asked,  Barry looked like he was going to defend himself, but y/n wouldn’t let him.
   “You told her I left you at prom?” She asked. Barry was stammering for a response.” Did you forget to mention that it wasn’t even my choice?” Y/n stated. “Did you not forget that I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a free ride to the college that I have been pining over since I was 7 and I had to leave in order to meet with the dean for the first life-saving interview I have ever had?” y/n mentioned, obviously raised up from the that small comment. “I didn’t want to leave you Barry you know that. I came back to visit you whenever I could and yet you wouldn’t see me!”
    Barry looked at her, his face red from embarrassment. Y/n looked like she wanted to go on and lecture the pants off of Barry, but her stomach protested. Her stomach rumbling and growling through the awkward air, breaking everyone’s attention.
   “Why don’t y/n and I take a break from the stressful bookshelf while we have some a pizza snack while Barry takes a shot at the bookshelf.”
   Barry nodded, too eager to get away from y/n’s deadly eyes. He hurried to the spot where y/n and Felicity left the loose board and picked up the instructions on the floor.
   Felicity guided y/n away from the living room hallway and into the kitchen. y/n can still Barry look through the papers from the cutaway wall, but at least they were in different rooms.
   y/n sat at the small dining table that she had set up in the small area of the kitchen.
   “I am so sorry y/n if I knew I would have never have invited him over.”
   y/n shook her head. “It is not your fault Fel, you wouldn’t have known.” y/n just sighed. “I’ll just have to man up. Despite everything we have gone through, I just can’t give him the cold shoulder all the time. Like he did with me.”
   Fel nodded. “Well, I got the pineapple and mushrooms for you.” She said, handing her a plate of pizza. “You’re favorite.” She mused as she wiggled the pizza in front of y/n. Yn couldn’t help but smile and snatched the pizza out of her hand. “Give me that.” y/n said as she took a bite of her pizza.
   It took about 10 minutes for them to chat and eat pizza. They talked about her old job and the people back at Star City. When they finished their pizzas they discarded the plates in the sink and went back to the living room to see what was going on with Barry and the bookshelf. It took 10 minutes for them to finish eating, and apparently, it took 10 minutes for Barry to assemble not one, but all of the bookshelves and putting them against the wall.
   Barry smiled at the two girls astonished looks as he was picking up the trash that he left behind. “Took you guys long enough.” Y/n didn’t notice, but Felicity was giving Barry eyes that look like what the actual fuck man. Barry just shrugged as he looked at y/n’s astonished look. She brushed the bookshelves wood with the tips of her fingertips.
   “How did you-”
   “You guys must not be good at assembling furniture because that was a piece of cake.” He mocked. y/n looked back up at the top shelf. It was a little high, but thankful she was just tall enough to reach the top shelf if she tipped toed.
   “How did you remember my book order?” y/n asked. Barry smiled, “You basically implanted it in my brain when you had cleaning days in your small library in your old room. How can I forget?” Y/n  lightly laughed and nodded her head. She remembers those days.
   Felicity smiled as she the two slowly get rid of the bitter feelings that they used to have. “Well, I am going to connect y/n’s computer and tv in her room. Maybe Barry can help you stack up all of your books. It might go a lot faster.” Barry looked back at Felicity.
   “Yeah, maybe we can get it down in a flash.” Felicity gave Barry a warning eye, as he just looked at her with a twinkling of playfulness, giving her a playful wink.
   Y/n, not knowing what is inside joke was being sided between Barry and Felicity, just agreed to the arrangement.
   Barry and y/n stacked the books together quietly, no one saying anything for a long time. Only the rustle of books scraping against the shelves was the only sound that filled the room.
   “So.” Barry was the first to speak. “What brings you back to Central City?” He asks. y/n shook her head. “ I lost my job.” She stated simply. “Where did you work at?”
   “I worked with Felicity at Kord Industries. And then I moved to Computer sciences and IT support for Oliver Queen about the same time Felicity started working with him, so Felicity and I have been working together since, forever.” Barry smiled “So that school did do wonders for you hasn’t it?” Y/n smiled, “I always knew it would.”
   Barry bit his lip, “So how’d you lose the job?” Y/n shrugged, “Honestly, it was for some bullshit reason Oliver gave me. He said there was something in Central City that needed me more then I needed him, but he didn’t tell me who or where and just fired me, giving me an apartment in Central City and left me to die out with the rats.” Y/n tried to say without sounding like she was angry, which was hard since she was indeed angry.
