tryna figure out what vet things i actually need this spring

I think the only thing I Actually Need is a fecal for bambi to see wht wormer she needs, get her off on the right hoof (lmao). maybe fecal for zeke too to see if he’s ok or needs anything special now

i’m good on all of the mandatory annual shots bc they got them last fall

zeke should prob get his peen looked at/cleaned up, but if I’m short on cash that can wait a bit longer, won’t kill him to have a dirty penis for another month or 2.

both should probably have their teeth checked. I doubt Bambi has received good tooth care, plus she’s a baby, so she’ll almost definitely need hers floated, and I suspect Zeke will too. tho that’s another thing that could wait til summer unless they’re really awful

anonymous asked:

whats a twix peen?

twin peaks ≈ twiks pean ≈ twix peen …. it’s growth, then decay, then transformation

A few doodles because I went dong researching today and after seeing some human peen I wanted my silly, unrealistic designs.

The first one is the knotted tentacle, still nameless. The idea is that the base would kind of be a ring to stand on instead of solid. No idea how to actualize that. It’s kind of long and skinny too, so it might actually be friendly for someone like me.

Whirlpool is getting softer and chubbier to separate it from the other design already on the market. :) I want to do more research in how squid and octupi tentacles react when cut off. 

The Lampshade is still…the goofiest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for Dadaism. 

A basic Shrimp. After I mold the nookworm I’m going to see how it works to do something fully in the round. I want to make actual shrimp shaped Shrimps too in the future.

A shy Shipley. While originally a doodle, I could see this as being something else to design in the round. But to make it a toy or a Squish, that is the question.

I am starting to research pop art. This was the first idea to pop in my head. Probably nowhere near what will happen, but I’ve seen paddles with smiley faces on them and the idea is sticking.

And then the winged penis. He’s adorable, and I like the idea of the wings holding him up.


When asked why he has such a strong interest in learning everything there is to know about the technical abilities of a Starship, Kirk said he was facing one of his own fears. As a ship captain, he realizes he is not just responsible for an incredibly complex machine, but also a crew. In space, getting something just a little bit wrong is not an option. Believing that his high confidence in himself, and his crew, is his greatest tool in completing any mission, Kirk always wants to be sure that he never puts himself, or his crew, in a situation where his lack of technical knowledge increases the jeopardy of the situation. [x]


"[The prosthetic tail] does all sorts of little tickling and cute little sexy things to Chris, who I found out is incredibly afraid of spiders, so he hates this thing,"


We critiqued your d*ck pics.


Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto joke are dicks about Star Wars [x]