   Barry looked at her and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. He can tell by just looking at her that she loved that job and that she was so pissed that she lost it. He can see it in her eyes, the fire of anger burning through her irises, and she can see it in her tense jaws as she clenched her teeth together. He can see it on her shoulders as it slumped sadly, drooping as she talked about her old job.
   She looked down at the book in her hands. “I lost everything, and left everything I loved back at Star City.” She stated, to no one in particular, she couldn’t even tell if she was just talking to herself.
   It took them a while, but barry and y/n were finally able to finish putting the books away, and thankfully they finished during the same time Felicity finished with the computer and TV. Felicity came out of Y/n’s room and nodded in approval as she looked at the living.
   “This place is starting to like a home now. Look at this place!” y/n smiled ass she looked at Barry. “I would have never had even started if you guys didn’t come over.” She said, “Thank you.” Felicity smiled.
   Barry looked down at his watch. “Oh crap, I need to go.”  Y/n’s eyebrows scrunched together as she noticed his watch flash sporadically in urgency. Y/n wanted to question it, but Felicity interrupted and let him go, saying that she understood. It wasn’t until then that Y/n noticed the time. “Oh man, it is late. Yeah, Barry, you should be going if you need to.”   Felicity smiled at both of them knowingly. “I’ll clean up over here, y/n, why don’t you show Barry out.” Felicity snuck in a wink at y/n, letting her know what Felicity’s true intentions were.
   Y/n knew that she wasn’t going to forget that. y/n glared at her but guided Barry to the door.
   “Thank you again for helping me today.” Y/n said as she opened her front door. “I would have never had the mental ability to do it myself.” Barry looked at her cautiously., he stood out in the hallway with his hands in his pocket. “This move is really taking a toll on you huh?” Y/n shrugged as she leaned against the door. “I was really liking Star City, and unboxing all of my stuff just feels final. Like there’s no going back.”
   Barry smiled at her. “Star City must have really dug its way in your heart.” Y/n laughed as she remembered all off of her adventures in the night as a vigilante, of course, she did not mention that to him. “It will always have a special place in my heart.” Just like you. Again, she obviously didn’t say that out loud. Barry looked at her.
   “Well, I hope that there still a little love for Central City in that heart of yours.’ Y/n smiled at him and pursed her lips. “Always.” She stated. Barry couldn’t help but look at her with a little longingly in his eyes.
   “It was really great to see you after all these years y/n. We should catch up again sometimes. Maybe some coffee at Jitters and a walk down memory lane.” Y/n nodded, “Now you finally want to catch up, after all, these years.” She asked, remembering all the failed attempts of trying to catch up with Barry and every time she was been rejected.
   Barry shook his head, “ I was young and stupid. But now I can see that there is an opportunity to right a wrong. Please y/n, would you accompany me at Jitters tomorrow for lunch?” Y/n contemplated it, but she finally agreed. Before they can continue on with their conversation, Barry’s watch started to flash again. Barry mentally groaned at Cisco’s bad timing.
   “Really have to go.” Y/n nodded before she let Barry run off she stood on her tiptoes and made a bold move. She didn’t know why she did it, but she lifted herself up to his face and kissed her cheek. “Goodbye, Barry.” She whispered before slipping back into her apartment. She breathed out as she closed to door behind her. Her head hitting the back of the door as she asked herself what the fuck is happening.
    Felicity was still in the living room and smirked at her best friend. y/n glared at her and jabbed a finger towards her. “Shut up Smoak.” Y/n threatened. Felicity held up her hands in surrender. “I didn’t have to say anything.” Y/n rolled her eyes and pushed off the door. “You didn’t have to.” She said. She sighed and grabbed a bottle out of the fridge. “I’m guessing you’re staying here for the night.” Felicity smiled at her. “ I already have my PJs on.” Y/n examined her best friend, and she did indeed have her pj’s on. Y/n mentally laughed. “Alright, I guess it’s a Netflix marathon night tonight.” y/n stated as she walked toward her room, Felicity following her. “What show is it tonight?”
   “I was thinking of maybe Sherlock.”
   “What Sherlock is hot!”